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on July 26, 2012
i will be using wen for the rest of my life. no reason to detail up about this crazy amazing product since there are hundreds of testimonies available. one thing that did take me a while to find and (i think/hope) will be useful to others is the scent comparison chart i found at qvc. i will copy and paste it for you.

Tea Tree:
Tea Tree is specifically created for dry, itchy scalps and brittle hair, yet is
beneficial for all hair types. Its moisturizing formula adds sheen and manageability
while its fortifying properties help alleviate sensitive, dry, or flaky
scalps. It may be used as often as necessary to cleanse without stripping the
scalp of its natural essential oils.

Cucumber Aloe:
As WEN's most clarifying Cleansing Conditioner, Cucumber Aloe is specifically
created for oily scalps and dry hair, yet is beneficial for all hair
types. Its lightweight formula cleanses the scalp and hair while adding
moisture, sheen, and body. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner as often
as necessary to help achieve exceptionally healthy-looking, shiny hair.

Lavender is specifically created for fine, thin hair, yet is beneficial for all
types. It embodies the calming, soothing, and invigorating properties of
lavender to hydrate and moisturize. Its lightweight formula gives hair plenty
of body and shine without stripping or robbing it of its natural essential oil.

Sweet Almond Mint:
As the very first WEN Cleansing Conditioner, Sweet Almond Mint was
developed to address all hair types. This universal formula uses the perfect
blend of nourishing herbs and ingredients to hydrate and replenish. Its lightweight
formula helps add body, volume, shine, moisture, and strength. It
thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair without stripping them of their natural

Fig was specifically created for dry, damaged, dehydrated, color-treated,
chemically straightened, thick, or ethnic hair, yet is beneficial for all hair
types. Due to its rich, conditioning nature, it performs extremely well with
medium-to-coarse or wavy-to-curly hair. It cleanses the scalp and hair
while adding moisture, sheen, and manageability.

This scent was created with botanicals and extracts to give all hair types
the moisture and hydration they need to stay healthy, shiny, and manageable.
It thoroughly cleanses without stripping or robbing hair of its natural
essential oils. Its incredibly rich, yet lightweight formula gives hair plenty of
body, volume, and shine without weighing it down.

Fall Ginger Pumpkin, Winter Vanilla Mint, Spring Gardenia, Summer Mango:
WEN Seasonal Cleansing Conditioners are universal formulations
designed for all hair types, lengths,and textures. Designed to keep your
hair healthy and manageable, they were created to help WEN customers
enjoy all benefits of Cleansing Conditioner along with the signature scents
of each season.
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on February 14, 2008
I was excited by the prospects for this product, but after a month I am medium lukewarm. Positives: The lavender smells absolutely wonderful, and it really does clean my hair. Not-so-positives: My hair is certainly soft and clean, but it has the texture of lambs-wool batting, like we used to stuff into ballet toe shoes. I adjusted my routine with it after a couple of weeks, using the Color Treat conditioner from Clairol as a finisher instead of using the Wen as a leave-in -- that improved matters a lot. But I still had to use the Dove Smooth & Soft anti-frizz product after styling to get over the batting texture. It was also much more difficult to style my hair, although I have to say that once it was styled it stayed that way until the next time I used it. Bottom line, after a month of using it exactly as directed (to give it time to "take"), I couldn't stand it any more and couldn't wait to use real shampoo again. I did this morning and my hair suddenly looks clean, looks and feels like hair and not batting, and is much easier to style (took 5 minutes this morning as opposed to the 15 from using Wen). And I don't have to use the anti-frizz product. I still have about a quarter of the bottle left but I won't be buying any more. (So I'm glad I purchased one bottle through Amazon, rather than signing up for the introductory package on tv, which comes with auto-renewal every month!)
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on December 11, 2013
At first I thought I got a knowck off. My product came in a differently shaped, unseladed bottle with a different label that what's pictured (and what I've purchased in the past directly from the brand). The list of ingredients on the label does not match what's advertized on Amazon (or what's on the label of the original I bought directly from the brand). I contacted Chaz Dean Studios with pictures of the product I received from Amazon compared to the product I received when bought directly from them.

Here is the response from Chaz Dean Studios: "What you appear to have here are two versions of the WEN product. The ones on the right were manufactured by us, the left bottles were manufactured by Guthy Renker, our infomercial partner. Both are authentic WEN products, but Guthy Renker labeling is different from ours, and their ingredient list has also been adjusted in order to allow them to meet regulations in all countries that they sell WEN products in."

Giving this 1 star since I did not receive the product that was advertised. However, I do like the original product and use it all the time. See customer images for a comparison of what I received vs what is advertised.
review image review image
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on June 18, 2015
I bought this several months ago, used it a few times, and decided I didnt like it. when i ran out of my usual shampoo, i tried the wen again, and this time did NOT follow the instructions (24 pumps? Are you kidding?) and got the results I was expecting. Chaz himself says 3 to 4 pumps so I dont know why the instructions on the bottle say double digits. I use 3 pumps for my fine medium length hair. 3 pumps! Not 33. I also make sure my hair is very wet when i put the cleanser in. Emulsifying it with water is the key. Once I started doing this my hair was turning out silky and light and not sticky and dull. I pretty much dye my hair monthly and my ends used to be dry and brittle. Wen has made a huge difference there. I love this product, but minus a star for incorrect ambiguous instructions!
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on December 7, 2010
About me/ my hair: I am Black-American and have 100% natural hair that, when straightened, hangs about an inch above my waist. My hair is very fine/fragile and naturally very dry, so it frizzes easily and heat is very damaging to it. I'm very careful about how I wash my hair, and for years, I've used the same process: I wash my hair weekly with a humectant conditioner, and then wash twice monthly with Ivory soap (because it's a gentle detergent).

I tried Wen because I saw the info-mercial and a friend (who is Black-American with waist length hair, that is partly relaxed and partly natural) told me that Wen lavendar works for her. My friend has been growing out the relaxer in her hair, and has not had a touch-up in months. So, I excitedly ordered the product, waited all weekend for it to arrive, and then, washed my hair Monday night (yes, I almost missed the Jets-Patriots game fooling around with this stuff, that's how excited I was to try it out)!

The first thing I noticed was that the Cleansing Conditioner had the consistency of Pantene Pro-V, which has never been an effective conditioner for my unprocessed hair. This stuff did not work any better: I used exactly the amount directed on the bottle, 30 pumps, and massaged and waited as directed. My hair felt hard and my scalp and neck tingled from the menthol in the Cleanser. I followed the instructions TO. THE. LETTER. I rinsed and repeated, wondering if my hair would feel any softer after a second round. It did not. I tried one last round: I parted my hair into four sections and increased the pumps from 30 for my entire head, to 30 for each section, and then left the cleanser in for 10 minutes!

This should have been overkill. But my hair felt EXACTLY the same!!

So then I applied the hydrating mask. I was even more disappointed with this: this "Hydrating Mask" feels more like a finishing balm and it did absolutely nothing for my ends. I had to use almost the entire jar for the length and thickness of hair I have, which made my stomach turn because the little 4oz jar cost almost *FIFTY DOLLARS* -- I thought it would last for at least a few uses!! I brushed my hair and pulled it into a bun to dry. The next morning, my hair was just as dry and frizzy as always. And in addition, I had *knots* in my curls, which I usually NEVER have!

If you have a relaxer/Brazilian/texturizer, this product might work for you. Also, if you are trying to grow out a relaxer or texturizer, this product may work well for you as well. But in general: for black hair, Wen is probably no more effective than a good conditioner. In my opinion, the Wen system is a rip-off if you have natural, unprocessed hair. It is very unprofessional and misleading for them to market this product to natural hair and to claim that this product works for "natural ethnic" hair. It does not have the consistency to bind to and saturate the unprocessed hair shaft!!!

All that Wen did was bind to my wallet and clean me out of 85 dollars!

Sisters -- save your hard earned money, and just get a good humectant conditioner like Matrix Biolage or Nexxus Humectress, or a hair conditioner from Miss Jessies or Carol's Daughter!
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on June 22, 2009
I wanted to love this product. I don't. On the plus side it smells great and makes your scalp tingle--which I like. On the negative side--where to begin. It takes forever. Wet hair for 2 minutes, leave product in for 5, rinse for 2 minutes. I followed the directions to the tee. Tried using the minimum number of pumps, the maximum number of pumps, left it on longer, rinsed it out sooner...nothing changed. My fine hair was lifeless and heavy. Sure, it felt soft but who cares if it looks like something dead on your head? I can see how this might work great for thick, coarse hair, but absolutely not for fine hair.
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on January 30, 2014
No matter what they tell you, if you have impossibly fine/thin hair like I do, this is not the ideal product. Conditioners have always been a problem for my extremely fine hair, and this is no different. It is a conditioning cleanser (read: conditioner) in place of shampoo. After needing a good 10 minutes of rinsing it all out (make sure!), it makes hair super soft and shiny coming out of the shower. Makes using a comb five times easier on the hair. Blows out like a dream. BUT! After an hour or so of seemingly terrific style, volume, body -- my hair goes limp. I've deleted countless pics on social media in the past few months because my hair is so flat and pancaked to my head, I look horrible. It's jarring. Took me a while to realize -- the one hour or so of great hair fooled me. I thought this was THE answer to my fine hair nightmare. It was not. I've switched to a volumizing shampoo and volumizing mousse, and, with advice from my stylist, I avoid any and all conditioning products, including this one. It's just not the right thing for anyone who suffers from flat, lifeless, baby-fine and thin hair like mine.
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on April 29, 2015
This is just like any other conditioner I've used. You can "wash hair" with this by following the directions of 16 pumps, massage, rinse and repeat. So basically use half the bottle each time. I can "wash hair" with any conditioner if I used half the bottle. So super disappointed.
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on July 19, 2013
I purchased the Wen Hair care products after watching a very enticing infomercial. After following the system for one month, my hair was very dry and frizzy, and didn't feel clean at all. It felt greasy and lifeless. I am forty-something, and my hair is getting gray, so I dye my hair every four to six weeks. I need deep conditioning and something to help it look smooth and shiny. I thought this product would do it. After spending WAY TOO MUCH MONEY and using it for one month, I returned to my favorites - Pantene Smooth shampoo and conditioner, and Fructis Sleek and shine Anti-frizz serum. After one day of returning to my regular products, I received several compliments on how great my hair looked, and everyone asked me what I was doing differently. Don't waste your time or money with Wen.
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on December 12, 2010
I could not have been more skeptical about this product. I have fine, thin, chin-length hair. It's so fine and thin that I have to style it carefully to cover a couple really sparse spots. I was never one to use conditioner b/c I never found one that didn't weigh my hair down, make it a greasy mess by the end of the day, or make it so soft that I couldn't do anything with it. But then my stylist told me that I needed to start doing something b/c my hair was really dry - which was leading to breakage (and even thinner hair). So she recommended a bunch of different conditioners and treatments - none of which impressed me. Then flipping through the channels one day I happened to see Chaz on QVC. I'd seen the Wen infomercial before, but turned the channel after five minutes - I could see no reason to even consider the product. Everyone on the infomercial had either long, thick or ethnic hair - the opposite of me. When I saw Chaz's presentation on QVC, though, I became curious - especially about the lavender (which was billed as the most volumizing of the group). At that point I was desperate to try anything that might improve the quality of my hair. I'd spent enough on other products that hadn't worked, I didn't feel like I had anything to lose.

I got the product, watched the DVD and read the directions carefully. I was still skeptical as I pumped out what seemed to be entirely too much product for my amount of hair (I use 16 pumps). I did like the way it felt in my hair - foamy (not lather) and tingly - and it really did feel cleaner than I'd expected after I rinsed. After I dried and styled it, though, I was a believer. My hair was soft and smooth, but not too soft - and not static-filled or fly-away like most other conditioners leave my hair. What got me, though, was the amount of volume I got from just the conditioning cleanser (no additional volumizing product was used) and my round brush. I couldn't believe it! It was so manageable and easy to style. I haven't had a bad hair day since!! Not to mention, my hair is far less oily and greasy than it was when I used standard shampoos - my hair really feels cleaner overall. I've been using the product for about three weeks now and I've already noticed a huge difference in the amount of breakage I experience - it's like night and day! My hair already feels healthier - I can't wait to see what it looks like months from now!

The only reason I don't give the product five stars is because it really is a time consuming process. Rinse for at least a minute, then massage it into your scalp for 2-3 minutes, then comb it through and let it sit in your hair for at least five minutes, then rinse and comb again until the water runs clear (at least a minute or two). There's no such thing as a quick shower when it comes to using this product. Luckily it hasn't been much of an issue in that I just leave myself a few extra minutes of shower time in the morning. I look at is as a daily spa treatment for my hair. I must admit, though, if I wasn't so convinced by the results I'm not sure I'd spend the time it takes to use it properly. As it is, though, I can't imagine using anything else!
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