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on March 11, 2012
These mylar bags are of high quality and have had no problem holding the food we put in them like beans, rice, pasta, quinoa, sugar, salt and dried veggies. The oxygen absorbers are also of high quality with a indicator pill included with the bunch. We opened the bag of absorbers, used about half and put the rest in a small mason jar with the pill. Initially, the pill was turning the bad color meaning that the oxygen absorbers wouldn't work but within a few hours of being in the jar the pill turned the proper color again. We did a second round a few weeks later and the same thing happened so the packets can take being exposed to the air for a very brief period as long as you store them in an airtight container. My husband and I sealed the bags together using my hair straightener... this worked extremely well! The sealing process definitely requires two people, one to hold taught and one to heat seal.
*Just a tip, we found the the more we filled the bags the more vacuum sealed they looked. The company says they don't have to looked vacuum sealed because Nitrogen can remain in the bags and seem like air but all oxygen is actually gone. I believe them but there is something more satisfying about seeing the bags looked vacuum sealed so you KNOW there is no oxygen in there!
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on March 9, 2011
Excellent for emergency food storage, a cheaper way than purchasing prepackaged dried fruits, grains, and legumes from emergency supply stores. A hot iron on polyester to cotton setting seals your food and oxygen scavenger in the bag, which you seal only ¾'s of the way, roll to squeeze out any remaining air, then seal the rest of the opening. When stored in a cool environment such as a basement or cellar the Mylar bag conforms more to your food, like a vacuum seal. I've stored dried fruits, lentils, beans, rice, coffee... keep in mind anything with oils that can turn rancid will have a shorter self life such as peanuts and brown rice, but beans can have a shelf life of up to 10 years and more...


I still purchase Mountain House brand freeze dried meats, since I don't have the equipment to dry and store meat correctly. I agree with the comment made below that the oxygen absorbers "could" have individual wrapping to keep them fresh and from reacting with the oxygen in the environment, but to address this issue I store mine in a sealed Mylar bag! Great purchase, priceless to campers and survivalist who want to save money with "do it yourself" food storage!
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on January 18, 2015
Bags are a decent quality, but seem to tear easily if storing something in a package with slightly sharp corners. A coffee brick for example. The 100cc oxygen absorbers included were not big enough for this application. Since we are trying to seal coffee bricks, it's difficult to get a lot of the air out of the bag before sealing, so one O2 absorber did nothing. Experimented with 3 absorbers, and it seems to be creating more vacuum. I would suggest a 500cc O2 absorber for anyone else doing this. I know, coffee bricks are already vacuum-packed, but some of them looked questionable, and we are trying to double the shelf life. In the end, a food vacuum sealer is probablly a better way to go for this, but experimenting with cheaper options first.
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on August 16, 2014
I have used all but three of these. They seal up easily and well with a simple clothes iron. The absorbers have worked perfect even after having opened the sealed package and placing in two zip locks for 6 weeks. Usually within a few hours, or sooner, you can see the effects of the absorbers on what you package. They seem to work great for dried food stuffs(rice, grains, etc) as well as items such as medication and multivitamins.
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on February 25, 2013
I am building a basement pantry and I use these bags to keep little visitors out of my stash. Although I don't have any little critters in my basement now, I have never stored any food down there either. The reason I'm starting now is that I have outgrown my little kitchen since I have started canning and dehydrating. Between mason jars and mylar bags I hope that I won't be ringing the dinner bells for any unwanted guest. Since it's just the two of us, these 1 gallon bags are perfect for putting small amounts away. They seem strong and sturdy and easy to seal with an iron. The oxygen absorbers are fresh and do a great job of vacuuming the bags. I will try the large ones for 5 gallon pails for long term storage for my new pantry.
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on June 23, 2014
I recently used these with some Mylar bags to store up some sorghum. Thought they worked okay. Although I would like to caution that some of the packets appear to be duds. Meaning they don't suck up the air in already tightly packed and sealed bags. That's why I learned to place two packets inside of the bags. Btw I was using 1 gallon food safe Mylar bags. Hope this helps. Oh and keep these packets in an small-AIR-TIGHT-container too keep their 02 absorbing power at peak. the vacuum they create when absorbing the oxygen is VERY strong, so use an appropriate container.
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on January 14, 2016
My first time to use mylar bags, I was wanting to store some rice. The bags themselves are very nice and thick, I am very happy with them The only thing I was confused on is how many oxygen packs to put in with the rice. There are not clear instructions. Otherwise I was able to figure out how to seal them ( I used my flat iron) easily. Overall very nice bags, just wish there were instructions!
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on October 7, 2014
Great mylar bags. I ordered 20 bags, and received the 20 with 20 oxygen absorbers. Worked great! I would recommend these bags to anyone looking to store food long term. They sealed well, and here a week later they are still airtight, so I'm sure they will stay that way for a long time. the oxygen absorbers and not individually sealed, they are all sealed in one bag. I used a mylar bag to seal the extra oxygen absorbers for future use. I also used my wife's hair straightener to seal the bags, worked much easier than an iron.
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on November 10, 2014
No instructions came with the bags or oxygen absorbers. When using with a food saver make a small bag first to put any unused oxygen absorbers in. This will also preheat the sealing element. Make sure there is no powder or dust on the inside lip where sealing. I had to try sealing some bags twice. One bag will hold 5 lbs of flour or one large container of oatmeal. These bags cannot be vacuum sealed with the food saver. I will be trying an iron to see if that will seal them easier.
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on September 24, 2015
This product is awesome! I've been working on my "zombie apocalypse" food storage and I love having a long term solutuon. My reason for dropping a star is because I wish the O2 absorbers came in like 4, 5-packs instead of 1 20 pack. . . It makes it more difficult to fill and seal because you have to have all 20 bags to fill at the same time. Otherwise, excellent.
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