P7000 versus G12? I've read a bunch of reviews about both the P7000 and G12..can't make up my mind!

Any suggestions on how I should think about my purchase?
asked by Daniel Phung on October 18, 2010
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i decided to pick the p7000 over the g12 for myself. the price was the main reason and the looks of the camera as well (yes that mattered to me)
am i happy with my decision.... kinda.
it has a mess load of buttons and a confusing menu system.
i ended up shelving the P7000 and buying a fuji X100. cant really compair the 2 because its 1000 bucks more and 1000 times better in every aspect imho
i can use the x100 for sizes up to 20x30 with out thinking twice and i often print out that large and i needed that IQ and high iso performance.

but compared to other normally priced cameras this is a fine camera. for anything that would be used on the internet or 8x12 prints in low iso this camera is more then fine. i find it hard to navigate through the buttons but same with the g12. is the canon worth 250 more. not in my opinion. if they were the same price and i didnt mind looks i would go with the canon. but the nikon is prettier and thats a big seller for me.
i would try and borrow a nikon first. i wish i would have. i dont use it cuz i didnt have the time. shoots great in auto though.
I know the fuji x100 isnt on topic here but i love the shutter dial and the aperture ring its like the old film cameras i use to use. its like a leica in feel and use many people just love the manual controls. i hope some day nikon and canon can step back in time and make there smaller cameras easier to use. seams lieca and fuji are the only ones to catch on that "birthday cake at night under a full moon scene" isnt something that people really want.
but as nice as the fuji is do i think its worth the 1000 bucks extra? for me yes. for the regular shooter probably not. i would be happy with the nikon if i never bought the fuji. and i would have learned the controls and i believe i would have been happy with it. but i never use it so i havent learned how to use it well.
I would buy the nikon and not look back. i gave up on it but thats not the cameras fault. the high iso is no good and the built in flash i am not a huge fan of so i would buy a the small nikon flash (not sure the name of it though).
hope that helps and makes sense. im sure i sound a little wishy washy but i am.
Matt the Photographer answered on February 21, 2012
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Although many camera gear review sites give the edge to G12 over P7000, the difference is just that, a small edge, even with P7000's known flaws regarding slow RAW write times and focusing issues. Since I'm a Nikon DSLR user, I can use my Nikon Flash on P7000 to give me more flexibility in using this camera. Otherwise, I would have gone with G12 as I think Canon does P&S cameras better than just about everybody else. However, that was the thought process when the camera prices were comparable before the huge price drop on P7000 AND the necessary firmware update (version 1.2) from Nikon. At this price ($229) along with firmware update, it's almost a no-brainer in picking P7000 over G12. For the price of P&S slightly above the economy model, you are getting a fantastic, albeit previously flawed, high-end P&S camera.
zanypoet answered on January 2, 2012
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[Deleted by the author on Jan 2, 2012 10:21:58 AM PST]

Same. They are usually neck-and-neck, with the P7000 leaning more towards DSLR owners, and the G12 more towards point-and-shooters. However, since Amazon is selling the P7000 for ~$240 right now, there's no contest.
J. Barnett answered on December 29, 2011
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$211 at Amazon for the P7000 versus $459 for the G12 made up my mind.
John T. Gardner answered on December 29, 2011
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[Deleted by the author on Jun 25, 2011 9:34:59 AM PDT]

I've had it since November of 2010 and as time goes on I like it more and more. It takes very sharp and well exposed pics for it's class. As you learn its limitations you learn how get the camera to work for you much more effectively. By no means is it an SLR replacement and many times you find people comparing it to an SLR. The quality of the photo's are as good as an SLR however it's speed is no where close although its much faster than most point n shoot cameras. Keep in mind this camera has extensive manual controls just like and SLR which makes it great if your a photo enthusiast and you know what your doing. Of course you can always use it in full auto when you have to take a quick shot and dont want to risk loosing a good pic especially when you have kids or pets.
Overall I'm happy with it and I would buy it again.
Stealth8 answered on June 21, 2011
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so what can you say bout your P7000?
LPo answered on June 21, 2011
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i had the same dilemma and opted for the p7000. I'm waiting for mine to arrive from amazon.
Stealth8 answered on October 21, 2010
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