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on May 8, 2009
This watch is very good for 300 dollars. It resembles the Rolex Submariner very closely. It is very sturdy and heavy and I love it a lot.

The band of this watch feels sturdy and heavy. It is huge! The links are big. The center links are polished which gives it a more fancier look. It is a scratch magnet if you're not careful, but you can always polish it down again. Or you can brush it down to give it a more Submariner look.

When I first saw the back of this watch, it was incredible. I've never seen a Swiss automatic movement in person before, although it's through the crystal, it's beautiful! It's fun talking to my dad about the back of this watch and it's movement. I told him "You can see right there it says 26 jewels Swiss Made on the mechanism." Although on the crystal, it says Swiss Movement. That's because the movement itself is Swiss Made, but the watch itself isn't. But to me that's all the same! Swiss Made or Swiss Movement, it has a Swiss Made movement and that's all it matters for it to be Swiss to me!

This watch certainly looks a lot more pricier than it is. It also keeps time very nicely, I don't know how many seconds it gains or loses because I don't care much for that stuff. All I know is that it keeps time correctly and that's all it matters. The most beautiful part of this watch in my opinion is the second hand. You can clearly see that it flows very smoothly. That's called a sweeping motion and that's what the Rolex Submariner has! My dad owns a Submariner and I compared them both together and the movements are equilibrium!

To an untrained eye and to someone who does not know much of watches at all, they will surely confuse this watch with a Submariner. They look so much alike! The bezel, hands, dial, crown, diameter, etc. Everything is so the same style. This watch also uses a sapphire crystal like high end watches do.

The only issue I have with this watch is that Invicta has numerous watches that have the exact same style as the 9937OB but for lesser price using cheaper materials. It's not the problem though, the problem is that people confuse my 9937 with the lower end models because they don't know about this model because they only sell the lower end ones at Costco for 50 dollars and 100 dollars.

My dad came home from Costco the other night and said "You know what? You got ripped off for 300 dollars, I saw this watch on Costco for only 100 dollars." I was like WHAT DID YOU SAY? NOOO! I had to give him a deep brief explanation of how this is different because it's Swiss Automatic, it beats at 28,800 BPH, with a sweeping motion second hand, etc. etc.

If you don't care about what people think of you, this watch is well worth the price. But it's not worth it if you only care for the watches looks, you might as well go with the lower-end 5017 or 8926. Why spend the extra few hundred bucks for something that looks the same?

Here are the differences between the low-end 8926 and the high-end 9937.

The 9937 uses a high-end sapphire crystal while the 8926 uses the mid-end mineral crystal. The 9937 has a larger cyclops (Magnification Bubble) than the 8926, which allows it to resemble more closely to the Rolex Submariner.

One of the largest differences are the movements. The 8926 uses a Japanese Miyota movement which is used in Citizen automatics. The Miyota is not bad at all! It's really good, it just doesn't compare with the Swiss Sellita SW200 movement used in the 9937. The differences in the movements are the 9937 has a 28,800 BPH compared to the 8926 that beats at 21,600. Now what does this mean? Sweeping second hand motion! That's right, the 28,800 will move at 8 increments per second compared to 6 per second on the 21,600. That means the 9937 will tick smoother and because it beats at the same rate as a Submariner at 28,800. The second hand ticking will be nearly the same! While the 21,600 will be a bit rougher.

The 8926 will also have a cheaper bracelet, the 9937 uses a very strong sturdy bracelet that weighs a MEGATON! The end links on the 9937 also doesn't fold like the 8926 does. Because of this, another closer resemblance with the 9937 to the Rolex Submariner.

The 9937 uses a slightly smaller minute hand than the 8926. The 8926 uses a minute hand that is the size of a Rolex 50th anniversary Submariner while the 9937 uses a regular sized one.

Now another difference again is that the 9937 will say Swiss Movement on the bottom of the dial, while on the 8926 it will say Japan Movement.

Although there may be some more differences between them, this is all I can think up at the moment!

So for the conclusion? I am very happy with this watch, it is just monstrous for the pricing. Do I recommend it? It depends. If you don't care much about watches at all and don't care about the differences I provided for the price differential and would rather save money. Then I would say go with the 8926, but if you do care and you love watches then hey! Save the money and get the 9937! It's well worth it.
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on May 3, 2009
I have owned the Invicta 9937OB for over four years now and I am generally pleased with the good quality of this Rolex Submariner tribute watch. The following comments are based on my research, experience and opinions about this watch.

The OB in the model number stands for "old bezel." This is the coin-edge bezel that Invicta produced prior to their adoption of the scalloped bezel used in many of their present diver's watch models. Personally I prefer the coin-edge bezel, as it is easier to grip and turn than the scalloped bezel Invictas.

This watch has a Sellita SW200, Swiss made, automatic movement--a copy of the proven and reliable ETA 2824-2 Swiss automatic movement. The Sellita SW200 is a 26-jewel movement where as the ETA 2824-2 movement has 25 jewels. I've read that Sellita put in the extra jewel to be different (marketing reasons) and claims the extra jewel increases the power reserve of the movement. The Sellita appears to be a good copy of the ETA according to my research.

Concerning accuracy, my watch was running about 35 seconds a day fast out of the box when I received it, which was too inaccurate for me. I had a watch maker service and regulate the watch and it now runs at +/- 3 seconds a day--very good accuracy for a mechanical watch!

I had been keeping this watch on a winder every night, because the power reserve seemed to be only about seven hours off the winder (the Sellita power reserve specification is 38 hours). What was going on here? After having the movement serviced by a watch maker I was told that this was not the fault of the watch movement--I needed to hand wind the crown 25 times to achieve the full power reserve. Well, I tried this and sure enough the power reserve is quite good if hand wound. Lesson learned, don't rely on a watch winder to fully wind a mechanical watch.

A highly desirable feature is the scratch resistant sapphire crystals covering both the watch face and exhibition back. No scratches on either crystal after 9 months for my watch. Also, it is interesting to view the automatic movement with Invicta branded rotor through the case back view window when examining this watch. A testament to the quality and style of this watch was when a family member thought it was a real Rolex Submariner (his parents own Rolex watches).

With its beefy stainless-steel watchband and case the Invicta 9937 weighs in on the heavy side--although this is something you quickly get used to and it feels comfortable on the wrist. But the round luminous markers and watch hands could definitely have better lume for a diver's watch. For typical casual wear, this criticism tend to be minor and not a deal breaker. I like the good quality, style and value you get for your money.
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on December 26, 2008
I am a novice watch collector, however I have one major rule - the watch must be below $500. This is not only because I am not Mr. Deep Pockets, but also I have issues with spending money. You could say I am a VALUE novice watch collector.

I have been wanting a Sub-mariner watch for some time, sure the Rolex is the CROWN (king of the hill) - but to meet my rule ($500) - it would seem that Rolex is not going to make the cut. There are many Sub-mariner look-alikes.

Now comes the value - it's not just about looks, it's about substance. Sure - the Invicta 8926 or other similar watches have the looks, but what about the substance.

Think about this - Rolex is more than just looks, the name equates to quality and substance. From the movement, crystal, to workmanship.
My goal was to find a Sub-mariner - that HAD the Rolex QUALITY! Finding the looks was easy, finding the quality - well that was the hard thing to do.

After doing tons of research - Invicta 9937 not only had the looks - but the quality for the price is very surprising.

Let's break it down.

1. Movement (9937 - Swiss Movement) - many people don't even think about movements, they are just interested in the looks - there is nothing wrong with that, but there is a difference. Many Sub-mariner look-a-likes run on Quartz (battery operated) - there are some excellent quartz movements out there, but this review is about findings a watch that meets the standards of the Sub-mariner (of which Rolex has set the stage).
First, the watch is an automatic (traditionally watches come in 3 varieties - hand wind, automatic, and quartz) - the Sub-mariner is a traditional automatic (or self-winding watch). The movement in the 9937 is a 26 jewel ETA 2824, a popular Swiss movement in many high-end Swiss made watches. For the 9937 to have such a movement at the cost is a darn good deal. The second hand moves in a quick-ticking fashion. If you have ever seen a Japanese automatic movement, while very nice - they seem to make a more jerky beat - this is because they have fewer beats per second, not that it is bad - but it is noticeable. The Invicta 8926 uses the Japanese movement - if you look at them side-by-side you notice the difference, which is seen by the movement of the second hand.

2. Crystal - the 9937 uses a Sapphire crystal, rather than hardened mineral crystal. This is another big treat which you would only find on the high-end Sub-mariner watches by Tag, Rolex, or Omega. The use of a sapphire crystal is almost scratch resistance compared to hardened mineral. Additionally the raised Cyclops magnifier is no small affair - it stands prominent at the 3 o'clock marker over the date.

3. FACE /BEZEL - if you are looking for the Rolex Sub-mariner - this is as close as it gets. The hour markers are raised has silver surrounds around the luminescent markers - this separates the 9937 from many other imitators that just paint in the luminescent and shows an extra thought in the production. Of course the Invicta wing logo appears and the second hand has the Invicta logo at one end. Invicta - while making their own version of the sub-mariner has no problem showing off their product with pride. So that does reflect a difference - but a positive one in my book. Additionally - Swiss Movement is written along the bottom to indicate that it's ticking with real Swiss precision - not just any movement. The bezel insert only has the minute hash marks for the first 10 minutes - something also more distinctive with the sub-mariner line. The numbers are done in the traditional block fashion. The serrations on the bezel are not as sharp as the Rolex version - but are found in this model. Note - many imitators use a scalloped edge instead of serration. Again - the 9937 pays homage to the sub-mariner.

4. CASE - the case on this watch is thick and heavy - it's solid, with a combination of brushed and polish. But what really stands out - more so than even the Rolex, is the clear back on the watch - you can see the movement and engraved INVICTA in the weight that moves (to automatically wind the watch). The back is a class act affair. It is stamped "Pro-Diver 200 Meters", "Sapphire Crystal", "Stainless Steel 316L", " Swiss Movement", "Invicta", "Model 9937" - inside the clear case it is stamped 26 jewel Swiss made. There is no doubt the pride they took in making a solid watch front to back.

5. Bracelet - Here is where the Invicta actually surpasses the Rolex it pay homage too. The bracelet seems more solid and heavier than the Rolex. Granted I don't own a Rolex, but have tried them on and compared them - so this is just an observation. You FEEL this bracelet and it's solid. The clasp is SOLID stainless steel - not a pressed-stamped out clasp. It's very nice.

So what do you get?
For just over $300 you get a very solid watch, sapphire crystal, Swiss movement, solid stainless steel construction and bracelet. The Invicta 8926 is nice (for $100) it has the looks - but not the quality. You know you are wearing this watch.

Rolex ($5000 plus) - Their own movement, Sapphire Crystal, Stainless Steel.

Invicta 9937 ($300) - Swiss ETA movement, Sapphire Crystal, Stainless Steel, Clear Back, Solid Bracelet.

Invicta 8926 ($100) - Japanese movement, Mineral Crystal, Stainless - stamped bracelet.

I took it to our local jeweler - who caries Tag, Rolex, Omega, etc. for resizing of the bracelet. He gave it back to me and asked what I paid for it. I said it was a gift - but it was a little over $300. He said that it was easily a $1500 watch and would give his Tag, Rolex, or Omega a solid run for the money. He winked and said - don't tell anyone about it - because it will hurt my business. If that doesn't tell you this is a steal for the price - I don't know what does.
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on September 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
I am a 60+ year-old collector and hobbyist watchmaker. Over the years I have owned and worn such fine timepieces as the Rolex Submariner and GMT Master II; 1951 Omega Seamaster Chronometer, Patek Phillipes, several vintage Hamiltons and contemporary Blancpains. In my opinion, the build quality of the Invicta 9937 is understandably a few notches short of the Pateks and Blancpains -- but then it is, in some cases, less than one twentieth of their price -- at discount. Time will tell (no pun intended) but it appears to be at least the equivalent of the Rolexes in terms of durability. As to accuracy out of the box, it is the most precise automatic watch I have ever owned, besting even the 1951 Omega; against an atomic clock, it has varied only three seconds in a one-month period. That is astounding. Sure, the MSRP is inflated; that is a given in today's retail market. But if you know watches and you know real value, buy this watch. Wear it; use it hard. Take it to an honest, certified Rolex, Omega or any other high-end watchmaker. Compare the 9937 side-by-side with a Submariner, GMT, Seamaster or your choice of $2500-$5000-plus watches. Then ask yourself, which manufacturers are riding on hype and their brand name, asking and getting prices far in excess of their products' real value while their build quality and service decline, and which manufacturer is offering the public a product at a price -- even at its MSRP -- that is shockingly low for its tactile, visual and functional quality? Then go congratulate yourself on your buying decision. You won't be disappointed.
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on August 20, 2009
I wanted to update this review, although I'm not sure how much it will matter because I don't think that Invicta is making this watch in quite the same way anymore, but here it goes anyway.

Looking back on this review, I wasn't aware that I was well into my fourth year with this watch. I still wear it regularly, about 4 or 5 days out of every week, and it has held up beautifully. The watch has a few scratches here and there and the bezel has one small scratch in it, but the sapphire crystal remains flawless, and the movement settled to a consistent +12 seconds a day, which I later had adjusted to about +8. This is acceptable - I know people with the real version of this watch that isn't as close as mine. Having said that, while I enjoy this automatic, I likely won't own another one. I'd rather have a quartz watch that is +/- 2-3 seconds a month, but for this watch, it's more than good enough.

But to continue, ultimately this watch met the goal for why I wanted it. It looks great, runs well, has been very reliable, and turns heads. I have had a number of people ask about it thinking it was a Rolex. My only hesitation at this point is the name on the side; Invicta. I did not know at the time what a hit or miss reputation Invicta had. Go into a jewelry store and let the person behind the counter know you are wearing an Invicta, and all of a sudden they look at you like you are a dumb sucker, which is unfortunate because I have always believed that this particular model has it where it counts, and my watch guy/watch maker, whom I've found since I got this Invicta, seems to think so too. This coming from a guy whose daily wear watch is a Breitling. My solution to would-be scoffers is to simply not offer it up that it's an Invicta, and to let them try to figure it out by squinting and doing their best to read the lettering on the dial when it is on my ever-moving wrist. :-) From less than 5 feet it truly looks like what it isn't.

So, to sum it up, my opinion after 3.5 years of steady use remains the same as it was just weeks after I got it. It's a solid value that I would get again if given the choice.


After recently rekindling my passion for watches, I started looking into a category of watches known as "homage watches" as an affordable alternative to capture the look of the high priced name brand watches I desire without paying that kind of money. I was excited to see that Invicta makes a couple of different versions of homage watch to the popular Rolex Submariner. Since all of my watches are beat up, I convinced my wife that a good birthday gift for me would be an Invicta professional diver - I was thinking the less expensive 8926C model. Imagine my surprise when not only did she get me one, but she got me the 9937OB with the Swiss movement, the upgraded bracelet, the sapphire crystal and the coin edge bezel. (as compared to the Japanese Miyota movement and mineral glass crystal in the model 8926.)

For starters, this watch looks absolutely wonderful and from 10 feet, it would be hard to distinguish it from the real McCoy. In fact, I did a side-by-side comparison with a friend of mine who owns a genuine Rolex Sub, and they are so close in appearance that it's scary. Of course I have no doubt that his is higher quality, but then again, he paid about 10x what I paid, so I would hope his is higher quality - all of that money had to go somewhere, right? However, the goal has been met - I wear a Swiss automatic (movement) watch that looks and feels like something much more expensive.

My watch contains the Sellita SW200 26-jewel movement. From what I have read this movement is a copy of the 25-jewel ETA 2824-2 movement (28,800 beats per hour) that is the base movement used in so many Swiss watches such as Tag and Omega, and what was originally used for the Invicta 9937. Watching the movement tick away through the display back is a real treat. It is a gold plated movement with a blued steel rotor for contrast.

The lume on this watch is adequate - not bright, but not dull either. The lume is bright enough to read although the minute hand could show up a bit better. This isn't the fault of the lume, but rather the fact that the hand is so thin.

The dial is perfect - nothing remarkable about it - it's a good black shade, the hour markers are right where they should be and it's on straight. It's poetry in its simplicity.

The bezel is also good - I don't know what the inlay is made of but it's hard enough that it hasn't scratched. Then again, I haven't owned the watch that long. It has 120 definite clicks for a full rotation (unidirectional) and it lines up perfectly with the dial.

The bracelet is solid, and thicker than the bracelet on that "other" name brand watch my friend owns - I would have like screws rather than pins for adjustment, but it was easy enough to adjust myself with nothing more than a push pin and a pair of needle nose pliers. It also doesn't have a diver's extension. Some people complain about this, but since I don't own a wetsuit and am not a diver, that's not really a concern of mine. The bright polished center links of the bracelet offer a nice contrast with the brushed outer links when you take the time to look at it, but the contrast is not so much that it makes the watch look "blingy" and in fact, unless you look, it's not really noticed, but it is a nice touch when you do.

The last point I'd like to mention is accuracy. Mine has run +15 seconds a day for the two weeks I have owned it and it has been consistent in that number. I have read that an automatic movement needs about 8 weeks of constant wear before it will settle and that it should slow down after the break-in period. On one hand I want and expect better from a Swiss movement. On the other hand, when you consider that there are 86,400 seconds in a day, even being off by 15 seconds it's still 99.9998237% accurate. If I'm not within 5-6 seconds per day after the break-in period I'll have it adjusted by a watchmaker, so I can live with it being +15 seconds for now. I have a feeling that if I do get it adjusted that it can be adjusted to within 2-3 seconds and it will be consistent to that for the life of the watch, which hopefully is considerable. The way I see it, even though it runs just a touch fast, I know it can be adjusted and the key factor is that it has been very consistent, so once it is adjusted, it will be consistent to the best accuracy it is capable of. As a side note, if utmost accuracy is your goal, don't buy an automatic mechanical watch - get a watch with a quartz movement.

So now we come to the crux of the review: given the chance for a do-over, would I still want this watch. Without a doubt, the answer is "yes." There is a definite look and feel of quality to this watch and it doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't. The name "Invicta" is displayed proudly on the dial and is engraved into the side of the case. In any case, if someone happens to ask me the question, "is that a Rolex?" I won't hesitate to say, "why no it isn't," right before I explain to them that it contains a Swiss automatic movement and can be had for a fraction of the price of the other. I wear it proudly for just what it is with very little thought regarding what it isn't.

Some folks think that anything more than a $50 watch is paying too much, but if you take the plunge on this one, you won't be disappointed. Sorry for the long review, but I felt that it was important to give the kind of details that would answer some of the questions I had before I received mine.
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on June 11, 2009
I've owned one watch for 24 years, a Rolex GMT Master, and it is my most prized possession. I never even really wanted another watch, except another Rolex, the Submariner. Well, in today's economy, plunking down $4,000 to $5,000 for a watch just seems a little irresponsible. I ran across the 'little brother' of this watch, the Invicta 8926 Pro Diver with Japanese automatic movement, one day on a shopping channel for $89 and thought why not? It sure looks like a Sub. When I got it, I was really blown away by the quality. Then I started researching and discovered there is a Swiss movement version of the Invicta Pro Diver, the 9937. Since I always considered myself a bit of a watch snob, I wanted the best, so even though the 8926 was absolutely great, I ordered the 9937. As previous reviewers have mentioned, it is worth the extra money. The crystal, the cyclops, the nicer band and heavy duty clasp and of course the Swiss movement all added up to a really beautiful piece of fine jewelry. I actually prefer the way it feels on my wrist to my older Rolex, it's just a bit heavier, feels very solid, and the case is a bit thicker. The band actually surpasses the Rolex band, quite surprising. The movement is quite nice and the accuracy is on par with the Rolex. No automatic watch will ever be as accurate as a quartz, but + or - a few seconds a day really isn't that big a deal to me. I'm not crazy about the engraved 'Invicta' on the side of the case (of all Invictas), but frankly, it's hardly noticeable. I found this watch on sale for about $265. It's easily worth much, much more IMHO. Buy it, you'll like it. An if you're on a budget, grab the 8926, you can find that for under $100 if you look around
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on June 16, 2009
I've had my Invicta 9937 since June '05 when Invictas first came on the scene and this watch was a newcomer. It was billed as the limited-time-only Rolex copy - replicating all of the quality elements as the Submariner (as opposed to the cheaper Invicta 8926). I've been all over the world in it (I travel a lot - and had it most of the time in the tropics), wear it most days, and have barely affected it. It still looks great and keeps great time. My plan was to get the Rolex when I could afford it, but this thing is so good that I can't justify replacing it with one that is just like it, except for the little Rolex emblem. I love the band, too - no pinching or pulling hairs, and feels high quality. I like the weight of it - rather heavy.
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Verified Purchase
I've worn my Pulsar watch for 25 years(mineral crystal)with NO problems,just scratches to crystal...I've had my Invicta(flame fusion crystal) for less than 25 days(actual wear time: 2 weeks) and the crystal fell apart(a big chunk fell off) by normal wear...This is a very bad sign and for me and indicates possible quality control issues and/or durability! I'm sending the watch back for repair and Invicta says it could take up to 90 days to get it back! Make sure you read the fine print on the warranty.If it has been over 30 days since your purchase,Invicta will charge you $28.00 to ship it back to you from somewhere overseas(they wont disclose where) not including your cost to ship it back to them.

UPDATE:Please Read...

INVICTA now states(now that they have received the watch)that it will be $70.00 to repair the watch because the "crystal" is not covered under my 5 year warranty.None of this information was given to me in the two calls made to their reps prior to shipping the watch to them for repair.I was told to refer to page 50 in the instruction manual and warranty,which only states(referring to the crystal)"DOES NOT COVER SCRATCHES TO THE CRYSTAL"...My watch was more than scratched.After explaining to them that I thought this was unfair and that all I wanted was quality for my hard earned money,and that I would post factually accurate information wherever I could,they simply apologized and said there was nothing they could do...I will have the watch professional repaired and sell it.I won't but Invicta again.
Thank you for reading this.
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on October 27, 2010
Bought this watch a few years ago. Got the free 5 yr PLATINUM warranty with it as it was free since I purchased the watch through Amazon. The first time the watch was introduced to water (wore it in the shower) it filled with condensation. Returned for warranty repair (cost me $20 to do so) and they did fix it and madeit water tight; HOWEVER, in doing so they bent the second hand and scratched the paint off of the rotor. Keep in mind these are internal parts, no one else could have done this. It also took them 9 weeks to do this. They said they would happily fix their mistakes, $20 bucks again and 9 weeks, forget it. Unfortunately it has recently quit keeping time and has to be manually wound every day so I'm sending back asking for a refund. I will update this review once they have responded with their plan of action. And to mention I bought my wife an Invicta soon after I received my watch but before the problems and it has since fallen apart and she can't wear it?!?!?!
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on March 13, 2010
Verified Purchase
I recently purchased this watch after doing an "emergency" buy of its "little brother" 8926 at an airport jewelry store. I paid a lot more at retail (and in an airport) for the 8926 than I could have online...but as I say, it was an "emergency" purchase, because I had forgotten my Rolex Date-just that day and needed a watch. Not wanting to spend "Rolex" prices for my "emergency", I asked the sales person to show me a "cost-effective" automatic. I came away with the 8926. I liked the 8926, but was disheartened that it didn't have the ability to "hack" the second hand when setting the time. (Stop the second hand to synchronize with another clock precisely). This led me to researching Invicta and the 8926. That led me to finding the 9937, and its far better specification. Of course, you can pick up the 8926 for about 1/3 the cost of the 9937, so you be the judge in comparing values. For me, the hack ability, along with quite a few other differences was compelling enough for me to get the $300 version...

The 9937 is a nice watch, and I'm happy with my purchase. But in researching, I came across quite a bit of what I'll call "misinformation". It seems that Invicta has changed some of the specs on this watch over the last few years, so you should check to make sure you know what you're getting.

Let's start with the crystal. Numerous entries here on Amazon (be they 9937c or 9937OB) show a sapphire crystal. This is not true for the most recent versions of this watch. It is actually a "Flame Fusion" crystal, which is a combination Mineral crystal + Sapphire coating, fused together. Invicta claims this is BETTER than a sapphire crystal, and has moved to this for most of their "better" class watches. I can't speak to the validity of that claim, but can say the crystal looks great, and seems to be pretty rugged. After a week of daily wear, I have no scratches and the watch still looks perfect. Just be aware if you are not purchasing a used item, you are getting a flame-fusion crystal and NOT a sapphire crystal.

Next is the movement. You'll find plenty of references to an ETA movement in the 9937, and how it is a huge improvement over the Myota movement in the 8926. Again, the most recent versions of this watch do not use ETA, but rather a Selita movement. That is where the "26 jewels" comes from. I've heard grumblings that there were problems with the original Selita movement, but those problems are supposedly corrected in this latest version 9937. Again from my perspective, I have only a week to go by, but the movement seems to wind well (no power reserve problems at all), and my 9937 is only running about 6 seconds fast/24 hrs. That's not too bad, and I'll wait to see what it's like after a month or so. In the meantime, I can live with 6sec fast a day. Oh, and yes, the Selita does allow you to "hack" and stop the second hand. Just know, whether Selita or ETA, both are an improvement over the Japanese Myota movement in the 8926 and other "lower end" Invicta automatics.

The 8296 I bought has the "scalloped" bezel, while this 9937c has the coin edge. The coin edge is DEFINITELY much easier to turn, both because of the grip that the coin edge allows, as well as the bezel itself on the 9937 seems to simply move easier.

"Cyclops": There is no question after reading reviews and seeing pictures of the 9937OB, that Invicta changed this on later models too. The cyclops on my 2010 9937c is most definitely NOT as strong a magnification as on the previous models. Some have suggested this might be due to the "flame-fusion" crystal as compared to sapphire on the older models. I really can't say, I can just say that on my 9937c, the magnification is about the same as the 8926. However, in comparing the two, it seems to me the dates on the 8926 are actually a little "bolder" font than on my 9937. It is actually a little harder to read the dates on my 9937c than on my 8926. Not bad enough to bother me, but enough for me to give this a 4 star rating instead of a 5.

All-in-all, I'm so far very happy with the 9937c. I really don't think you can come close to finding as nice an automatic watch with all the features in the 9937 for ~$300. I was thinking of getting a Tag, and now I absolutely won't. This is a great value. I'm glad I found Invicta. I prefer automatic watches over their battery operated brethren, and have often commented that somebody needed to make a decent $100-$300 automatic for everyday use. This is the first I've seen that I actually like the watch and it's styling. And for $300 you can't beat it.
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