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on November 25, 2012
I bought this product on Black Friday at Best Buy for $499.99. I am glad that I didn't pay the price listed. Overall the computer is great, but there are a few things that bother me. It's a Windows 8 computer, and sometimes when I drag my finger across the touch pad, it sends me back to the previous app that I had open off of the main screen. I can easily get back to what I was doing but it shouldn't happen to begin with. Physically, the black surrounding the screen pops when I move it (like when I am adjusting the screen forward and backwards, I don't just randomly squeeze my computer).

The computer is very fast and it's taken a little bit to get used to since I am going from a Windows 7 to a Windows 8. I haven't figured out how to put Microsoft on the desktop (or any icon on to the desktop) but I am sure I will figure that out sooner or later. The sound on this is great (especially compared to my old Acer computer) and I find myself only having it halfway and it's still a little loud for my taste! I didn't have any trouble setting up wireless or Microsoft Defender (the Windows 8 version of Microsoft Essentials) but Norton did get in the way from setting it up at first. There are a lot of available apps that you can put on the front screen, a lot of them being free!!

I found it strange that all of the function keys are opposite from what I am used to; for example: before I would press F5 and the page would refresh, but now I have to press FN F5 for it to refresh and the other function (the backlit keyboard on and off) is the first function. I hope that makes sense!

The keyboard is easy to type on, and the letters aren't having any problem with sticking. They are soft in a way and it's very comfortable.

I set up my computer so that when I unlock it, I have to swipe my finger on the scanner and I haven't had any problems with that either. It's kind of fun having such a personal computer!

I would suggest this product for someone else.
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on November 13, 2014
Horrible hinge problem. Didn't even know a hinge problem exists until his happened. I never damaged it or dropped it. The hinges are tightened so tightly that the pressure caused from closing and opening the lid made the top of the lid break from the back left hinge. Look up this problem before buying. It seems to be very common.
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on December 4, 2012

I have owned many HP laptops in my day. It just ends up happening. I do not like that they put in a bunch of HP software that I never use and perpetually gets in my way. Also, the first unit I purchased had some weird glitch where every 65 second the DVD drive would pop open. However, now that I have a working one I like it so much I felt the need to review it. Also, this computer is trying really hard to be an Apple product. It's silver shell and black back lit keyboard echo that of a Macbook. However, it is light and feels like a cheaper version of the apple product. Finally, there is a movement to change the design of the arrow keys so that left and right buttons are full sized but up and down buttons are half sized. I use these buttons all the time and the half sized buttons are annoying.

So enough of the negatives. What are the things that make this a four star product?

1. It is a cheaper product. It costs over 50% less than an apple product. I love the price. And I think for what is paid the laptop offers a lot.
2. Backlit keyboard. It is a perk I have been waiting for. they seems to usually be reserved for ultrabooks. It is nice to see the price point drop on this feature.
3. I am not much of a computer "guts" kind of guy. I just want the computer to do what I want it to. I do not need to know all the inside stuff. I do know that the audio quality is good and I am able to run my PC games well on it without issue. I have heard reviews saying the screen is cheap but I have no complaints. It is higher quality than the laptop it replaced and for that i am grateful. I do not think the average user will feel cheated when it comes to the display quality.

Overall, I just like it. It works well and I feel comfortable using it.
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on June 29, 2013
I called HP about the Keyboard and the number of times that the keys would not type in the letter stroked. The internet connection keeps dropping as well. The service person said that it was my fault for not testing the keyboard before buying it... REALLY, that is your response!!! How about I tell everyone what you said and not buy another product from your company. I was loyal to HP before that service person dissed me. Thank you HP for showing me that you do not care about a loyal consumer of your products.
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on July 28, 2014
For having this Laptop for about 2 years, it has served me better then my old computer!
The Cons
- The WIFI adapter would 'go out' at random points of time, picking up no WIFI signals when I know there are WIFI signals around me. There is a simple fix for it but its not permanent. Its a reset or reconfiguration of the router, which you would go to control panel, to network and internet panel, then to network and sharing center and click on troubleshoot problems and then click on network adapters once it loads the troubleshooting programs. Or I suggest just wiring your computer up via Ethernet cable
-Windows 8 likes to use 100% of the disk once its booted up, making the speed a bit slower in the beginning.
-The screen could have a better resolution
- BLOATWARE! (pre-loaded software) There is a lot that is really just unneeded. Plus already installed Norton which is not really the best anti-virus
- After boot, I'll have to wait a bit for the log in screen, which I find it weird.
- How you can't get into the BIOS with the f keys anymore :(
The Pros
- Does everything I wanted it to with ease!
- Has actually lasted 2 years without any major problems (new personal best!)
- With how I take care of it, It almost runs how it did when I first bought it, with a boot average of 4 seconds.
- 8 gb of RAM, which comes in hand with doing heavy projects, some small gaming, and internet browsing at the same time.
- Fairly easy to navigate with a Wacom Graphic tablet
- Fast response times
- Easy to take care of in software clean up
- And finally the Keyboard! Also since it is backlighted!

And I would suggest this computer to everyone!

Tips for the m6-1125dx
Now, keeping this computer in best condition (OS based and hardware) I had to go through setting and making sure what I put my computer on is okay.
For the overheating problem, I really haven't had that problem very much with this computer, but my old one I did. Overheating is normally caused by when the CPU is being used more then it should (most common I believe), or air is not getting to the CPU. For when the CPU is being used more then it should, it just means there are more services and background applications in use then there should be and is normally caused by what you personally do on it. To keep is simple, I would use various performance tools to clear unneeded services (this would also check if the computer is running at optimal performance) ie my anit-virus and spyware software also comes with a system tuner, which takes care of all the performance issues. If that really doesn't work, I would check to make sure the isn't any unneeded software on it, or you can check for a virus of sorts, which I would go to a last resort and simply reinstall windows, giving the laptop a fresh start.
Another way to deal with overheating is watching where you place your computer. Keep in mind your computer needs air to strive, so like a normal tower you would try and avoid placing it in a dusty and carpeted area, as the the dust and carpet fibers would get in the way of the fans 'cover,' blocking air from coming in, that also follows for anything else. Another tip is to always feel how hot the air is from the outtake of the air, if you have your laptop on a flat surface, place an item (ie a book that is about 300 pages) under it to lift it off the ground so air can filter through faster.
Also clean out the fans every year or too with compressed air to remove any dust (carefully)!
Now, you don't have to follow this tips, some may not be right for certain things for you (As some are a last resort). These are just suggestions if you you are dealing with issues, and these tips are of how I did it myself.

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on April 30, 2013
Well I've had this laptop for almost a year now so I decided to review it.

Good size, looks nice, I also really like the backlight keyboard. I love being able to just have all the lights off and still be able to see everything perfectly. I also like that there's a whole number keypad. Laptop is fast and don't have problems with loading things or what not. Plenty of ram and memory. Total overkill really i mean 8gb of ram? I would have rather had less gb of storage and have solid state drive, but I wanted a lot of specific things and the laptops with ssd's are mostly ultrabooks and very expensive. It was decent price, I bought it from best buy for 700. Has good sound too

Cons: The fingerprint scanner stoppedd working. It can be quite useful, use it for logging into any website and logging into your computer. Fan stopped working also... but just for a short time like a few days, not sure why but thought i was going to have to return it. The camera is mediocre. Also has bad intigrated graphics. But that is normal for intel In hindsight I should have gotten the amd version of this computer, amd has better graphic support and it was actually 100 bucks cheaper. Anyways that's all I can think of right now. Battery life at the beginning was really good it's okay now. Probably get like
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on February 4, 2016
This laptop was okay for the first couple of months... Then things started going downhill. As mentioned by previous reviewers, the "HINGES" of my laptop began to quickly deteriorate. Specifically, the bottom left began to click and snap-in weird when I opened and closed it, then the plastic began to break apart, and finally, the screen has started burning out on me (starting with damage at the bottom left, where the hinges are breaking). As others mentioned, we also duct taped it to keep it together until we could find a solution (fixing the screen or buying a new computer...). We've decided to invest in a new computer since we think this one was pretty junky to begin with (my husband referred it as a "lemon"). It doesn't process very fast, considering the speed it boasts.. There has been a "broken" connection to my wireless router for a long time now that the guy at Best Buy couldn't fix, nor could Staples. They both suggested just buying an external component to connect to the internet. Seriously?
About the only thing that worked well on this computer was Microsoft Word, and I could use that on my phone without problems, so this laptop has got to go!
I will avoid HP in the future, with all of these complaints about the same issue, you'd think they would offer some sort of compensation or repair... Nope, warranty is expired and we are out of luck! I leave TONS of good reviews on Amazon, this is one of my few bad ones. Do yourself a favor and spend your money elsewhere, avoid HP at all costs.
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on July 22, 2014
I bought this computer thinking that it would quick and easy. I was very wrong. For the first 6 months, it was fantastic, and everything was so quick and smooth but now, every time I open more than 3 tabs on the internet or play a game, the computer overheats and shuts down. I do not recommend this computer to anybody.
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on August 4, 2013
fast, reliable, hp, intel, no problems, and it looks pretty too .
for under 500 bucks can't beat it..only weakness; audio weak, sounds tinny one would think with todays technology they could improve in that area
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on February 6, 2013
If you need lots of Memory and a large hard drive together with a fast processor buy this. The silver color makes it attractive. the screen is delicate on your eyes and reduces fatigue. No one can go wrong with a HP.
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