Will there ever be a 4GB Pink galaxy model? Does anyone know if Asus will offer a 4G Galaxy version of the EeePC in the Pink color through Amazon or another retailer? I have seen one for sale on eBay but it was to be shipped from Taiwan and has a multi-language keyboard but I didn't know if this item would have a warranty valid in the U.S.A. and the price was quite a bit more than a regular 4G galaxy, especially after shipping. I have seen a pink one for sale here on Amazon for $429 and in the description it says that it is a 4G HD model but again, I prefer to buy directly from Amazon and not one of their retailers. I want to surprise my wife with the pink EeePC but I really don't want the 2g surf model. Any info you guys might have would be great. Thanks!
asked by T. Patocka on March 7, 2008