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on October 9, 2013
It is possible to get a display that doesn't have the problem with the lines; I'm typing this update while looking at the 5th display using this panel. Both the problem and saga are detailed below.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: I've literally *JUST* ended a call with Dell ordering one of these direct. This is my 5th attempt to get a fully-functional, non-defective 30" display. Should the display I receive from Dell be as expected, I'll update my star-rating here from the current 2 to 4. (NOTE: rating updated.) It would have earned 5 stars if the first version I received was defect-free.

Unfortunately, this model was built with a problematic panel manufactured by LG (LM300WQ6) which is also used in several other 30" displays as well. Attempt #4 was a Lenovo LT3053p 60A4RAR1US 30-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor which, at the time I ordered, I did not know used the same panel. Upon setting up that 4th display and seeing the same problem, I did a bit of research on the panel itself and found that it was the same as the Dell. This led me to re-order this same model directly from Dell for the reasons below:

1) They price matched Amazon for me.
2) Though Amazon's customer service has been *amazing* throughout the ordeal, Amazon has shipped me 3 versions of this monitor with the defect detailed at the URL below, and Dell was able to guarantee that they were only shipping the updated/revised versions in which this issue was addressed. Amazon was not able to guarantee that they would ship me non-defective merchandise, and proved unable to do so in this case.
3) There are several commenters that mention warranty service & replacement will be easier (if needed) through Dell direct, which is important to me once Amazon's return/replacement period expires.
4) The gentleman I spoke with at Dell, Surya, made the whole process very painless. You can reach him at extension 4162494 and I'm sure he'd be glad to know that a satisfied customer provided his info.

The defect that I refer to above is detailed here:
(If that URL doesn't work, simply search for "Weird Problem with my new DELL U3014")

Other comments:
Everything else positive that I've read about this monitor held true in the ones I received; I've ordered direct from Dell in the hopes of getting one that is as expected. If that's possible, it's a great value and a great piece of equipment.

For reference, a few of the other products using the same panel:
Dell U3014 (The display reviewed here)
Lenovo ThinkVision LT3053p (The display I purchased which had the same issue)
NEC PA302W-SV (No product found on Amazon at the time of this review; most likely a variation or duplicate of the products below)
Multisync PA302W GB-R LED 30" 2560 x 1600 1000:1 Color Critical Desktop Monitor with SpectraViewII (White)
Multisync PA302W-BK 30" 2560 x 1600 1000:1 Color Accurate Desktop Monitor (Black)
PA302W-BK-SV 30" LED 2560 x 1600 16:10 Desktop Monitor with SpectraViewII - Black
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on October 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
I did my research and knew about the possible issues with this monitor and crossed my fingers that I would get the newest revision A03 that supposedly fixed the issues of cross-hatching and backlight bleed. To my dismay I received one with a manufacture date of April and revision A01. Quickly after installing it I noticed the annoying power-save and auto-dim that there appears no way to disable in the OSD menu. The monitor will not turn on until well after the windows start-up and when switching between programs the brightness will randomly change.

The backlight bleed is prevalent, but acceptable for my use. The killer for me was the cross-hatching or "screen-door" effect the monitor has. Side by side with my previous 27inch monitor there was a night and day difference when looking at anything with a flat color or gradient. I contacted Dell tech and the "technician" had no clue what I was talking about. He suggested that I unplug my monitor while it was still plugged in and running to see if the problem still persists. After confirming it was still there he told me he could not do an exchange because my purchase date according to his records from the service tag was July. This is complete BS because I purchased this monitor on Oct 2nd and after arguing with him, he told me I had to "upgrade" my purchase in order to get a replacement "A03" revision. After transferring me to sales, they told me that my warranty was not valid because I bought the monitor from Amazon and not them. By now I had been on talking and hold with Dell "customer service" for nearly 2 hours. I called back again and this time got a supervisor who eventually relented and promised me he would sent me a "NEW" replacement A03 monitor because it was within 21 days since the purchase date.

A week went by and no replacement monitor. They did send me some power cables for god knows what reason. So I contacted their tech support again and they told me that they did not know what my replacement hasn't shipped and would escalate the service request. 2 days later a replacement showed up but to my horror it was a "REFURBISHED" model with a sticker over the old label that said "A03". I plugged it in for shiggles and it had a few dead pixels and the cross-hatching was still present but not as extreme. It seems Dell is not going to be able to remedy this issue on this monitor so if this bothers you I would avoid at all costs.

Not long after installing this replacement they sent me, I got a call from Dell tech support. I told them I was unhappy with the replacement they sent me and they were supposed to send me a new and not a refurbished unit. The rep was at a loss for words and told me he had to talk to his supervisor and quickly hung up.

TLDR. Do not buy this monitor. Do not buy from Dell. They will not honor the warranties of their products. I work in retail electronics and will in future be steering all my customers away from dell products.
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on May 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
I also own an Ultrasharp U3011 (the model this U3014 replaces) and use the old 30" Apple Cinema Displays at work, so I'm comparing it with those.

The Good:

- thinner
- runs cooler
- more energy efficient
- more modern ports
- looks crispier than the old U3011 and Apple Cinema Displays, mainly cause at last they are using a less aggressive antiglare-coating.

The Bad:

- the LED "backlight" is really the cheaper technique of LED sidelight. This means, arrays of LEDs to the sides of the screen.
So compared to CCFL-based displays (cathode lamp), you can definitely see cloudy areas in the lower right/ left corners.
Turning down brightness / contrast all the way to 40 makes it better. But on any dark background you'll notice it. This kind of makes it mediocre for serious photo / design work.
I'm a software engineer, so whatever, but I usually code on black background and it makes it pretty annoying.
Also, I do have to play around with Photoshop and whatnot, from time to time and, well, like I said, it kinds of spoils a chunk of real-estate.

- even in the "Game" preset mode, which in theory bypasses some circuitry to improve response time, you'll notice the performance "acceptable" at most for fast-pased games.
You will see some ghosting and tearing every now and then (mostly tearing though).

- it started malfunctioning after about 3 weeks of use... sure this might just be a case of probability (what are the chances of getting a defective unit out of n, given that blah..).
Essentially, after 3 weeks of use, the monitor started aggressively flickering and messing up colors on any preset other than "standard," regardless of the computer it is hooked up to.
I guess whatever, but considering this display costs +/- $1500, it's shameful.

My rating break down:
-1 mediocre backlight which makes regular usage somewhat annoying.
-1 for failing after only 3 weeks of use.
-1 for the above two, considering it is a relatively expensive display. (I'd honestly give it -.5 for this, but I can't.)
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on April 14, 2013
Having owned a U2411, U2711, and now the U3014, I can attest to the fact that this is the best monitor I've used yet. I can now easily put two browsers or Word documents side-by side, or work on that HUGE spreadsheet on a single monitor without constantly scrolling around.

Physical Attributes: The footprint is only slightly larger than a 27" monitor so there was no need for desktop rearrangement. I was little concerned about the look of the rounded edges, but didn't bother me one second after taking it out of the box. The good news is that the Dell speaker that I had mounted on the U2711 simply slid off and reinstalled on this monitor in a few seconds with no tools. The plastic finish around the frame using simulated brushed aluminum can be distracting, but only if light reflected off the frame.

Screen: I am using this monitor with an old Thinkpad T500 via DisplayPort to get the full 2560x1600 resolution. The semi-gloss finish is a pleasure to look at. There is minimal eye strain typical of the matte finish coating. For reference, I sit between the monitor and the window to my back with blinds. When the monitor is off, I can see a shadow of myself reflected on the screen, but that almost completely disappears when the monitor is on. I say almost since my movement can be detected on the screen as the shadow follows. Not an issue at all.

The monitor was set to DVI Input from the factory, so used the menu to change to DisplayPort. There are five preset modes:

- Standard is default out of box, which almost blinded me from brightness. The colors are fantastic and very true with white being paper white.
- Multimedia mode is a bit darker than Standard, but with a bit of blue tint. Watching movies and youtube videos was great.
- Movie mode has even more blue tint than the Multimedia mode.
- Game mode is very similar to Standard with very vibrant colors.
- Paper mode has a yellow tone similar to pages of an aged old book or newspaper.

HOWEVER, the out-of-box factory setting has an issue with reds and blues bleeding off text. As I write this review, the default font in the Amazon Review is bleeding colors. When I move my browser window around, the bleeding moves with the fonts, so it's not just the middle but the entire screen. While this is not a deal breaker and I would still recommend this monitor, I have not seen this problem on the previous U series or any of my other IPS screens.

The monitor came with a CD containing "Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Solution" software, which I realized after installation that I needed an "i1Display Pro" device to use this tool. So, I ended up uninstalling the tool and using the monitor's factory settings. For what it's worth, Windows 7 has built-in calibration tools to help adjust the brightness, contrast, and color. This is available through "Calibrate color" menu in Control Panel -> Display. I also adjusted ClearType Text setting, which made some improvements with the color bleeding. So, the text color problem may be related to "Font" effects issue. I'll update later if I find any solution to this.

My Windows 7 Ultimate immediately recognized this monitor with the drivers downloaded from Microsoft as an update. Nothing else was done to make this monitor work other than the minor calibration attempt using the built-in tools mentioned above.

I have done my share of research before buying this 30" monitor. If anything, the 60 watt power usage is vastly superior to the typical 110watts used by others.

Standard warranty is 3-years Dell Depot, but I upgraded to 5-years for $50 in case the LED failed.

Strongly recommended.

--- 1 week update ---

While watching Youtube videos inside a browser, the entire screen flickers once every 6 or 7 second where the white-balance changes randomly to warm/red/blue tint. This only happens when watching youtube. I have tried different browsers (Firfox, Chrome) but the problem persists. Since this monitor is still very new in the market, I will wait for a newer revision before calling Dell Support for replacement.

--- solution to screen flickering problem ----

Thanks to gadgetmaster, I was able to reduce or eliminate the screen flickering problem by changing the Menu -> Display Settings -> Smart Video Enhance -> Movie to Advance or Off. The Off mode completely eliminated the flickering while the Advance still had very minimal flickering that would go unnoticed if you didn't know about the flickering in the first place. While Advanced Mode reduced the Youtube problem, it made Yahoo video worse. So, I've settled on "Off" setting.

So, this monitor is a keeper as-is!
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on November 19, 2013
Verified Purchase
Unfortunately I am having lots of issues with the monitor. It seems it is defective, the menus don't work, the screen displays different artifacts every other time I turn it on. I suspected it was my video card so I changed, but the same thing keeps bugging me. Now, there is a HDMI connection icon on the upper left corner that won't go away. If I press the MENU button, nothing happens. If I turn it off, and on again sometime it goes back to normal, sometimes it won't. I would not recommend it. Some might ask why I don't return it. This is because I brought the monitor to Brazil. Sad story. Even though Dell has a factory here, they won't give me any technical support, because the monitor was not bought here. This is a shame. Cheers.

new addition: check online, this is common with this monitor. I bought mine 2 week ago, Nov/2013, and got a A01 manufactured on March/2013. DO NOT BUY THIS MONITOR check online.

new addition2: in answer to William - William thank you very much for your informative answer. I will try to do what you said, and will let you know what happened. What I am really intrigued is that with Apple, things like this one don't happen. Almost a year ago I bought my wife an Ipad on the NY 5th Av store. After 6 months the Ipad froze and did not turned on anymore. She took it to the apple store in a shopping center here in Sao Paulo, and they gave her a new one! That was it. I printed the receipt, to be honest, but that was all that we have to do. This is called warranty. Period. I am a PC guy. Square headed engineer. Did not like apple. But after that, I became an apple enthusiast. Already bought a MacBook Pro Retina, and I am planning to buy the new Mac Pro as soon as it is released. This is the best way to get things done the correct way. I am telling this Apple experience to all my friends. With one simple company attitude, they change my mind and saved millions in advertising. Shame on Dell. Again, thank you very much for your kind help. Cheers
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I bought a Dell U3014 Ultrasharp Monitor based on my experience with a pair of five-year-old Dell 3008WFP monitors and a brand new Dell U2713H monitor. In my opinion the U2713H is the best monitor Dell ever made for professional use. It was so good that I chose the U3014 to replace my old 3008WFP monitors. The specifications are identical with the only difference being the larger size.

Knowing that Dell monitors sold by Amazon do not carry the standard Dell warranty, I bought directly from Dell to get the three-year Dell warranty at close to the Amazon price. I soon found that the U3014 has the same bright and sharp picture as the U2713H but has a serious problem if the user needs to work with darker images such as I do when editing with Photoshop or Premiere Pro. Darker screens suffer from light contamination and bleed over from the LED back lighting array.

I have added a "user" photograph above showing how the U3014 screen will look with dark images. If you work close to the screen as I do, the bleed over from the corners becomes very obvious. On the other hand if you do not need accurate darker colors, this monitor may be for you. Hopefully Dell will correct this problem in in the future so that the promise of an outstanding monitor will be fulfilled.
review image
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on June 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
Great picture - can't beat the size. I had problems out of the box with the menu system not working consistently. If you want to change inputs (ie multiple computers) you need this to work. Contacted dell and was told they won't help because it was purchased from Amazon - no suggestions, no ideas, just out of luck. Good thing it did not work out of the box - apparently they won't honor the warranty when its not purchased directly from dell. Thanks Amazon for the simple return policy.
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on December 6, 2013
It's widely recognized on the Dell customer website as well as here on Amazon and other discussion boards that Revisions A01 and A02 are unsatisfactory, especially in demanding applications. Revision A03 appears to have corrected most if not all the problems. However, Amazon cannot guarantee that one will receive version A03. Accordingly, I ordered directly from Dell. The salesperson, and his superior, assured me that I would receive Revision A03. However, when the package arrived, it contained Revision A02! After waiting 40 minutes for someone in the Returns department to pick up the call, I was issued a return authorization (they did, however, offer me $75 off if I would keep the A02, which I declined). But be warned: Dell keeps your money for up to 30 days following a return.

A call to the original salesperson elicited an apology, a call back from the Supervisor, and the statement that A03 would not be available for 30 days.

My conclusion: avoid this monitor. Dell is in disarray, and its customer service is abysmal.
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on July 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
It randomly starts flickering like seen in this video, it also severe back light bleeding.
the touch panel on the right side is not very responsive, i have to press it several times (3-5 times) with my entire finger (instead of the tip).
For the price of this monitor I do not believe this is acceptable.
review image
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on May 13, 2013
I recently got this from the Dell website since it wasn't available here at amazon at time. I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the monitor. The color, calibration, response time, size... pretty much everything. Now, I got my monitor pretty much as soon as they came out and I noticed minor manufacturing defects. Had to have it replaced a couple times until I got a nice working one (knock on wood). So here is a couple of pros and cons:

-- Excellent picture quality
-- Great backlight
-- Light and thin
-- USB 3.0 Hub included
-- Many different video input connectors
-- Excellent warranty and customer support

-- First two monitors I went through had weird horizontal lines (kind of like inconsistency in the backlighting)
-- Minor manufacturing defects as it most probably was the first batch

Overall this is a great monitor and my cons where mostly based on a couple of faulty units, Dell did right and stood behind their product and replaced them multiple times. They had friendly and helpful customer and technical support which is always a plus. I am very happy with my purchase and the quality of the overall product. So if your looking for a large display for video, photography and/or even gaming. The U3014 is great in my opinion.
Hope this mini review helps!

~ Dan
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