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on August 18, 2010
I was an avid Wacom user for almost 5 years before I bought this. I'm a college student, and although performance takes precedent over price, I'm not exactly able to pull $300 out of thin air for a new tablet. This Monoprice tablet is the absolute best of both worlds. I used an Intuos3 for years before it gave out on me. Instead of dropping more than I pay for rent on a new Wacom, I saw this lil betty. Comparable to an Intuos2, this tablet had everything I needed spec-wise:

1024 lvls of sensitivity,
large active area,
programmable hotkeys,
and a low response time.

I figured 'why not? It's only 50-60 bucks. Worse case, I send it back.' I'm very happy that I went with it. I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best Value vs. Price purchases I've made in the last few years. It may not be an inutos4 or Cintiq, but this is by far the best value product you can get in the graphics tablet market right now.

P.S. The pen has a AAA battery in it, which makes it marginally heavier than an Intuos3 pen, which I like because of my larger hands. It helps me make smoother pen strokes as well, though I understand everybody's preference is different.
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Before a month ago, I never heard of the Graphic Art Company, MonoPrice. But, what a surprise!

I've been using the pre-Wacom Bamboo tablet, "Graphire 4 (6"x8")" now for more than 4 years. About 6- 7 months ago, I recognized that I had developed a shortage in the wire connecting the tablet to my laptop's USB port. I called Wacom and the technical support rep told me that they (Wacom) do still repair the now-retired Graphire line but it would cost me $100 just to have the wire replaced. The only problem is that the new Bamboo line which replaced the Graphire line runs about the same as the repair cost.

I remembered after getting off the phone with him the old adage that says, "Repair if it's less than 50% less than purchasing it new." I decided that I needed to upgrade to the Intuos line, but I didn't have $300+ dollars to spend at the moment. So, I jimmied the wire with some rubber bands and scotch tape until a few weeks ago when the tablet went totally dark.

I searched Amazon for something reasonable when I came across a listing for this tablet that I now hold in my hands. All of the reviewers who seemed to be knowledgeable about tablets had very constructive things to say about this tablet. And, they were exactly right. This is a great buy.

The Monoprice 10" Tablet set comes with:

The 10" x 7" workspace. (Its exact measurement is 11" x 14" x 3/8")
Rubber-tipped pen
Pen holder
Extra tip nubs
$60 (25% the price of Graphire4 line or 40% cheaper than a Bamboo-line!)

You'd have to compare the Monoprice to the Bamboo line and not the Intuos for only one reason: the Monoprice has only 1024 pressure sensitivity levels to the 2048 of the Intuos. Other than that the Wacom would be in serious trouble.

**** Comparison ****

The Monoprice works exactly like the Graphire4 did with the same amount of sensitivity levels, responsive pen with a hard but manageable plastic pen point.

The Graphire had two things this tablet set doesn't: a mouse and a wireless connection that the pen and mouse had to the tablet. The Graphire 4 (6x8) is 48 sq. inches of space for $155 that I paid for in Aug of 2007.

The Monoprice, at 70 sq. inches, has almost 70% more workspace. Separate pen stand and 5 extra pen nibs. The pen works with a single AAA battery, so it may be smart to have a couple of free batteries somewhere close to where your workstation is. And, it only cost me $60.

**** Testing ****

The video above is an approximately 60-minute sketch done with AutoDesk's Sketchbook Pro 2011.

**** Conclusion ****
This graphic art/ drawing tablet is easily a better buy than the Wacom Bamboo and if Wacom was still producing the Graphire-line, I wouldn't go back to it knowing what I know now.

However, this Monoprice is the best entry-level graphic art tablet, but it cannot replace the Intuos.

If you need to have a basic graphic art tablet, this is it. There's none better for the price and it easily exceeds Wacom's entry level. But, for anyone doing a high-level of professional work, unless Monoprice has a high-end model in the works, the Wacom's Intuos line is still the benchmark of excellence.
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on January 28, 2014
I used this tablet for about five months, and it's a pretty good alternative to the more expensive a point.

This thing is CHEAP. It feels cheap, and it also has a different company name printed on it. The instructions are in some hilarious Engrish. The pen is a little bulky and has two AAA batteries inside, held in place by a flimsy metal clip that I can see being easily messed up if you're not careful. It doesn't have an eraser at the end like other graphics pens.

The drawing surface isn't bad, though. It's got a bit of a grain to it, but you get used to it pretty quickly. The bulkiness of the pen isn't really a problem, either. And as cheap as the tablet feels, it's pretty sturdy and sits comfortably in your lap. Not sure if it would be comfortable sitting on a table, though.

Installing the drivers is like going to China in 1993. It's awful, and I can't even begin to tell you how I installed them. It was like voodoo. The CD has a Windows 95-looking installer that wants to install a bunch of crappy software you would never use for anything.

It has 1024 pressure levels, which is decent enough for most stuff, though the pen will occasionally glitch out an spew a solid line of color no matter how lightly you're pressing down, but this doesn't happen often. There are a few shortcut areas at the top of the tablet, but I never used them. I used it pretty regularly for about five months before the batteries died, so that ain't bad.

So, overall, this (or, I imagine, other tablets from Monoprice) is a good investment considering the price if you want a graphics tablet for screwing around with. Not great if you intend to use it a lot/do more professional work. But I can see the smaller tablets being a good get if you have kids that want to draw on the computer machine, or if you're new to tablets.

In summary, this is a cheap piece of Chinese crap, but it works pretty well in spite of itself.
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on October 31, 2013
My teenage daughter purchased this Graphic Drawing tablet. It arrived quickly but she had some issues setting it up. She contacted tech support and they were exceedingly helpful walking her through the process but they ultimately realized that the pen with the tablet must be defective. We contacted Monoprice through Amazon to arrange an exchange. Their customer service was friendly and knowledgable and sent a return label. The new tablet and pen arrived before I even had time to drop off the box at UPS! The new tablet and pen works like a charm and it is everything my daughter expected. We would gladly do business with Monoprice again.
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on December 3, 2012
If you want an inexpensive, BIG and perfectly functional drawing tablet with responsive pressure sensitivity, this tablet is a worthwhile purchase. I'm very pleased with this tablet and it works well (but NOT perfect - I've updated my thoughts in this review).

I've used Wacom tablets for years. I love them. If you aren't familiar with Wacom tablets - they are the premiere graphics drawing tablets and are often used by the pros. The problem is that Wacom tablets are SO expensive. That's what led me to purchase this Monoprice tablet instead of a Wacom. Note: I ordered the Monoprice on this product page but actually got a Tursion. The Tursion appears to be the exact SAME tablet as the Monoprice except for the name. If you want to save a few bucks check out the Tursion page here: Tursion Graphic Drawing Tablet 10 x 6.25 Inches.

I bought this tablet for my grandmother to go with an older copy of Painter and Sketchbook Pro since I just upgraded both of those for myself. She has been wanting to get back into drawing and painting for awhile now and I wanted to give her a digital means of pursuing her hobby. I started looking at the Wacom tablets but the price was too prohibitive. The only ones close to my budget were the tiny Bamboo tablets and even those were more expensive than this Monoprice. I didn't want to purchase a teeny little tablet to draw on (the Bamboo) but I still wanted a good quality drawing tablet with pressure sensitivity. I was a little hesitant when I saw the Monoprice. Could it really be any good and so "cheap" at the same time?

I'm glad I bought it. It's really quite amazing for the price! If you are a pro, you are going to want to save for a Wacom. If not, this tablet will probably work out great.


As soon as I got it I installed the driver, restarted my system (want to make sure it works as advertised before giving it to my grandma) and then plugged the tablet in. It wasn't responsive at all, but I could clearly see the tablet was being recognized by my system (Windows 7 64 bit) because a green light started blinking while Windows searched for and subsequently "installed" the driver. However, when I touched the pen to the tablet...nothing.

I replaced the battery in the pen and bingo! It worked. :-) Note that the tablet does NOT show a green light at the top when it's active. It only shows the light when you touch the pen to it. If there is no light when you touch the pen to it, check the battery. ;-)

**INSTALLATION UPDATE** It turns out the driver for this tablet doesn't seem to be compatible with a Wacom tablet driver. If you have one installed, uninstall it before installing the driver for this tablet. Also...if you have trouble with the tablet working with the driver that it comes with (via the enclosed CD) - the tablet does work WITHOUT the driver installed (at least on my Windows 7 system). In fact, it seems to be less troublesome and still has pressure sensitivity and full functionality. If you are having trouble getting it to work, UNINSTALL the driver and try just plugging your tablet in. If you can't uninstall it from the control panel, look in your programs menu under "Tablet".


I tried it out in Painter 12, Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop CS5, and Art Rage. The pressure sensitivity works great (note: in order for it to work in Photoshop you need to adjust your brush settings in shape dynamics with a drop down choice where you can choose "pressure sensitive"). If you press down hard, the media you choose in the program responds appropriately. So, when I tried out oil paints in Painter and pressed hard I got a nice, thick line of paint. When I pressed lightly, I got a thin softly applied line - just like in real life with a real paintbrush and paint.

**UPDATE** When you try to draw a straight line with this tablet (or a circle) it's a little bit jittery. After awhile I found this to be annoying. Because of this, I've dropped my star rating down to a 4. I think this tablet is great for painting but maybe NOT for drawing super steady lines. Because of this I also do not recommend it for a pro IF you can save up for a Wacom. Still, it's a good enough tablet.


The pen has a nice feel to it. It's slightly shorter than my Wacom pen and is also heavier. In order to put the battery in, you tug the pen apart and place the battery into a rather flimsy looking metal clip. The pen does NOT have an "eraser" at the end like the Wacom pens. You also have to take care not to store the pen with the tip pressing down (like if you put it in a cup or can) because that will drain the battery. I like the heft of this pen. It feels very comfortable in my hand. Note: There are extra, plastic pen nibs in the package. I almost overlooked them so be careful not to toss those out! They are to replace the current nib when it gets worn down after using it for a long time.


The tablet itself is nice. It's really big (about the size of my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet but with a bigger drawing surface). That's one area where this tablet shines. It's BIG. The drawing surface is almost as big as a piece of paper.

The tablet is comfortable to hold. The surface is not as "soft" as my Wacom tablet, but it's quite smooth. The edges of the tablet are have a little bit of a "sharp" plastic feel and are not softly rounded like the Wacom. The pen makes a little bit of noise moving over the surface - a bit more than the Wacom, but it's not distracting or loud. The pen also makes more of a clicky sound when I press on the surface compared to the Wacom. It moves over the tablet surface with very little resistance but isn't as buttery feeling as the Wacom.

The tablet's plastic around the edges is very slightly textured and the top edge has a little lift and indentation built in so you can set your pen there on a flat surface and not have it roll off.

There is a flat sheet of clear plastic over the drawing surface that you can lift up. You can place a picture underneath for tracing purposes. I had no problem lifting this piece up but had to do so from the corner and using my fingernail vs. the slight indentation in the bottom center intended for that purpose.

The cord is about 3-4 feet long - so you'll need to be fairly close to your computer to work with it. However, it had plenty of play so that I can move the tablet around and adjust it in my lap to draw.

The tablet is not very heavy but not so light as to feel cheap. There are little pictures across the top that you can set as hot keys. However, you can also override that area and just make it part of the drawing surface if you access the pen tablet settings from your system tray (or control panel if you don't see it in the sys tray).


If you have the driver installed -If you use the tablet without the driver you will not have access to these settings. They are not crucial, at least not in my experience. Here's a description of what you can do with them if you do have the driver installed:

The tablet settings has a monitor mapping option (where you can set it to work with one or more monitors if you have a multi-monitor setup). You can also have it map a single monitor precisely how you want with options for height, width and offset x & y. You can also program the pen button and set the click time & sensitivity. You can set what portion of the tablet surface you want to be responsive to the pen as well. There is also a pressure test square for you to see the pressure sensitivity first hand.


All in all, this is a great tablet for the price. It's NOT as good as a Wacom. It doesn't have that same professional feel and even though it draws ok and has good pressure sensitivity, it doesn't feel as precise as a Wacom. (UPDATE: It is a little bit jittery for straight lines, circles, etc. using a pen/pencil type tool. I can't recommend it if you need something that is very precise for drawing.) It still works pretty well, especially if you want it for painting or using in Photoshop for photo editing, etc. I would say comparing this tablet to a Wacom is like comparing a high end point and shoot camera to a professional Nikon SLR camera. The point and shoot is going to get the job done and do a good job. The Nikon SLR is going to go above and beyond but at the price point is going to be purchased by the pros making lots of $$. ;-) There is a big difference, but not to a lower end user. Same thing with this tablet vs. a Wacom.


If you are looking for a good entry level tablet or need one that is affordable and is going to get the job done - this is your tablet. I'm very glad I purchased it. It was a big hit with my grandma!
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on October 14, 2015

My daughter who is an expiring artist uses this drawing Tablet nearly everyday, and her drawing skills of increase immensly. She connects it to the family's laptop with ease. This size is perfect for her, and the hot buttons at the top work well. She recieved it for Christmas in 2014. I did purchase other brands at the time for comparison, but this one worked the best, and was also the cheapest.

The software that came with the tablet worked well. I mention this only because while doing research I had read online that the software was poor, and that this tablet actually worked better when downloading a competitor's tablet software. However, that wasn't true for this tablet, so monoprice must have improved its software; because this tablet uses the software that came with it.

The laptop it is used with is 2yrs old and is a 15.6" HP Pavilion, with Windows 8.1.
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on January 11, 2012
RIGHT!.. This is my first tablet. This having been said, I thought that I would impart my initial feelings towards this thing...

I have been thinking of getting a tablet and pen setup to run Photoshop for the past..Mmmm..2 years now.. I would say to myself - "Self.. There's Gotta be a better way than using a mouse with this program"... So I would go online, and I would eyeball some of these tablet-things and (biting bottom lip) talk myself out of the purchase because I Just "Didn't Know" How - or even - IF, these things would work better than my old trusty Laser Mouse...

:o)... Hmmmm... It Works.. It Works MUCH! Better.. :o)

Out of the box - this thing is BIG, You could use it as an extra-large mouse-pad if the thing ever breaks. Loading the software - easy enough - restart - hook the thing into a USB Port.. Easy... AAA (Supplied) Battery in Pen, All that done..Okay... Whoa... This is new!!

It took me about an hour to get over the "shock" of using something different, another hour of solid use to get adjusted to all it's sensitivities, and about 8 hours in Photoshop to control it with "the force".. Of course - when I mean "the force", What I mean is that, this pen and tablet becomes so much like an extension of what you want to create in Photoshop (without thought or consideration while you work) that this setup becomes almost like a natural part of your graphics editing will..

SO Much better than a Mouse - there is no comparison between the two..

The software provided for the pen and tablet allows you to adjust just about any parameter you could desire - including the "hot tabs", sensitivity, acceleration, pen pressure, on-pen buttons. You name it. It's adjustable - even choose between spanning single or multiple displays.

Photo Editing In Photoshop has become a JOY... No other words to describe it.. So easy, So Accurate, you wish you could work in tiny fractions of a pixel as the pen is as easy to control at incredible magnifications as working in vast dimensions... Touching up hair lines (for example).. Zoom in, create "wisps" in seconds... OhMan... What Have I been Doing messing around with a mouse all these years??!!

The USB Cable (as previously noted) is kinda short.. But that's why they make USB Extension cables, which you can purchase separately, for an extra couple of bucks.. But I don't need one, as I just have this thing perched on-top of my PC and bring it out to play only when Photoshopping.

Quality,... I am a firm believer that you pay for quality - I finally broke down and got this tablet because it had good reviews and was cheap(er) - And because I didn't know If I could use it; Not being a "returner", I didn't want to be out serious bucks for Top-O-the Line.... Now, I don't know what Top-O-the Line is compared to this tablet, but THIS Tablet... The build is excellent, seems very heavy, heavier than I thought it would be.. Comes with about 5 extra pen-tips, pen holder, etc.. Everything you need..

Value... For the price of a half decent mouse?? Are you Kidding Me? This is a Deal... A Rare Deal... If Running Photoshop - and you are looking to upgrade from a mouse - This is a Deal that you Should Not Turn Down.. Just...Get it.. You're Gonna Love it.

Again - This is My First Tablet. My All-Round Impressions?? Awesome value for money.. Works like a Dream!
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on February 26, 2015
I bought this because my Bamboo Create broke, the cord was no longer working and i had to constantly reset the settings in order for it work right. This tablet is great in a lot of ways, but has a few things i don't like, maybe its just me that has problems with these things but below ill list the good and the bad!

.Great surface/large surface.
.Works well in Sai and Photoshop Elements and Portable
.East set up and not confusing instructions.
.Includes battery for pen and extra pen tips.
.Cord is attached to the tablet and is a decent length.

.Not as smooth as the bamboo when drawing, but still steady and east to use.
.sort of hard to switch between mouse and tablet, you have to click the tablet with the pen to get it to understand you're using the pen again.
.pen seems sort of cheaply made
.I accidentally click the buttons on the pen over and over again, awkwardly placed in my opinion.

Other than that the tablet is great. I really love it.
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on July 19, 2012
This is an amateur artist's tablet review for other artists. Whether you are a hobbyist digital drawer/painter or a professional, this tablet will serve you well.

The package arrived one day earlier than the expected Amazon Prime 2-day ship, which is always a plus. Packaging was superbly secure and my shipment was absolutely functional. Your tablet will be labeled "Tursion" instead of "Monoprice", and otherwise the functionality and appearance is exactly as you would expect.

The tablet's active surface area is more than sufficient for pretty much anything you might want to draw. This tablet is designed for widescreen monitor users. There's built-in hotkeys for programs on your tablet surface, but you can easily disable these if you don't like them, and as a result you will gain even MORE surface area! (10x6.58)

The stylus has no eraser. Is this a problem? Not really. Just keep your left hand on the keyboard and press E for eraser. Doing that is actually FASTER than physically flipping your stylus over and using the eraser side! Know your art program's tool hotkeys so you can work as efficiently as possible. The nibs wear out with regular use, but there is a small plastic package of spare nibs in the box for you to change out when necessary.

Photoshop - this tablet operates properly with no problems, just make sure you enable Pen Pressure in Photoshop so you can vary your brush strokes and whatnot.

Paint Tool SAI - drawing and painting in SAI with this tablet is an absolutely glorious experience. No issues.

Honestly this tablet is worth every cent I paid for it, and MORE. I normally complain about every little thing that's wrong with a product, but I have not found anything to pick on.

If you want to get a tablet but don't have much money and feel forced to buy an overpriced Wacom Bamboo or Intuos, DON'T. This tablet has equivalent performance and is far less expensive.

I was skeptical at first, but I took the chance by buying it and I am thoroughly impressed. And I am not easily impressed.
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on August 25, 2014
It came promptly, the day before I expected it. It took some getting used to, watching my laptop screen and not my hand as I started (that hasn't really got any correlation between the tablet and how well it works, but I digress). As first tablets go, I'm very glad I went with this one. I love the chord length and the surface area. The button on the pen is in a weird place, but other than's fantastic. The pressure sensitivity was so unreal when I first started using it. It was and still is fantastic. The shortcuts on the top are useful if you prefer to not use the keyboard shortcuts. It's rigid, so you don't have to sit it on a flat surface (something I noticed was a trend amongst other "beginner" tablets). All in all, if the one I have were to be smashed by a meteorite or spontaneously explode, I would definately buy another.
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