Samsung Series 5 Chromebook (Wi-Fi)
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Do you think this would be a good OS for a 12/13 year old? By the way, I AM that 12/13 year old. I have not been saving for long, but I have almost $100 saved. I'm in the 7th grade and now trying to figure out a right operating system that will get me through Jnior Hgh, maybe even High School. The thing I'm worried about is this: I don't like google docs, and it seams that Chrome Book is based around it. Is there any way that just in the web browser, use Windows Live Skydrive? Or, for that, should I just get a W7 PC? Alt. 3: Just put the $100 in my college fund and just use my kindle fire. (like that's what I want, not the $100 in the college fund, that's smart. I'm talking about the kindle. )
asked by larsona on February 3, 2012
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I too was in a very similar position not too long ago. I dropped my computer down the stairs (stupid, I know), and since I am required to do many of my school assignments on a computer, I knew I needed something that would be able to hold me over until I had time to fix it (I'm fairly tech savvy) or get it fixed. I had $350 saved up from selling some of my old gear, and I decided on the Chromebook. It was cheap (I got the Acer wifi model), it was fast, and I used Google products already.
I've had the Chromebook for a while now, and I'm extremely happy with it. I'll definitely be taking it to college with me, and the only reason I'm going to fix my old laptop is so I can sell it. Unless you use Photoshop, Logic, Pro Tools, or other likewise type applications, you'll have no problem adapting to the cloud environment. Google Docs has improved a lot in the past few months, but even if you don't like it, you can get another word processor from the Chrome Web Store, and hook it up to your Google Drive, and have all the same benefits of the Google Docs webapp with another interface. You would have to pay for this, but from what I hear, it's worth it. There are applications that allow you to use cloud versions of Microsoft word if you're especially tied to that, so really it's a great computer for Word Processing.
I don't mean to sound like a fanboy, but I can't recommend the Chromebook highly enough. People may say that only having a browser is a limiting experience, but only because they haven't experienced the full potential of the internet. If you haven't made a decision already, go for the Chromebook. It's a great device, and most of the people who criticize it haven't ever used it.
If you have any other questions about it, just post here again. I'll be happy to answer them.
Elizabeth A. Schauble answered on May 10, 2012
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i don't have a chromebook but have read a lot about it and am thinking of getting one
i am 90% certain you can use zoho online apps and also windows web office and windows live
so if you don't like google docs, it shouldn't be a problem

the "operating system" in the chromebook is a web browser
the web browser is google chrome
so anything you can do in google chrome on a "regular" pc, you should be able to do on the chromebook
Catfat answered on June 14, 2012
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