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Flavor: Brownie Crunch|Size: 10 Count|Change
Price:$11.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on August 22, 2010
Okay so I ordered every flavor of these during the summer sale in June were most of the flavors $12, and if you signed up "Subscribe and Save" they were $10.50 each. So, I will be putting up reviews as I open each box. They have been in the fridge (keeps me from random snacking) and I opened Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Mudslide, and Mixed Nuts & White Chocolate last night. I am 5'3" and 118 and I try to add some protein to my diet with bars like this. My review will only be for the Chocolate Mudslide (others on the appropriate product pages.) I will start with what EVERYONE really cares about: TASTE! These bar tasted incredible to me!!!! Thick, rich, dark chocolate, chewy consistency, NO chemical taste, sweet but not too sweet. I read the nutrient profile and the ingredient list, and I am really pleased with the ingredient quality. This is what attracted me to the product. It is sugar free, gluten free, and wheat free. This is great for those watching their waistline. On the other hand, it has a pretty sizeable fat content. This one has 7 grams of fat. So just be aware of that when including in your diet, too many of these and you WILL gain weight! The protein is excellent!!! (20 grams), as much as a small chicken breast. (Although chicken breast doesn't have this much fat.) The sodium isn't bad (125 mg). There are 14 net carbs, which subtract out the fiber and sugar alcohols (the sugar alcohols are in debate as to whether your body burns them as calories or not.) The calories, fat, protein, and carbs are equal to: a large plain green salad, 3 oz chicken breast, 3 cups broccoli, 1/2 tablespoon oil, and a cup of berries. So I say that to illustrate that this is definitely a healthy MEAL REPLACEMENT for those on the go and really has TOO MANY calories for a full bar to be a snack. If you plan on snacking, break it in half and eat half for an afternoon snack, and half for a nighttime snack. If you do it this way, these bars are actually a very smart, thoughtfully balanced, and highly convenient, delicious snack. That is the most effective way to use these bars. They do not really have enough fiber to eat as a meal replacement because you will be hungry in less than four hours after eating. If you do use as a meal replacement, add a broth soup and a large green salad with low-cal dressing, or veggies (most grocery stores sell washed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots that you can eat on the go.) Another way to incorporate these DELICIOUS bars into your routine is a breakfast. Perfect for on the go and it's hard to eat more before lunch even if you do get hungry (which most people don't get very hungry before lunch.) So in summary: EXCELLENT ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS; DELICIOUS, DECADENT FLAVOR (as good as a candy bar); CONVENIENT PACKAGING; GREAT VITAMIN & MINERAL PROFILE (you'll still need a comprehensive multivitamin daily); CONVENIENT SOURCE OF PROTEIN; GREAT SNACK (if you eat half as a snack or the other half later in the day as a snack.) THE PRICE IS RIGHT too based on Amazon's deal vs. in store pricing on these bars. They are very expensive in retail stores, Amazon is selling them almost 50% off. Helpful hint: if you sign up for Subscribe & Save, you get the best price. You can set your shipments to every six months, and even if you don't want them then, you can delay shipment. The point is, you really never have to buy more later in order to get the best price now. You can keep deferring shipment. Not saying that to scam Amazon, just saying that may help more people be willing to try a delicious bar if the price is right. I hope this review helped you make a purchasing decision, either for or against the product. I know I hate to waste my money, and I wanted to give a honest review.
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on May 23, 2009
A year ago, I commited myself to losing weight. I discovered these bars at Costco (unfortunately, they no longer carry them). I eat one for breakfast every day. I also bring a bunch with me when I am travelling so I don't have to eat junk food on airplanes etc. These are so filling and so large compared to other bars. I love that they are also gluten-free. They do taste like a candy bar - that's the best part! I don't feel like I am dieting. This is my favorite flavor, although I also eat the Brownie Crunch to mix it up. You will not be disappointed! I've gotten many friends and coworkers to eat these too. Everyone loves them!
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on February 22, 2007
This is one of the best tasting protein bars in existence, I kid you not.

The interior is fluffy, practically like the inside of one of those peanut butter easter eggs. The chocolate coating is just ok, and tends to melt in anything other than cool temperatures.

The downer is that the main sweetener is malitol, which causes seriously stinky gas if you are sensitive to it. It IS a natural sweetener, but that doesn't mean it's all good....
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on July 14, 2015
I had these ThinkThin High Protein Brownie Crunch bars on a subscribe and save cycle. I bought some at Trader Joe's, loved them and figured I'd like to always have a stash. The first order came in April and was fine -- delicious. Then, Amazon didn't send me another order until July (even though I specified I wanted them monthly). They gave no apology or explanation. And so far, every bar that I've opened (five of them) has been gross. The chocolate has turned white and is all powdery and nasty (see photo for verification). The chocolate is crumbly and dry when you bite into it -- not exactly appetizing. I believe this happens to chocolate when it is kept in alternately very hot and then very cold conditions with no stability. What a huge disappointment and a waste of money! These are normally very good, but I'll just buy them from the store and steer clear of Amazon's "Subscribe & Save" feature!
review image
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on October 11, 2010
ThinkThin are great bars. Amazon delivers either stale bars or bars that have been left in a hot warehouse. I used to take delivery monthly -- no more! The last 2 shipments were bars that were so dry that they crumbled when the package was open. I cancelled my standing order.
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on January 15, 2007
Though it's now out of vogue, I'm still a fan of a healthy version of the low carb Atkins style diet. This is the perfect meal bar for that diet (probably great for South Beach, too). It is delicious, the peanut butter is creamy, and the chocolate on the outside is superb. I've used the Atkins bars for years, and they taste of chemicals and artificial sweetners. These Think Think bars, though, are practically candy bars. They have low net carbs (2 for this version, I think). Even when I'm not dieting, I still love this bar. It isn't a large, filling bar, and I can't really eat one to replace a meal, but if you're looking for a snack to cut between meals, or just a desert to eat with a nice cup of coffee at night, this is the bar for you.

This price on Amazon can't be beat, either. I pay about $1.7 per bar at Trader Joes, 2.20 a bar at the local megamart (when they have them in stock), and only about a buck fifty here on Amazon. Great deal. I was kind of sketchy ordering food online (though I order everything eles online), but Amazon grocery proved me wrong. Give 'em a try.
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on August 25, 2015
Am diabetic... Purchased these ...unfortunately buyer beware...States sugar free? These have 11g of sugar alcohol (Maltitol) does not mention is as bad as sugar derived from sugar - causes major stomach issues..... Last time I will buying this manufacturers protien bars...
review image
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on August 2, 2015
I had these ThinkThin High Protein Fudge bars many times . I bought some at super market, loved them and realized that I'd like to always have a box and placed the order through Amazon.Com. The order came in August 1st, 2015. I've opened the box and the two bars I opened have been disappointing. The chocolate has turned white, crumbled, dry , all powdery and poor appearance (see attached photo). I am disappointed as I really enjoy this chocolate. I have gotten a full refund from Amazon but I decided to stop ordering the box.
review image review image
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on January 9, 2011
I've never had a problem with Amazon, but I've ordered this product TWICE, and BOTH times the bars were almost white because the chocolate was so old, dry, and totally disgusting. When I buy these from Trader Joe's, they're great, but from Amazon - stay away! They've refunded me both times, but apparently still haven't fixed the problem, as more and more people are saying the same thing. What's going on Amazon?
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on December 15, 2013
I purchased several of these bars at my local Sprouts market to try them. I ate a chunky peanut butter one yesterday afternoon. Initially I was excited by the nutritional profile of these bars because it had only 230 calories but had 20 grams of protein. For me this was meant to be more of a snack and protein recovery bar than a weight loss bar. I run and lift six times a week, so protein is very important for me. Unfortunately, this bar just isn't for me because of the stomach issues it led to.

At the risk of giving too much information, this bar caused some pretty severe gastrointestinal issues for me. I was up half the night in severe pain from bloating, gas, diarrhea, and nausea. After reading through several other reviews, I realize that the culprit in the bar is maltitol, a sugar alcohol. The makers of this bar probably included it to cut back on calories, but I wish there wasn't any chemical sugars in these bars because they did me wrong in a bad way.

Apparently not everyone is affected by maltitol the way I was. But I must tell you, last night was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I've had in a very long time. Before you order these, you should definitely sample a few by a local grocer to make sure you don't have the same experience. You've been warned.
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