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on February 12, 2012
I am a certified personal trainer and part of what makes me knowledgeable is that I constantly seek self improvement. I do this by researching books and articles. With that said, I read tip number 8.

It hits the nail on the head in regards to the importance of breakfast. However the composition of the food is not going to help you lose weight. In fact it will do the opposite and cause you to gain weight.

The foods suggested are on the medium to high side of the glycemic index. These foods will quickly turn into sugar in your blood, causing a spike in insulin, which then promotes fat storage.

These foods will cripple your metabolism. Instead of utilizing fat to create energy your body will use the sugar you just fed on and store the excess sugar as fat to be utilized later... or not... Depending on what other tips you decide to use from this book.

Protein is the most thermogenic nutrient a person can consume. Your body burns almost twice as many calories breaking down protein than it does fats or carbohydrates. Therefore in order to speed up your metabolism you should think about consuming protein for breakfast combined with SLOW carbohydrates. The ones that are on the far low side of the glycemic index. Those are the ones that will release energy slowly.

The only suitable time to eat foods on the high side of the glycemic index is immediately after a workout. Your body needs the FAST carbohydrates to recover and repair.

If you liked my review, and you're interested in my advice, please visit my new page at [...]
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on February 10, 2012
This is the most important thing that I want to say to you, you person contemplating reading this book: You are already beautiful.

Here are some other things that you already know deep down: losing weight doesn't happen with nifty tricks, you have to rethink your lifestyle, you will feel better and more confident if you can be healthy but that's both physically and mentally healthy.

This book won't teach you any of those things (possibly the change-your-lifestyle one is in there, but buried among the 52, which are presented in pretty much random order without strategic thought, and are mostly just ideas copied from a year's worth of Ladies Home Journals). Sure, this book is currently free. But your time is valuable. Please, spend it taking the actions you already know you're supposed to do. Please, spend your time appreciating your own self. Don't allow this book to imply that you're anything other than wonderful already.
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on February 13, 2012
This little book had some nice ideas about weight loss. All the ideas were short and to the point so easy to read. I also just purchasedThe Ultimate Fat Loss Secret and found it had some excellent tips as well. Thanks for the refreshing advice.
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on April 23, 2012
There was nothing new to be gleaned from this book. The author has just re-stated what you hear in every other book, on every other show, or from every other health expert. I did not particularly glean anything from it. Glad it was free. It was not very helpful.
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on March 16, 2012
When I read this I thought it would have some diet ideas or something like that. But it did grab my interest when I was reading because it talked about how much you truly should eat so your weight stays the same, how much you should exercise etc. Over all it was rather informational and it did give good tips and that is why I gave it a 4.
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on May 23, 2014
I had just began a diet two weeks earlier and was obviously woefully ignorant of what all was actually involved when I made this commitment. For fifty years, I have been blessed with excellent health and had the metabolism to burn off whatever I ate no matter what it was and what quantity I ingested. I was always naturally slim and muscular. My dad grew up on a farm and at when I was only seven he made sure my family was going to get a taste of the farm life too. Taking care of the animals and gardening contributed to my body build. On this farm I learned to hustle while working. There was much work to be done and other stuff I wanted to be doing, so the only way to get to do what I wanted to do was to hustle through the chores. LIttle did I know that this would forever shape the way I went about doing work for the rest of my life. The payoff was never worrying about weight gain or what I ate. Donuts, big gulps,bowls of ice cream,barbeque. No worries until I surpassed the age of fifty. Ron.....Are you on high blood pressure medicine, your cholesterol is high,and you have elevated sugar levels. 10 points from diabetic...Anyway, the age of abuse was over..My body could not handle anymore. I had np problems, cholesterol issues,and high sugar levels. I was also about. 20-30 pounds overweight. Not obese but bordering on the big 0. So I started eating better, taking vitamins, and getting off all of the sugar. It wasn't until I read a magazine article about the excess quantity of sugar Americans eat, that I reached an epiphany that I eat too much
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on July 24, 2012
As the author of : Weight Loss : Choosing a Diet That's Right For You! I compare books about diets, food, training with my book.

This book I really liked! It's not a diet book nor a training book. It's exactly what the title promises. 52 ideas about loosing weight. Brilliant, hmm, maybe not, but the book has a good layout, nice fomatting, is an easy read and actually hands you some good advice.

Some of the things may be a bit odd but that also means, new. The ideas are mixed up with tips and interesting quotes.

I for one really liked it.

Get a copy!
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on February 29, 2012
I've been reading a lot of books from this publisher. Some of the criticism of this one seems unfair. I can't scientifically argue with the personal trainer, but this book just gives solid basic good advice. Part of the beauty is, for me, that you don't need a degree in biology to understand. So well done!
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on October 26, 2013
The book is full of exercise and dieting basics. There were some grammatical and punctuation errors and some of the content is a bit dated but it's not too bad. Overall it's aquatic jock helpful read if you're just getting started.
Also note that it's written from a U.K. context.
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on March 1, 2012
This book gives tips and tricks to lose weight but I still feel that it comes down to your diet. In fact, that is the main thing that needs to happen, changing your eating habits. These books have helped me find a great balance in my meals How to Lose Weight Fast and For Good - 50 Fruit Meals to Accelerate Weight Loss (Amazing Recipes to Lose Weight) and How to Lose Weight Fast and For Good - 50 Vegetable Dishes That Make Weight Loss Easy (Amazing Recipes to Lose Weight). With this books tips along with these other books recipes, you will find a great balance
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