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on April 26, 2008
Both my husband and I have been taking Prevacid for years now for GERDS (acid reflux). We have very different symptoms, his being heartburn, mine is a swallowing problem when I eat -esp. certain foods. We heard from a M.D./Naturopath that Zypan and vinegar (with the mother in it)could be helpful. We take 1-2 with each meal. My husband has totally gotten off Prevacid for several weeks and seldom has any problems at all. He's also almost completely off of the vinegar (used supplementally at first between meals as needed). Also his intestinal digestion has improved greatly. I have been off now for 3 weeks which is simply amazing for me (I couldn't miss even 1/2 a day without Prevacid) and am doing really well. I can't believe it. I was soooo scared of choking and asperating. What a relief to be off that harmful antacid cycle.
My sister has had Type I Diabetes for 40 years now and could NEVER have a normal BM. Now she does more than fine! Zypan is amazing!
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on March 3, 2010
Something eaten on a trip to south Texas whacked out my lifelong intestinal good health. Just about everything went wrong. Strangely enough I couldn't eat beef without dire consequences.

In the end, no medical diagnosis could be made. I was told I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, meaning they couldn't identify the cause of my discomfort. I ate a restricted diet and was placed on a regimen of Prilosec for acid reflux. Seemingly a life sentence.

Then a friend, who's also a chiropractor, recommended I drop the Prilosec and take Zypan and A-F Betafood (also available on Amazon). Chiropractors and Standard Process products go hand-in-hand, but if that puts you off, you're missing a chance at relief here. He told me to take two tabs of each before each meal. In three days I was through with three years of extreme discomfort. It was a miracle in my mind and a reminder that when medical science reaches a dead end, there's still hope.

I'm now taking only one dose a day, in the morning. If I know I'm going to eat something that set me off before, I take an extra dose before or after the meal. I've added a good probiotic and daily yogurt. I'm a new man. And I can enjoy a steak if I want (although I've not gone back to the old red-meat diet, by choice).

Still, a smothered burrito once in a while is one of life's great pleasures for someone who thought he'd never be able to eat one again!
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on December 5, 2010
My daughter has been using Zypan for over two years with excellent results--in fact if we miss it for more than one or two meals you can see her stomach start to swell up (distension). I started using it a few months ago and wish I had tried it sooner. I have very low stomach acid and it has completely taken care of the debilitating stomach aches I got every time I ate, as well as helped my extremely bound up system become regular again (sorry if that's TMI, but if you're suffering with that like I was you'll want to know). My natural doctor said that when your liver and pancreas get over-taxed (for various reasons) it can slow down your production of digestive enzymes which then can cause severe stomach pain (and distension, bloating, gas, etc) and eventually leads to build-up of wastes in your system (poor/no elimination w/o help). It's a nasty cycle which builds on itself. Taking digestive enzymes takes some of the pressure off your pancreas and liver which allows them to heal and start producing enzymes again...which then leads to your system becoming more regular and functioning on its own again. This process takes time, though, especially if you have other things going on (we do), but one nice thing to keep in mind is that zypan is a whole-foods supplement and is not addicting.
PS My daughter is fairly young and has trouble swallowing pills so we crush hers up in a small amount of applesauce each time; it's not ideal but it works and she deals with the taste quite well. That's probably because she can feel such a difference with it.
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on January 9, 2009
I have been taking Nexium for a couple of years now. I was taking one Nexium before my evening meal. About a month ago, I began taking two Zypan at my evening meal and at the same time I stopped Nexium. This has taken care of about 95% of my problems with heartburn and reflux. I recommend it.
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on December 30, 2010
I used to have to clear my throat ALL the time. I could eat a piece of ice and have to clear my throat. It was especially bad right after I ate food. It was driving me and my husband nuts. My chiropractor/nutritionist recommended Zypan 330. She felt like my digestion was causing the "yuck" in my throat. I started taking it and saw results almost immediately. I mentioned it to a couple of my friends, one who is a teacher. She clears her throat while she is teaching and is frustrated by it. She started taking it and was amazed at the difference.
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on January 19, 2009
I suffered from acid reflux for YEARS. I took Previcid, Prilosec, etc. Anything to help.
Then I went to a chropractor for tennis elbow and just ask out of the blue if he had something for acid reflux. He told me to try the Zypan. After a day it helped. Now I only take it occasionally, when I have a flair up. Yesterday I took 2 with lunch and 2 with dinner. Today, it is completely gone.
It is a miracle pill.
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on June 20, 2014
I went to the Docotor 5 different times complaining about the same pain in my Stomache which was a feeling of knots, constipation, and cramps. They prescribed me everything to treat for reflux but that wasn't my case at all! I even went so far as to have a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and an x-ray of my Stomache to search for the issue causing my stomach pains. I gave up after the Doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me. So I decided to search my own symptoms out on-line and diagnose myself and came across these Zypan herbal pills so I went out and purchased them and as soon as I took the first two I could feel the pain in my stomach start to subside! I was ecstatic! Finally I found a cure!!! Recommend these to anyone experiencing any type of Stress.
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on November 17, 2013
For me... and both my kids and about 10 other friends, Zypan has been an absolute lifesaver. I spent 3 years in gastrointestinal agony, continually misdiagnosed by myriad doctors (supposed expensive professionals). Had every kind of test, scope, prod and poke out there and the best they could do for me was to put me on 5 different antacid prescription medications, with a bunch of fun side effects. Then one day a friend suggested I see a Naturopath. Best decision ever. What my problem turned out to be was a menopause-created (caused by extreme hormone imbalances) "sensitivity" to any foods containing either gluten and lactose. Never had a problem with either of them ever before 2003. My sensitivity wasn't enough to show up on any blood tests, but the resulting gastric nastiness was just as debilitating as any diagnosable disease. The solution? Swallow two Zypan tablets with each meal (every time I eat ANYTHING). Been doing wonderfully for 5 years now. But you have to be religious and carry them in your purse, pants pocket, keep some in the car, etc. I have loved the effects so much that I have a dozen other people taking it, also, regardless of what caused their particular sensitivity (doesn't have to be menopause related). Eat a burger out, take two Zypan... didn't cook a meal yourself from scratch (no unknown additives)? Take two Zypan, etc., etc., etc. It can really change your life.
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on March 20, 2012
I purchased this based on other reviews describing how well it works to prevent bloating and gas. I SHOULD have check into it further to find out what is in it since this page doesn't bother to list the ingredients. Lactose is one of the ingredients. If you are like me and are lactose intolerant, this will not prevent bloating and gas but cause more of it. Just be aware.....
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on October 12, 2011
I took this about 30 years ago. Chiropractor suggested when I was very anemic. They did blood work and found I was very low on stomach acid. Also that my foods weren't digesting well so I wasn't getting the nutrition I needed. I quit taking it about 20 years ago and now in my 50's had terrible heartburn and full feeling. Tried tums and various medicines for relief but suffered some side effects. I realized that heartburn was from not enough acid not too much. I went back on Zypan and what a difference. I feel like I got my life back and can sleep through the night. My mouth is not so dry and my food is digesting much faster. I take 2 tablets with each meal and feel great. I was sluggish all the time but not anymore. Thanks a lot Standard Process.
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