is this bike colapsable? can I put it in my car? is it possible to take this trike in a car or suv?
asked by ASQUAREDF on September 14, 2010
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This bike in not collapsible and is very heavy.
K9Mom answered on September 16, 2010
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The bike is approximately 78 inches long.. Much longer than a regular bike and approximately 30.5 inches wide.. The handle bars are approximately 32 inches wide measured from brake lever to lever widest point...We store our bike standing up and it takes up less space. We face the wheels against a wall, The front tire in the air the bike sitting on the basket..I made a hook for the front wheel so kids don't knock it over.. It's not easy to reduce the size and it does not fold at all.. So far we have not found a way to load it into a car like I do my road bike.. I do carry it in the back of my truck at times... I am not sure IF you could tie the front wheel to a bumper and pull it or not. May be illegal.. I did think about doing that once. Also that may burn out the wheel bearings if you tow it behind a car since cars go so fast..A small trailer would be nice. We love our bike but my wife drives a car and the only way she can get it to her work place is in my truck. This is a NICE BIG Strong well built bike. It's heavy but EASY to ride..You will not notice the weight when riding on most parking lots because it peddles and rides so well.. Strange as that may seem it is really easy to peddle.. My wife rides hers on a mostly flat surface at about 9 miles per hour. It will ride on gravel roads or dirt roads but slowly and not fun. Since only the right rear wheel pulls it's not all that good in mud. It will pull a hill but I had to work at it due to the tire spinning. Compared to my trail bike that just goes almost straight up a hill. But the mountain bike is balanced differently too. My weight is placed almost over the back wheel when I am standing up working a big hill. On the 3 wheel bike you are not right over the rear back tire and it will slip at time working a muddy hill. May not slip on hard roads..Another good thing is the peddles are located farther forward of the seat post on this bike making it VERY easy to ride on flat smooth surfaces.. We ride our bikes for exercise on some big parking lots..If you ride at night you need red blinking lights on the back and a white light on the front here in our state. We found red blinking lights sold at a Dollar Tree for one dollar each.. Just clip them to the back of the basket and turn them on.. We also got a white light for a dollar and clamped it onto the front. My wife works out of town and sometimes can't make it home on Friday due to a heavy work load. Ever since we got the bike she brings her extra work home because she looks so forward to riding her bike. Smile..
Chief Redelk answered on January 16, 2011
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