Canon EOS 5D Mark II Full Frame DSLR Camera (Body Only) (OLD MODEL)
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Is this a scam "5D MarkII for $1600"? Pls take a look. Sometimes,I see list price of a Canon 5D markII with lens for $1900. Is this real or scam? Should I trust these sellor? I have lots of faith on Amazon, am I protected if I buy these items?
Thanks for the help.
asked by J. F. Zhou on January 14, 2009
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Sorry, but this information about "grey market" is very incorrect and needs to be clarified in case someone else comes along and reads it.

Imported "grey market" cameras, lenses and accessories are actually no different from "official" US/N. American. They are manufactured in the same way, in the same place, by the same people, and with the same materials, construction and quality control standards.

What is different is that you will get an "international" or other country warranty that isn't honored by Canon USA (in this example... I'm sure some other manufacturers' warranty service policies vary, but many are similar). That would make it difficult to get repair or replacement if you have any problem requiring service. The documentation with the item also might be printed in another language.

Other things to watch out for with grey market items are battery chargers, which might be equipped with plugs that won't work here, or operate on voltages incompatible with what's available here. And, items that transmit signals may not operate on the right frequencies for local use (for example, the Wireless File Transmitters WFT-E3 and E4 are offered in many parts of the world, but not in the US where the WFT-E3A and E4A are offered instead, and operate differently).

The reason that all these things are this way is because the seller themselves, or an agent of theirs, goes and buys the products in bulk in a foreign country, and imports them into the US/N. America to sell... Circumventing the usual distribution and import channels. They do this to exploit differences in currency values, import duty "quirks", etc., that allow them to offer a somewhat lower price.

So, in some cases "grey market" may be fine... If you don't anticipate ever needing to use service or the warranty, or if the store is large and backs the product with their own warranty and repair (B&H and KEH do this, for example). Also, if you are having out of warranty work done and are paying for it, that shouldn't be a problem. Simpler to use items for which you don't really need a readable manual might be fine, too. Or, items for which you can download a copy of the manual.

On the other hand, grey market items are frequently not all that much less expensive and may not be worth the possible extra hassles or warranty issues.

If anyone offers you that an item is a "cheaper, plastic version" of a camera like the 5D Mark II, you can be certain that's strictly a scam. There's no such thing made by Canon. They do offer less expensive models of crop sensor cameras, which are built with different materials and to lower standards, but those are clearly identified as distinctly different models such as the Rebel series (in the US, the model name is different in other parts of the world). Nor are there "Chinese-only menu" versions. All Canons ship with the same language set choices built right in.

The way Broadway and a few others who offer incredible sounding deals work is by stripping out all the accessories and selling those to you separately at inflated prices. I bet they won't even ship you a "naked" 5D Mark II for their advertised price. They'll insist you also have to buy a "$250" battery, "$200" charger, "$150" worth of software, "$75" in cables and a "$25" manual... All of which are normally included in the prices other retailers quote. In the end, you pay as much or more than you would have buying elsewhere.

With camera equipment, if the price is much different from what B&H, Adorama and Amazon (direct) offer, then you should be suspicious and research the seller very, very carefully before giving them your credit card number (and I agree with an earlier response... is a good place to check).
Alan Myers answered on June 5, 2009
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Probably a scam where you have to buy the accessories that should come with the camera separately. I wouldn't buy it from them. I'm on the waiting list with Ritz.
T. Carroll answered on January 17, 2009
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This is definitely a scam. I saw a post on a Mark II body for $1540 and right away I jumped and put it in the cart. Upon checking out, Amazon told me that the merchandize "cannot be shipped to this address". The company according to Amazon is located in TX. Immediatedly, I sent the company an email and they reply back asking if I still want the camera. So I send them my name and mailing address and they send me a FAKE Amazon invoice asking me to send them money via MoneyGram. The email has Amazon logo and all the hyperlinks. It looks just like an Amazon invoice except the return address: []. It was not originated from Amazon. Look out for this kind of phishing activities. Lesson learn: if it is too good to be true, it almost certainly is.
C. Ho answered on November 4, 2009
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I called them-- they said they would sell me the camera without software-wires-or anything else. But the whole package is $2700, They are scum bottom feeders.

Howard Horwich
Howard Horwich answered on March 16, 2009
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A year ago I had contacted Broadway (which does business through other names as well) for a 1DsIII, and they had assured me the camera was in stock. I gave them my credit card number and waited. A week later, no camera but they had already charged my credit card. A month later, still no camera and my credit card bill came due. I had to contact the NY Attorney General's office and the local Better Business Bureau to get my money credited back to my credit card.
Frequent traveller answered on June 11, 2009
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A scam. The camera is out of stock at the regular price of $2700 for the body only. Why would any real dealer sell it for less? I once got tricked when I was starting out by one of these scam shops. These guys should all be in prison. Check reseller ratings online. They'll probably be listed with many acts of fraud.
T. E. Kaldas answered on February 20, 2009
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Don't buy from Broadwayphoto!!!!
Liars-thiefs and I can unfortunatly prove it

Howard Horwich
Howard Horwich answered on March 16, 2009
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Google the sellers name and reviews. I have found that all the sellers I checked that were below the average street price of about $2700 were bait and switch shops. If you didn't buy their overpriced accessories they would tell you that the camera was out of stock.
K. Lowry answered on January 21, 2009
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From: []
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2011 9:46 AM
Subject: Your Order with

The seller wants you to send the receipt to a redirected mail address WITH THE REFERENCE NUMBER! He cashes the Money Gram and you're out the $$ with no camera or recourse. Look at the actual email address to the mail to "amazon" (doesn't show up in this post) - it's to a non Amazon address.

Thanks for your order, xyz!
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Apoplectic1 answered on March 4, 2011
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Thank you for this very helpful information. I've been told that its a plastic body and only comes in Malaysian. Also that it is on back order for the great price of 1200 since I don't want to buy anything with it. I don't konw what to do yet, but at least I know what's going on.
Alana Hutchins answered on February 7, 2012
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