Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Subwoofer
Used & New from: $105.00
Can I use these with a PS3 optical or HDMI output? The PS3 only has an optical and HDMI output? I'm having a hard time finding an inexpensive speaker set. Any suggestions?
asked by JM on January 11, 2010
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Just use the RCA cables that came with the ps3, and set the audio feature under "settings" to RCA. Your ps3 will still display with hdmi cable and then output audio with RCA. Also if you're using RCA to output audio, be sure to buy one of these with this specific speaker system Logitech 5.1 Game Console Adapter Convert Rca Plugs To A Single 1/8 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
This adapter will give your ps3 5.1 channel surround sound without having to use the lame matrix mode.
zjh2011 answered on January 13, 2010

You're not going to find an inexpensive speaker set with true 5.1 surround. You'll either have to purchase a receiver with an optical input and speakers separately, or else buy a set of speakers that has an optical input and Dolby/DTS decoding built-in, such as the Logitech Z-5500 set. The Logitech Z-5500 used to be sold for ~$175 but computer speaker competition has died off in the past couple years and now it runs for $400. Perhaps you could find a good deal on a used set.

I would not recommend the splitter that zjh2011 posted. It only takes the stereo signal from the red/white RCA cables (which CANNOT output a surround signal) and just mirrors it to all of your speakers, i.e. your rear speakers will be outputting the same sounds as your front speakers.
Lewis Murdoc answered on February 20, 2010

I hooked these speakers up to my xbox like stated above I used the hdmi cord and ran it to my tv then i also plugged in the regular tv cable to the xbox and just ran the red and yellow audio cords to the speakers. It sounds excellent!! It DOES give you surround sound, I have played this with many games but with Call of Duty World at War with Zombies and it sounds incredible! Just as good as my friends $800 surround sound set.
Marauder Shields answered on October 31, 2010

As far as I can tell, the cheapest options to have this work with the PS3 with true surround sound, would be something like this:
- With this product, you'd have to set your PS3 audio to output HDMI LPCM 5.1 44/48khz
Or, if you buy a Tritton AXPro 5.1 Headset, it would come with a Dolby decoder that can output to these speakers.
James Morris answered on July 6, 2010
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