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181 of 194 people found the following review helpful
Overall not a bad action camera but my expectations were definitely higher. I will list some pros and cons with this camera (in no particular order)

1) GPS data. Your speed, elevation, distance, location and an overlay of your route will be embedded in your video
2) Ability to swivel the camera (rotate the camera lense 360 degree to capture the best shot based on your camera mount setup
3) Very easy to use with very minimal buttons
4) Included Acessories (over $100 worth). You get a mini SD card (4GB), HDMI cable, USB Cable, Waterproof case and various mounts
5) Design is very compact
6) You can use your smartphone to as a viewfinder to see your live video feed

1) Smartphone control is limited to just viewing and selecting a few camera options. You can not record or stop recording from your Android phone. iOS doesn't have this issue.
2) Poor manual/Instructions. The manual and online instructions were very basic and simple.
3) PC Software is buggy. The software wouldn't run after I installed it. It gave me a "failed to initialized movie player." After researching around (was never included on the manual/online instructions because again they are very basic/simple) I realized that I have to Apple Quicktime installed and loaded. after the program is able to launched you can switch between using Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime
4) GPS data can only be embedded while using the Contour software
5) COntour Software requires you to upload your video on their server if you want to save/view your edited work. Their software has very limited editing ability.
6) Due to #4 & #5, if you want embedded gps data then you must use the Contour Software and you MUST upload the video on their server. You can't export your video (w/ GPS data) and share it with your friends on youtube, e-mail, DVD, etc unless they want to install the Contour Storyteller sofware on their personal computer
7) Bluetooth sync is not "really out of the box" as claimed. You have to install the contour software on your PC then connect the camera to your computer for some intialization before being able to pair and connect your smartphone to the camera (via their smartphone apps)
8) The camera has rails on both side so you can install various mounting options. Howver, the rails don't have any locks on them. Therefore, it is possible that the camera can slide out of the rails under certain extreme conditions

Overall, I am happy with the design, features, price and even the video quality. I am just very disappointed on the software that came with the camera. I bought this camera specifically for the GPS data but there isn't anyway I can share the video w/GPS data with my friends and family unless I upload the video on the contour server or have my friends/family install the Contour Storyteller software on their computer. Additionally, the video server is only limited to 120 seconds for each uploaded segment. There is no way for you to edit the video, embed the GPS data save your work and export it to youtube, email, dvd, etc

I hope this helps.

UPDATE: I just contacted Customer Support and Contour and they said that Android support for Contour+2 model is in development. No ETA on their software. the currently software only support older camera and as a result you can't maximize the +2 feature (no record, stop, etc via smartphone)

UPDATE 28NOV: The contour jus released an update for their smartphone Aps for Android. This app promise that Android users can start/stop recording from their smartphone. I just downloaded the App and will test it out soon.
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on July 20, 2013
UPDATE: Local retailer slashed prices and a buddy bought a new +2 (new packaging) and found : new packaging doesn't come with HDMI cable, or the external mic adaptor. He promptly returned it and got an "old packaging" and now had all the equipment. Why the "new packaging" costs more than the "old packaging" is beyond me. The "new packaging" mimics the Roam2 packaging, with no see thru "bubble" at the top of the box - BEWARE!!!

FYI - BB discontinuing the Contour line and the mounts are all 50% off, and the camera(s) are $100 off.

This is a dual review, as I own both the Contour + 2 and the Contour Roam2. I don't work for nor do I have any affiliation with Contour. I've had the Roam2 for more than 6 months, but held off writing this review until I had the +2 to compare it to. Although I don't own a GoPro, several friends do and I do their video editing so I'll chime in on the Contour vs. GoPro at the end.

Contour uses the same proprietary mounts across their lineup, so interchangeability between the two should be fairly easy (but doesn't always work out that way). I've found some to be flimsy(hat mount), while others are damn near bomb proof(suction cup)! The rotating lens means you can mount it in just about any position, however it is difficult to know that you've framed the shot with the correct orientation! Had an important video recorded upside down - laser level only lets you know it's level, not if it's upside down! One of the best features I've found is the ¼ by 20 thread on the bottom of the Contour, pretty much universal to all modern cameras and there's a TON of mounts out there reasonably priced.

The Storyteller program needs to be installed on your computer and is fairly easy to use, but not intuitive, you need to play around a bit before you can figure everything out. The editing ability is extremely limited. (I use imovie). Software is free, and although you can use the camera(s) without first updating I suggest you do that first! The +2 also has an app that I use on my iPhone 5 - it too is free and pretty easy to use - but not as capable as the Storyteller program. The downside is you HAVE to use the Storyteller program to change settings on the Roam2, AND you have to use it if you want to use any of the GPS data with the +2.

Got this for Xmas last year and immediately swapped the included 4GB micro SD for a 16GB. SUPER easy to use - charge, point, and slide the slider to the on position. Video quality is good, first few outings I had it set for 1080@30 and was very happy. In editing I found one clip I had to slow down and was slightly disappointed at the quality - since then I've got it set for 720@60 and haven't had any issues - video quality is still good (even in slow mo). Low light does induce more "noise" to the video, but if there's ambient light (streetlights etc.) you can still get decent vids. Sound quality isn't all that, it's usable, but in high winds or at speed - forget it. Battery life is really good at around 2 hours. The camera itself is very well built, one of my first uses it got throw (by an idiot) about 8ft into about 4 inches of water over concrete - few scratches, but still kept recording. This led me to look for something to help protect the aluminum body - Glock Tape, works amazing, adds some protection, but most importantly gives it some GRIP!

6-Pack Glock Grip Tape - Pistol Grip Tape. * Use on handguns and rifles * Not gritty like sandpaper or skateboard tape. * Does not scuff clothing, holsters, furniture or car seats like those sandy tapes. * Makes chambering a round easier for arthritis s...

Only had it for a week or so, really wanted it due to the Bluetooth (to help frame shots) and was wanted the waterproof housing (worried about watersports damage on an upcoming trip) the GPS would be a plus. Once again amazing build quality - this things tough as nails. First thing I did was hook up to Storyteller and get the latest firmware update - less than 5 minutes later I was off and running! Pairing the Bluetooth took a couple of attempts, but once connected has excellent range (20 or so feet with obstructions - close to 50ft line of sight!). Using the app you can check status of battery, GPS, and memory as well as change settings and start stop recording - wish you could watch videos but oh well. The app has about a one second delay between what the camera "sees" and what you see on your phone - pretty amazing! Attached to my suction cup mount and went for a drive - took about 30 seconds for the GPS to lock on the first time (since then it only takes maybe 5 seconds). GPS is accurate. The video quality is great! Uploaded vid into storyteller and the GPS data was also great - until I exported it then there was a lag of about 5 seconds between the data being displayed and the video. Waterproof housing is bulky, yet seems a bit flimsy - still not sure it could survive 200 ft of water. Came with HDMI to hook up to TV - works really well. Haven't used the mic adaptor yet. Battery life seems to be around 1.5 hours, but spare batteries are cheap.

Wasabi Power Battery and Charger Kit for Contour 2350, 2450, 2900, C010410K and ContourHD, ContourGPS, Contour+, Contour+2

Even though the video specs are the same between the +2 and the Roam2, the video quality of the +2 is noticeably better - even in low light. Sound quality on both suffers in high winds or speed. They both have the proprietary T-rail mounts on both sides, but the ¼ by 20 thread is about an inch further back on the +2. The Roam2 is waterproof without housing to about 3ft, but the +2 has the waterproof housing. The +2 also allows for filming while charging. The +2 has the HDMI out, as well as a jack for external mic. The +2 has the Bluetooth app, plus GPS - that combined with replaceable batteries and the better video make it worth the extra money.

I absolutely love the form factor and the mounting options available for the Contours. The Contour line has their own proprietary mounts, but the ability to use the ¼ by 20 thread mounts for other cameras (even the GoPro mounts) plus the rotating lens means there's just more ways to mount the Contour. That being said the GoPro Hero3 flat out destroys the video quality of the Roam2, and slightly edges out the +2. Of course this difference (even over the Roam2) is completely removed once video is uploaded to Youtube or other sharing sites as they compress the video during upload! I've yet to see a GoProH3 recording 1080 go for more than 75 minutes. Sound quality between all three is about the same. The GoProH3 app uses wifi - and has about a 3-4 second delay - still works for framing shots, but not much else. The GoPro also has the advantage in that you can change settings in camera - but it is a complicated affair(the +2 only allows you to choose between two predetermined settings). GoProH3 doesn't have GPS, or rotating lense. Contour recently lowered the price on the +2 it's now $50 cheaper than the GoProH3. Also it seems they changed pricing on their mounts - I went with the Contour line because of the simplicity of their system, more mounts, cheaper price, and the form factor. Now that they're cheaper it's a no brainer.
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26 of 31 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon December 26, 2012
Color: GreySize: Old PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been on the fence about picking up a small HD camera that I can stick literally anywhere - from under a skateboard, to odd angles on a bicycle and get some crazy video. It's a toss up between this and the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, both at roughly the same price.

The true test of any gadget is the ability to ignore the manual and go to work. The camera is amazingly simple to operate. The slider to turn it on is nice - it's ready to go. The swiveling lens is awesome - I can mount this at weird angles or something low profile - something the boxy GoPro Hero can't really do.

The GPS is a nice feature but I'm not really sure how much I'd actually use it. If you were cycling/skiing/mountain biking, then this would be awesome to add that overlay on top of the movie you shot. The GPS data is embedded and viewable only with Contour's software. This makes sense because I'm not sure how else you'd view it and get the GPS data. Some people have it as a Con for the product, but I don't see it this way. Out of the box, it took about a minute to get the signal initially and around 15 seconds after turning the camera off/on. Perfectly acceptable.

The camera also includes some awesome accessories - a 4gb MicroSD card so you can start shooting, mounts and a waterproof case that will supposedly protect the camera up to 60m/200ft. Theoretically it should be good for scuba diving, but I'm not sure about quality and what else is required to get amazing video.

Video quality was pretty nice - I didn't see any obvious issues. I'm not technically versed enough to give more descriptive details other than "pretty cool." Audio was a big downer - it picked up wind noise and made it ugly. There's a jack for an external mic but I'm not sure of an appropriate mic you could use if you're going to put this in tight places.

The remote control software for iOS is pretty slick. Over Bluetooth, I can do some basic controls, but mainly I was only concerned with the ability to turn filming on/off and see a live preview. It works fine for my needs, and gives me some distance between the camera and myself so I be comfortably behind the camera.

The last is battery life: Contour claims 2 hours or so for battery runtime, but additional batteries are $30, so it's not too horrible. I'd imagine that if you were skiing, you'd get less than 2 hours in the cold with the Contour+2.

At $400 with the included accessories, this is a big ticket cost for a niche camera for some. But if you're looking to get some extremely cool footage and get an all-in-one bundle, I don't think you can do much better than the Contour+2.
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18 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on January 11, 2013
I am extremely pleased with my Contour Plus 2. It takes excellent footage, is easy to operate and control, ESPECIALLY with the included Iphone App. There is no extra wireless module needed like there is for the Go Pro. The Contour design and form is what beats the GoPro in all cases. I know there are complaints about Storyteller being the only viewer that will show the GPS data screen simultaneously to the video. Everything works as it is supposed to. I had a questions for tech support and they responded to my emails the next day. If you are considering the GoPro just look at the absurd placement of the camera on helmets, vehicles or firearms and you will see how the GoPro fails miserably.
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on March 29, 2013
This is the best action camera ever. I don't like the GoPro's because they are too box-shaped and stick out way too far. I mounted this on my motorcycle helmet and it's profile looks great. The video quality is amazing and is very customizable. I'm recording whenever I'm on the bike. The battery life really stands up when the resolution is at 720p. 1080p looks awh-inspiring, even at speed, but the battery life didn't hold up for a few hour ride. Not sure if that's the standard, so you'll have to look into that if that's your requirement. Seriously, give this camera a shot. There's tons of accessories/mounts. The 3m tape that attaches the mount to your whatever is ridiculously strong. I'm incredibly satisfied with my purchase!
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on April 15, 2013
We bought this camera with the sole intent of taking underwater footage of commercial diving. When I first started research, the GoPro Hero 3 was my target. The poor reviews and customer complaints turned me away from the GoPro and towards Contour's options. On paper the Hero 3 Black beats out the the specs of the Contour +2, but not by a whole lot.

The Good:
- Super easy to use. Even my dad (least tech savvy person I know) can use it.
- The underwater housing comes with it.
- The inner components can be rotated without remounting the housing, increasing your mounting options.
- Crisp, clear video
- I have used it more than a dozen times underwater and have had no problems with it freezing or behaving strange, like some reviewers mention. *Note: When it is in the housing you have to wake it using the round rear button and then use the slide. You have to give it a second, there is a little lag here.
- The housing only has two places where water could potentially leak: the main enclosure and the rear button. The top slide does not rely on a watertight penetration (it uses a magnet instead).
- Compatible for viewing with my Galaxy S3 via Bluetooth
- Collects GPS data

The Bad
- No view finder so it is tough to tell what you are looking at.
- No LCD screen so playback is reliant on a computer or a cell phone, neither is good in a marine environment, so its a bit of a surprise when you get home and download the video
- A lot of the special features don't work underwater (More than 10 feet with throw of your GPS data and even a few inches of water knocks out the bluetooth)

Overall I'm very happy with camera and can't wait to play with it some more.

I have uploaded some videos of it in action at [...]
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20 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on November 2, 2012
This amazing aerodynamic camera captures awesome video while hitting top speed on the track and while twisting and turning through the sea of cones of autocross. Can be mounted virtually anywhere on your car and the audio is much better than the competition. You don't have to take your gloves off to turn it on either. Other cameras require a button push which is virtually impossible with your driving gloves on. The slide mechanism which locks 'on' makes this task extremely easy. You'll not be sorry you bought this camera.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on July 8, 2013
Rating would be 5 star for camera and 1 star for underwater case.

I will not repeat what others have stated. Overall I have been very pleased with the Contour+2. I love the quick on/off feature. While the GPS data is limited to viewing using the provided software, I have enjoyed looking at my speed and distance while skiing. Too bad it does not embed the info into the file so I can view in Adobe Premier Pro. That could be a limitation of .MOV. Another feature I thought I would use more often was the Bluetooth link to my iPhone5, but did not find it necessary. It is a nice feature, just not sure when I would use it.

The only other negative beside the GPS limitation is the camera lens clouds at times on the Contour+2. I had this happen when skiing and swimming.

I have used the Contour+2 during a snow ski trip, mountain bike, road bike, hiking, zip lining and snorkeling getting great videos on all occasions. I receive a lot of questions from passerby's re: the camera since "it is not a GoPro". It seems like GoPro has the marketing budget to keep Contour out a lot of places like Beaver Creek and Vail....not another Contour on the mountain or in the pro shops, which is unfortunate. I imagine I "sold" a few of the Contours as people asked me the brand of the camera and if I was happy. Same is true during a day long hike on Kauai and a day of zip lining. I am/was a huge fan of the Contour. Experiencing our family events for years after is priceless.

The bad news is I trusted the underwater case that was provided with the kit. I snorkeled with the Contour for multiple days. I was in the middle of snorkeling when the underwater camera case took on a small amount of water and ruined my Contour+2. I am not sure how it happened as the latch was still closed when I stepped out of the water. The good news is that I was able to retrieve my video files from the micro SD. The bad news is I ruined a $400 camera.

I am in the middle of a 2 week trip in Hawaii and no longer have a video camera, which is a real bummer. I left our underwater case for our Canon S90 at home, expecting the Contour to take care of our water needs.

Bottom line....the camera is very nice, quick on/off, many options to mount to different devices, high quality videos, and nice features. Be careful with the underwater case as it is not as solid (reliable) as the case we have for our Canon S90. Now it is time to reevaluate the different options available.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 22, 2013
I use the Contour primarily for skydiving and love it. The price was great and the camera even better. I was able to sync it easily up with my Android to change settings on the fly and properly aim the gamer where I wanted it. The video quality and stability of the picture/video is great.

The only down fall with the Contour is there mounts and lack of locking system. I actually had the camera knocked off my head on its third skydive luckily I had the tether hooked up. Then 18 jumps later the entire mount broke. Again thanks to having that little string hooked up to my helmet I didn't lose it.

I would completely recommend this action camera to any sports enthusiast just pay attention to how you have it mounted.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on June 29, 2013
First let me start off and tell you this camera is AWESOME!!! The video quality is beyond belief and the small size is a real plus. I bought this camera to use mostly in a water environment...I live on the water in Florida and use it at least once a week in the water Gulf of Mexico. The camera has performed excellent and I've had very little problems with it and in fact...The only real problem I've had with it is getting it to sink with the IPhone App. Sometimes I can not get it to sink with my IPhone but this is really a minor problem. The video it shoots both on top and under the water is exceptional and I've never had a problem with it leaking...Even at over 100 foot in salt water. The only problem I've noticed is the pivot pin of the underwater housing show some signs of corrosion...But it has not affected the underwater housing. Now what I really like is the small foot print of this camera and the multiple mounting options available for it. I can hold this camera in my hand while walking around filming at Crab Island at Destin Florida and nobody notices that I have a camera...One of the option I like is you can set it up to film with out any camera lights showing its on or filming!!! I have three batteries for it and have been able to film for over 8 hours. I have the pitnany rail mount and it shoots some awesome video when I shoot my AR-15. When I was looking for a quality camera to buy to meet my specifications for a water video camera...I decided to buy this one over the gopro just because of the shape of it. The only negative I can speak of for this camera is sometimes the sound is muffled but I have not bought the external mic for it yet but I plan to buy it in the near future. Also I love the GPS feature of this camera but find it frustrating that you can't integrate the GPS data and the video into an easily exportable video format so you can post to YouTube...If they would fix this and make it easer to post your videos with the GPS data...I would rate this product the highest ratings I could. Bottom line is this one awesome camera!!!
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