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on June 29, 2014
I'm a big collector of motivational audio because I have a 40 minute drive to work each day. When I first started this CD in my car, I thought i was hearing a joke about why you shouldn't be monotone. I quickly realized that this was in fact the actual voice of the author. He really should have invested in a professional reader because he sounds as if he is reading in a deep warped speed. Because I purched the audio and hate wasting money, I'm slowly torturing my ears to gleen the good points behind the irritating audio message. To not be a negative Nancy totally, I encourage you to buy the book because it has some good points. I beg you to refrain from purchasing the audio because its pure torture. All I can ask is why, why, why did his friends and family not tell him to hire a professional reader...It may take me an entire year to get through this one CD. If the author decides to make more of these audio discs again, I beg and urge you to have someone else read. I really feel robbed with this one.
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on February 11, 2016
I'm not generally fond of self-help books, but I find this one is quite good. Please know that my review is based on the hardcover print edition and the CD version of the same edition. But, I believe it applies to the audiobook as well (and perhaps more so, as my last paragraph will indicate.)

Most people are already familiar with all of the author's 100 suggestions. Nonetheless, the brief, to-the-point entries serve as excellent reminders of ideas worth remembering, especially when you need inspiration to start or finish something, or to fine tune your attitude toward optimism.

Reading it is a little like having a good, wise friend telling you what you need to hear, without going overboard or beating the point to death.

One last thing: I heard the CD by the same name BEFORE I bought the printed book. The CD is even better in part because the author reads it well. So, the printed book is a great companion to the CD--and it surprises me to say this since I normally like self-help CD's even less than I like self-help books.
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on February 14, 2012
After reading the positive reviews, I was excited to receive the audio-book of "100 Ways To Motivate Yourself" by Steve Chandler. Unfortunately, I ended up disappointed!

On the positive side, the content is good, and Mr. Chandler does a reasonable job covering the broad topic of motivation.

The negatives, however, outweigh the positives. The two reasons I am less than satisfied are as follows:

1.) The audio-book is read by the author in his monotonous low droning baritone. I found it nearly impossible to sustain my focus on his hypnotic reading any longer than five minutes, which is pretty sad for a "motivation" themed book! At times, I wondered if Mr. Chandler were about to fall asleep himself. (Imagine Eeyore reading a book to you on "motivation.") What is interesting, is that at one point in the CD, Mr. Chandler boasts about his great speaking voice. If his CD was intended to induce a hypnotic trance, then I might agree with him.

2.) This audio-book is a superficial survey of some basic thoughts on motivation. I was hoping for more in-depth coverage of motivation, but what can you expect from two CDs and a few hours of content?

Suggestion: Before purchasing, please listen to the audio-sample of the book on the Amazon site. If you can make it through the entire ~5 minute sample, then it might be worth purchasing the book.
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I have been reading and re-reading this book periodically since I purchased it. As a night owl and serial procrastinator, I find it really difficult to get going some mornings. Steve Chandler's book is like a devotional without religion -- each entry is bite-size and perfect for a quick motivational fix that's perfect for mornings. The can be chosen at random. Sometimes it'll take me just one to feel motivated, and other times I'll read two or three. One of the unexpected rewards is that I've learned a good deal about various individuals throughout history and trivia that the author thoughtfully added to each chapter. Finally, in a time in which anyone can write a book and some are in sore need of a good editor, it was refreshing to read a book that is well written and well edited. Highly recommended if you're dealing with depression, overwhelm, procrastination or simply just need a little uplifting reading material to get going sometimes.
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on February 23, 2011
I recently purchased this audio cd but was very disappointed with the readers voice (who is actually the author himself). In comparison to the subject matter which is this "Go get 'em" motivation ......the voice behind it was pretty bland, disappointing, and very drab sounding. Sometimes I found it difficult to want to continue listening to it because of that fact. Also, I actually had it playing in my office and people would immediately comment the same thing about his voice. The actual substance of the book is great and the 100 ways he lists, but I wished there was more energy and enthusiasm to the voice that was reading it to make it more impactful. The subject matter and reader's tone did not match. I also wished there could of been a print out list included with the cd of all the 100 ways he mentioned as a recap. I ended up jotting down notes myself.
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on May 15, 2011
I bought this book because I needed some motivation in life and was expecting just that. What I got was a book that motivates, clarifies, and changes your perception, which if you think about it, when you are lacking motivation that is usually the cause. Each section, their are 100, tends to blow my mind in some way, and causes me to think-Wow! I have recommended this book to everyone I love. Do not call this a self help help book! This book clears the dust out of your mind and makes you feel a little bit superior, because you may be thinking better thoughts than the rest.
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on January 26, 2015
Great starter book to bring you some motivation and inspiration to your life. It is an easy read that doesn't make things over-complicated and through its simple ideas it helps the reader feel comfortable with who they are, where they are at in life, and what small things they can do to change their own personal thinking in a more positive way. I enjoyed reading this book and still refer back to sections to reestablish the positive motivation it brings me!
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on July 31, 2010
If your like me and you can motivate others with no problem!.....but cannot seem to motivate ....yourself!.....then I'm telling as fast! as you can and get a copy of this! book!......

It will give you that kick in the "butt"! push that you need for yourself! and make you see and feel....that whatever! it may can! do it! and you can!...get threw it!.....

Mr.Chandler is a God send the way his words make you finally see what was right there in front of you allll the time! will not regret getting this book...and I know like will thank! Mr Chandler....also he has other books that are powerful in there own right...."50 ways to create great! relationship"(How to Stop taking and start Giving) ....and the other book is...."Reinventing Yourself" will be glad you picked up any! of his books.
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Excellent book, makes perfect sense, worth keeping for a reference. This we know, this is stated better for a more permanent solution. It was very well
written so it was actually fun to read. More likely to put the information into action. This is about the
best book I've read to date on the subject. It is also more accessible for one to apply. All writings by Steve Chandler will be welcome in the future. Jill Agnew
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on May 13, 2010
This is a great book. I loved that it did not have chapters. Each "number" is short and easy to read. you can read one or two and put the book down and contemplate on them. I am in the middle of making a list of his 100 ways he wrote about and just writing a "one-liner" about it to remind myself of each of them so i can put them into practice. I loved that if you are a christian you can incorporate everything he wrote into your christian life and become a better christian. He's practical and uses everyday situations that we can relate to. This is a keeper!
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