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on November 21, 2010
I'll make this first paragraph short and to the point for those who don't want to read this whole review: YOU MUST BUY THIS ALBUM! Yes it is that good.

When I found out Aaron was leaving the band, I like many others, was skeptical that Underoath could continue to produce extraordinary music. However, halfway through this album I had made up my mind - this is an amazing record!

Although this is probably their most different sounding album since Spencer joined the band it is still top notch Underoath. Spencer just keeps getting better and better and writing great music.

This album is the most hardcore yet most soft sounding Underoath record they've made. One minute Spencer is screaming his head off in a frenzied breakdown, the next he's blending his gritty yet melodic vocals into a smoothly flowing chorus. This is no doubt the most diverse Underoath record to date. Songs like In Division and My Deteriorating Incline will create an internal mosh pit within your head, while songs like Paper Lung and Illuminator will have you swaying to the rough, expertly crafted melody. The remixes at the end of the deluxe album also add another diverse touch to it as well, and I would say they are worth the extra two bucks.

"In Completion": As I said before you MUST get this album. Even with a change of lineup, and a change of pace, Disambiguation is as good as Underoath (and the hardcore genre for that matter) gets. This album will please any set of ears; from the first time Underoath listener to the seasoned "#1 Underoath fan boy".

PLEASE BUY THIS ALBUM!!! (and make it a deluxe while you're at it.)
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on May 13, 2012
The first time I listened to this album, I didn't like it. I was hoping for something like Define The Great Line, but what I got was something totally diffferent. After listening through the album a couple times, I've decided that this is my new favorite Underoath record. The style is WAY darker than their previous releases, and I like it bettter. It hits far harder than their previous albums. I know this may seem like sacrilege, but I'm beginning to like Spencer's cleans better than Aaron's. Not only that, but Spencer's screams have gotten more brutal dynamic. The overall sound of the band has matured in an impressive way. Some of the songs like My Deteriorating Incline, Illuminator and A Divine Eradication make me want to get up and kill something.

Overall: This album is very different from their previous releases, but it's still amazing. These guys blow me away every album. If you're a long-time fan or just getting introduced to this band, buy the album. You won't regret it.
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on April 11, 2011
I am a little different from other Underoath fans in that I got on board at Lost in the Sound. Though I do enjoy their older music, I've always liked the darker stuff that Spencer has done because I think they explore the theme of their own sinfulness before God in an incredible and emotional way. I thought Lost in the Sound was the best I'd ever hear from any Christian band in that vein.

Disambiguation is better. It's more forceful, more melodic, darker, more emotional, and an even deeper look into the hearts of the musicians. I love Aaron Gillespie's music, but with his pop sensibilities gone, and the able musicianship of Chris from Norma Jean, the dark metal sound is more cohesive and more striking. And the songwriting is at its best.

The album ends too soon, and the first half is stronger than the second, but it's just so original, so real, so well-conceived and recorded that I just can't pull my ears away from it.

Thanks Underoath! You guys are inspiring and very gifted. One question I have is, why didn't you put more of the Gospel into this album? Lost in the Sound ends with the line that "We're forgetting our forgiveness," a reminder of Christ's atonement at the end of an epic of horrifying self-examination. Disambiguation begins and ends in horrible self-examination. Even "Who Will Guard the Guardians," a brief peek at hope in God, is book-ended with the terror of being sinful man. Have you guys concluded that the Gospel just isn't convincing or effective in musical format? That you focus on man's lostness, then witness one-on-one with friends? I'll be sure to ask you again when I see you in His kingdom. Blessings!

- Patrick
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on April 28, 2011
With Aaron Gillespie parting ways I was skeptical about this album. However, since Aaron wasn't even there when i saw them on warped tour in Columbus (the drummer from scary kids scaring kids had to fill in) and they still put on an AMAZING show without him. I figured I'm not going to miss out on a possibly epic album. Needless to say these guys delivered as always. Although, I miss Aaron's Vocals in the mix, Spencer stepped it up to do all the vocals as well as screams. His voice is not quite as high pitched and now they sound a little more metal in my opinion and a little less than screamo as before (IMHO). I'm a drummer so I was nervous about a new guy stepping in and wondered if he would fill Aaron's shoes. He definitely did a great job, although it kind of changes up their overall sound quite a bit with different style beats, and different vocals this album was a hit for me. Underoath is still one of my most favorite bands. Can't wait for the next album already.
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on November 15, 2017
Bought this CD as a gift, she liked it
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on November 28, 2012
Ok so i've known about this album for a long time but never checked it out. Like many others I'm sure, I thought the band was just gonna be screams only once Aaron left. I was totally wrong not only can Spencer sing cleans but he sings really well! His voice reminded me kinda of Cove from Saosin back when he was in that band. His screams are on point as always but i was more surprised by his singing ability. I hate when you know about a band or album for such a long time then finally get around to checking it out....you feel like you missed out on lost time..
I am sad they are breaking up and are about to embark on their final tour. I hope Spencer finds and fronts a new band. Also a news flash for me was that they are NOT an openly identified Christian band anymore! Awesome! For the longest time they were like a guilty pleasure of mine b/c im not into all that i love you Jesus kinda stuff.
Good album.
Worth buying.
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on September 21, 2012
This album may be a return to the hardcore sound of the band's earlier stuff, but it doesn't have the grace, focus, or balance of "They are only chasing safety" or "Define the great line."

I really loved seeing them in concert years ago, but this record doesn't do justice to the talent that the band used to demonstrate.
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on September 30, 2012
A fantastic journey.

You can practically smell the chaos. From begining to end, this talented band reveals their skill in composition, structure, & musicianship. Like a well written book, this release engages you throughout its entirety. A must.
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on November 15, 2017
The album came in excellent condition. Clean, came with inset and played well.
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on December 22, 2010
My subjective, non-critical review: This album sounds excellent straight through. From top to bottom the album is playable and enjoyable, no need to skip. The performances sound tight and impassioned. Recommended.
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