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on May 27, 2012
HI! I have had my Prodeco Storm (same bike as the Phantom X just different color and a few minor mostly cosmetic differences) for 2 months now. I had had multiple rides in hilly country in excess of 32 miles and the battery was still going strong. I mostly use the battery to take all the suck out of climbing big hills or riding against the wind, and sometimes it is just nice to just cruise along with out having to pedal. I just returned from a camping trip and did a lot of riding in Albuquerque New Mexico- great bike trails, except for the stickers. 12 flats in 3 days of riding. If you are riding is these areas you will want to put liners in your tires (Slime liners are available from Walmart) and you will want to upgrade to thorn proof tubes- These were tough to find as the valve stems for these bikes need to be 48mm in length. Bontrager by Trex makes 26x2.125 tubes with 48mm presto valves (part number 78156). The presto valve tubes work fine although you will need a $1 adapter to air up the tires with a regular schrader or car tire pump. If you need regular tubes with 48mm schrader (car type) valves they are available here on Amazon for about $7. Taking the tires on and off to fix flats is a bit of a pain, as there is a process you have to go through to get the disk brakes all adjusted perfectly again. The bike has nice disk brakes but it would be nice if they were a little thicker and more rigid (didn't flex/bend so easily). It takes a bit to get them adjusted to be perfectly round and not rub on the break pads. I read the manual looking for more clues, but it just takes a bit of time to get them adjusted- so plan for that if you get a flat. The throttle works great, the rest of the components are quality and it is a really nice bike. I have a black Schwinn bag on the back and most people don't even realize it is an electric bike (Walmart). I like how easily it folds up and lays nicely in the back of my Highlander SUV behind the back seat. So much more convent than having to lay the seats down and having to often take off the front wheel like I do on my other bike).
I am 52 and weigh in at 200 lbs. The bike will cruise at 18-20 mph under electric power on the flat. I usually pedal along with the bike and just use the throttle to allow me to travel faster. Where it really shines is when accelerating quickly from a start, riding against strong winds and it takes all the suck out of riding up long big hills. We have a lot of big hills here in the Black Hills of South Dakota and this bike is a total joy to ride and I get as much great exercise as I want. My longest ride so far has been 36.2 miles and I still had battery power left when I returned. I now routinely use the bike to ride to work as well as make runs to stores or mall to pick up smaller items for my wife (12-16 miles round trip). I did a lot of research before I bought this bike and other than it being a bit heavy (I believe all electric bikes are so there is no getting away from that), and the minor problem with the disk brakes (they are nice and large but they could be a little thicker with less side to side flexibility)- I really love it and would buy the exact same bike again.

November 2012. I have been riding the bike for quite a while now. I still usually pedal along with using the throttle and with hills I would say that I routinely get 27-33 miles per charge. No other problems noted. I did add additional lights and changed to a more comfortable seat. I still throughly like the bike. The thorn proof tires (listed above) work great as I have not had another flat since those days last May- I would put that on my list of good upgrades. Questions? Email me at
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on July 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
Before I purchased this I researched lots of different bikes and was pretty set on purchasing the A2B Metro. The $3099 price tag was a lot to swallow, but I wanted a nice bike that had some great features.

I later found the Phantom X here on Amazon and decided to settle. Am I missing out on some features that the A2B has? Yes. Are those features worth the extra $1800? Definitely not.

I wanted a bike with a strong motor (preferably 500W) and was capable of going 20 miles. It needed to have a throttle (no assist only) so that I could just throttle the whole way to work and not get sweaty. And I wanted the fastest bike I could find.

The Phantom fits the bill reasonably well. I use my Phantom X daily to get to work which is about 5 miles each way. The removable battery is a must as I don't feel like hauling the 60 lb bike inside my work to charge it (A2B metro battery is NOT removable!).

Here's what I like:
-I can go 22 MPH with NO pedaling. Not too bad, right?
-With pedaling, I can easily get between 24-26 MPH.
-Takes me only 15 minutes to get to work..that's only 3 minutes longer than it took in my car!
-Folding makes it easy to fit in the back of my Golf if I absolutely need to.
-Battery can take 2000+ charge cycles before replacement. And replacement batteries are only $300! This means that I could charge it every work day of the year and still have the battery last 8 years before it needs to be replaced!

What I don't really like:
-Thumb throttle. It sucks. It makes my thumb tired! I wish it were a twist throttle to make it easier on my hand.
-Brakes rub! I've "properly" adjusted the disc brakes, but they still rub! They feel cheap and do not work as well as I had hoped. Regardless, I feel confident that they will stop the bike. And since I'm not racing on this thing...they are functional.
-Only 7 gears. I wish I could get a few more gears as I usually can't go much faster than 26 MPH mostly because I'm already pedaling as fast as I can.
-Battery indicators are confusing at best. The manual explains them a little better but I still have little confidence that they are displaying the actual charge level. I charge mine every day so that I don't get caught without battery power.
-Impossible to find tubes for this bike. You need long 48mm length valves for these triple walled rims. Normal tubes do not clear the rim, making filling impossible.

To sum it up, this bike is a great purchase for me as I am saving hundreds every year on car insurance, registration fees, and car maintenance alone! Not to mention the monthly payment on the car. I have a little over a hundred miles on the bike and it seems to be working well.

This bike has its imperfections, but I still like it. It does the job well, but Prodeco still needs to refine the design.

EDIT (9.26.12):
I've now had 2 flats on the bike. The front is a breeze, but the rear is a bear! There is no way one could change a tube on the rear tire on the side of the road. For this, I'm removing one star. You need some serious tools to remove the rear axle nuts and get the rim out to change the tire. After changing the tube, I can't get the tire to sit flush in the recess anymore. It wobbles and makes the brakes rub even more. I've changed many tubes over the years and have never had such difficulty changing a tube. I'm now at 400 miles.
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on April 21, 2012
I've commuting around San Francisco for a 2 months now on my PX, and would like to address some of the points brought in another surprisingly thorough review on here, especially given that the reviewer spent only 20 minutes with a floor model.

1) The seat post in the picture is high. You can easily position it MUCH lower. I'm 5'9" and have plenty of room for adjustment in both directions.
2) You will need to adjust the derailleur on any new bike as the new cables stretch. It's easy & there are loads of videos on YouTube showing how. My shifts flawlessly, but did need adjustment.
3) The handlebars, like the seat, are totally adjustable with regard to height, angle etc. I'm older and have them quite high so I can ride upright. This criticism is just unfounded.
4) Pedal assist vs throttle is just a matter of taste. I find the thumb throttle very convenient and intuitive. I challenge myself to use it as little as possible and this has helped me get in shape without killing myself.
5) The key sticks out of the battery. Well yes it does. And it could break off in rough use. Well, um, OK. It's a normal key, pretty sturdy. But honestly, this is a commuter bike with mountain bike styling. You would be laughed off the trails if you really took it some place for "rough riding"
6) It actually "feels like a 350w bike". Which 350w bike? Hats off to you for amazing sensitivity. Well no, it's not a motorcycle. You need to pedal as well. It's plenty of power to get me around the hills & headwinds of San Francisco without breaking a sweat.

This dig "...slightly overpriced" is total nonsense to anyone who's done 5 minutes research. Yes, they are often backordered due to the LOW price, but Prodeco are very honest and prompt in their communication. Be sure to inquire about availability BEFORE you order, and set your expectations accordingly. Good things come to those who wait.

In fact the bike is so well priced, you can easily spend a few hundred bucks upgrading components just for fun without breaking the bank. The design is beautiful, reeks of quality build and provides a great basis for customization.

I thought my biking days were over years ago living in this hilly city. Now I'm riding to work 2 days a week, and doing errands on the weekend. At 50. It has opened up the outdoors for me in this beautiful city! If you are older and considering an eBike, GET ONE! Whether it's this one or not. I can't say how much I've enjoyed it!
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on April 27, 2012
I bought this bike as an alternative to an expensive Vespa scooter which starts at $4,000. For only $1,299 I use this electric bike to commute back and forth to the train station during the week and to the local corner store on the weekends. Great for hassel-free parking, (it's a bike so I lock it up in bike racks and can take it on the train) no need to pay for parking, or worry about where to park. Because it's technically a bike, I can use the bike lanes, which are much safer than weaving in and out of traffic like on a scooter. No it's not as fast, as the Vespa but as long as I'm not in a rush, getting a little exercise always makes me feel better in the morning. My wife takes it to her yoga classes ever since she hurt her ankle, and the electric motor is perfect for going uphill with little effort.

The first thing I noticed was the quality parts and components of this bike. The welds look good so far and everything is well put together. The motor makes going uphill feel like you're riding flat, and on even roads, you really get moving. You still need to pedal a little to get up the really steep hills, but compared to a normal road or mountain bike, it's night an day. The disk breaks are nice (they came a little loose so I looked on youtube for how to adjust them). I think the motor comes from China the gears from Japan and I'm not sure of the frame, but apparently it's assembled here in Florida, which is nice.

For all of you considering buying a Vespa or something similar, I suggested you give the Phantom a try first. Heck, you could buy 4 of these bikes for the price of a scooter. This is one of my favorite purchases of the year. As the weather keeps getting nicer we'll be using it more and more. Now I just have to find some panniers or a basket to fit the thing.

Prodeco Phantom X Folding Electric Bicycle- 500W Lithium Powered, 17+mph, 30 Mile Range, 2 Year Warranty, Built in the USA!
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on June 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
My overall impression of this bike is that it is an awesome product and value. I have put on about 250 miles over a variety of terrain and am very satisfied with the quality of this bike and the range I get from the battery. This bike gets lots of comments everywhere I go with it. I would highly recommend this model to anyone looking to get an electric assist bike. I use it daily for a 32 mile round trip commute. my ride home is 16 miles of continuous uphill climb with an 1800' gain in elevation. this is a very strenuous climb on a standard bike and only the most avid cyclists make this trip. however, with the electric assist, I can get a great workout making this climb without having to be a cyclist of extreme conditioning.
I was amazed that after a continuous assist of 16 miles uphill, I still had some battery charge left - especially considering that I am not a lightweight rider at 218lbs!
While I rarely endorse a product so fully, I do without hesitation recommend this bike to anyone looking for an electric assist model.
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on September 14, 2013
For the price this bike is ok, but I've had lots of problems and it takes Prodeco a long time to fix them. The bike is very unbalanced. with the battery above the rear wheel and rear hub motor this bike is very back end heavy. This results in lots of rear flat tires that are a pain to fix. It is also unstable at high speed,as another reviewer noted, it can get very wobbly in turns at speed and likes to slip out beneath you with the high mounted heavy battery. This bike cannot get wet. It's like the wicked witch of the West, one drop and its toast, either the controller or throttle will give out. The controller is right above the rear wheel so even if you merely go through a puddle the controller will get wet. Replacement parts take about one or two months from Prodeco. The worst part about the bike is the battery mount. The mount snapped in half once with no cargo on, only the battery even through Prodeco says it will hold 100 lbs. The only thing holding the $500 battery to the frame are two 1/2 plastic tabs! No joke! The whole battery is in a thin plastic coating and that forms the two rails that slip into the mount. TWICE in the year that I've had this bike the little plastic rails have broken off I'm assuming from the vibration transferred to the battery mount from every little pothole putting huge stain on flimsy plastic, this is a 10 pound battery! My $500 battery is now duct-taped to the mount since I don't want to pay $40 to ship my battery and wait two months to get it back. The only thing good about this bike is the price, but I would gladly spend $500 more to have a bike that works properly and is of better quality. SKIP THIS BIKE and save up a little more cash for an acceptable one!
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on June 17, 2013
I purchased my Phantom X and while it is a pretty good bike, I needed parts, one was shipped in a couple of weeks (wrong part) but I could use some of the old and some of the new to make it work but I've need the struts to hold the battery and the support up which attach to the axle. I've waited over a month which should be an overnight deal in my opinion and no part, no response to emails or calls. I will say the dealer has been helpful but I just want to ride the damn bike and would think that if you sold one to somebody, that person would be a good candidate for another.

So I sit and wait for the UPS guy everyday but nothing shows so I'm left with complaining via social media.

Was on the verge of buying another but not now as I don't want to ride it afraid of something breaking and being put off for another 2 months.

Nice bike, bad customer service which negates the whole deal for me.

Sorry Prodeco, you lost a customer. Received a call yesterday from another prospective buyer and I gave them my opinion, Doubt they buy.

Kevin Irish, Omaha <NE
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on December 6, 2012
Verified Purchase
3/14/2013 - One component people complained about in other reviews is the shocks. There are shocks on the front (which are good), but nothing on the rear, where most of the weight is. When the tires are a little flat, you don't feel the bumps. But when the tires are properly inflated, the shocks seem insufficient. So I just upgraded the seatpost to the XLC Suspension Seatpost, 27.2 x 350mm, Black (bought on amazon for 25 dollars), which has a built in shock absorber. Reviewers also liked the thudbuster for ~150, but I am trying out the XLC one first for 25. In my first ride, it seemed to help a lot.
2/27/2013 I've got around 600 miles now. Most of the grinding sounds that happened when I bought the bike have disappeared. I am still unsatisfied with the brakes (2012 what I have, which has 7 gears has Pro Max bargain basement brakes. the 2013 has name brand avid BB7 brakes). I give it credit though for making it practical to commute 23 miles (round trip) to/from work. I can do it now in about 45 minutes. By car it takes me 30 minutes. So I am not giving up too much time. The bike is almost impossible to use without electricity. I can get it to limp along in 1st gear (the granny gear). It is so heavy and the tires are very sticky. Perhaps I might replace the tires? With electricity though it goes 20 mph no problem.
12/27/2012 I've bike 7 times now to work. For the first 6, I took the battery off and charged it at my desk. I tried today to do the 23 miles without the recharge. The weather was cold so maybe that affected the battery. I had to really lay off the motor and pedal hard on the way home. The last half mile, which is uphill, the battery was going on and off. So in cold weather, the range was about 23 miles. Of course on the way in I was fighting 25 mph winds. Maybe on a warmer, calmer day, the range would be longer? Prodeco advertises 28-38 as the range. Another reviewer said 25. In cold weather with strong winds (with me pedaling hard on the way home) it was only 23 miles. I am going to go back to charging in my office. I like having the extra power that you get with a full battery.
12/8 biked to work again today. The speed of this is about equivalent to a fast person on a road bike. It includes a bell, which is useful since you are going faster than most on the trail. With my bad knee, there is no way I could make it to my office in 50 minutes on a normal bike (a fast biker on a road bike could). But this allows me to do it. One reviewer said it takes 1/2 a kWh to charge. Electricity is about 11 cents a kWh in Virginia, so it only costs 5 cents to give me enough power to go to work. Pretty cool.
* The gears are also set so that if you are going full power with the motor, then pedaling with the top gear (7) gives you very little extra power unless you are accelerating from a stop or going up a hill. It would be nice if there was a more powerful gear in there. Maybe this is part of the requirement to keep the speed not over 20 mph? I wonder if that could be swapped out for one with a more powerful gear.
* One reason I went for the X2 over the X is the newer battery. It seem to charge in about 4 1/2 hours, so you spend less time charging with this than with the X, which is supposed to take 8 hours
12/6 biked 11.5 miles to work today (23 round trip). Mostly didn't pedal on the way in. I pedaled on the way home so it was a little faster and used less battery. I figure at around 300 trips this pays for itself in gas. I live by a trail and my office is just off the trail 10 miles down so it is a nice way to commute. Trip took around 50 minutes. In car it is around 25-30 minutes. But this is a much nicer way to go. I may need to buy cycling gloves (since this is December) and maybe one of those full face masks since I am going a lot faster - the wind freezes your face.
* Kickstand lets bike fall over unless the ground is perfectly flat. The bike is very top heavy with the battery and the kickstand lets it fall right over. On only my 3rd ride, it fell over and bent the metal piece that holds up the battery. I bent it back, but it is now bent a little bit.
12/5/2012 I just got the bike yesterday. I set it up last night, it took about 2 hours - but a lot of that was me reading through the manual. The manual says over and over about how important it is to tighten the bolts. I thought I had, but on my first ride (going really slowly) the handle bar got completely out of alignment with the front wheel when I took my first turn. I was going super slow so no harm no foul. I then really tightened the bolts. This is more a reflection of the fact that I am not a skilled bike mechanic than anything negative about the bike.

My first impression is that it is very heavy. I understand that all ebikes are very heavy, but it was still somewhat of a shock.

I just took it up and down the block a few times to test it out. There is a little bit of a clicking / grinding sound. Maybe the breaks are not right? I have never had disc breaks before. I tried loosening them to where the breaks didn't work and then tightened them little by little until they properly engaged. I will probably take the bike to a pro to get it straightened out.

The engine is great. Due to my insecurity of having set it up (as a non-bike mechanic), I was hesitant to really gun the engine. Let me clarify that it wasn't the engine making the noise. There is something in the wheel turning that is rubbing. Maybe the breaks? Maybe the kickstand? The kickstand seems like one side is a millimeter from the wheel and the other side has a ton of space (like the kickstand isn't centered properly). I see now that 2 of the 3 other people who wrote reviews also noted an issue with the kickstand. I may email prodeco and ask them about the kickstand. I will write about response in update.

It is my intent to try and ride this thing to work everyday.
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on September 20, 2012
Received my Phantom X2 in a big FEDEX box and was easy to assemble. Just had to insert and tighten the handlebars and mount the front wheel with the quick release skewer. Battery was fully charged. Commuting daily 15 miles each way. Tried roundtrip with 1 charge a couple of times, but only made it about 25 miles. It was a workout to pedal the remaining 5 miles, but it can be done if you are in shape. I now charge it each way to ensure full power. I have a very steep hill in the morning and more rolling hills both ways. If it was a flat commute, I wouldn't have looked for an e-bike. Enjoying the bike and it seems well built and comfortable. Couple of things. Same frame as Phantom X with upgraded battery, wheels, and derailleur. Stock Double Kickstand does not fit correctly and interferes with chain when up. I took it off and am waiting for the fix or new kickstand that Prodeco has apparently addressed. A bit disappointing that this was not addressed or realized with production/testing. Should use a retractable side kickstand for heavy bikes. Def need a kickstand with this bike. The battery slides in and is held in place by rails and inserted into the plug. There is a metal tab the inserts into the plastic mount on the battery. After only a few rides, this tab was cracking from the stress of normal bouncing and shaking on regular roads. Went to Home Depot and bought a 2" x 36" velcro cinch strap and this keeps the battery tighter in the rack and reduces stress on the plastic. The disc brakes are great. After adjusting the pads, they were still rubbing. Went to Youtube and found a video on how to adjust the mounting screws and that took care of it. The stopping power is excellent. Saving time and money on my urban commute and would recommend this bike. It may not be perfect, but a great bike for the price.
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on September 19, 2012
I just received my Phantom X2 today. The packaging of the bike for shipping was outstanding. The manner in which it was packed, and the items laid out inside of the box was outstanding. It all spelled pride in their product. I agree with all of the wonderful comments that have been made about this bike, so I will not simply repeat them.

The fault that I have with this bike is the throttle control system. I also have an Rmartin electric bike. This bike has a controller, which is lit up, showing battery level, but also allows you to set your motor speed. You have slow, medium, and fast. In all three of these modes you pedal and the motor automatically boosts your speed up with the motor. You stop pedaling and the motor goes idle until you start pedaling again. All of this is automatic. If you want to just use the motor power, it has a twist controller, which is easy to use. The Phantom X2 has a thumb controller. You HAVE to press this controller, and keep pressing it, to get motor assistance. You can pedal along, to help the motor, and conserve battery power, but you HAVE to keep pressing the thumb throttle. You stop pressing the thumb throttle and you are just pedaling a heavy bike, with no motor assist. Your thumb will get tired of pressing this controller, if you are on a long ride. If you have a sore thumb, or any medical condition that prevents you from continuous pressing of the thumb throttle, you have a problem. I wish that they would have at least put the twist throttle on the Phantom X2, instead of the thumb throttle. Flat out, I do not like the thumb throttle. Overall, I do not like it that I have to continually press the throttle, to get motor assist while biking. I give the Rmartin bike a 'thumb' up in their better throttle control system, and pedal assist capability. I bought the Phantom strictly because of its' ability to fold. I can put it in my trunk and not have to worry about a bike rack, and then the possibility of the bike being stolen off the rack, if I stopped somewhere. I also plan to take it to San Francisco, and go onto the Muni street car line. They only allow folding bikes. I have a lot of places that I want to ride around over there! The battery on the Phantom is a good sized battery, which makes the bike heavier. I already know that I will take a backpack and place the battery in the backpack when I fold it. The bike will then be easier to handle on the Muni.

UPDATE: September 27, 2012

I have taken several rides at this point. The thumb throttle control is in a strategic position for easily 'thumbing' the throttle. I cannot fault the design here. I will say that since my first electric bike had automatic pedal assist, and selectable speeds, I became accustomed to that. I have found that under some circumstances, it is better to not have the automatic pedal assist. On the Phantom it is a simple matter of just not 'thumbing' the throttle. With my other bike, I would have to push the button on the control pad to turn the power off. It comes down to simply a different style of riding. I have now adjusted to the thumb throttle. The bike itself, just by its looks, has received quite a few "nice bike" comments. When I locked it to the bike rack, to go inside the post office, I saw people walking by pausing to look at it. I have added some decals to the battery also. For night time riding, I have also added some lighting effects to the wheels, which has had drivers blowing horns, with comments like "nice ride!". The bike is now lit up at night, 360 degrees. No, I do not use the light on the battery. I installed a 'UltraFazer MAX' on the seat pole, and put a 600 LED light for a front lamp. I can easily see and be seen at night now. Happy riding. Oh, yeah, I upgraded my rating from 3 to 4. I would give it a 5 rating, but I am still slightly biased on the thumb throttle. This does not degrade the bike itself for build quality, or operational capability, it is simply a matter of personal choice. I also have to mention that the technical support at Prodeco is OUTSTANDING. You actually get a PERSON when you call in and they take the time to understand your issue. They asked to call me back, to research my question. They were quickly back to me with my answer. This support is a far cry from support at other companies where the first thing you get is a recording, asking canned questions. The quality of Prodeco support matches the quality of their bike, both being excellent.
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