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what food has female hormone and men should avoid? soy? i used to drink a lot of soy milk or soy drinks, and somehow my chest increased in size like a woman... not muscle, but fat deposit...

what's more, i even eat some health products such as pollen, royal bee jelly, bird's nest soup, non-organic chicken (at restaurants), Swamp eel (a type of freshwater eel), Asiatic Grass Frog (or also called Chinese Brown Frog) from Northeast China (this is a common sweet soup at Asian dessert places).

oh well, those are said to have quite a bit of female hormone in them... i.e. Estrogen, and they seem to really have strong effect on me. Soy drink has plant-type estrogen... and for chicken, it is said that the estrogen comes from the additives added to the feed that was fed to the chicken so that they grow big and ready for market in 7 weeks instead of 7 months in the old days... and other food's estrogen is natural in them.

So for 3 weeks I haven't drunk soy drink and only ate semi-organic chicken grown in Hong Kong (I was in Hong Kong) and my chest in fact did get more back to normal. The store owner selling chicken in Hong Kong told me that people eat chicken with female hormone and that's why girls nowadays start to have periods and develop their body shape earlier in life than before.

actually, i wonder if i drink non-organic milk, or take DanActive, which is a probiotics drink like Yogurt, that contains non-organic milk, will the hormone in them be also female hormone?

If you know any info related to this or have some experience about this and can share it, it would be greatly appreciated.
[UPDATED] asked by Epsilon Delta on June 2, 2008
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Best would be to find a farmer to sell you some raw milk, just like what your grandpa drank. Go see the farmer and ask about the bacteria levels. If you can find one or You can personally ask them what is in the milk and if they let their own families drink it. The stuff in the store, good luck finding the farmer who milked that cow.
D. E. Ruilova answered on June 11, 2008
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so like if i consume soy products my boobies will get bigger?
Bier Mädchen answered on December 24, 2008
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There was a case last year of a woman dying from drinking raw milk. I'd be careful about that.
LemonDrop answered on June 25, 2009
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There have been a lot of studies conducted on the high amounts of hormone distruptors in our food, clothes, lotions etc. (Soy is a big one) that act as Estrogen in the body. Soy one of the foods that is making American's heavier than ever. It is in almost every prepared food we purchase, from frozen dinners, to drink mixes even vegetable oil. It has pictures of bell peppers and carrots on the label, but really is is soy bean oil. Most times, the name is disguised as something else. Here are a few of them... Mono-diglyceride - (isolate/concentrate, vegetable protein - textured vegetable protein (TVP).

It is more than just soy though that distrupts hormones and makes the body produce more estrogen and everyone's body is different.

You can read more about this subject in a great book (It is pretty intense though) called The Hundred Year Lie. I do a lot of reading on the subject of food, the agri-business etc. THis was one of the best books I've read on the subject.

R. Emery, they may, but so will yout stomach and thighs all the place high estrogen people store fat. It might be a bad trade off. he he.

The Hundred-Year Lie: How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That Are Destroying Your Health
Sparkle answered on July 4, 2009
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Yes, I would avoid soy at all costs, unless you are menopausal and are taking it under doctor supervision...and I mean a GOOD doctor who is very knowledgeable about hormonal health, not the local family doctor...and taking a good, natural form of it (non-GMO). Even then it may not always be the right choice. About three years ago I went on a soy-heavy diet in hopes to grow my breasts a little fuller and fill out my hips. I'm thick in the thighs and backside but have always felt I could use more up top and on the sides. I followed a program that is a well-known secret in the exotic dancing industry (more on the urban side, not talking about skinny blonds with huge fake breasts) which involved drinking three glasses of soymilk per day along with eating estrogen-rich foods all day long. What I got in return was no breast or hip growth but instead more growth on the butt and thighs (although I do get tons of compliments on my curvy figure), cellulite that I never had a problem with before, horrible mood swings, adult acne, bad periods, depression, and the list goes on. It affected my hormones so terribly that I was suicidal. I was tired every hour of every day and had no will to live or do anything. I'm naturally a happy person. I went in for a complete hormone test (blood spot and saliva) and found out that I was heavily estrogen-dominant and had also messed up my adrenals and thyroid. It took months of bio-ID hormone replacement and Chinese herbs to get me back to normal (not to mention over a $1,000 spent on doctor's fees, supplements, herbs, and now organic foods). Stay away from it. Soy is meant for Asian women, not Westerners.
P. Minton answered on July 14, 2009
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I think saying "avoid soy at all costs," as some previous posters did, is quite drastic. Soy is just a bean and has been cultivated and eaten regularly in Asia for centuries without affecting the male reproductive system or giving women suicidal thoughts.

There are only 2 problems I can see with eating soy products, but they apply to any food product:

1. eating too much of it
2. eating it in highly processed forms

All of the health problems people report above seem to be connected to these two issues. Plus, I haven't seen anybody give any evidence in reliable medical research about "the dangers of soy".

I suggest this podcast for an overview of the controversy: Note especially the links to the literature at the bottom of the transcript and make sure you do your research before making strong claims about anything!

As a side-note and "anecdotal evidence", I am not Asian, I drink soy milk and eat tofu and have not experienced any side-effects. Of course, my diet doesn't only consist of soy products though! I think soy can be a very healthy component of a balanced diet. So if you have your fruits and vegetables and your whole grain, a glass of soy milk and some tofu will probably not make you gain weight (like the original poster) or mess up your hormone levels.
fischflosse answered on July 16, 2009
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(In response to D. E. Ruilova's post) The reason your grandpa drank raw milk was that the cow was not raised on a modern industrial farm. And still raw milk was dangerous because it could contain pathogenic bacterias such as E. coli, salmonella, and listeria. If the cow was not raised on a feedlot, it has lower odds of having these bacteria, but it still could. Which is why my grandma, who raised her own cow, chicken, and pigs, always boiled her milk.

If you're looking for good bacteria that will benefit your intestinal flora, I think you find those in fermented products like yoghurt, sauerkraut, miso and so on. But they will not work wonders against an unbalanced diet, and neither will any other magic health products, I'm afraid.
fischflosse answered on July 16, 2009
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The story of Soy and Estrogen molecules being similar enough to each other for the body to react to soy as if it were estrogen has been a main stay of the body building community for years. But you are talking about extreme eating here.

Body builders would avoid soy protien because when you are taking in 100 to 150 grams of it per day, thats a lot of soy/estrogen... Again the key here is MODERATION. If you have soy milk in your coffee because you don't do well with lactose, or you have soy sauce on your chinese food once in a while, you are a LONG WAY from the quantities of soy we are talking about.

I think that there are many many issues like this one that start with a truth, but get completely blown out of proportion, and folks really need to take a step back and do research for themselves before they believe every iota of what anyone out in internet land managed to write up. Just because its on the net does NOT make it true
Randy B answered on March 27, 2010
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That is nothing wrong with soy. I'm a guy and I've been drinking soy milk everyday for years and years. I am as skinny as ever and let me tell you if anything it probably increases my sex drive.
P. Lau answered on March 9, 2011
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If you dont mind my asking...What secret was this? I have been doing some research and have come upon a couple different "systems" and "programs" for butt and hip enhancement while shrinking the waist and upper back. Was your secret program similar to the things I am mentioning? Was there any pills involved along with the diet plan? Do you believe your adverse reactions were from the pills or the food or a combination?
Brandi R. Slaughter answered on December 7, 2011
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