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on August 10, 2014
I used to enjoy this game but at some point not too long ago an update changed all that. This game now includes nagware begging we upgrade to double xp. I'm sorry but I bought this game to stop that kind of crap. My suggestion, get the free version. At least there you expect to be nagged to upgrade. I am sick to death of microtransactions in paid games.
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on May 16, 2014
Fun and it's more of a actual (like something that would be on PC) RTS than most mobile games but you'd figure the premium version would just BE THE GAME. Nope, instead you still have to pay or wait fairly long periods to build stuff or gain money, etc. It's not as bad as some of the other games out there but still unacceptable for a game I already paid for.

With it's supply chains (one building stores the wood cut by lumberjacks, another building cuts the wood, etc) it's fairly complex and the overall gameplay reminds me of Warcraft 2 but so much missed potential here. The developers could have set an example with this game but instead they only went half-way with it.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon January 1, 2015
Really is a neat little building sim for Android... the only problem is that there is a brick-walling IAP issue in this "premium" version - one that makes me not want to play any further. It all boils down to the fact that even in the premium version, you spend the IAP currency, called Prestige, to FAST FORWARD! This game is so slooooooow paced, that once you use up your very limited amount of FAST FORWARD time, you spend Prestige to refill it back to its limited capacity again. Prestige is used for instant building as well, so it all boils down to the exact same thing: making the game go faster. Uh, that's kind of bogus in a premium game.

When you consider that fast forwarding game speed is such an integral part of any sim game, then making it dependent on IAP currency, AND having this IAP currency cumulative over all your gameplay sessions, what you spend and earn previously is what you have to start new play, makes it even worse.

You can purchase Unlimited FF for $4.99, something that is fundamentally available in the vast spectrum of sims. Frankly impeding gameplay in any manner whatsoever in something already paid for in order to push towards yet more purchases is baloney. I have no real issue with IAP in a premium game if it's merely "Shortcut" or "Extra Bits". Heck, if I like the game enough, I'll plop down more money of something fluffy and extraneous. When it directly impacts the game flow, however, no thanks.

And to top it all off, I repeatedly get an IAP push to buy the "Double XP" pack during gameplay. Great game crippled by really bad "MOAR Real Money" decisions.
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The app contains Amazon InApp Billing which is a NO-NO for a premium game. When you pay $2.99 for a game and call it Premium the IAP should not be included in an app. Frankly I hate IAPs in general. The app also includes Google Analytics that tracks your in app game progress and actions. This is normally used to sync the pop up of IAP opportunities to monetize an app. It can also be used to monitor the app's performance.

As the app starts is asks you if it can collect data using Google Analytics for anonymous user statics and I stated no by clicking the X. On the main page are buttons to link to Facebook and the Google+ site of the developer. There is also a video of the game itself.

This is a classic building game where you are building a town to increase its population and its economy. You build buildings, get workers and collect taxes. There is a fast forward button and you add FF seconds by buying them with crowns. Without the FF button the game moves so slow that for me it is boring.

When I ran out of crowns to buy prestige FF time the game crashed every time. If I touched the plus sign beside the crowns I could buy more crowns and even get unlimited FF for $4.99. I deleted the app. The ploy here is to make the game play very slow and then expect you to purchase crowns with real money to speed up the game.

* Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
* Full network access
* View network connections

The app installed 42.27Mb into my device memory. I had to manually move it to my SD card. It left 6.45MB in my device storage and installed 42.75MB onto my SD card.
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on November 24, 2012
UPDATE: They have updated the game since my original review, and it is simply BETTER! Two additional scenarios were added, and all the scenarios are now playable as sandlot games after the initial 'quests' are fulfilled.

In fact, there isn't even a mechanism to drain your money from you. No temptation to overcome.
In addition to that, the game is fun to play! It is kind of Warcraft-esque in that it is a manpower, resource allocation, develop technology, but no war is involved.
My tablet will occasionally launch then exit. Don't know if it is this app or another one mis-behaving. Killing all other tasks has always solved it, so, less serious than a power-off (Or being told by Verizon to pry off the back of your droid and remove the battery).
There are prestige points you earn, that you can use to unlock other game stuff, or have 'instant' builds (very helpful when starting a new game). I have played 3 of the 4 'scenarios'. They are OK, and a good learning tool (the first is the tutorial) but the SandBox is where the fun is at. Use points to unlock all the landscapes. You will not be disappointed. It saves "4-pages" of games, so you can save up an old city and play it when you need to make points.
While the landscapes are static, you control the replayability by how you choose to build your towns.
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on January 10, 2013
Townsmen is an excellent kingdom SIM that doesn't ask you to invite your friends or requires you to wait for energy. No combat allows the game to focus on simple economic mechanics. I would not hesitate to purchase games of similar quality.
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on April 23, 2015
Not acceptable. When you are paying $2.99 to purchase a game there should be no further charges in game! In addition it is very sneaky in that it has a pop up in the beginning asking if you agree to the use of Google Analytics... and if you click no it opens the game and plays normally giving the false impression that you have opted out of this data collection when it is actually still collecting data from your device.
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on January 21, 2013
I keep going back to this game when I want to play a game and relax. I have hundreds of apps but this one I can continue use. I like building my city until the map is full. If you like Cesar, or Tropico you will probably enjoy this game too.
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on December 22, 2012
A very enjoyable game. It keeps me entertained for hours at a time. I highly recommend this game to everyone. There is lots of things to keep you busy.
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on January 2, 2015
It has many different themed lands but the best of all they are broken into two categories, goal oriented or infinite. The goal oriented task you will play, build resources and gain wealth to the point of attaining your goal. For example, in one instance you raise a city out of poverty, you play with limited resources, having to sell in the market and make homes to tax while you feed everyone is challenging because your income is limited. Hence, such task is not Imposible.

The infinite moose offers you the possible to build, but with building you need to maintain a balance, if you build to many homes than your people will starve because you did not build enough worked to fish or hunt. As you build you need to build with balance, building homes, wood gathers, hunters, water retrievers, merchandisers, doctors, Smith's, miners, farmers, etc. The point is, build with a balance to maintain a strong economy and townspeople.

May seem easy but it has its challenges, people get ill, home become old and need restoration, which cost money and supplies, homes burn, etc.

I enjoy games of these nature. In my opinion, it's a mature game, that doesn't mean that it's for all ages, but simply put, when playing, you feel that it's fun and serious. I like it and continue he to play it.
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