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on September 10, 2014
~Firstly, I just have to say to potential buyers that the Wii remote is NOT a major issue~

There are a lot of reasons to love this game, ranging from unique characters, to just bizarre and off-beat enemies, and no matter what, it is a memorable classic that is easily one of the best games of its kind (i.e. more art-oriented). The 3-d art is beautiful and all of it is very different than anything else you will find on the Wii. The game combines it's open-world aspects and mini-stages, such as battles or interactive cut-scenes, wonderfully, giving the player plenty of ways to either avoid unnecessary combat or grind relentlessly for dragon fangs. Many characters will have you laughing or crying by the end of the story (and some even have a weird mixture of both!), and though it feels short lived for such a magnificent game, there is a whole host of side content to unlock upon beating the game.
My only real concerns about this game are the issues of its conversion to the Wii, and game balancing; for the casual gamer, this is a fun little story to wander around in at a nice, easy pace. However, for a hardcore gamer, or one that focuses on clearing the game as quickly as possible, it is just way to easy. I breezed through the first half of the game in just a few hours, and I finished the entirety of it two days later after a break. Not to say that it won't take time to discover all its secrets, just that I was so excited by the story-line that I couldn't help but push forwards and find the end. The enemies are mediocre at best, and simply switching between spamming physical attacks against enemies and slices could get you through most of the game (this isn't true about boss fights, all of those were awesome!).
Another concern, echoed by many people on the 1 side of the spectrum, are the motion controls. I just want to say that I steeled myself for beginning this game and my first challenge with the brush was.... painting in a river. It's that simple. The only times a shaky hand or faulty sensor hampered me was in the knocking down this random wall person who randomly popped up in places all over the island (seriously, is there just a factory that produces them and then catapults them to random places of the globe or what?!) other than that, there is nothing too difficult to master after 3 or 4 tries. This realistic brush control added way more to the game than it took away. Seriously, unless there is something wrong with the remote and the player is slow and careful with their brush strokes, there is no way to mess it up in any game-destroying way. It's just one of the games that actually fully utilizes the Wii's motion controls. It's what makes the Wii actually deliver on its reason for existence!

So anyway, in summary, if you own a Wii, you absolutely must get this game!

(Also, sorry if this was a horrible review. It's just my first so please don't flame me if I offended anyone by saying the controls were easy. I just don't think they were any reason not to buy the game.)
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on March 31, 2017
Not your average game. Can be difficult in some spots but I love how it's different from some of the other games I like to play. Love the story line and I can stay playing it for quite some time without getting too bored. Missions aren't too hard but are still engaging. Really good game overall.
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on May 14, 2015
This game is what I consider to be the quintessential game for the wii controls. You use your wii mote to "paint" during a pause screen you can pull up any time. The painting makes different effects happen in the environment and during battles. It feels natural to use the wii mote for this and controls very well with only a few shapes being hard to register.
The world is big, and feels a lot like you are in zelda twilight princess playing as the wolf. Attacking is done by shaking the wii mote and you can run and explore beautiful environments containing collectables and lots of interesting charactors.
Last thing I want to mention is that this game is full of great ancient Japanese lore that is beautifully brought to life and got me interested in looking into the stories more.
Only con is that sometimes the lack of voices (people make kinda rubber duckey sounds when they talk) means you will be reading a lot and could miss something important.
Play time takes a good 14-20 hours to complete the story depending on how lost you get. It will take closer to 40 to collect all the weapons and animals and fishing. (Very similar to zelda games). I love this game and think it's one of the best for the wii or even wii u.
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on November 28, 2014
I really do like this game, but the controls are horrible on the Wii. I'm not a GREAT game player, but jeez, every game I've played I've at least been able to finish. The brush techniques add a great feature to the game, but I think it was horribly executed by the programers and needs to be revamped to not be so freakin' difficult and frustrating.
I hate that you can't skip over dialogue when you're trying to finish a technique sequence in order to progress through the game. It's as annoying as the poor brush sensing techniques. I turned the game off in a fit of frustration after trying to make the blooms blossom during Mr. Orange's dance.
As far as graphics/art goes, I love it. The artwork is beautiful and very nicely executed. The whole style and feel of the game is very reminiscent of Ocarina of Time (which I LOVED).
If you're not patient, I do not recommend this game. It takes a lot of patience and control with the Wii remote to execute a good portion of the brush techniques.
I doubt I will start this game again anytime soon, which is a pity because I really do enjoy it, and would like it more if not for those stupid controls.
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on August 18, 2016
Super solid, very underrated title RPG title originally release for the PS2. This port to the Wii makes a lot of hardware sense, especially in using the motion controls for the brush mechanic. Engrossing gameplay, reminiscent of Zelda-esque world exploration and puzzle solving. The art and visual design is incredible, and the soundtrack is fitting. Overall a beautiful experience to play, especially if you stop to appreciate all the artistry that has gone into the aesthetic elements of the production. Please play this game!
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on July 2, 2016
A severely underrated game. It's similar to the 3d Legend of Zelda games, but does so much more right. The one I bought here was my second copy, only in the heart of giving this game the dues it deserves.
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on November 22, 2015
My friend let me play this game last year on the Playstation 2 and I was competely impressed by the art style and the gameplay of the game. Even though the storyline was pretty straightfoward it was a very enjoyable and memorable game. I bought the Wii version not too long ago and I love it even more. Forget about getting Okami HD; the graphics are already more clean, crisp and vibrant compared to the PS2 version (I play my games on a small LCD TV so I don't know if it will display just as well on a bigger TV). There aren't any Wii exclusives or voice acting in the game, but that personally does not bother me. Another good thing about the Wii version is that now you can skip the long into if you wanted to, which wasn't available in the PS2 version as far as I'm concerned.
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on January 7, 2014
This game plays a lot like Zelda. I love that there are many different controls to casting spells and fighting. It keeps the game more fun and strategic. The gameplay is very fun! I did find that some of the symbols you have to draw to activate certain spells, are actually really hard to draw or at least have the game accept what you drew. The hardest spells for me so far, since I haven't finished the game yet, but am working on it, is the inferno spell and the cyclone spell. I found that moving the whole controller in an 8 formation makes it easier to activate the inferno, and that holding Z down, actually makes the lines drawn straighter, and now I can blast cyclone all the time until my ink runs out.

It's beautiful artwork and is like playing with paintings. The interactive brush techniques for the fights, makes the game very fun! The game is actually pretty long! I thought I was done after I defeated the 8 headed dragon, but apparently he was just one of the first bosses. The world expands and you travel to different cities to solve other problems plaguing the world of Okami.

My favorite combination is Main Weapon as Glaive, and Sub Weapon as Reflector. You can use Z to spin the reflector like a shield. By spinning your shield, if an enemy strikes you, you will block the attack and then throw the enemy as a counter attack. This is a great way to collect Fangs, which are traded for some very helpful items. Items that allow ink bullet, allows you to paint the enemy turning them black and blind for a few seconds. This causes them to immediately randomly attack, which is perfect for the spinning reflector counter attack. (Does not work on enemies made of metal or carrying metal shields)

Very Fun GAME!!!
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on October 6, 2015
Beautifully challenging game, the art style is magnificent! While the gameplay itself has an easy learning curve before making you put your skills to the test, every instance is a puzzle, and requires an active and open mind to see ways through it. The story itself has a few holes, but is otherwise captivating, showing character development as well as extensive use of Japanese myth and legend. Music is good for traditional Japanese sounds, if you don't mind the percussion.

My only problem is what happens when you play it on older tv's..... Hope you liked your retinas, cause if played for a long period of time you can consider them gone. Apart from the burning sensation of my eyes, it's a phenomenal game.... Still holds up to today.
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on April 24, 2014
If you like action/adventure games, Buy I must say, I have only logged in about ten hours of play, so I cannot give a full review, but can tell you I love this game. Presentation/graphics are unusual and make for a visual experience that is rare and beautiful. I love how much control you have over the camera. As you explore wide open areas you can mess with the camera where it feels like watching a dynamic movie. Combat is fun and you have lots of attacking variety. The comparisons to Zelda are legitimate, but only in the sense that the game has the same spirit (which is good.) But, it is totally its own experience, absolutely no sense of redundacy (i finished both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword just a month or so before playing this.) The interaction with characters are interesting and dynamic and often funny. Game so far is not really hard, but challenging enough for fun.

I have read plenty of reviews describing the size of the game as epic, so I am looking forward to much more playing. Highly Recommended
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