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on August 4, 2012
Who needs an electric kettle? The stove top kind work just fine! I don't need another appliance cluttering up the place!
I thought all of those things too. How wrong I was! I've had this bad boy for a day and I can not tell you how stupid I feel for not only doubting its awesomeness but also for not having bought one years ago.
Let's get into the nitty gritty:
It's fully stainless steal on the inside with the cap up top being the only piece near the water that is plastic. There is no funky chemical or plastic smell with this kettle. The heating element is in the base of the kettle, not the inside.
The water level markings, as someone else mentioned, are on the handle side of the inner chamber which really isn't that big of a convenience unless you want to fill it to the max level.'
*edit: I wrote here about the lid no securing and was corrected! The lid DOES lock into place with a snap.
It will automatically turn off as soon as water comes to a boil. I have a small studio apartment and can hear the "click" of this turning off no matter where I am.
You can set the kettle down any which way on the base and it will work, there is no "secured position" that it needs to be. Handle may face any direction.
Another small feature I really enjoyed was the cord to this can be wrapped up INSIDE the base and secured so that while not in use the cord is completely out of the way. You can wrap it around once for a smaller cord or twice to completely hide it. Such a nice feature since I have such a tiny kitchen!
It heats up pretty quickly, faster than water on the stove.

**Update 1/21/2014** This kettle has brewed its last cuppa. I purchased this August 1st, 2012 and today when I went to unplug it the grounding plug stuck in the outlet. It lasted about a year and half. Don't regret my purchase at all. I used this daily to brew many, many cups of tea. I thought about upgrading to a better one but the price jump is so significant I might just buy another one of these.
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on February 24, 2012
I bought this electric kettle after my stove top kettle needed replacement. It is great -- it boils water very quickly and turns itself off automatically which is a great safety feature. I did a lot of research before I purchased this model, I highly recommend this one -- it gets good reviews and there is no plastic inside the kettle -- many of the others have plastic viewers that are immersed in the hot water, I did not want my hot water in contact with plastic. I haven't found any negative aspects to this kettle and have been using it daily for over three months.
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on April 13, 2016
I have had this unit for a year now. I use it multiple times a day. Now the temperature sensor just went out so the water keeps boiling and boiling. I have to keep an eye on it after I start it. Other than that its been a great product for the year it worked. For $20 a year I got my money out of it.
Update: I found the issue with the kettle continuously boiling. The coating on the wires melted and made contact with each other keeping the kettle from turning off. You can see the attached image. A bit dangerous. They should have extended the heat sheathing to extend to the full length of the wire.
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on June 30, 2015

I saw a few other reviewers mention this recently and I am adding my review to warn off others.

We brought this on May 24 and as of today, June 30, it is not working properly. It was working great until this morning.

1. After we filled the kettle with water, we placed it on the base and plugged in. Instantly, it started boiling by itself without us switching on the "On" switch.
2. After the water finished boiling, it continues to boil until we unplug the unit. Because of this, we do not feel that it is safe to use. What if we didn't notice this and left the pot plugged in? It would have caused a fire.
3. Our warranty ended on 6/28/15. How convenient that as soon as the warranty ended this happened? Now I can't return this product or exchange it.
4. We tested it again a few times throughout the day, and it's still malfunctioning, so we are sure it's not just a one time only malfunction. Because of this, we will no longer use it as it's dangerous.

We are really disappointed about this tea kettle. The manufacture needs to pay attention and improve the safety immediately!

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on February 18, 2014
I bought this kettle for my parents for Christmas last year. They're very consistent and love having boiled water so this kettle's gotten a fair amount of usage since December 25, 2013. Unfortunately the kettle seems to already have rusted all around the inside on the bottom as well as on the rim. The spout looks like it's starting to rust too. I don't think my parents have a filter on the tap water but they wash their kettle regularly. At this point I'm uncertain whether it's mineral deposits or actual rust since I don't live at home to see it for myself but I've instructed my mom to clean it out with a vinegar/water solution to see if the "rust" will disappear. I will be posting an update when she gets a chance to do that. Until then, this kettle isn't living up to the great reviews I read earlier prior to purchasing.
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on August 17, 2012
This is very fast and efficient for boiling water for my iced tea. I love this tea kettle very much, and will admit that I labored over this for weeks on end prior to electing to purchase this particular kettle. (I take my tea VERY seriously!!) (smile) What is so cool about this is the fact that the kettle sits on a little black plate with the heating element in the center of the plate, which also has the electric cord attached to this plate. The tea pot itself is completely cordless, with the on / off switch on the handle in a very convenient location. You sit the kettle on top of the hot plate to heat your water, so there is absolutely ZERO exposure of your water to any plastics or heating element at all. The only plastic is the lid. There is a water guage on the back under the handle, and I have not quite figured out how this works, because you cannot see the water guage on the inside of the kettle itself, so it is not exposed to your water either, which I like. I worry about the plastics with boiling water, but that is really not an issue in the slightest with this kettle. I love it, and would buy it again. I wish I had purchased it sooner. The only difference I could see is that I would probably purchase a larger tea kettle next time because I drink a LOT of tea every day. I am really a stickler about my water being exposed to the plastics and the electrical unit, etc. There is nothing but pure brushed stainless steel inside this kettle. Love it,and I am sure you will too. Just be careful you do not fill it to the spout, or it will boil over if you are not watching it. It does turn itself off too, by the way! What more could you want in a tea kettle. I love mine!!
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on February 7, 2013
I purchased this tea kettle on November 23, 2012, and the corners of the spout have already started to rust. We use it everyday and keep water in it overnight, but i would not expect rust after less than three months.
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on June 27, 2012
I like the design and size of the kettle. I used it almost daily for about a month without a problem, and then one day it simply stopped working--it won't turn on. So that's a letdown.
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on May 13, 2013
pardon the language, but this thing is crap. It takes forever to boil water and the packaging included a warning that it contains a chemical found to be carcinogenic in the state of california! Even after cleaning it, it gives off a weird odor and I don't trust the electrical components. The first time I tried using it while I was running my microwave on the same circuit, it shorted out. That never happens when I use the microwave with any other appliance, even multiple appliances. I haven't thrown it out yet because I honestly don't know where to dispose it safely. I know I won't use it again.
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on January 7, 2017
I had my Brentwood kettle for about 2 or 2.5 years. It was good while it lasted. The auto-shutoff never failed me a single time, and a fully filled kettle would go from room-temperature or slightly cool to a rolling boil in about 2-3 minutes. Throughout the two years, I've only had a few rare occasions where the water tasted a little off after coming through the kettle, but a thorough washing of the interiors usually took care of the problem. The inside of the kettle is completely metal (with the exception of the lid), so there's no need to worry about less heat-resistant plastic coming into contact with the water during the boiling process. My kettle did eventually die of an electrical failure. The connection point is exposed, so there's a chance it might come into contact with water if you aren't careful. I think a little water either got on the bottom of the kettle or onto the base in my case. Either way, there was a pretty dramatic electrical spark that accompanied my kettle's death. Didn't set anything on fire, but it did startle me a bit. But for a more careful user (because I'll admit, I always get water on everything), the kettle should last a good long time.
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