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Even after playing uke off and on, and guitar for many years, I had NO idea that the strings matter. (I play as an amateur, never had lessons, so what do I know?) I learned from some other uke players that STRINGS MATTER. And even if you are a beginner, putting good strings on your instrument is a good idea. If you improve the overall sound of your ukulele, you will play better. Poor sound is discouraging to beginners. If you can get a pleasing intonation right out the gate, you will naturally practice more and be happier as you listen to yourself. This is one reason young musicians fail; the parents don't want to invest much in a good instrument for a kid who may drop the whole thing in three months (understandable) but a bad instrument can utterly defeat a new player. There has to be a compromise. So here is one for uke players; start with a Dolphin and and add Aquila strings and for a short price, you can actually get something playable and that sounds relatively decent.

I bought a Makala Dolphin, which is an inexpensive, but actually very good soprano ukulele, good for beginners and as a "battle uke" it is fantastic, (goes camping, throw in car, you know what I mean.) The strings that come on this uke are simply awful and do not show off what this little uke can actually do. If you have one, or buy one, replace the strings with these Aquilas. I know, it sounds like putting a silk dress on a bull dog, but it is not. Immediately, the little soprano will have the richest, loud sound you can imagine.

The strings also have a very wonderful "squooshy" feel under the fingers. They aren't soft by any means nor is the tension at pitch slack, but the nylgut (their name for their nylon) is a good approximation of gut strings and has a slightly grabby texture that is very pleasing.

We have noted among players, that some combinations of luthier's wood used in ukuleles does not blend well with these strings. The sound can be loud and "barky". One such is mahogany. If you happen to try these on a solid mahogany ukulele and you are not impressed, try some other strings (I have D'Addario J17's on my mahogany uke.)

If you have a laminate wood uke, or laminate-solid top, the Aquilas may well take your instrument to a much better sound. If you are starting off on a Dolphin or have a child learning uke on a Dolphin or other inexpensive instrument, change to these strings and you will hear a much better sound.
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on August 11, 2013
I only have a low-cost Mahala ukulele so I wasn't expecting much of an improvement when I replaced the stock Nylon strings, (after watching several Youtube videos showing me how to do it). I was wrong. These strings sound much better - the sound is much brighter and "cleaner" than the nylon strings my ukulele was supplied with when new. The Aquila strings took about 30 minutes of continuous playing and stretching until they settled and now they stay tuned for long periods. My ukulele now sounds wonderful for such a cheap instrument and is limited only by my clumsy fingers. I would definitely recommend these strings to any uke player looking to replace their stock nylon strings with something better.
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on July 3, 2013
I'll start off with the thing that surprised me most- these strings are white. My old strings, like the strings that I have seen on most ukuleles, were black. My ukulele is fairly dark, so they stand out. I'm not sure yet if I like it or not. I uploaded a photo so others can see.

Other than that, they sound fine. They do seem to be louder and brighter than my old strings.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 2, 2012
Bright tone. If you have a dead sounding ukulele, as is sometimes heard in laminate ukes, or you want added volume, the Aquila strings are second to none. There are other wonderful strings (Fremont flouros, Worths, etc.), but Aquilas remain the pinnacle of affordability and enhanced sound. If you own a less expensive ukulele (under $300) and it came with "no-name" factory strings, or strings known to be of lesser caliber than the Aquilas (strings such as Martin, GHS, etc.), please just try a set of Aquilas, and you will hear a major difference. There are internet videos showing the painstaking process of making these Nylgut strings in an old factory, owned by a middle aged couple, in Italy.

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on September 15, 2011
A perfect sounding string! The crisp ring these strings give is undeniable, they are the best you can get. Your uke is going to come with crappy strings, change them to Aquilas!!
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on November 9, 2012
These strings can turn a pretty cheap ukulele into a fine instrument. I put them on my Makala MK-S, which is a great starter ukulele. I ordered the strings and the uke together and had the strings changed right away, which will run you about 10 bucks. I learned over the summer so I tuned the string every time the went out of tune for about 3 days, then whenever I played for the next week. The strings are testy at first but once you have had them tuned for a few months they RARELY go out of tune. I left my uke in the trunk of my arizona-dwelling car for a week and they were still perfectly tuned. A wise investment and I would recommend them to anyone!!!
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on September 16, 2015
Been having the super crappy First Act soprano ukulele for years now (don't look at me like that, bought a Makala concert in March, learned to play it and have since bought 8 more ukes, all costing MORE than $15 each, so there). Figured I'd put some decent strings on this painted red thing so my friends could have a uke to misuse while leaving my others alone. I woulda learned how to play ukulele long, long ago if I had known enough to put strings as good as these on it back then. This hunk a junk is now playable, didn't think that would happen. It has terrible wood, frets, tuners (one's hanging on by just one screw, like this for years), everything just sucks, but it now holds a tune for several hours and is louder and way less toy-like sounding. And incredibly, intonation is almost perfect, not sure if that's the strings though, maybe I fiddled with it and it accidentally helped. Kinda sounds like the Makala dolphins I've played but with less bass. They probably include these or very similar Aquila strings standard on alot of ukes now (like my Caramels). If you want the most badass strings on earth for an entry to intermediate ukulele get the Aquila supernylgut 103u's, they are fantastic. If your uke wouldn't really benefit from those kind of extreme dynamics, is really cheap or if you just want to save a couple bucks, these are very good, just don't expect the performance or super fast break in time of the 103u's.
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on April 22, 2013
I've been playing the ukulele for almost 2 months now..
and.. these are the strings I started out with. My goodness, these string are so beautiful.
The strings sound really amazing. I would recommend these string for all ukulele players.
No matter what kind of Ukulele you own, these strings are like magic.They will make your ukulele sound amazing.
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on May 29, 2016
These are the beast Ukulele strings ever in my opinion. Nice bright warm tones and soft on the fingers. If you are looking to enhance the sound of your ukulele, this is an inexpensive way to do so. And lets face it, if it sounds great you will play it more.
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on May 16, 2013
As a guitar player, I recently (march 2013) started to play the uke. I bought these strings to replace the set that came on the instrument. These string play good and stay in tune pretty well. I will buy again.
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