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on March 7, 2013
I was looking for a multi-line phone at a reasonable price and thought this one fit the bill. So I bought two of them for my new business. They worked fine. No complaints. However, about a month after I had installed them, I had a need to use the speakerphone feature. It didn't work. I could hear clearly but no one could hear me. I put them on hold, walked over to the other phone -- that speaker phone didn't work either! I called AT&T Customer Service to complain since the product return period had expired. A very helpful person told me to unplug the power cord, leave unplugged for at least a minute, then reconnect. I did this with both phones and now the speakerphone features are working just fine.
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on January 22, 2015
I have 11 of these phones in various locations in my home and a nearby barn. They work very well, and were a very simple and inexpensive way to create an office-style telephone system. Although the manual indicates that the full telephone line length should be less than 300 feet, my system has about 400 feet of wire, and operates without any difficulty.

I like the 1080 because it lets me know when I have a voice mail message waiting in my phone company's "answering machine" service. The 1040 and 1070 models work very well too - they just don't have as many features. I started to build my system a few years ago. AT&T has a newer system, but I don't think you can mix the different phone types. I've never had any problems with any of this series of phones.

The phone works fine even when the backup batteries go dead. If you put in the 9V backup batteries, I recommend using rechargeable ones. Where I live, we loose power fairly frequently, and the phones use a fair amount of electric power to keep going during the power outages. You might not have that problem. Even after long power outages and for phones with dead batteries, the system comes up fine when power is restored - none of the programmed settings are lost.
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on April 26, 2013
I bought 12 of these for a customer of ours. I own a professional IT company and have install many phone system over the past 15 years. We installed these phone with all new wiring and all new jacks. After getting the phones programmed up we discovered that the intercom would not work properly. It was randomly working on some phones and on other phones the voice was chopping and not understandable (note: the dial tone and incoming and outgoing calls were flawless - it was an intercom issue only).

We contacted AT&T support and learned that a "bad" phone can cause the intercom not to work but the dial calls to work perfectly. We then had to go into diagnostics, unplugging/plugging each phone until we found the phone that was causing the problem. We found that of the 12 phone that we had purchased, three (3) phones were bad and causing intercom issues. AT&T promptly replaced them, which I cannot criticize AT&T service it was good. We put the 3 replacement phones in service, within 2 weeks we were back with the exact same problem with the intercom. In talking with AT&T all they could do is replace the continuing failed phones, but had no other course of action.

At this point I am faced with an at or above 33% equipment failure rate which makes a VERY unreliable phone system and an understandably unhappy customer. If you know anything about failure rates, then you know this is unreasonably, if not astronomically high.

I had lost all confidence in the AT&T phone system. I was now face with having to spend another $2000.00 to replace (and yes I lost my shirt on this install) the AT&T system with a competitive system, which I did.

I installed the competitive system without changing ANYTHING else and it worked great. The competitive system has been in for nearly a month with no issues. Matter of fact with the customer telling me they love it. So, NO it was not a wire issue, it was not an install issue, it WAS a phone issue.

I now I have 12 AT&T that have all been used and that I don't want/dare sell to anyone.

I will NEVER sell/install the AT&T small business system again!

Caveat Emptor
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on June 16, 2014
We bought 3 of these phones about 6 months ago and the speakerphone never worked from day one!!! Came back to reviews to see if anything had changed in this area and found the one review about a fix. The person who stated they unplugged them for about a minute and plugged them back in just seemed too good to actually work, but lo and behold it actually DID WORK!!! Our speakers are working great now and hopefully this will continue.
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on April 18, 2014
I purchased 16 of these phones to replace the AT&T model 955 phones for a customer that were starting to show their age and they needed more than the 12 stations that the older phones would support. After looking over the other four line phones, these seemed to be the best bet. However one out of the sixteen phones was "bad out of the box". The defect was "no speakerphone", a complaint that has been common with this model. To their credit, Amazon promptly replaced the bad phone. The phones have been in service for a week now and so far the staff loves them.

The AT&T 1070 phone functions mostly like the AT&T 955 phone system it replaced, but there are a few important differences to note:
1. There is no dedicated "all page" button on the 1070. To do an "all page", press "Intercom" then the # key on the dial pad.
2. If you are on the phone and a call comes in on another line, the caller ID will NOT automatically display it. This may have been built that way so that "call waiting caller ID" would function as expected. To view the caller ID on another line, press either the < or > key on the navigation cluster to the right of the display.
3. Others have reported that all four lines must be the same on all four phones. However the manual states that only line 1 must be common to all the phones in the system. But there is a contradiction in the manual that says only line 4 can be designated as a "private" number. This was not a consideration for us however, as the line appearance is identical on all phones in the system.

If you want "music on hold" for these phones, you will need to purchase the model CK-1A4 MOH adapter from Skutch Electronics, list price $325.00. You only need one adapter for the whole system. The adapter is kind of crude, it consists of a control box that sits under the phone and a dongle that is attached over the line status lights. It senses when a line goes on hold by the flash rate of the light. As a consequence there is a bit of a delay before the music starts playing to the caller. The adapter does not supply the music, you must supply your own music source such as a CD-player. In our case I used the mono program feed for the radio station that I installed these phones for.

But most of these are minor issues. As long as you only need 4 central office lines and 16 stations or less, these phones are a good deal.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 23, 2014
I can't tell you how much I hate this phone! I've been disappointed almost from the beginning. I bought it because it had a large amount of memory in the answering machine. Well, at least it was supposed to. Within a very short amount of time, there was a glitch with a message that I deleted. The message wouldn't delete and then it started duplicating itself more and more each time I played back messages. Finally I figured out how to reset it. Was the problem solved? No, it seemed as if it just got rid of the corrupted memory files. Now if I get more than 10 to 15 messages, my memory is full. I bought this for a business line and it is a piece of garbage. I'll continue using the phone but now I'm buying a different answering machine and hoping that it won't mess up my incoming faxes. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!
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VINE VOICEon March 31, 2017
I ordered 10 of these for a busy claims office. We use 4 lines so we needed a phone that can withstand being used all day everyday. Each line lights up when it is used and blinks when they are on hold. Caller ID is easy to see and the scroll for history is a nice feature. The speaker is loud but having used these phones for years the speaker feature sometimes does not work its the only thing that has ever broke with on the phone.
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on April 27, 2017
Why pay over a hundred dollars for 'just' a phone?
>Speakers OK but the mic does not work.
>Time stamp is correct so why do I receive a new message on Thursday from the previous Saturday?
>There is NO date on messages.
>1 minute to leave a message = useless, cut-off messages
>Auto Attendant does not work. The best I could time it is 4 rings to get to the phone and read the caller ID before the AA hijacked the call. The option to answer a call from another ext. does not work all the time causing the loss of the call. Cannot answer the call once AA has custody.
>Yes, I can learn how to use the phone, very challenging to train staff on the odd steps needed.
>To setup, HA! If you never set up a phone system set aside a few days.
>Remote access does not work on most phone companies or most smart phones (or maybe the smart phone OS?)
>NOT staff friendly
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on October 28, 2014
Bought these for our small law office and they are great 4-line phones. We used to have only two lines but have grown and added two more lines. These were perfect since we did not want to invest in a phone system because these are analog phones. They just plug in to a regular telephone outlet. Most business phones sold now are digital and we didn't want that. All we had to do was ask the phone company to install a jack with 2 plugs (you can only use 1 jack for every phone line you have) instead of one. The volume on the speaker, the ringer and the intercom are better than any phones we have ever owned. My boss has severe hearing loss and forgets to wear his hearing aid but he can hear great on the speaker phone without it. Glad we bought an extra one just in case we hire one more person. I recommend this phone over all of the others. It's a great buy for a small office that doesn't want to spend thousands. By the way, a friend of mine that works for AT&T told me to get the AT&T 1080 because it is the best that they make. We tried Panasonic and they were terrible phones.
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on April 11, 2016
I have been using multi-line phones for many years. I expected to be able to record a different out going message for my three separate lines as I have with all of the previous (including AT&T). Assuming that this was caused by operator error, for more than a month I tried to accomplish that. I could not get this telephone to do that. this was operator error I continued to try to understand the three manuals that came with the phone. There was strictly one message for all three lines, and somehow, I was supposed to tell customers to press and extension number. Couldn't get the extensions to record a unique outgoing message either. It would have been nice for that to have that disclosed before purchase. To add insult to injury, the customer service kept me on hold for extremely long time before disconnecting me with none of my questions answered.
An other gripe somewhat unrelated, I hate the practice of pushing me toward something I didn't search for. When I go to a brick and mortar they don't do that. The internet is quickly becoming more trouble than it is worth.
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