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on October 26, 2014
Product Review:
Flyable strait out of the box this is an awesome Quad Copter for all age hobbyists or fist time RC buyers! Great deal and great value - with full 4D trim settings and adjustable sensitivity this truly is a Copter that anyone can fly. Expert mode for more experienced flyers allows for two click 'flips' and keen maneuverability, while the provided protection ring allows even first time flyers confidence in flight. Built for durability this Copter can handle crash after crash and keep right on flying (provided you have the battery power, and replacement propellers). The built in, on-board camera allows you to take amazing video and is a very useful tool, as well as an awesome toy! However, flying in Expert Mode greatly decreases the quality of video recording.
Flight Time: Roughly 6-7 minutes (depending on how often you crash (or land) and relaunch the copter).
Charge Time: Roughly 1.5-2 hours.

-If you buy the Hubsan H107C model, it comes with a protection ring taped onto the underside of the inner packaging! You do not need to order a separate one unless you somehow damage this one!
-If you are a new RC hobbyist or new to flying Quad-Copters or other RC Copters USE THE PROTECTION RING FIRST OFF - If you damage the props too much, you will not be able to use the protection ring as the props will just spin against the side of the ring. It is recommended that you always fly the Hubsan WITH the protection ring, only remove the ring if the RC model is not performing as desired.
-In order to record video you will need to purchase a micro SD card (not provided) available on
-In order to copy videos from Copter's micro SD card you will need a Micro SD card Reader available on Amazon.

This Copter is an amazing value at the price that sells it for - I would recommend it to both experienced RC enthusiasts as well as newcomers to the RC hobby. Although a great RC product for older kids, I would recommend buying something a bit cheaper (and possibly without a camera) for your teenager, however they would have no problem flying this awesome product! (Ages 14+)

Replacement Parts:
Props: I would also suggest getting some replacement props on the way as they are THE MOST replaced part as well as THE EASIEST to damage... I went through the factory props as well as the set of replacement props within a couple of weeks, however props are very cheap, I just ordered 5 sets for less than $7 from
Batteries: If you are going to buy this product it is suggested that you pick up a couple of extra 3.7v 380 mAh batteries (with compatible connector) to extend flight time, also available from I just ordered a package of 5 batteries for less than $20 from

Product Suggestions:
Battery Charger: Neewer and ThinkMax sell an adapter for the battery charger capable of charging 4 - 3.7v 380mAh batteries at a time, it is suggested that you buy one of these if you are going to buy 3 or more extra batteries as it takes roughly 1.5-2 hours to charge one battery with the provided charger.
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on January 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
We happened upon some quads at a local hobby store and thought they looked like fun. At home, my son found the X4 after researching many others and thought it would be the one he would want. I ordered three for Christmas (one for each of my boys, and one for me!).
In addition to the quad, I also ordered a guard cover with extra props, SD cards, and extra batteries - I highly recommend the SD cards and batteries. I didn't know that the quad ships with guard and extra props in the box (that's pretty cool!) so I would have waited to order more.

While they arrived on the Saturday after Christmas, we caught up on the fun very quickly. The boys were excited to just fly and the quads were ready out of the box to do just that. After a few hard landings, we installed the guard covers (very easy), and read a little more of the manual. I strongly recommend a reading of the manual.
I was a little more cautious in my first flight. I was happy to start with a take off and a landing a few times. I wanted to a get a feel for the controls so I flew low and slow. With patience, the X4 is very stable and easy to control. I recommend learning in a large room and learn to calibrate and use the trim controls.
The extra batteries really came in handy as we were all able to get good experience in flying these quads. With all the batteries waiting to charge, we reviewed the manual a little more to understand trimming, calibration, and how to take videos.

In a week's time, we were all flying the quads pretty well. Of course, we replaced a prop or two, and learned how to reset the arms after a hard landing (p19 in the manual). But that didn't distract us from having a lot of fun with this quad!

We were all impressed with the video. The color and detail are good for indoor flying. I found it fun to watch a video of zooming around the living room. More recently, I was able to take a video outdoors. I waited for a day with no wind. The video resolution is not the best for distance but familiar landmarks are recognizable. I estimated the X4 ascended to 70 feet - what a view! I had good control at that height. When the quad descends, it appears to wobble a bit but was not unstable. A little more throttle near the ground and it recovered very well.

I had earlier purchased an AR Drone but its size limits what I can do indoors. The X4 is a welcome and fun alternative!

20 Apr 2014 Update
I still have a lot of fun flying this tough, little quad! With the warmer weather, I'm getting some great videos from almost 200 ft high.
I had noticed that my quad would rotate left slightly after take off. I presumed it was my props getting a little bent and it did not affect the flight. When I removed all the props and guard to adjust an LED, I noticed fibers wrapped around each motor armature. These fibers would not be noticeable with the props on! I removed the fibers from all four armatures. Now, my quad no longer has that slight rotation. I recommend a periodic check for fibers to maintain the quad in good flying condition!
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on February 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
I started quads with a Walkera Ladybird a couple years ago. Those were incredible little machines for beginners. I had so much fun, destroying several arms and props along the way.

The Hubsan X4 has similar size and maneuverability to the Ladybird, but it's a bit heavier with more powerful props. One source of the weight is the camera, the other is the plastic shell that wraps around the whole body and arms. I'm impressed by the build quality of the shell-- it seems like it can take a serious impact. I saw a Ladybird explode apart when it hit a building... I think this would have just bounced off.

This quad also came with a plastic ring prop protector which I found a few weeks later. It's taped on the underside of the packaging in the box. The protector is critical for learning to fly indoors-- you'll beat up the propellors less and avoid damaging the engines. Sometimes you'll just bounce off a wall or a chair, rather than jamming a propeller and flying into the floor. Use the protector!

The camera quality is great, for the price. It's like a smartphone camera from a couple years ago. It automatically adjusts white balance and exposure, sometimes the colors turns out well. I also tried mounting a Photojojo fisheye lens, which works perfectly and gives a much wider field of view (check out YouTube videos).

I like the controller. It feels similar in size to an Xbox slim controller. Comfortable with straightforward functions. Compatible with some other RTF quads.

The instruction manual is awesome! Calibration is super easy. Two different control modes, well explained. Expert mode with instructions on flip maneuvers! I had always wondered how to do flips, and finally learned with this instruction manual.

Comes with a prop removal tool, extra set of props, and the prop protector. You'll want to get extra batteries!

One downside: It makes a constant, loud high-pitched tone whenever the elevation is engaged AT ALL. Very annoying. I had bought it to use at the office, but this sound is aggravating indoors. Not a problem if you don't mind and are learning to fly, and not a problem outside.

There's a mic on-board, but all you can hear is how hard the props are working. It can help to remember what kind of maneuver was happening, but you can't hear speech or other environmental noise. Quads aren't good audio platforms anyway, so I don't mind that the mic is lousy.

Highly recommend this quad.
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on December 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
Best quadcopter for the price you pay. easy to use for beginners in beginners mode and challenging in expert mode. Note: while recording you get better footage by using beginner mode less shaking and camera shoots down in an angle to keep props out of frame.
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on October 19, 2013
Not only do you get to take video but they beefed up this Hubsan X4 so its much better than the original version and the new updated versions without a camera, remember must be a SD card only which max's out at 2gigs which is plenty big enough, also no sound with it, quad flips and rolls, dual rate stick settings, nimble and fast but hovers very good and the LED's help at dusk and night also.
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on November 16, 2014
Overall, this thing gets a pretty good rating from me. I'll break it up into categories, with my overall thoughts at the bottom:

Durability: 6.5/10
The quad is pretty durable, but a few things could use improvement. The arms have a cool feature where they sort of "break apart" in the event of a crash, but can be popped back together again (to avoid permanent damage). The only problem is that they "break apart" way too often; the mechanism is quite loose. Also, the propellors are very cheap and will break very easily as well as pop off the motor shafts during the smallest of crashes. However, it's not a huge deal when they come off (if you're lucky enough to find them after they fly off!) since you can simply slip them back on. Sadly, the prop guard is just as cheap as the props. I dropped the quad from maybe 4 feet high, it hit a bush, and landed on the sidewalk. Not a bad crash at all, considering it only fell about a foot onto the sidewalk after coming out of the bush. But the prop guard had snapped apart! Lastly, the motors aren't quite up to the task; I dropped from maybe 10 feet onto a flat surface, landed sitting face-up, and one of the motors stopped working (that might have been my fault though). Luckily Amazon replaced my quadcopter with a new one, no questions asked. Other than all of that, the thing feels like it has a decent build quality, and I'm not at all worried about the main canopy breaking.

Camera: 7/10
It's certainly not the best camera. Reminds me of an older cell phone camera. But when I bought it, I knew the quality wasn't going to be great, so I can't be too disappointed. The only real problem is focusing the camera; there's no auto-focus and no live feed out so it's almost impossible to get it focused correctly. I'll update the review in a while when I can get outside and get some footage!

Battery: 6/10
This is the last category before I talk about actually flying the quadcopter. The battery isn't too bad; it's got your average R/C helicopter flight time of 6-7 minutes per charge. I'd definitely like to have more flight time, but I can always buy extra batteries for around $3 each. The main downside is charging time, which is north of 45 minutes, even with a high-output charger!

Flight & Transmitter: 9/10
Flying this little guy is so much fun! Even a pilot like myself with a little bit of experience still has tons of fun, but some of my friends bought these as well and learned to fly very quickly. There are two modes: Normal & Expert; Normal mode has stick sensitivity of about mid-range, whereas Expert mode has extremely sensitive sticks. The latter allows you to flip and fly pretty dang fast. It's definitely a challenge, but lots of fun!
While you're flying in either mode, the trickiest thing is orientation. When it's coming towards you, pushing the stick left will make the copter lean right, and vice versa. Sounds easy, right? Nope. But Hubsan included red and blue LEDs to assist with this. It's still kind of mind-boggling when it's coming at you, but the LEDs (and different-colored props) definitely help out.
In most other quadcopters I've flown, the yaw control is a bit unstable. They all tend to lean in a certain direction when spinning, but not this one; it needs minimal correction.
The transmitter isn't my favorite, but definitely beats that of the similarly-priced quadcopters such as the Estes Proto X. This transmitter is about the size of an Xbox controller and has sticks of a decent length. It can also be programmed to reverse channels or adjust stick sensitivity.

Overall: 3.5/5 (rounded to 4/5)
This is a nice, stable flyer suitable for beginners as well as experienced pilots. Everyone who has flown mine has had lots of fun, no matter the experience level. At just $49 (or $38 without a camera) I highly recommend this quadcopter over its competitors. Just be sure you buy lots of extra propellers, as I went through the included 2 sets within 1 day. Luckily, they're only about $7 for a 20-pack.

If you have any more questions or want more information, feel free to ask!
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 13, 2014
Verified Purchase
This thing (and the similar H107L which I also own) has provided me with hours of entertainment on a daily basis. It's the first quadcopter I've ever owned and has gotten me totally hooked on the hobby.

-Easy to learn to fly right out of the box, holds balance and position very well, both indoor and outdoor.
-Battery charges quickly via USB and provides a solid 10-15 minutes of aggressive flying.
-Spare batteries and replacement parts are cheap and easy to find.
-My cat can't decide if she's supposed to hunt it or hide from it (that alone makes it worth the money)

Will definitely buy more Hubsan mini quads in the future.
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on May 26, 2014
Verified Purchase
I was not interested in drones at all until I saw the video of the drone flying over the Texas A&M football stadium [...] After viewing that video, I spent the next hour researching drones for beginners. I heard good things about the Hubsan X4 and came to Amazon and bought this one.

I honestly was not expecting much when I ordered this drone with the drone being so small. However, after playing with the Hubsan X4 for the last two days, all I can say is that it is a blast to fly. Having a camera attached is so cool. The Hubsan X4 does not come with an included micro SD card so you will have to buy one to record videos. I purchased this exact one from Target for $12.

There is a small learning curve to begin flying. I was doing the trigger calibration on the instructions that came with the Hubsan X4 and somehow my controller got switched into Mode 1. This was very frustrating and it took me a bit of time to figure out how to put it back in Mode 2 which is the recommended mode.

I bought five additional batteries from Amazon here because these batteries only last about 7 minutes of flying time and take about 40 minutes to charge. You will get bored if you only have one battery since it only lasts a short while and takes 40 minutes to charge so bite the bullet and buy the additional batteries to swap out. You should also buy extra propellers as you will lose the ones that are included. I was able to buy 20 additional propellers from ebay for $7.50 total shipped from China. Also, be sure to put the propeller guard on as the blades do hurt if they hit you and to help avoid damage to people, property, and propellers.

All in all, I was skeptical about how much fun a small drone was going to be, but I have ended up loving it and fly it constantly. I even ended up buying the DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter yesterday from Amazon ( because I liked this one so much!
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12 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on May 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
Amazing!! This thing was much faster then I expected. I lost it my first time flying outside though so be careful flying outside. Also if you live in an area with lots of green areas don't get color green, it's really hard to find in the grass. And FYI the battery only lasts 5 min or so. Extra batteries is a must.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on December 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
Just got it last night and my wife had it charged and ready to go. First flight i was outside and gaining great control. It was night and the LEDS are bright ! I lost it over my house and it went like 10 miles in the air and out of sight. Luckily i saw it fall and tracked it down 2 blocks away. After that i put the guard on which is hard to get the propellers off to get the guard on by the way. After it charged again i mastered the indoor flight. THIS THING IS AWESOME!! My 2 boys love it they are 3 and almost 1. I also got the 3.7v 500 mAh batteries (5 count) with a charger that charges all 5 off ebay for like 16 bucks. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS. One battery is not enough. You will be counting down the minutes in agony till you can fly again haha. Overall awesome 9 out of 10.
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