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on February 19, 2011
When our son was first born, we used Pampers diapers and he leaked through them every night! I decided to give Target's diapers a try since I love Target & all of their UP & UP brands. WOW am I glad that I did... they work amazing. He NEVER pees through these diapers, they hold up for a very long time & throughout the whole night. They are not only inexpensive & adorable, but they are of good quality. We have been using them since he was in size 1 and now he is almost in 4's. Our next children will definitely be in Target brand diapers. We also use their formula, baby body wash, lotions, etc. EVERYTHING up & up is the same quality as name brand and it feels good knowing I'm getting a quality product and saving a few bucks!
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on December 15, 2011
I discovered Target brand's Up & Up diapers a bit late in the game with my first son and previously only used Pampers or Huggies thinking that our son had to have "the best." Turns out the best wasn't THE BEST. We used to use coupons and even bought in bulk at the bigbox member stores. After so many blowouts in the expensive brands, I decided that brand loyalty needed to take a dive in search of a good diaper that didn't require us to change his clothes each time he had a nasty poop. We tried Luvs (didn't cut it for us), and then moved on to Up & Up. While other brands are softer (and more expensive) the Up & Up brand works wonders at a fraction of the cost. I was never concerned about the design "showing" through clothes as that was never a big issue for me, the biggest issue, was protection and coverage, which were great. Also, our son is quite tall for his age, and these diapers are longer than many others, allowing them to fit our tall son better and accomodate wetness longer. I wish I discovered these sooner!!! We are expecting another baby in March and we plan to ONLY BUY THESE. When I would drop my son off at daycare with diapers and would see so many other kid cubbies filled with the Up & Up brand, I would think to myself, there's lot of other smart parents that have become hip to this brand as well. I am now loyal to Up & Up diapers. At one point, Up & Up were even including peel-off coupons on the jumbo box sizes, making the cost even cheaper. No more using coupons to save $1.50 off the expensive brands that still don't save me as much money.

-Made longer and are great for accomdating tall kids
-Great price
-Great coverage and fit
-great protection

-There is no indication of front or back like with most other diapers
-There is no wetness strip to indicate when baby requires changing (except for least from their website)

The pros far outweighed the cons in our book, so we stuck with them until our son couldn't fit their largest size any longer.

WARNING: The UP & UP pull-ups are no good and unfortunately are not made with as good of a quality as the diapers...BIG disappointment there, but as for diapers, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!
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on July 21, 2012
Wow! Having my first child was definitely a steep learning curve for me! Like many first time moms I wanted the best of the best for my little girl, so naturally I bought her a name brand of diapers and started her on Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive. I must say she did great in these as far as few diaper rashes go and very few leaks when it comes to pee, but definitely more blow outs in these. She is only breastfed and therefore her poo tends to be quite runny. When I ran out of the Swaddlers Sensitive, I began using Just the regular pampers Swaddlers and within a few days my child got the WORST diaper rash. It took me a few days to figure out what the heck was going on, until I did extensive research and found out that these diapers contain Dry Max, which so many babies are allergic to and develop a 'chemical burn', which is exactly what happened to us. I immediately went out and purchased Earths Best diapers, but the very first time we put the diaper on she leaked right through and was pooped up to her armpits. They were not absorbent at all for us and felt very paper like. I then tried Higgies and the same thing happened. I was so frustrated that after doing some more research I purchased highly rated Seventh Generation diapers. They worked ok for us, although poopy blow outs were still a frequent occurrence. I decided to go back to Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers! But unfortunately I was only able to use them through size 2, because beginning with size 3 they use the Dry Max technology and I was not about to go through hell again with a chemical burn on my baby's bottom! Why on earth they use that crap, especially in the sensitive line, is beyond me!!

So, out of sheer desperation I turned to up & up, Target brand diapers. Wow!!! Surprisingly they are quite soft! They also don't have that baby powder scent that the Pampers diapers have, which in my opinion is better because I don't need to use any scents on her bottom, but you definitely can smell the pee in the diaper more in the Target brand diapers. The target brand also has a nice stretchy back that seems to go higher up on her back, which really helps trapping the poop better and not allowing it to creep up her back. They cover the sides of her legs well, although I do have to make sure to untuck all of the edges well before I put the diaper on her and once the diaper is on I run my fingers through the edges one more time to make sure that it is well stretched over her bottom and sides. These are the only diapers that have worked extremely well for us!!! I have saved so much time and energy on not having to do mega loads of laundry and not having to pre treat her clothing that was always covered in poo before. We RARELY have any blow outs these days. Diaper rashes are non existent, she seems comfy in them, and they are also adorable with the dots. The only time those dots are a bit annoying is when she wears a really cute outfit where the material is white or more see through, and then the dots are very visible...that is really my only blah with them. But that alone does not make me want to switch to another brand. I foresee my daughter in these diapers until she is out of diapers altogether...that's how much we love them!!!! I have recommended them to everyone! Also, the up & up Target brand baby wipes are awesome! I buy the purple box which are the sensitive ones as I want as few chemicals in them as possible, and they work great and are much cheaper...especially when you buy the large box of them. Don't be fooled by all the big name brand products for your baby!! I was and I regret it! We wasted a lot of money for something that was by far worse quality than Target brand!
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on January 2, 2011
When my son was born the hospital gave us Pampers size 1 (he was too big for newborns) which leaked. So we switched to Huggies when we got home. They also leaked. My sister-in-law had started using the Target brand with my niece so we decided to give them a try. Wow! No leaks! From a store brand! What it really comes down to is that no diaper will be perfect for every baby so you have to try some different brands, but we have found that these diapers work well. Their covers aren't as posh as the big brands but they are inexpensive. We had to start using Huggies overnights when he started sleeping 13 hours at night.

**Update (10/12): A while back they changed the way these diapers were manufactured. The added a nice feature of diaper size on the diaper, but the quality went way down. We started having major leaking issues. Switched to Huggies again with no issues now. I miss paying so little for diapers though!
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on March 21, 2016
My wife bought 2 boxes of these on sale. The unopened one is going back. I suppose they work fine for kids that have tiny bladders, or who need to be changed 20 times a day. These do not work for overnight. The past 3 mornings, I've had to change my daughter's diaper, clothes, and sheets, because these just don't have the absorption volume of other brands and everything was soaked in urine. We'll use up the rest of these during the day and use the Huggies or Kirkland ones at night and just switch back to the better brands
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on October 30, 2010
I say these are the best diapers ever because I did a semi-scientific test. Tired of leaks and short skinny tabs etc etc, I went and bought 1 pack of every diaper brand available including the target store brand since that's where I happened to be shopping.
These diapers blew the competition away! They have WIDE stretchy tabs that provide a snug and secure fit, preventing leaks. They are sized well. They have a simple polka dots design and are inexpensive to boot! I have not used any other brand since.
(Adding free super saver shipping would make me even happier!)
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on January 27, 2015
We loved up and up size 1 and 2 but size 3 is terrible. First of all if your baby sleeps for 4 hours a night or more, these don't absorb moisture. We woke up with the baby wet and cold on his bottom. I've never had this happen before. I do not recommend these.
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on January 19, 2011
Best Price I can find! No complaints at all (an I usually have lots of them ;)! I have two in diapers and highly recommend!
My kids are 24 and 25 lbs and they are both in a size three which gives you 144 per box at 19.99!
That is less than 14 cents a diaper just can be beat!
Why pay more for something they poop and pee in and then you throw away!
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on July 21, 2011
I use Luvs and these diapers regularly. The luvs fit my daughter when she's on the smaller side of the size, and the target diapers fit her when she's on the larger size. I use the target diapers a few boxes into a size after we've done luvs and they work perfectly as her "half" size before we move her to the next luvs size, and so on.

No rashes from the diapers, fantastic coverage and absorbency, cute design. All around a great product! Great price too!
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on November 3, 2010
I decided to buy a pack of these at my local Target before ordering a bunch on Amazon. I'm glad I tried them out first. As far as leak protection, they were fine & I had no problems. The quality is decent, obviously they aren't as plush as the P or H brands, but they weren't horrible. My big complaint is the tabs, which are adhered right under your baby's back so they are a PAIN to get out once you put the diaper under the baby. The only way I could "fix" this was to unstick them before I layed the diaper under my daughter...but with a very wiggly, impatient 15-month-old, this was so impractical as she'd be running off before I could get the diaper under her. Not a huge deal, but it was enough to stop me from buying these again. Can't beat the price though.
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