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Mama Koala 單一尺碼可水洗、可重複使用口袋式布尿褲,6 片裝,含 6 片單一尺碼超細纖維尿布

4.7 顆星,最高 5 顆星 5,812等級

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  • Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU
  • 一年品質保證(並非每個國家皆提供服務)
  • 採用高品質透氣防水熱塑性聚氨酯 (TPU) 材質製成。
  • 尺寸約為 7.62 公分 × 7.62 公分,具有上拉按扣設計,大小可調整,從新生嬰兒到如廁學習兒童皆適用(適用體重範圍約 3.63 - 15.88+公斤)。
  • 含 6 片均碼超細纖維尿布。
  • 超柔軟不起球絨面內襯,保護寶寶免受水氣影響。


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  • 製造商停產 ‏ : ‎
  • 產品尺寸 ‏ : ‎ 5.91 x 5.91 x 8.66 英吋; 1.81 磅
  • 製造商推薦的年齡 ‏ : ‎ 0 - 6 個月
  • 項目型號 ‏ : ‎ MKTC13SAU
  • 第一個有效日期 ‏ : ‎ 1 月 29, 2016
  • 製造商 ‏ : ‎ MAMA KOALA
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B01LVWQY6K
  • 買家評論:
    4.7 顆星,最高 5 顆星 5,812等級







4.7 顆星,最高 5 顆星
4.7,最高 5
5,812 個全球評分



於 2022年11月14日 在美國發表評論
5.0 顆星,最高 5 顆星 Great fit easy to put on baby with big hands
由 josh 發表於 2022年11月14日
My son has big thighs. We've had issues with my husband being able to put different brands on our son but not the mama Koloas 2.0. My husband loves the fit and easiness of putting them on that he told me to order more. The insert that comes with these diapers is pretty good but a little misleading. The insert says that it's a natrual fiber and it is on the outside but not on the inside. I both love and hate the insert. I hate it because it's not completely natrual meaning it will be less absorbent over time but I love it because of the buttons to make it more absorbent in certain areas. The prints are also super cute and that doesn't hurt.
2 個人覺得有用
於 2022年10月18日 在美國發表評論
於 2018年2月11日 在美國發表評論
5.0 顆星,最高 5 顆星 Best Cloth Diapers EVER, No Cons!
由 PNWfam385 發表於 2018年2月11日
I’m going to start out by saying that IMO, these are the best cloth diapers out there hands down. I own several sets of Mama Koala, and for reference I also own ones from Alva Baby, Baby Goal, and Bum Genius. I’ve stopped buying and using every other brand except my Mama Koala ones! Since Alva and Baby Goal are essentially identical, for review purposes I’ll be comparing these with Alva. Here are the differences and what I love about them:

- MK outer shell material (as well as inner moister-wicking material) is so much softer than the other brands

- Despite having the same weight rating, MK diapers have a much slimmer shell and more snug fit

- Because of the smaller snap wings the back elastic basically wraps around the whole backside, which makes blowouts much less likely

- This also applies to the elastics around the legs which fit much more snugly with MK diapers

- Amazing quality. The snaps are secure, elastic is strong, and both have held up wonderfully during washings

- And as a bonus the designs are relevant and adorable with clear designs and bright colors. Every diaper hasn’t been through several wash cycles and still looks brand new.

Overall, I find snap diapers to be better in the long run than Velcro which tends to lose its integrity after a few washes. These come with microfiber inserts which are also great quality, thick and soft, very absorbent, and have snaps to adjust the size. However I don’t use these on a day to day basis since I prefer to use my diapers more like snap-in AIO’s and just lay preforms inserts right on top. This allows me to go the whole day only having to use 2 shells and is so much cheaper than buying actual snap-ins.
I have never had a blowout with my MK diapers whereas I have with the others, again I contribute this mainly to the difference in fit. Which brings me to my next point: if your babies tend to be on the upper end of the growth chart you may like the other brands better, but coming from someone who has had 4 preemies that have grown to be more small framed children, these diapers are amazing. I started using these with my youngest when she was 3 months old and had finally hit 8 lbs. She is now 6 months old and 12lbs but because of her prematurity about the size of an average 3 month old. I still have the snaps on the smallest setting length wise and they fit beautifully. I don’t anticipate her outgrowing these before potty-training since my 6yo doesnt even weight 35lbs :)
As with most cloth diapers, they are bulkier than disposables which can be an issue with clothing. In our case, I don’t even put pants on her because they’re so stinkin’ cute as is. She just wears a tshirt or dress with them at this stage.
I have recommended this brand to friends starting to dabble in cloth diapering, and I would recommend Mama Koala 🐨 to you too!
I love 💜 them! And have included a ton of pictures since, as a fellow Amazon shopper, I know how important it is to see actual photos :)
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760 個人覺得有用
於 2021年7月25日 在美國發表評論
4.0 顆星,最高 5 顆星 So far so good.
由 Myah 發表於 2021年7月25日
I've been cloth diapering my son for 9 months.
For size reference he is 31inches tall and 20lbs.
He has a long torso and shorter legs with chubby thighs.

My diaper stash consists of Bungies and Simply being. Though I've tried Niki's, Alva and imagine diapers. All three of which did not work.
Simply being were for night time use but my son has grown out of them.
Bungies I use in the day.

I've soley used these for just two days.
I figured if they held up at night then that would be a testament.
My son is a heavy wetter.
They held up. No leaks!
His simply being have been leaking every night.

What I like about these so far.

*They fit my son very well and are the trimmest I've used.
I have them on the smallest rise for daytime.
Nighttime I buttoned the two closest to his legs to the second.
*The insert opening is great.
I use three geffin baby quick absorber plus at night.
With the simply being I struggled to get them inside. Which is saying something cause those inserts are not thick.
I used one insert for daytime.
Yesturday I left him in one for 5 hours(no poop)just to push these to the max. The insert was soaked but no leaks.
*The outside feels soft.
*Prints are obviously great.
*I noticed others remark on the buttons being hit or miss. Mine were honestly so strong it's hard to unsnap them.
I guess I got lucky.

What I'm not a fan of.

Why why why do almost every cloth diaper seller make microfiber mandatory. Microfiber sucks. All mine are being used as washable Swiffer mop pads. Which I have probably 40 microfiber inserts already🙃 Now I am adding these to that pile.
I don't even care if you include natural fiber. I personally have enough.
Just please include a option to buy just the diapers without inserts.
*No stomach panel.
So this is not a huge deal for me. Honestly the microfiber is my top gripe.
But it would be nice if they had this so the microsuede didn't poke out the top front.
I've just been pulling it down before buttoning. But it still bunches out sometimes. I circled it in the picture.
*Leg elastics are questionable. I do wonder how long they will hold up before needing to be replaced.
If my son had thinner thighs I'm not sure if they would be tight enough.

Overall every diaper is going to have good and bad things.
For the price I do think these are a win.
I think these are worlds better than Nicki's diapers. I do hope the elastic lasts longer. With my Niki's diapers from day one the elastic was absolutely horrible. They leaked from the legs and there was a gap no matter how tight. After 4 months they weren't even worth using.
I will update in a few months. But they seem to be better than the other cheap brands I've tried so far.
My Bungies are still personally the better quality, but I prefer the fit of these Mama Koala.
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6 個人覺得有用


James Deschenes
1.0 顆星,最高 5 顆星 Bamboo insert review - false advertisement
於 2019年11月9日 在加拿大 (🇨🇦) 發表評論
1.0 顆星,最高 5 顆星 Bamboo insert review - false advertisement
於 2019年11月9日 在加拿大 (🇨🇦) 發表評論
I love the prints and the shell quality, but the microfiber inserts are useless so when they started selling bamboo inserts I jumped on them. But it's false advertisement - according to their tag, the insert is 4 layers, 2 of which are microfiber, the other 2 are bamboo polyester BLEND so that's also synthetic fibres. Will be returning them!!
9 個人覺得有用
5.0 顆星,最高 5 顆星 Worth it
於 2022年2月26日 在加拿大 (🇨🇦) 發表評論
4.0 顆星,最高 5 顆星 Pretty good overall
於 2020年9月19日 在加拿大 (🇨🇦) 發表評論
2 個人覺得有用
5.0 顆星,最高 5 顆星 Mon fit de couche préféré + absorption 8 onze
於 2020年9月4日 在加拿大 (🇨🇦) 發表評論
顏色: JaggerAmazon 驗證購買
3 個人覺得有用
5.0 顆星,最高 5 顆星 Great fitting diaper/price , not great insert
於 2021年7月23日 在加拿大 (🇨🇦) 發表評論