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on May 2, 2018
There aren't actually 1001 DIFFERENT games on this. There are a lot of variations of the games that gets them up to that number I guess.

Still there are a LOT of games on this and seem to be interesting enough to keep coming back to it when they have lost interest or "finished" other games.

It's also a good one to pass down to younger kids when the older ones get bored. Seem to be more than average of games that can be played by younger grade schoolers.

I got this on sale. I think if I'd paid retail and found out there weren't actually 1001 it probably would have gotten a lower rating.
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on December 14, 2011
I must say, I was rather disappointed with this game. I knew when I got this that it was 'new' this year and therefor only had 4 user reviews, so I knew I was taking a chance. I don't usually buy things until there are at least 10 reviews. Anyways, I wanted to give my overall impressions and a list of the games since no one had done this yet.


*No "unlockable" games, which for me is a plus because I like to be able to play all/any of the games I want without having to play a bunch of other games first to 'unlock' it. Some people will find this a bummer though.

*The "lengthy load time" mentioned by anouther reviewer is not overly long, a few seconds each, but the annoyance this creates adds up because after each "level" it goes right to loading the scores, and then you choose whether you want to keep playing (which you then have to manually choose a level for, which leads to more loading). I have not found a way to go from one level to anouther directly, bypassing the 'scores' and such, or for how to keep playing a level longer, such as some kind of 'zen' mode... since the few games I wanted to keep playing 'kicked me out' before I wanted to finish because I had "won" that level's score requirement (((UPDATE: it seems that it lets you keep playing from level to level until you run out of time, I had been confused because it always said 'good job' not 'times up' or 'you lose'...I haven't played every game yet but it is likely that each will let you play from one level to the next until your time is up... not sure how many levels each game has))). On a plus, if you are sharing this game with multiple profiles it will show each person's scores for the games.

*The music: It might be just me, but I really didn't like all the music I had encountered, either the main music or the few various ones for different games, especially the 'collapse' type games were there was a distracting 'pulse' noise too. The only way to change the music or sound effect options is on the main menu/profile page under 'options' so if you want to change it while you are playing a game you will have to 'quit' the game. However, on the plus side, though I haven't tested it out yet, it seems like each person's profile will probably save their preference for the sounds. And it's not like the music is anything extreme, more like elevator music, but for some reason it just really bugged me, which is too bad since music can add such a nice touch. But if you were bringing this on a long travel trip you probably wouldn't have the sound on anyways so as not to bother the people around you.

*The 'touch' sensitivity is rather 'wonky' at times...... it might just be my game, but be warned... for instance, when I was trying to select the letters for my name when doing my profile, it keep using random letters far from the one I touched, and would go to an 'h' or 'n' many times when I tried to erase... this does not bode well for a game where you have to use its touch capabilities.... HOWEVER, I tried several games and it seemed to go fine, but just be warned (some games were rather bad, and I mentioned the ones I tried like this in the list below). I tried a few of the 'i-spy' type of games and it was finicky, you had to try several spots in the image you were trying to click to get it to work- but this is a common problem with these games. Also the 'bakery' game (you didn't mix things, just stack them) was also a little annoying because it wouldn't recognize all my tries at stacking the first time, but that could be my fault...? A few of the other games I've found frustrating as well due to the very weird/crazed touch 'sensitivity' which... if you want to look on the bright side could mean that the games are more challenging? haha

*As someone else mentioned, you do not get 1001 separate games. I haven't gone into each game to count yet, but many games do have several modes to choose from and others have differently configured or themed 'levels' so all of these together might be where the 1001 comes from. I more or less figured this was the case when getting the game, the disappointment however is in how so many of the 'separate' games are just different versions of each other, either with different icons/images used or just different 'twists' such as several "collapse" type games where one is the normal, one is both the top and bottom of the screen, one is just the right and left of the screen, and one is all 4 sides of the screen filling in. The "Bejeweled" games are like this too, one is jewels, or balls and a similar type with sea-shells, etc.

*The graphics are acceptable, but some of the games, such as the "collapse" ones have very tiny graphics to click on that might be difficult for some people

*The games all have a list of 'rules/instructions' and brief explanation of the 'types' if there are different choices for the game... but some of the instructions are lacking... for instance the 'golf' game's instructions didn't seem to make much sense to me or explain how to actually do it in enough detail, but if you already play those kind of games maybe you would already know how, I admit I didn't spend too much time trying to figure it out since I was mostly 'playing' it to see the graphics, which seem nice

*** B- grade. Overall this collection is good if you have no other 'collection/compilation' type games, and I do not have any others (this is my first, so perhaps my ratings would be different if I had a different one to compare with), but as it is, its good enough and a lot of the games are fun. However, this 'fun' is also based upon whether the game you are playing is something you like (duh) and if you don't mind the 'load' times in-between different screens. ....If you have a newer DS system, like dsi or even 3ds, the load times might not be as long since there is more internal memory to these systems, but I don't have either of those yet so I am unable to tell you if there are differences or not

List of games:

>Under the "Best Game Hits" category:

=(under action and adventure)=
-balloons and arrows
-pressure pop (a more relaxing version of 'collapse' where there doesn't seem to be a time limit and the next row only moves up when you 'move' which is when you click to remove adjacent blocks of the same color. This actually makes it a bit more of a 'puzzle' than a click-fest because later in the game when the rows are starting to reach the top you will need to think a little on how to best stop this)
-carnival ducks
-Bill's Burgers
-basketball stars
-destroy cubes! ("collapse" but from top and bottom screen)
-carnival ball catch
-pop the diamond (classic "collapse" again but with tiny diamond shapes)
-soccer kick
-donut frenzy ("collapse" but from all four sides)
-missile launch
-burst the stars ("collapse" but from the right and left screen)
-Betty's bakery
-super darts
-ice hockey shot
-rock catapult
-circus plates
-bumper cars
=(under card and board)=
-don't step on the mine (mine-sweep kind of game)
-poker drop
-tic tac toe (not sure how other games do this, but I was slightly disappointed I wasn't able to draw x or o, but not a big deal. Nice 'chalk' graphics)
-sink the ships ("battleship" game)
-blackjack panic
=(under strategy and puzzle)=
-haunted room (i-spy kind of game)
-simple sudoku (i didn't try any of the sudoku, number, or letter/word games so not sure how they are for those people wanting to play these... sorry)
-pirate's treasure (i-spy kind of game)
-pearl pairs (kind of like 'bejeweled')
-tombs of egypts (i-spy kind of game)
-drop-n-swap classic
-zoo animals (i-spy kind of game)
-sudoku mania
-monster drop (seems to be the same as the above 'drop-n-swap' but different graphics)
-home improvement (i-spy kind of game)
-drop-n-speed (same as drop-n-swap but... faster? ...donno, seems like that)
-undersea adventure (i-spy type again)
-animal sliders (fun 'slide' game but the graphics of the 'animals' are not my personal favorite... shrugs. Also, it might just be my game, but the touch-sensitivity was really wonky here, the rows can be slid both up and down and left and right and it would often do the opposite of what I wanted, or seem to move the row 3 or so away from what I was trying, etc.... rather frustrating for a timed game)
-garage sale (i-spy type again)

>Under "Game Collections" category

=(under action and adventure)=
-crystal caverns (not sure what the equivalent is called, but that game with a looping row of different colored balls to 'shoot and match')
-minigolf madness
-pinball madness
-ultimate racing
-ball buster (that fun 'pong' type of game were you have to keep moving the slider to keep the ball bouncing to 'brake'/'destroy' things, has powerups and some interesting graphic/theme options)
=(under card and board)=
-tri-peaks twist
-mahjong match
-solitaire twist
-spooky spider solitaire
-mahjong bonus
-jailbreak freecell
-egyptian pyramids (only 'card' game I've tried so far and has different 'set-up'/shape options)
-fort yukon solitaire
-forty thieves solitaire
=(under strategy and puzzle)=
-jewel legends ("bejeweled" with different set-up/board options)
-tangram puzzles (nice 'real wood' look... control sensitivity was a bit messed up here as well, but not quite as bad as the below "pentamino puzzles" game)
-wordsearch frenzy
-spot the difference
-diamond mines
-pentamino puzzles (looks like 'tangram' but with different shaped blocks in different colors... Also, it might just be my game, but the touch-sensitivity was really awful here, it would usually flat out refuse to put the block in the spot I wanted-even when the 'clue' said it belonged there!-and it would sometime send the block I was trying to use to different areas of the screen, including ones barely reachable)
-wordsearch classic
-picture puzzle (move the sections of the picture around until it is 'correct')

And there you have it, those are the games! pheew! No 'tetris' kind of games though, which was a little surprising since they seem to be so common.... the closest you'll get is the few versions (same game, different graphics) where the 'ball'/'monster' fall down and you move them around to get rid of others of the same color... no 'shapes' to configure or anything, just round icons... which at least the one I played (I forget which one right now) you were actually able to rotate the icons after they landed, which surprised me and also made it seem too easy...? Though higher levels are probably more hectic
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on January 10, 2014
Good for when you want a quick game rather than something more involved. I doubt there are 1001 games on it but with the choices per game and levels there are a lot, more than any normal person would want or need. However not all are equally playable.

Let me start by saying I am a senior citizen who does not have the hand eye coordination of youngsters so I am not able to do even tolerably well at any of the games which require shooting or aiming and there are a lot of those, shooting ducks, basketball, soccer, darts, etc. etc. So that lets out about one third of the games for me.

Also for the hidden object and spot the differences games which I do quite well on the computer the tiny DS screen is just too small to see them well enough to play.

There are also a number of games that you have to tap groups of three or more as the sides or top/bottom come towards each other. These games I can play but you have to keep tapping like crazy. There is no time for any thought or logical decision making just hit anything in sight and I think those millions of constant taps cannot be good for the DS and it takes away from my enjoyment of the game if I can not use any reasoning on my moves so I don't play those often either.

All of this limits me to about one third of the games this has and I don't find that very satisfactory. So for me personally it is probably a two star but I gave it three on the idea that young people could play a lot of the games I cannot.

Also when you want to quit a game before it has run to a conclusion you have to hit the start button to get those options. Nowhere does it tell you this.

I bought a used one so I did not pay full price so I guess I am getting my money's worth but I was hoping for better.
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on December 16, 2014
It does have indeed a gajillion puzzles - and they are kind of fun - but there are dozens of duplicates; All of the swap three games are very, very similar. One is with squares to swap, another with circles to swap - same game different icons to swap. It's still kind fun, so don't discount it. And if you prefer circles to squares, then this is your game! :-)
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on June 11, 2015
Purchased this for my 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter. Keeps them busy. Keeps me busy as well. Lots and Lots of games to choose from. Can't get weary of it. Pleased with this purchase
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on March 27, 2017
As advertised.
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on August 17, 2015
My daughter is at constant play with this game. I can't seem to stop playing myself. Great games! Great price!
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on March 20, 2013
A lot of the games are "repeats" of other games already on the cartridge, just different pictures or "themes" associated with it. Some are very hard to get the hang of because they don't give you a "tutorial". Then, there's a lot of loading between games and before anything starts. I ended up waiting a lot and not playing very long. I might end up selling it soon.
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on November 2, 2015
pretty cool at first but fizzled out quick
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on August 2, 2012
Their are some games you know and love and some not so familiar ones but all in all, they provide hours of entertainment. It's good value for money and although I haven't yet counted to see if there are 1001 games, there are many! I bought this game for my 6 year old who enjoys word search but admittedly, I'm more drawn to the games than he is.
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