If I use two of these at the same time, will I have issues? I often have a work laptop and my desktop in front of me and work on two systems at the same time. Will this cause issues or will each mouse only pair with one system?
asked by N. Reuter on September 15, 2011
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Victor Torres is incorrect.

You will not have issues with this mouse. Each mouse is paired to its unique receiver. This mouse uses the "UNIFYING" receiver, which allows you to pair up to 5 devices to the same receiver. However, in order to pair two devices (in your case, two mice) to the SAME receiver, you must use the SetPoint Software.

If you plug two receivers into the computer, you will be prompted about the UNIFYING software but you have the option to KEEP both UNIFYING receivers active.

In summary, you can pair two of these same mice to the same computer OR pair them to different computers. There will be no "crosstalk" between the two different UNIFYING receivers.
Cameron Scott answered on December 5, 2011

I use two laser mice, each is paired with own USB receiver, and I also use a corded mouse, so three mice at the same time on a sinlge computer.
Backbutton answered on November 23, 2013

Well you won't have any issues but you need to install the receiver on whatever computer you're working on. you can't have 2 receivers on each computer and hope the mouse will respond to each one separately, I can tell you because I have 2 receivers and I tried that. I tried using the 1 receiving on my desktop and hoping to install the 2nd receiver on my laptop, needless to say it didn't work I needed to remove the receiver from my desktop to my laptop in order to get it working without any issues.

Hope that helps.
Victor Torres answered on October 3, 2011
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