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on May 10, 2016
Finally after fans wait 5 years Tool releases their 5th full length album. 10,000Days is almost as adventurous as Laturalus but a bit more mystical. I might say that this album has the power to keep you listening! Every single track is over 7 minutes long. They are empowered by a metallic tempest that sweeps you along through each song as it enhances your mood more and more. Filled with powerful lyrics as Maynard James Keenan intended there to be. Listen to it a few times and I guarantee you that it will blow your mind!!! The combined case/booklet and 3D glasses is the sure way to entertain your brain. As you go through listening to the album you can go through the 3D pictures. There is a 3D glasses warning on the case that's a riot!! Don't judge or overlook this Tool album because they really made one hell of a comeback here with this album! Plus it also contains the hit single "The Pot!" Don't miss out!!! Owning this particular Tool album is a must!!!!
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on January 5, 2014
Come on how can any so called tool fan not enjoy this?!?!? Or for that matter any hard rock music fan?!?! Tool goes beyond your radio cut one song cookie cutter acts that pollute the modern music scene- that's why so many old rock bands are still relevant today , the so called rock music today is pop crap. Tool came along in the early 90s and I haven't stopped following their music, they stay true to their form and yet grow. Now if I have to explain the depth
, complexities, of their time signatures, meanings of lyrics and overall musical talents then you have no business looking at this album or any other by tool. This a great production that must be listened to in its entirety- all tracks are are one and support each other although they can stand alone they are stronger together. I applauded Tool for staying off of iTunes where albums are picked apart for a buck and not appreciated as a complete work of art but then again not too many bands are producing such complete music. GREAT ALBUM PLEASE ENJOY!!!!
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on July 1, 2017
Tool is the first band I ever got into, after hearing "The Pot" on vacation. It was the heaviest earworm I'd ever heard; the bass hook and Maynard James Keenan's studio-enhanced falsetto seized my attention, and once it gave way to that simple, catchy-as-all-hell main riff, I had a new favorite song. Soon afterwards I bought the CD, and what a first album it was! I could scarcely have picked one better in terms of creative packaging. The artwork is much more thematic than the band's 90's albums, which were all over the place and tad dumb, I think (especially Aenima, what's even going on there?) After enlisting Alex Grey with Salival and Lateralus, the whole package just felt more in tune. It's dark and detailed and psychedelic, perfectly complimenting Tool themselves. However, I do have gripes about it: the 3D glasses built into the case for enhanced viewing of the booklet artwork is clever, but not totally practical. The case won't fit nicely anywhere, and it seems like they didn't know where to put the disc in all this, so it was shoved into a frustrating sleeve, which already increases scratching. If that wasn't enough, the sleeve faces inward, toward not only the crease of the gatefold but the STAPLES of the booklet! My original copy was so scratched it became unlistenable, and the one I just bought off Amazon was delivered brand new with scuffs already on the disc, proving how potentially damaging this case design is.

But the music itself is fantastic, for the most part. The first half of the album is packed with quality, five full tracks that are some of the best work Tool has ever released. "Vicarious" is a little preachy and whiny, thanks to Maynard, but the instrumentation by Adam Jones and company is so good that it completely makes up for it. "Jambi" is one of the heaviest Tool songs ever; it still baffles me that this gets labeled as "rock", Tool is definitely on the far end of heavy metal and brushes up against extreme occasionally. The two-part "Wings for Marie" is a completely justified epic, unlike self-indulgent foolishness a la "Disgustipated". That's not to say "10,000 Days" doesn't have self-indulgent portions; after "The Pot", there is unapologetic filler in the form of "Lipan Conjuring" and "Lost Keys (Blame Hofman)", which is chanting and a nurse and a doctor talking, respectively. I guess part of enjoying Tool is accepting that they'll never have an album that doesn't waste your time at one point or another. "Rosetta Stoned" is an admittedly goofy title for the second longest track, which is comparable to "Third Eye" on "Aenima" for its length and irreverence. Tool, or at least Maynard, loves destroying any semblance of seriousness, at least for a little while, (see "Wings for Marie"), for the chance to repeat the phrase "G**damn, s**t the bed" over and over throughout an 11-minute song. Once again, however, Adam Jones makes it all worthwhile and even halfway brilliant with his guitar work, switching things up half a dozen times in true progressive fashion. "Intension" is a very ambient track, like the double-punch of "Disposition" and "Reflection" on "Lateralus". I love this side of Tool, it represents a more mature and thoughtful band at work. "Right in Two" makes a return to self-important preachiness about monkeys (humans) and their disappointed guardian angels, but is actually a wonderfully evocative piece of work with a cooing guitar and traditional-sounding drums. "Viginti Tres", like "Faaip de Oiad", is some filler to close out the album with, unless you are a bit more ambitious and want to piece it together with other songs to make a bonus track.

I'm surprised by how much I still like this album, and Tool as a whole. I thought I was over them and music like this a few years ago, but I came back to metal with a vengeance and was interested in re-listening to my former favorite band. Tool is so idiosyncratic and compelling and full of itself, it's hard not to enjoy it in the end. It manages to be atmospheric and long-winded without sacrificing quality instrumentation, like Opeth, the band that became my favorite after I'd let some of the blood drain out of my achingly firm Tool loin-shark. I've relaxed on them, definitely, but they will always be a standby for me, not just for nostalgia but because they can produce such great music, complex or simplistic, and still maintain their popularity. Something this progressive and textured has no right being quite this well-known, but Tool did it, and I think that speaks for itself. I hope their new album turns out well.
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on June 6, 2017
Tool is one of those bands that in my ear will never cease to amaze me. I enjoy their sonic art as much as their visual aesthetics, although some of the music videos really creep me out.

10,000 Days holds something special for me because it helped me get out of a crippling depression that had me contemplating suicide every time I laid down to go to sleep. This music helped me get through the darkest of times and reminded me that I am not alone suffering in this world. Everyone has their own problems, and having a band translate that specific feeling into music is why I love them so much. Thank you Tool for existing and playing music.
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on April 10, 2017
I don't know how I missed this one was listing to some of my tool cd's the other day while doing some home improvements and just decided to see if I missed any cause I heard they were touring after 10 years away. well dam A++++ love it and well its new to me and I guess well worth the wait a must for all tool fans and those that got side tracked like me Enjoy on a good system volume up great music
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on May 31, 2014
Simply put, Tool is great. To some, this may seem extreme, but for those who get what they've been doing with vocals and music, it is not an overstatement whatsoever. The reason it takes so long for Tool to put out an album is because they are perfectionists. If you're looking for an album to start your journey in the adventure that is "Tool," you can start here. Personally I'd start at the beginning by buying everything they've done. If you don't you'll be missing a lot but hey, it's Tool so you know it's great. Also, it's worth getting the entire package because they've done wonders with the sleeve. Don't download!! There are 3D images and the Alex Grey artwork is second to none. Speaking of..check out Alex Grey. COSM ...that is all.
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on March 27, 2017
This is album is for sure a heavy hitter. No joke: it's on par with Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon for people who really like to get into their music--to hear it; feel it; absorb it and be absorbed by it. A lot of Tool fans panned this album (I heard) but no one who has watched and appreciated their progression will let this one go without a piece of them going with it. Wings 1 & 2 are amazing. Close your eyes and drink it in: a grown man crying out for the lose of his mother to cancer and his entreaty to heaven to accept her. The feels. Jambi, Rosetta Stoned, so good. I could go on but I'm going to go listen to it now and and need to focus.
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on May 15, 2017
Purchased as a gift for my father who enjoys the occasional metal song. He seemed to enjoy about half of the content inside, but the rest he said felt the ambient interludes, something Tool is know for doing, didn't really strike home with him. Still, it turned out much better than the Linkin Park album I bought for him the year before.
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on June 10, 2016
What can I say? It's Tool. This is like the third time I've bought this same CD because my other copies have been too abused.! I think this is one of their best albums. My favorite song is Jambi (I love the lyrics and Mr.Keenan's vocals on this one the best) but all of the songs are great. I've been a Tool fan for over half of my life, and Maynard James Keenan is one of my musical heroes.
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on January 25, 2016
10,000 days is less mathematical that Lateralus (i love maths), but this album is a true piece of art, especially Right In Two. Also i found Rosetta Stoned one of the most diffcult songs Tool ever released. There is also a bit of Folk on 10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2). Vicarious is also a key track. :)
PS: loved the stereoscopic glasses and the 3D artwork.
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