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on July 13, 2009
This book has the distinction of being the only book on 9/11 that the State Department has ever bothered to try to debunk. For skeptics of the questionable official story of 9/11, this is a high commendation. It suggests that to the government this book is convincing enough to be debunked. 9/11 Revealed is, along with David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor (and its recent updated version) and Webster Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror, probably the best book on the events of 9/11. It is chock full of color photographs and fully annotated. And as another reviewer has noted, it is somewhat surprising to find that even after reading Tarpley and Griffin's encyclopedic books on 9/11, there are still more relevant facts that are revealed in Henshall and Morgan's book. For example, none of the pilots on 9/11 issued May Day calls, which is standard procedure for hijacked airliners. Why not? It also contains material on the anthrax attacks in the aftermath of 9/11, which were undoubtedly part of the same false flag operation as 9/11, a psy-op to spread the fear of terror to every tiny town throughout the nation. 9/11 Revealed does not try to argue for absolute proof of what happened. Rather, it lays out the arguments pro and con between the official story and its skeptics. Because the preponderance of evidence shows the official story to be untenable, the reader is left to draw his own conclusions.
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on October 4, 2007
I read this book a couple of years ago and it made me start to question the whole official story on 9/11. If it does nothing else, the book will have served its purpose. It made me question and do research and was my real introduction to 9/11 Truth. It's a great introductory book on the subject.
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on December 23, 2005
I was browsing Border's the other week. Being a 9/11 Truth activist the past six months, I saw "9/11" on the cover of this book naturally stopped and picked it up. I am well aware that David Ray Griffin's two books are available at the mainstream bookstores, but I figured that they were pretty much the only ones in which US Government complicity is entertained. Oh, and Michael Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon."

Anyway, I opened this book and was pleasantly surprised to find that is indeed a 9/11 Truth book, dedicated to activists of the 9/11 Truth Movement. The book is rich with color pictures, like Eric Hufschmid's "Painful Questions." Unlike "Painful Questions," however (which isn't available in stores), this is an umbrella book which exposes the neophyte to the entire spectrum of 9/11 issues within the 9/11 Skeptics Movement, the label the authors use for the movement. It explores the absence of F-16s intercepting the hijacked planes, the war game exercises Dick Cheney was conducting on the morning of 9/11 to deliberately confuse/paralyze NORAD, the physics of the Tower collapses/implosions, the Northwoods Documents, and many others.

What's interesting to note is that the "official story" itself has two basic versions, the first of which is essentially obsolete. This version was that such an evil attack as 9/11, such a crime against humanity, was unthinkable, so unthinkable that the government had no idea that terrorists could ever conceive of such an attack! This was the version the American public accepted when it was paralyzed by fear and nationalism. However, the 9/11 Commission Report in 2004 gives us Version Two of the official version. This version holds that the US government screwed up big-time, failed to connect the dots, and needs to really learn from its mistakes. This version tacitly acknowledges that 9/11 could indeed have been prevented.

Then there are two alternative theories: LIHOP and MIHOP. Let-it-happen-on-purpose, and Made-it-happen-on-purpose. There is really not much difference between the two except that in MIHOP, there could be an X-team of clandestine operatives who carry out operations designed to give the A-team exactly what it wants. In this case, an example of an X-team would be the crew who rigs the Towers with explosives. Another example could be the individuals who are remotely piloting any of the planes (original or drone). These X-team operatives insured that the Pentagon was hit in the empty section. MIHOP proponents argue that the risk of pure LIHOP would be too great; for example the hijackers could crash into Rumsfeld's office, or strike a nuclear power plant instead, which would have rendered much of the country uninhabitable.

Flight 93 mysteries are also explored, from the Cleveland Airport mystery (Did flight 93 make an emergency landing?) to the possibility of a USAF shoot-down. I think that whatever object was flying over PA was shot down, whether it was the original plane or a substituted one. The supposed bin Laden confession videos are also discussed.

An amazing book. The fact that this, in addition to Griffin, is hitting the corporate bookshelves, is not only a testament to the First Amendment itself, but a glimmer of hope that people are finally waking up! Part of it has been the luxury of time. On 9/12/01, we had yet to see how the US would respond. Now we know BushCo lied about the WMDs, Saddam's non-existent ties to al Qaeda, and the non-relationship between Iraq and 9/11. We are at a period in American history now where many citizens, in the privacy of their hearts, are asking themselves if these same people are just as blatantly lying about 9/11 itself.
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on November 27, 2005
The Pentagon planned fake terror in the 1960s. According to the Daily Mail (UK), August 6 2005, "The plot by America's military bosses was devilish in both design and intent - to fabricate an outrage against innocent civilians, fool the world and provide a pretext for war...This `agent provocateur' plan - code named OPERATION NORTHWOODS and revealed in official archives - dates from 1962 when the Cold War was at its height." The CIA's Operation Gladio involved bombs in Italy in the 1970s. 9 11 appears to be similar to previous Pentagon plots. According to the Times (UK,)4 September 2005,'The authors of Revealed, both radical journalists, have subjected the official version of what happened to intense scrutiny and found huge gaps.' For example, experts say it is all but impossible to make a mobile phone call above 8,000 feet - let alone four times that altitude, as the jet passengers are alleged to have done. So how were these calls on which so much of the 9/11 narrative has been built ever made? The plane that hit the Pentagon was seen to swerve at the last minute and hit an area of the building that was largely unoccupied - and which had just been fitted with reinforced external walls and blast-resistant windows. A crash into the other side would have killed and maimed many thousands instead of just 125. Bin Laden was in an American hospital just prior to 9 11 (according to Le Figaro and French radio). The bin Laden family have close financial ties to a lot of top Americans. Five of the alleged hijackers had the same names as people trained at US military bases (Newsweek). Read this book and you will be an expert on all aspects of 9 11. There are lots of photos and the text is easy to read.
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on August 27, 2005
I found this book to be a very good summary of the alternative 9/11 theories. The book is very well written and also includes many color photographs along with the text.

This book, unlike other alternative theory 9/11 books, has the potential to break into the mainstream for many reasons. The book is inexpensive, is a handy size, and it is packed with information. The publisher is mainstream and the authors write from a journalistic perspective within the context of the still unanswered questions surrounding 9/11. The authors present the various alternative theories without demanding that the reader accept them. They simply ask the right questions, search for the right answers and conclude that more investigation is necessary. The reader is allowed to think for herself and will most likely agree with them.

If you want a good introduction to the still unanswered questions about 9/11 then this is the book to read. Even if you are already familiar with the alternative theories (as I am) this book is still a must read.
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on September 15, 2009
I must side with the book-skeptics who are sick of "revelatory" books and 9-11 websites that mix generous amounts of *obvious* and *known* disinformation with useful points. That storm of confusion is most likely a PART of the coverup. That's how a State crime must be concealed in the Information Age --- lots and lots and lots and lots of "information". It's a form of evasiveness, well known to your average con artist or TV news director.

To be blunt, the reason there are "unanswered questions" is because most of these questions are "unanswerable", short of a confession.

My own main questions is this: WHY has the Congress, Executive, Police, Military, FBI, and all the media has ignored the coincidence of three or more written publications by public relations firms which advocated FOR an attack on American soil, prior to Sept 11?

Some of our most highly regarded "pundits" and "opinion makers" as well as government advisors with classified access were *eager* to have America attacked, and this was said to be VITAL for their (America's) goals. These might have been obscure to the average TV watcher, but not to Washington beat reporters, where these "think tanks" were located and where they badgered Congress and the President since at least 1996 to start a war with Iraq.

Of course there can be no answer which makes sense or is more than a lame excuse.

The FBI pulled a 15-year-old girl out of school in California over a MySpace page, which she had long taken down, over some lame "threat" against George W. Bush in a childish drawing. The FBI found this girl and grilled her and threatened her, without her parents present, and without a lawyer.

Yet the FBI found no interest in grilling Michael Ledeen about promoting a "lucky" and "providential" attack on America, back in 1999? FBI found no interest in grilling Richard Perle and Kristol and Wolfowitz and other PNAC members about their 2000 Magnum Opus how ONLY an attack "like Pearl Harbor" would permit their vital plans for global hegemony (New American Century) to go forward? The FBI was uninterested in the fact that these people were part of a regime that helped arm and train Islamic radical terrorists to fight the USSR, in the Reagan era? Who has more factual and provable Al-Qaeda connections but Bush-2 and his cronies, other than Bush-1 and Zbigniew Brzezinski (who sponsored the Mujahideen starting in July 3, 1979)?

(Clinton is not excluded, there was a Senate Republican report on Kosovo concerning the Pentagon working with Al-Qaeda in the 90s.)

That must be intentional disinterest on the part of Law Enforcement. One does not need a physics degree to sort it out.
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on December 14, 2008
I was just in Borders Books,saw this on sale for 2.99.I picked up 5 for christmas presents.I think its a good overview for people who still believe the official lie.But I would recomend (The 9/11 Conspiracy)by James H.Fetzer.I believe the footage we saw of the 140 ton planes buttery smooth entry into a 500.000 ton steel building is fake.He goes into that in detail.But again,this is a good start for our friends and relatives who think Chris Matthews(Dorkball)is a place to get real news.
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on November 11, 2005
Although I may not agree with some of the ideas of this book, it does bring up some points that should be looked at. The government needs to do a number of things to show the public what it knows--such as--1)release all of the available video from the Pentagon.2)release the information from the black boxes that they claim were not recovered.3)Have somebody be held accountable for this tragedy and cover-up. The 9/11 Commission failed because they did not look at all of the evidence and eyewitness accounts. There is more to the story than we were told.
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on December 30, 2005
Two independent journalists aspire to challenge the so-called facts surrounding the events of 9/11.

It's a very interesting and logical read that makes you question the validity of this ongoing "war on terror"; or who's the main source of terror as we know of; or the machination behind the perpetrators of such terror.

There must be truth contained in the book, otherwise the U.S. State Dep't. wouldn't devote a space on its website attacking this publication.
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on October 7, 2005
A straightforward, scholarly written, even handed, well researched and logically presented presentation of the many anomalys surrounding the 9/11 atrocities.

The authors keep their terms of reference very tight and do not refer to the increasingly awkward questions like: Why do the mainstream media not carry this story?

The conclusion is chilling.
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