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126 of 127 people found the following review helpful
on June 5, 2013
At first I was a bit unsure as to what to make about the physical dimensions of the product. The screen is wider than a 30" 16:10 monitor but only as tall as a 23" model. It didn't take long before these doubts evaporated. Whilst you don't get the same vertical real-estate that's useful for desktop use as you would on a 2560 x 1440 model, you do get some useful extra width over 1920 x 1080. Where this monitor really shines is for games and movies. The panoramic view and 21:9 aspect ratio gives you a wider FOV horizontally without affecting vertical FOV on most game titles and makes for a truly engaging and immersive experience. Most movies nowadays are filmed in aspect ratios that will fit the monitor very nicely - and although Blu-rays are limited to 1920 x 1080 they upscale beautifully without any obvious loss of detail or sharpness.

Of course there is more to a monitor than just its size. This monitor is also an exceptional performer, even for an IPS panel (I have used many - I review them). Static contrast sits at around 1100:1 after the very small amount of tweaking you have to do to get a perfect 2.2 gamma and 6500K white point. The screen surface is semi-glossy (light matte) and not grainy like older IPS panels. The colour gamut is roughly sRGB, a bit higher but not wide gamut which gives things a vivid but still very natural and appropriately saturated look. This is a true 8-bit IPS panel which combines with a generous (but not wide) colour gamut and light matte screen surface to really do its large size justice. So in summary; everything is vibrant and beautifully varied.

Responsiveness is also strong with no 60Hz monitor (even TN panel ones) offering a significant advantage here. It has well implemented pixel overdrive and around 2ms (if that) of input lag which is really nothing at all.

Obviously dead pixels and whatnot can occur with any mainstream monitor, even those considerably more expensive than this one. Take advantage of Amazon's fantastic returns policy if you need it - this really is a good monitor for all-round use with a particular focus on games and movies.
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on August 1, 2013
First, let me say this is a fantastic monitor. Second, I want to commend the tech support at AOC for their superb communication and help with one issue I had (on my end). This monitor is being used entirely for video editing, replacing dual Viewsonic VA912b's, which were connected via DVI cables to an nVidia 9800GT (no HDMI out).

Initially, I connected the AOC with one of the basic DVI cables I had been using for years. When set to 2560x1080, the text was choppy and barely readable and the image unflattering. 1920x1080 was better, but stretched. I emailed AOC tech support and had a reply within an hour, recommending that I connect via DisplayPort/HDMI which, of course, I can't, not having an HDMI out on the card. However, I swapped video cards with my other PC that had HDMI, albeit a slower card, and the AOC worked perfectly, and looked stunning.

A second tech also emailed me within the hour and suggested that I replace my existing DVI cable with a high-bandwidth, true Dual-Link, which I did, via the Tripp Lite P560-006 I purchased here on Amazon. That just arrived and completely solved the problem. I am able to keep using my 9800GT with the AOC at full 2560x1080 res, and it is fantastic.

I must underscore how inspiring it was to have two separate AOC techs reply almost immediately, both with 2 accurate solutions to the problem, which was on my end. Huge props, guys, and thanks for the great monitor, at a killer price!

Update Jan 14, 2014: 5-1/2 Months with this monitor and I love it every bit as much as the day I bought it. Zero issues, and it has had a lot of use. I would buy another in a second.
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52 of 58 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE: October 29 2013: After owning & using this monitor for several months, I'm loving it more & more. I'm usually on my laptop, and can't wait to get home & plug into my AOC 29". My productivity goes up, and it's so much easier on the eyes.

I still haven't installed the driver (didn't see the need). And, it continues to perform flawlessly (no dead pixels, pretty durable even with young children pounding on it, etc). It was even dropped once, and I can't even find a scratch.


Ok, there were a couple complaints about dead pixels - first off, I had none. Perfect right out of the box.

I will add that I still can't believe how thin this monitor is. Under 1" thick, and the front bezel is almost non-existent - like 1/2" on the sides, and almost nothing on top. This is *all* screen. And while it isn't exactly feather-weight, it is remarkably light weight compared to similar sized HDTVs I've lifted or had to move.

For vibrancy, color depth, & size, it gets an easy 5-stars. This monitor does way more than even the box says (for example, daisy-chaining). This is by far the best, most versatile monitor I've ever owned. But it has some limitations and setup issues, which is the only reason I marked it down a bit. Here are some of the limitations:

I wanted the 21:9 AOC basically for 2 reasons: First, for the MHL split-screen feature (watching movies & other tasks from phone to monitor, while working on the other half of the screen). This is simple & works great (make sure your smartphone supports this).

Second, for multi-tasking. Sure I watch movies on the computer, and a few other applications (no gaming though), but I was mostly interested in the PBP (picture-by-picture), the PIP (picture-in-picture), and having 3 windows or documents side-by-side.

On the PIP, you are limited to 1 frame, and the settings are somewhat restrictive (can't move it around like a window). This seems strange to me - I should be able to add 2 or 3 additional picture boxes. The screen is certainly large enough LOL.

Also, the PBP will auto-split your screen in half, for example to view 2 different sources. But you can only input 2 sources at once (can't do 3, like one of the pictures in the ad seems to imply), and the input options are limited. There is only 1 VGA input and only 1 HDMI input - so make sure in advance this will work with your configuration.

After using the monitor a bit, it makes sense why the PHP only splits the screen in half (not thirds) - you can get 3 full documents to fit on the page side-by-side, but only 2 web pages will fit comfortably side-by-side (without tweaking or shrinking). I know it might sound like a waste to some people to use this monitor for document editing LOL, but often times I like to have my spreadsheet, my word processor, and then a small browser window open all at once. This is absolutely ideal for that kind of work.

Here are a few other notes & minor complaints:

The speakers are only 3 watt. They do pump out an impressive sound quality for being basically invisible, and keep in mind this is a monitor not a TV. Our family of 4 can hear the sound just fine when I'm playing a movie....but if your primary use is streaming &/or gaming, you won't be happy with these. A bit canny.

Also the onboard menu & CD setup is a little tedious, especially if you're looking to do something specific. The onboard buttons (real buttons, on the side of the monitor) are super small, and the sub-menus are just a lot of clicking around to get where you need.

Finally, there is no HDMI cable included, and no manual or paperwork at all. You have to use the enclosed CD-Rom for instructions or setup. This is basically a plug-and-play device (I don't mean to scare you LOL), but if you're looking to do something specific, then you have to dig through the CD-Rom.

If you want some help setting it up, or would just like a closer look at it before you buy, NewEgg has loaded an unboxing video on You-Tube, about 6 minutes long. Just do a search for "Newegg AOC Q2963PM". Hope this helps!
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on December 29, 2013
I hesitated to only give this monitor 3 stars, because it's really better than that - but only if it's right for you. And for me, it wasn't. I certainly understand that that is hard to know until you try one, so i'll provide my impressions, and maybe that will help.

First, i was looking for a wide screen monitor to replace the dual 4:3 monitors i was using before. The only real benefit i see to a single wide monitor over 2 side-by-side, is you don't have that dead space in the middle where the 2 monitors meet. However, I needed to consider switching to a single wide screen due to an application where i work that can only expand to the maximum size of a single monitor. (Lame, i know, but that's the case.) IOW, so i was pretty happy with 2 monitors, but needed more screen real-estate for work, hence my pursuit of a single wide monitor.

I first thought an Ultrawide was the perfect choice because it gave me almost as much screen width as my 2 monitors, and i need this for viewing work windows side-by-side. But there were some unanticipated problems with this:
1. The text is a bit smaller on the ultra-wide monitors, i guess due to the shorter height. This made me sit just a little closer. (My vision is so-so.) And the trouble with being closer on something this wide is, i was actually moving my head from side to side to see the images/text on the borders.
2. With my 2 monitor set-up, i could turn both monitors slightly inward to face me. This let me feel comfortable viewing the far edges of both screens. With the ultra-wide, since you can't do this, it feels like the outer part of the screen doesn't face you, but instead, kind of faces past you, or to the side of you. Sounds strange, i know, and if i could back away a little, it probably wouldn't be this way. But again, i felt i was moving my head to the sides to adjust for this. Also, i realized that i started moving windows toward the middle of the screen so i could view them better. As i stopped using the outer edges, i thought, why have a screen that wide if not using it?

Bottom line: I ended up returning this and buying a 27" standard-ratio wide screen, which was not only a good bit less expensive, but taller (16:9 ratio i think), so the text is bigger, and i'm not moving from side to side to see the edges. I am able to put 2 windows side-by-side when i need to, tho not quite as wide as before, but still, it works. I think if i had to give advice, i'd say this monitor is probably good for those who tend to sit back more, or use it to watch video etc (when you normally would sit back). But for textual work and for anyone with eyes approaching the age of 40, you'd probably do better to go with a 27" taller monitor.
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24 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on August 26, 2013
I am an art director and I can't tell you how great it is to not have to have duel monitors running just to see all of my tools. I am able to have two pages open side by side and all of the pallets and tools I need at the same time. The color is pretty good out of the box, but I have not calibrated it yet.
The only reason I didi not give it 5 starts is for the poor Mac instructions (or complete lack thereof). If you have a MacBook pro and are currently connecting it with a DVI cable to your monitor, it will not handle the resolution and cause you lots of stress. There is no paperwork shipped with this monitor and their website only offered PDF downloads - none of which mentioned Mac products. I did finally come across a forum where someone suggested using a Mini DisplayPort/thunderbolt cable and that was the key. Once I connected with the Mini DisplayPort/thunderbolt cable and everything worked fine. This is the one I ordered: ( B004CAGDUA )
Don't bother going to the big box stores claiming to have the "Best Buys" for this cable, they don't know what it is.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on March 16, 2014
when one selects a monitor it has to have something which causes it to stand up and say, Select Me.

I began reading about the AOC Q2963PM several days ago and ordered it two days ago Prime and here it is... Now, is it everything I had expected it to be. Did it perform as advertised. How was my experience going to compare to others who I have read in the various reviews.

I had also ordered a 6 screen stand and DVI cable to go along with my new purchase.. all arrived on time with Prime.

I have odd setup, an older Dell 24WPS, which works flawlessly for 7 years now, an old Acer 193W and an even older Vizio 22 inch TV, then, last year I updated one other monitor with a simple touch screen, Viewsonic TD2220, all running on a pair of Galaxy GTX560's. It was a mess. They were placed anywhere I could make them fit and still have useful work space. The Vizio TV had been acting up and the Acer 193w is limited to 900 x 1440, but is working fine. I decided to pickup the AOC Q2963, it would replace both of those. I had concerns if my 560's would hold up to my new screen, I had read there were some cable issues and maybe some settings which may be important.

Desk space is a premium for everyone, How everything one piles upon one's desk makes it easier or more complex for one to operate, well, my old setup of books to make one monitor taller or brackets to hold another all got sorted out and cleaned up, this new 6 screen stand was rated for 6 - 24 inch screens up to 20+ pound support each.

the old Dell 24WPS makes an excellent full page screen and it's own stand is perfect, I wanted to retain at least the full page so, I began my new setup, with my touchscreen 22 front and center, the dell stand up to one side and this new 29 inch AOC Q2963 center on the upper section of this 6 screen stand,,, well.. it not only looked odd, ok, odder then I normally had my monitors, I had spaces and horrific gaps, the first setup, was not going to work. still sticking with I wanted the Dell standing up, I lowered the new AOC and placed the 22 Viewsonic TD2220 all on the lower arm, they fit rather well, granted the Dell still reaches the desk tabletop, barely hanging a cm of the table, but it is standing full page... the new AOC is wonderful front and center and I can reach over to the touch screen for all my primary needs. That left me with this entire upper monitor arm, unused, and I couldn't leave it at that. like I said earlier, the Vizio TV did work but was flaky and even today gave me problem on an off, and that little Acer 193W, well it's been around a while.. Now it's in the upper deck.. as a full page monitor, the pair of GTX 560's, purr... one of my next up grade may be new video cards..

the AOC Q2963PM, I first used the mini-hdmi on the 560 to hdmi, the screen looked beautiful, Win 8.1 Pro did not ask me if I wanted 2560x1080, It just set it up, But, I also have a Microsoft Surface 2, I was using my home TV for big screen, I switched to the AOC, it works fantastic. I connected the new DVI cables back to the PC system and left the Surface 2 connected to the hdmi however, the PIP only supports either the old VGA D-Sub or the Displayport. I had to do it, I popped on a converter and ran and old Vga cable, and the AOC monitor didn't skip a beat. I used an hdmi converter to DVI and run my Asus VivoSmart Tab on that.. this thing is fun.. pic in picture works well... after hours of laying everything out, many times, I'm considering a second purchase to dedicate one to my Roku 3

I passed my considerations along and purchased the second monitor... side by side or one on top of the other, these monitors are beautiful.. simple.. I do not yet have a displayport able video card, that is next on my list... however I am happy with the performance of these two old GTX 560's.

month later.... zero complaints

1 1/2 years later... after running these AOC Q2963PM's.. I upgraded my video cards, I am now using a AMD R9 295X2 and a Nvidia 760 GTX.. these AOC's are connected to the AMD, until yesterday, I had been using the DP @2560X1080 @60, I made a change in cabling, Now, I am able to use the setting 2560X1440 @60 HDMI... although, it is not the recommended..
review image review image review image review image
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on January 22, 2015
I bought two monitors on January 29, 2014 and today one of them has a vertical line, I tried everything from reseting to factory defaults, resolution etc, but this is a faulty LED display, I barely use this monitor i believe it has less than 30 hours total use, now Amazons warranty does not apply, so basically it is a disposable $400 monitor that only lasts for one year.
review image
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on September 6, 2013
I have had this monitor less than a week and will share what I like and dislike. I received the monitor without any faulty pixels, but the speaker "pops" whenever the resolution changes or whenever the desktop is not compatible with the Windows aero feature. The speakers themselves are stereo, but have a flat, monotone mid/low range at all. The stand is surprisingly stable, even when using a monitor stand for extra height. One of the features that impressed me was it is still VESA compatible even though, in my opinion, the monitor has an unconventional base. All the video inputs run at the maximum resolution assuming you are using compatible equipment and cables (i.e. hdmi 3, hdmi 4, dual-link dvi, or dp1.2). This monitor can be 'daisy-chained' with another to make a desktop resolution of 5120x1080, albeit with a graphics card that supports such a high resolution.

AOC, really surprised me with the feature set. The PIP (picture-in-picture) and PBP (picture-by-picture) work superbly. For PIP, you can place it in any of the corners or in the middle of the screen. For PBP, you can swap the image from left to right or vice versa... outstanding. Input selection is easy but it does not have auto sensing so you have to manually select your input. I can't and won't go into every detail but the menu has an extensive selection of options to get the monitor to your liking. I have an MHL-capable phone but I do not have any real desire to connect my phone to monitor and watch photo, video, or anything else. I think its a nice feature to have but in the real world, my world, it will on get used by guests that want to show me something on their MHL-capable phones.

Overall, I had a little trouble adjusting to the resolution. For some websites and video games, the image gets stretched. The resolution can be adjusted pretty quickly in Windows. But, after time this gets boring and cumbersome. I'll probably come to accept the aspect ratio but not without a few headaches and nauseous days.

I had been eyeing these type of monitors since mid-summer and had decided to buy the LG 29EA93-P whenever Amazon decided to sell it or came on sell locally (Lol, neither never happened prior to this purchase). But, Amazon threw this up on my front page for $412 and at that price it was worth the gamble to give it a shot.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 9, 2014
After extensive research I decided that this AOC monitor at $380 was well worth the price. I have had the monitor for a few days and am completely satisfied with this purchase. My main hesitation with the 2560x1080 resolution was that most reviews noted it being more valuable for movies (with the 21:9 ratio) then most anything else. However, I have found that research and basic browsing are also accomplished by this display very nicely. While this ultra-wide display does not give you more vertical screen real-estate (i.e. 2560x1440/2560x1600), the extra width is very useful. In other words, what I wanted was the screen sizes to stay the same as they would on a 1980x1080 monitor, but I wanted more monitor. If that is you, then this is the right monitor for you. If you want more resolution space on the monitor itself, then this product is not for you. Basically, this monitor is a wide 23" 1980x1080 monitor (or, put another way, "almost" two 23" 1980x1080 monitors).

That said, because the screen is the height of my 23" monitor with a much longer width; I have found myself turning my head to view screens on the left/right sides because of this width. However, depending on how far back one is, I can view the whole screen without turning my head. Likewise because 2 screens would have the same effect, I do not view it as a negative. Also, I have a Macbook Air (2013) and it fit to the 2560x1080 ratio right away by the use of a StarTech's Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter Cable, which can be found on Amazon as well for cheap (i.e. a maximum of $14 versus $100). The screen itself is beautiful and the colors are vivid (some reviews note the screen as being produced by LG, however, I have not found any confirmation on this point).

As far as negatives go, there was talk of the bezel around the screen coming off and dead pixels out of the box. I have not seen either of these problems. Granted, I have yet to judge the monitor over time. Yet, the reviews were right that this screen's lack of adjustment is a problem (depending on desk/height of the person) as it was a problem for me. In order to compensate for AOC's lack of adjustment, I put the screen on a VESA compatible arm mount and am much happier. Likewise, while the speakers are decent, they are nothing to write home about and I will most likely replace them with 3rd party speakers. Also, when using headphones with the monitor (with sound through DisplayPort) there is a low background buzz and the monitor itself sometimes emits a short burst humming. Because this is my first monitor of this specification, I do not know if the latter is common.

In conclusion, I was looking for a quality screen that would allow me to open 3 research windows and not have to keep moving windows around. This monitor is a perfect contender for this job. I believe the price point and quality of the screen make this a good buy. However, the lack of adjustment and speaker quality lost this product a 5/5 rating.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on February 16, 2014
There are a lot of glowing reviews of this monitor, and I don't necessarily disagree with them, but I experienced a number of problems with it, and would like to share them.

First, it didn't work with my MacBook over DisplayPort. The picture was grainy and oversaturated. I sussed out the cause of this problem, and the fix was tedious - involving applying an ugly hack to OSX that causes it to switch from YCbCr to RGB (if you're experiencing a similar problem, google "ycbcr rgb osx hack"). Could I just fix it and live with it? Sure, but I could also just exchange it for a monitor that works with my Mac.

The rest of this is just preference, and an FYI to people who are similarly bothered by these things.

The status light is blue, and very bright.

It has a boot screen, and startup is on the order of 4-5 seconds.

It refused to return from standby upon waking my Mac

If mounted on an arm, the hinged piece on the back with the VESA mount sits flush with the bottom of the screen - then the power cord plugs into that, leaving you with ugly dangling wires beneath your monitor. Also the inputs are on the side, so the whole back just looks like a mess.

The plastic around the edges of the case looks and feels cheap. This monitor is a pretty good deal compared to others in its class, so this isn't a big issue, just something I noticed.

Overall, I think this one is going back. All comments on the quality of the panel appear accurate, but I'm looking for something with a little more...refinement?
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