Can I use this cable for both cable Internet and cable tv? Thank you!
[UPDATED] asked by TT on November 17, 2012
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yes . With the proper run off a set top box and or modem . I usually just hook up remote internet via wifi from the main connection inside the home and use the cable runs for TV . I don't get all but do get most channels via the tuner in my remote TV's . If you want all you need to purchase another cable box for each room sadly nowadays . The cable companies want to scramble every channel to force this . Sad you can't even watch NFL football often held in publically subsidized stadiums via broadcast TV anymore since ESPN bought the contract . Same with Nascar and their speed channel and many races on TNT or ESPN . PIP and recording a show while watching another is also no longer a option in most cases unless you pay for TIVO or a Cable company provided recorder with a descrambler in it or extra set top boxes and quite a exepense . That really frosts my bonnet when local sports are blacked out often too which hurts those in nursing homes ,hospitalized or homebound severely ill or disabled individuals who can't attend games regardless .
Croppled1 answered on November 30, 2012
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