Is this good for telephone as well Confused? I have two modems; one at the computer and one in the cellar where it comes into the house and interfaces with the telephone. The rental charge - is that for the main modem in the cellar and is that what the rental charge is for? The Comcast rep said I needed an EMTA modem; is that placed in the cellar or at the computer.
asked by Mark P. Kelleher on August 9, 2011
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The coax cable that comes in from the outside of the house is connected to the back of this cable modem. Coax cables are typically thick and they screw on to the back of the modem. The rental charge is for this modem. I suspect that you only have one cable modem because you if you had two, your internet company would have to charge you twice or per two MAC Addresses. The Mac Address is located on the cable modem and you would call your internet provider and tell them that you purchased a cable modem and give them that Mac address.
Bidfunshop Seller answered on February 20, 2013
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