Dell website offers "3 year premium panel warranty" for this item. Is it still valid if I buy this monitor from Amazon?
asked by Meronym on September 26, 2012
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Here are excerpts of the chat I just had with Amazon.
You are now connected to Amazon from
Me:Hi! I am looking at the Dell 2412M monitor. There is a lot of confusing discussion about whether the warranty with that is Dell's standard 3 year warranty (presumably from my date of purchase), 3 years from when Amazon bought the monitor from Dell (who knows when that was?) or 1 year. Do you have any info. Thanks!
Theresa:Hello, my name is Theresa with Amazon's large items team.
The warranty should be from the time you purchased the monitor
If you need to have it repaired with Dell then please print out your receipt from you order summary and submit it to Dell
If they will not help the get us a claim number for your call to them and we will mediate
Me:Okay, so normal 3 year from my time of purchase. Perfect. Thanks, Theresa. Hopefully I'll never need it, but good to check.
Theresa:Have you looked at the warranty information on the purchase I am not sure it is three years as I need the order number to look that up
Me:Hmm. I don't quite understand the question. The product has a standard 3 year warranty. I don't see anything on the product page that talks about warranty, other than in the questions section. I haven't ordered it yet, because I wanted to check on this issue. Here's the link: full link)
Theresa:let me look
Have you asked Dell
Me:The 3 year limited warranty is i the expanded product description under "From the manufacturer"
Theresa:then that is what Amazon will hold them too.
cgins answered on December 7, 2013
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Dell told me today that the warranty is 3 years BUT it runs from the date seller bought it from Dell - not the date I bought it via Amazon. I have submitted a complaint to Amazon about this.
S. Sweeney answered on July 3, 2013
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Dell's "Community" forum people say the warranty is for three years, but if the monitor needs to be replaced, the customer needs an original invoice from the reseller (Amazon), and needs to contact Dell Customer Service, not support, for replacement instructions.
Wesley Everett answered on January 28, 2014
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I struggled with this a few years ago, as one Dell rep insisted I needed the original Dell order number for the warranty, and the 3rd party seller insisted that they did not need to transfer the warranty with monitors. Pressing the issue with Dell I finally got someone who knew what he was talking about, and said yes the 3 year warranty is valid- BUT it's 3 years from the date of manufacture on the back, not from the purchase date.
Morf Thumperton answered on December 13, 2013
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I believe it is a manufacturer standard warrantee for the Dell UltraSharp line.

Aldrich Bautista answered on November 30, 2012
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