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Color Name: Black
I bought this camera for its portability, because I so often failed to have a camera with me when a great shot presented itself. I wasn't expecting too much, but was really surprised.

The image quality is nothing short of amazing. The lens seems to have few aberrations anywhere in its very wide zoom range. I don't use the longer focal lengths much but really appreciate that it has the equivalent of 24 mm at the wide-angle end.

This spring has been good for wildflowers here in the desert. I have taken many shots of plants for identification as well as working with flower macros, trying to achieve some "artsy" shots. I'm very happy with the results.

I've also done some videos, notably one of ants being very busy. Looks great on the big screen at 1080p, even though the camera only takes 720.

Of the multitudes of features, the best is wi-fi connectivity. Whenever the computer is on I can let it update the files on the PC. It makes folders for each day automatically and remembers what has already been saved. Works up to hundreds of feet from the router.

It has a "smart" mode which makes all the decisions for you, a "program" mode with more control, and fully manual. The manual mode shows a histogram on screen, so you don't have to guess.

Some nitpicking: The screen looks great in anything but direct sunlight; working outdoors can be difficult sometimes. While most images are nearly free of noise, noticeable noise appears in some, inexplicably. Sometimes autofocus isn't quite accurate. Given the price, feature set, and extreme portability of the camera, I can live with those little details.
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on July 7, 2012
Verified Purchase
Update (October 2012):

There are a few reviews on this camera from people who did not delve into the complex settings of the device you are looking at. Their reviews unfortunately dragged down the star ratings to an unrealistic rating. This camera is great! Image quality is great! However, I have not used the automatic mode very much. You will get amazing quality pictures when you spend time on your shots. There are simple settings like ISO (light sensitivity), aperture, and shutter speed. Toggling these settings will create awesome pictures worthy of your family album, Facebook profile, and personal website.

I wanted a great camera to capture the beautiful landscapes of my life in the Midwest. However, I did not want a big fat DSLR-style camera or a compact camera with 5x zoom. And why not spring for the attractive white version?

Prime shipping is awesome. I received this in less than 24 hours.

Like I did, you may be reading critic and user reviews on various models and you'll be dazzled with each different variation on the same technology. This is an ultra-zoom compact camera which combines automated settings with the ability to vary settings manually, just as the pros do! The critics will say this or that about a camera, but they seem to me to always recommend the newest $300 model.

This camera has an 18x zoom which can be used for both photos and videos. It has a 3-inch LCD screen and a dedicated video record button.
You can actually edit photos during and after taking them, with different effects and scenes that may remind you of Instagram on your smartphone.

Speaking of smartphones, THIS CAMERA HAS WIFI! So yeah, you can send photos and videos to Facebook, email, Picasa, Youtube, Photobucket, and Microsoft SkyDrive. Even better, with an Android or iPhone, you can use two apps that will interface with this camera: Mobile Link and Remote Viewfinder.

Suppose you're taking a group photo, but you want to be in it! You can zoom, change basic settings, and snap the photo from your PHONE with Remote Viewfinder.
Perhaps you want to transfer content from the camera to your phone: Use Mobile Link. In both cases, the Samsung WB150F creates its own wireless access point which pairs with your phone.

The above features may work best with Samsung phones, however my HTC Droid Incredible worked perfectly for this! You won't regret your purchase!
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on June 6, 2012
Color Name: Black
I based my purchase mainly on the WI-FI, 18x ZOOM, and compatibility of my Samsung Galaxy phone. First of all flash your camera to the latest firmware (May,2012). Install the CD on your computer and there's pull-down for firmware upgrade, follow instructions, if you get lost, there's a blurb on YouTube on how to flash your camera. Connect your camera to a wifi access point then begin uploading to SkyDrive, Picasa, FB. Post directly to FB. You'll need to create an account on SkyDrive to upload to the Cloud. I use DropBox I can appreciate saving to the cloud. Enable your phone to "hotspot" then use your phone to connect to the Web. I'm an avoid DSLR user so I wanted something that can be used traveling rather than carrying a gigantic DSLR. The HD video is 720p and it's fine for my needs. It's a lot more stable than my JVC 3CCD HD 1080p, video is very stable. Reviews say the color is most accurate and it's true, very vivid images. You may want to mess with the general settings of contrast, brightness and color density to get it just right. I TOTALLY recommend the Samsung WB150! I'll post more as I begin getting into the guts of this camera.

UPDATE: 8/17/2012: It's been 2.5 months and a 10 day vacation in the Caribbean. Took over 2500 pics. I still think it's a good camera, but it's not without it's faults. After a few shots, my WB150 froze up and the only way to fix this to pull the battery. I purchased 2 after-market batteries (non-Samsung) and it seemed to be OK, but I'm suspecting the 3rd party battery might be causing the freezing. The copying from camera to smartphone had gotten real slow. I assume it might be due to the amount of data on the 32GB drive. When you sync up to your smartphone, also Samusung Galaxy S, it's gotten a lot longer wait times for the pictures populate on the phone. I tried a smaller SD card (16GB) with less stuff and it seemed to fix the slowness issue. Kinda makes sense. More pics it's gotta read, the longer the read times. Oh, if you have a new SD card, be sure to format the card on the camera, otherwise, it's going to be slow times powering up your WB150. We did get to upload pics from the WB150 to the smartphone and post to Facebook. That was one of biggest reasons I got the camera to begin with. The only way to enable the flash (fill-in) is "P" mode. Smart mode will determine if you need flash or not. Smart wasn't a bad way to go if you're outside. But in you're in the tour bus, disabling the flash is key. Let the camera figure out the rest. I admit I did not use my old DSLR (Olympus E-1) at all and kept using the WB150. I like the Red video button. It's not to hit the video button while shooting stills. There's a dedicated video setting on the dial as well. I'll keep you guys posted.
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on September 21, 2012
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
Before I start, I should disclose that I am an owner of a Canon D-SLR so this review might be a little biased.

I purchased this camera as a "carry around" point and shoot for occasions when dragging a D-SLR is not quite suited. Wanted something with reasonable telephoto and high megapixel (for printing) and was very impressed with the list of features including; wi-fi transfer, upload to MicroSoft Skydrive, Android live-view app (very cool) and some of the other shooting modes. The camera is full of fun features and they all work very well as described, the downside unfortunately is the camera. It takes wonderful pictures in wide-angle, broad daylight but anything beyond that it really struggles with. Night photos are very grainy as are telephoto photos in moderate lighting. The telephoto is understandable as many variables play into zoomed images but the night and indoor shots almost make you want to leave this camera at home and just use your smartphone. The indoor images are very comparable.

All in all, it's not a bad camera and the price I paid on Amazon was fantastic. But in the end, I will likely not use it as much as I had originally anticipated. If you are looking for a point-and-shoot as an everyday camera, I would look to spend a little bit more and go for image quality over features first and foremost.
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on May 24, 2012
Color Name: Black
Anything I say would be superfluous. It has wifi. The different gadgets built in
will keep you busy for a long time.

I can now talk to my Samsung 2012 LED 3D tv, with all the
gadgets and Allshare. Take a picture and boom, it shows
up on my tv. To bad it doesn't have a built in slot for a sims
card? Hmmm, Samsung? All the other cameras I have are
Job well done.

I love the 'Remote Viewfinder' gadget! You can use an iPad,
touch cellphone with Android gadget 'Remote Viewfinder'
to remotely access and control your camera, via a home
wifi network. You could monitor your baby from rooms
away and take pictures at the same time! This is really
a cool feature.

Picture quality is amazing , 18x stabelized zoom ,
wide angle , low light , a ton of shooting modes with
special effects .

I would say this is a end all solution to a compact photo system
that is not expensive and integrates great wifi features and photo
capabilities . BUY ONE!!
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on July 9, 2012
Verified Purchase
This camera does everything as advertised,I like the feel and asthetics of this camera and the performance is outstanding.
Really like the wireless capabilities. Wish it had an address book for emailing photos and videos but for the price this camera ROCKS!!!!Samsung WB150F Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera (White)
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on March 11, 2012
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I wanted something between a plain point and shoot with hardly any zooming ability and a full SLR..this is it! the zoom is all i need, and i love the burst photo ability...and wifi? it's awesome!! i email and post my pics constanty....the convenience of taking with a cell phone and sending to friends except way better quality! I wish I'd had this months ago...i love it! and small i can stick right in my purse, no love love this!!
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on August 16, 2012
Color Name: Black
I wanted a camera that I could keep in my bag and take everywhere in lieu of my more expensive camera. I wasn't looking for something with DSLR IQ nor even a higher end point and shoot IQ. I also wanted a camera with wifi capabilities so that I could upload photos to facebook without having to transfer the photos via the traditional route. My choice came down to the Samsung wb150f and Canon PowerShot ELPH 320 HS. I read the reviews on Amazon and different websites before deciding on the Samsung.

The main reason I decided to choose the Samsung over the Canon is that Samsung offers full manual control. Yes, using manual mode is a bit clunky, especially the manual focus but for me, having some manual mode is better than having none at all. I also read that Samsung was a direct upload whereas with the Canon, I would have to upload the photos to Canon's cloud service to post any of my photos to Facebook.

When I purchased the camera, I wasn't really expecting much in terms of IQ since reviews from photo/tech sites were mediocre. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I received the camera and started doing some test shots! Yes, it's true that you're not going to win any photo contests from photo magazines but for every day use to capture memories, it is exactly what I was looking for.

The IQ is better than expected for the size. Looking at the photos on my 24in monitor, my ipad with retina display, my macbook pro with retina display, the camera takes great photos. The colors are vibrant; the images- crisp enough. Low light images were good enough for the size of the camera. Higher ISO pictures were noisy but I can't imagine any camera in this price range and this size doing any better.

I had no problems connecting my camera wirelessly to my Samsung phone, my ipad 3, and my Nexus 7 tablet. I did not try to connect it to my macbook pro bc that laptop is normally not used for photo storage. For people having difficulties with connecting the camera to your iphone/ipad, make sure you go into your settings and choose the camera's network under wifi- not your default wifi network. The viewfinder app also works seamlessly. Photos uploaded to facebook without a hitch.

So what are the cons? As someone else mentioned in their review, the lcd screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight but the camera is small enough to hold with one hand so I just use my other hand to shield the screen for better view. Auto-focus seems a tad slower than other point and shoot cameras in manual mode. I also had to install Samsung's proprietary software on my computer to update the firmware on the camera.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase, and I would recommend this camera to anyone who is looking for a fun, inexpensive point and shoot.
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I shopped around for so long, trying to find just the perfect camera to replace my old digital one. I literally wore out my last digital camera. It got to the point where the lens covers came off, and the photos that were taken took several minutes to save to the memory card. So it was time for something new. After months of shopping and reading reviews, I took a chance on this Samsung. I have to admit, I was a sucker for the white case color. It's a modern and clean look and case color, and with the features is has, I had to believe it would take at least adequate photos, and it may very well do that, if you know how to change all the light and and shutter settings.

Alas, I am not a professional photographer. I know how to turn the flash on and off, I know how to set my cameras for macro photos, and even how to take photos at night. But for the most part, unless my point and shoot digital camera has a setting that tells me this is "night mode", "museum mode", "light behind an object mode", etc, I am not familiar enough with the manual settings to get the best photos for all these situations. Thankfully, there is a settings mode that offers some of these as options, but what it really needs is an "indoors light photo" mode, since the smart-auto mode can't seem to capture photos taken indoors well. Like many people, I buy a point and shoot digital camera with auto focus to do just that, take the photo and focus for me. If I knew what was the appropriate shutter speed to take a photo of my kids opening gifts on Christmas morning, I would purchase and use an SLR.

With that said, the point and shoot results from this camera vary constantly. Indoor photos are always too dark, and like I've seen mentioned elsewhere by others, there is an odd black shadow in almost every indoor photo taken. I have to take 10 photos of the same thing from slightly different angles before I can get a shot without it. Outdoor images are beautiful. Unfortunately, I find a lot of life's moments that I want to capture in photos, happens indoors.

There are some really fun features to this camera that I have learned to love. You can take photos in split-shot. Which means you take one photo, then take a second one, and it creates the two images into one single photo, with one on the left and one on the right. This is great for front and back photos of objects. There is a picture-in-pictures feature, all kinds of neat photo effects and you can take panoramic photos. There's a whole host of other high tech features, such as being able to transfer photos from your camera to your PC or other devices through wi-fi. However as fun as these are, I find myself grabbing my iPhone to take photos indoors when I need to, just so I can get the photo the first time. It's disappointing that my cell phone takes better shots inside. As appealing as the features and sleek white case are, it's not worth it if more than half of the photos always come out bad. If you're familiar with changing your settings for light and shutter speed and are okay with doing that every time you use this camera, it may work out great for you. But if you need a point and shoot that you can just turn on and take a photo without a lot of thought as to the lighting and settings, this one will likely give you headaches.

Update 3/11/2013: Something I didn't mention in my original review is that yes, the wi-fi does work. I found it pretty simple to use, however I'm the network administrator in my office at work, so connecting things across a network is something I do frequently. Samsung has done what they can to make it as simple as possible, but in the end I find it faster to just pull out the memory card and download everything to my computer that way. The wi-fi is handy if you're on vacation or not at home, have access to a wireless connection, and are looking to send images from your camera to FaceBook or an email address. But it's not by any means faster or easier than downloading them to your computer via the memory card. Also, the dark shadows do still show up in my indoor photos. I don't use a camera case or anything like that could cause it. It's just not a great low light camera. However it takes great outdoor images.
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Color Name: Black
OK, so I'll say upfront the camera is well built...mostly metal some plastic, but a solid build...the 18X zoom is great for a point and shoot. The Wifi feature is what sold me on the after saying that I will say that it has been failing just as much as it has been working...I constantly try uploading pics to Facebook direct from the camera and and I continually get a upload failed error after only one or two pics, so I have to get online to see which ones were uploaded or I end up uploading several duplicates (kind of defeats the purpose if I have to check as I'm not saving time)...the 1st couple of times I tried it worked fine...recently it hasn't been working as well. Another awesome feature is the Remote View Finder...It does work with my HTC Sensation and I would think it would work with any newer Android phone. Some people say they can't get it set up or it's hard but it's really not that hard. You activate the cameras Wifi function, then connect your phone to the WB150F "hotspot," then select the app and from there you can control the veiwfinder (zoom, timer, and shutter) or transfer pics. Also it does have a completely manual function, which I haven't used yet, but you don't see that much on a camera at this price. Also I do like the editing feature built into the camera and also the features on the Samsung can do things like create GIFs, which is pretty cool. Now saying all those good things I will say that the auto focus takes quite a bit of time to work and there is some lag. The burst shots are cool but are taken @ 3MP...a lot of the cooler functions downgrade the pic quality to anywhere from 3-10 MPs. I've seen better pics from a sub $200.00 camera but this one is alright...I do think picture quality in low light is below avg and grainy but outside it's fantastic. All said I gave it 4 stars as I'm glad they are finally putting wifi into digital cameras so I don't have to take so many shots on my cell.
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