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on April 8, 2015
I was so tired of the white flakes on my shoulders and decide to give Nizoral a try. It is the best!
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on December 23, 2003
I found out about this product several years ago when my doctor gave me the perscription formula for a bout of dandruff. It eventually became available in the non-perscription (1%) formula and for me, on the occasions that I need it the non-perscription formula has worked perfectly.
It is a very nice shampoo, aside from the anti-dandruff properties. It has a tingly (not burning or caustic feel) fresh feeling when you are using it and lathers extreamly well even in the hard water I have at home. After using it my hair has a very clean but not dry feeling.
I will use it from time to time as needed (usually in the fall) and I just had my son use it as well. It worked very well for him too and after the first use, the flakes were pretty much gone. Typically I will use it about a week and than I won't need it anymore. I also try to leave the lather on a few minutes to give it a chance to *work*.
I have to say that if you are in the market for a dandruff shampoo chose this one. The price is anywhere from a lot to a bit higher than the others but I haven't had to go out an buy anything else if I bought this first. I can't say that about the other products so in the long run this is most cost effective for me.
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on August 29, 2013
* During the past five years, Nizoral has only been available via a "black market" of sorts.

* Sellers have been asking for mind-boggling amounts of money for bottles of the original, "gold-standard," Belgium-made-formula - taking advantage of buyers upset over the horrific red tape issues involving manufacturing standards associated with its makers, McNeil, Inc. in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania - and with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This created endless shortages and massive "hoarding behavior" throughout the United States.

* These issues have now been resolved!

* What does this mean to you?

* It means no more daily checking at eBay or at other sites to buy this product at a cost equal to dinner at a five-star Parisian restaurant. No more pain to your wallet, no more paying through your nose to get Nizoral.

* Just check Amazon and/or Drugstore online and watch prices drop to under $16 for a hefty 7-ounce bottle.

* The reasons Nizoral 1% ketoconazole - is still preferred EVEN over the always available (by prescription only) 2% generic ketoconazole - are legion. Its blue-silver-colored creamy 1% formula is silkier to the touch, lightly scented and soaks the scalp in ways the red-orange or other syrupy alternative formulas cannot match. For thousands of people, it's been the only thing that WORKS to treat scalp issues, which in turn created buyer desperation when it disappeared from store shelves, causing "after-market" prices to shoot to the moon.

* Hence breathe a sigh of relief and shop around! If you see a bottle of Nizoral at a retail store this week, don't worry about "stocking up" as if you were at a Costco or a Sam's Club preparing for the Armageddon.
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on April 22, 2008
My head. What was wrong with my head??? I say this because I never had problems with dandruff until my late twenties, when all of a sudden my skin started flaking off when touched. My eyebrows, my scalp, and even my ears! Friends would make fun of my ears and say I have wax in them, but it was really just loose skin flakes.

I gave it some time (a few years) hoping it would pass, trying different washing procedures, shampoos, etc. Basically, anytime I'de go in the shower.. I'de get out, dry.. and my skin would quickly follow with dryness, redness and flakes. It was ugly.

Finally, I get the nerve to see a dermatologist - and I say this because I dont like doctors much. The dermo told me that I needed to treat the problem, sebhoric dermatitis. Gave me a bunch of Neutrogena anti-dandruff samples and what not. I didnt like them and pretty much threw them in the garbage. They looked and smelled very chemically and I dont want that kinda stuff on my body.

A few months later I did some more research and found ingredients on Wiki about what relieves dandruff. I searched for that ingredient and found that Nizoral uses that same ingredient in their shampoo. Google + amazon = nizoral shampoo. Click to buy, a day or two later its delivered to my door and I used it that same day. Within the first, second or third use my symptoms were gone. I could care less about price, its cheap compared to the 80 dollar dermatologist visit which got me nowhere. Like everyone else said, its very foamy and cleans well.

I wash my hair every 3 days and quickly scrub it in and rinse it out, I dont care to leave it in. Basically, its in there long enough to do what it needs to do - and it does it well.

Since then, I've been dandruff free thanks to Nizoral. It appears that Ferrari and Nizoral are now two fabulous products that come from Italy.
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on January 2, 2013
I turned to Nizoral after several failed attempts with other dandruff products. After a few days, I noticed improvement already. First went the itching and then the flakes also disappeared. It is quite expensive so I try to use it as little as possible. I found that by using it once every two weeks along with a tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner which I use daily, my dandruff and itchy scalp became completely cured.

I did initially try using my regular head and shoulders shampoo in between washings with the Nizoral but I felt I had more dandruff coming back so I tried the tea tree oil which I learned is great for dandruff and especially dry scalp -Organic Health Invigorating Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Conditioner + FREE Tea Tree Oil Soap Bars by Herbal Authority. My hair in general has become more shiny and full, love the smell of the tea tree shampoo too! If you're struggling with dandruff, I would suggest using some type of tea tree oil based shampoo along with this product as a long term affordable solution.
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on March 31, 2012
Pros: Works wonders on persistent flaking of dandruff, leaves hair clean

Cons: Small size bottle for the price. Tingling Side effects. Has strong chemicals.

Bottom line: If you've tried everything and nothing works...this is the one to get. If you haven't tried everything, there are more natural shampoo available with less side effects.

The story: Only after 2 days of use, my dandruff is gone! Head and shoulders took 5 days but also experience tremendous hair loss when using Head and Shoulders. Both leaves my hair a little dry and a weird tingling feeling. I also noticed a lengthy ingredient list with many warnings.

So you know that this is prescription strength that is available over the counter. I will list the Drug facts later.

If you're experience dandruff and nothing works, definitely try this. If you haven't try everything, try more organic shampoo such as Pura d'or Anti-dandruff: Premium Organic Shampoo (16 fl. oz.) or any other shampoo with Tea tree oil or Zinc ingredients in it (you can probably make your own too). This is not as strong or powerful as Nizoral but it works, is safer and has no side effects.

NIZORAL A-D Ketoconazole Shampoo 1%
Drug Facts
Active ingredients Purpose
Ketoconazole 1%..........................................................................Anti-dandruff shampoo
Uses controls flaking, scaling and itching associated with dandruff
For external use only
Do not use
on scalp that is broken or inflamed
if you are allergic to ingredients in this product
When using this product
avoid contact with eyes
if product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water
Stop use and ask a doctor if
rash appears
condition worsens or does not improve in 2-4 weeks
If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a doctor before use.
Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center
right away.
adults and children wet hair thoroughly
12 years and over apply shampoo, generously lather, rinse thoroughly. Repeat
use every 3-4 days for up to 8 weeks or as directed by a doctor.
Then use only as needed to control dandruff
children under 12 years ask a doctor
NIZORAL® A-D (continued)
Other information
store between 35° and 86°F (2° and 30°C)
protect from light protect from freezing
see top panel for lot number and expiration date
Inactive ingredients acrylic acid polymer (carbomer 1342), butylated hydroxytoluene, cocamide MEA,
FD&C Blue #1, fragrance, glycol distearate, polyquaternium-7, quaternium-15, sodium chloride, sodium
cocoyl sarcosinate, sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid, sodium laureth sulfate, tetrasodium
EDTA, water
Questions or comments? call 1-800-962-5357
©McN-PPC, Inc.
Distributed by:
Made in Italy
US Patent Nos. 4,335,125; 4,942,162 and 5,456,851
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on May 4, 2014
I have struggled with a very sensitive and dry scalp for about 8 years now, and it always gets worse with the dryness of the winter. My scalp would flake very badly, and I've even developed some painful sores. Up until now, I have alternated between regular shampoo and Head & Shoulders, both of which always made my scalp worse.
This winter, I finally lost it and decided that I don't have to live with this ridiculous problem anymore. Having bad flaking and sores doesn't have to be part of my life. I did my researach and came across this product, which I decided would be my last resort. If this didn't work, I was going to my doctor and finally explaining the extent of my problem.

Thankfully, this worked immediately. I followed the directions on the bottle, which say to use the product once a week after using it initially. The rest of the week, I use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil shampoo. I haven't experienced any flaking or signs of sensitivity. No scalp problems at all. It feels weird to not have to think about it or worry about it any more.

Even though the bottle is small, it is lasting me a long time. Considering you only need to use it once a week for perfect results, it's definitely worth the price. The smell doesn't bother me at all. It's not the most amazing smell in the world, but it's just fine, doesn't linger, and I find that it is easily masked by my other typical hair products. My hair is color treated, and this doesn't affect the color at all. I found that my hair felt a little dry and stripped the first couple times I used it...probably because it finally washed away all that buildup. Since then, however, my hair feels soft and clean as it should be. I would recommend this for anyone with a dry scalp that feels like they've tried everything else and nothing works.

***UPDATE: I just wanted to say that I have been using this product for over a year now, and it still works like a charm. I went through my orders and counted; I have purchased this product 5 times in a year and a month. That just goes to show you how long one little bottle lasts. I'm back for another! Give it a shot. This is just what you've been looking for.
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on July 25, 2007
Surprised this stuff does not get more hype. I Had severe flaking for years and tried almost every dry scalp/dandruff product out there. This is the only thing that worked and it works like a charm. Noticeable difference after first application. Symptoms completely gone after a couple of days. This stuff is this shizzle.
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on April 5, 2015
If you're a person of color wondering if this will work for you, then you're in luck. I'm a 29 year old African American male.

Since I was 15, I've always dreaded getting my hair cut. Simply because getting my hair cut meant that the barbers and the customers in the barbershop would see dead skin fly all over the place whenever the clippers touched my scalp. I've had some barbers literally moisturize my scalp with moisturizer before cutting my hair. Embarassing. One guy wet a towel and let it sit on my head halfway through a haircut. I've even had some tell me in the middle of a cut that my flakes were out of control and that I seriously had to do something about it. I'd just nod my head and agree just to get out of the seat.

For over ten years, I've tried multiple products to get my flakes under control. My dad was a big fan of Head and Shoulders, but that did nothing but dry my scalp. Selson Blue (extra dry scalp edition) would work for 10 mins, then again, my scalp would dry out and the flakes would return. I've once read about "Black Tar" shampoo and how it was the holy grail in an Amazon review, tried using that, and nothing happened.

I began to think that I just had a moisturizing problem, ( i've never moisturized my scalp) so I tried different moisturizers. No dice. My scalp would indeed be moisturized, but the flakes would just sprout from under the moisturizer after 15 mins. Like always, I'd rub my hand over my head or brush it, and the dry skin would be everywhere. I'd just watch the flakes fall to the ground in disappointment.

2015 is the year in which I eradicate everything that I don't like about myself, (skinny, acne, dry scalp, etc) so I was determined to get my dry scalp handled. I went through another dozen of shampoos and conditioners until I saw someone mention "Nizoral" in a dermatologist forum.

Thank god for the internet -- you would never find something like this in your local Rite Aid/Wallgreens. According to others, Nizoral was the real deal. The shampoo for people like me, who had dandruff problems for years. People who've just accepted their dry scalp. People who were on the verge of going to a dermatologist. On April 3rd 2015, (two days ago) I remember being in the shower, sighing and saying "well, here goes.."

I immediately liked how easy the shampoo lathered. It was easy to spread, had a pleasant smell, and didn't feel like a bunch of chemicals on my head like the other shampoos. I massaged the shampoo on my scalp for about a minute, brushed it in with my exfoliating shampoo brush (highly recommended, 5 bucks on Amazon) and rinsed it out.

I've never felt my scalp feel like this before. Ever. An incredibly clean feel. I felt like that there was no gunk, flakes, dry skin, dirt on my head anymore. The itchiness I've had before I got in the shower? Gone.

Most importantly, this shampoo didn't irritate my skin. I've always broke out easily. My back, arm, shoulders, face. Two days later, no breakouts.

If you've been struggling with a flakey scalp for years, give Nizoral a try. I think people who flake easily like me, have something like a scalp fungus, or a skin condition, not something just as simple as a dry scalp. This is the shampoo for people like us. This shampoo saved my life. Two days later, my scalp is still moisturized, it looks healthy and I couldn't get my scalp to flake even if I scratched it.

Shout out to Johnson and Johnson for creating such a great product. For the first time in my life, I can go to the barbershop with my head held high.
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on May 18, 2011
This review reflects my ongoing problem with dandruff/seborrhea dermatitis and the help of a friend who is a dermatology student at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine. It is so stressful to have dandruff. It itches, leaves your hair greasy, makes it hard to use any type of hair product and is very embarrassing. I had problems for 2 years. I felt like some shampoos I tried helped reduce dandruff, but I couldn't really get rid of it. Finally I tried Nizoral at the recommendation of my friend and my dandruff problems are a thing of the past! Hopefully this review will help people who have problems with dandruff. Also, quick advice I wish I'd known before. Seborrhea dermatitis does not cause hair loss, but scratching your scalp can cause hair loss. Please don't scratch. It aggravates the problem.

I always wanted to know the causes of dandruff. Others might be curious. If you are, read the paragraph below.

The etiology or cause of dandruff, considered the mildest form of seborrhea dermatitis, is not certain. It is thought Pityrosporum ovale, a lipophilic yeast of the Malassezia genus is involved with the development of dandruff, as well as overproduction of sebum (skin oil). Basically your skin is irritated by the presence of yeast on your scalp and over production of skin oils, which results in dandruff. Anti-fungal shampoos alleviate dandruff by reducing yeast on the scalp.

There are several anti-fungal shampoos on the market. I'll look at three I used and explain their differences with the most effective shampoo first.

Nizoral A-D Shampoo - 4 oz 10/10. Nizoral is pretty close to the magical medicine I was looking for to treat my dandruff. Seriously, this stuff works wonders. Be sure to leave it on for at least 3-5 minutes. At the beginning my derm friend said 5-7 minutes. You may experience slight irritation the first few times you use it, but your skin will adjust. How is Nizoral different/more effective? Nizoral has an active ingredient unique to this shampoo called Ketoconazole. Derm friend said the makers of this shampoo treat dandruff as a yeast growth problem. Ketoconazole is a synthetic anti-fungal ingredient that kills fungi and yeasts by destroying their cell membranes. Less yeast ---> less irritated skin ---> less dandruff. Studies have proven Ketoconazole also provides slight increases in hair density and growth. This shampoo is more expensive because of its active ingredient Ketoconazole, but believe me; the price is worth getting rid of dandruff.

Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men Pyrithione Zinc Dandruff Shampoo plus Conditioner, 23.7-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) 7/10. This shampoo helped reduce my dandruff, but I still had occasional flakes. If I didn't use Head & Shoulders for a wash, my hair would start to itch and I'd get flakes again. This shampoo uses zinc pyrithione which heals the scalp and reduces sebum production to normal levels. I think this shampoo is adequate for mild dandruff, but my case was too severe.

Selsun Blue Medicated Maximum Strength Dandruff Shampoo, 11 Ounce 5/10. This shampoo worked okay for me. Active ingredient is selenium sulfide which decreases yeast levels on the scalp. After a few days of use my skin remained red, although scalp scaling decreased significantly. After a few weeks of use my dandruff was virtually gone. However, I experienced the worst side effect possible. My hair started falling out more than the usual rate. I discontinued use and my dandruff returned.

I think a cocktail of Nizoral A-D Shampoo - 4 oz and Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men Pyrithione Zinc Dandruff Shampoo plus Conditioner, 23.7-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) may be the best route. I personally use the two shampoos mentioned above and JASON Natural Cosmetics Shampoo, Tea Tree Oil Hair & Scalp Therapy - 17.5 fl oz. Make sure you wash daily or every other day. If you're hair starts getting dry, buy a conditioner that heavily moisturizes.
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