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on January 1, 2014
I bought this just before leaving to India. Trust me, it is truly a life saver. It really helped to check each and every luggage and make sure it is around the allowed limit of 23 KG. Readings were reliable and we had no surprises during check out at airport when air hostess checked the weight to check for limit. It is very easy to carry this during travel and is your true travel companion for air travel, because it is important you know how much you are carrying.

I recommend this product. But remember following catch / con in its usage:
1. You should be patient and strong enough person to lift the weight by hanging it to the hook given in this device, every time you want to weigh your luggage.
2. You are not try to weigh stuff whose weight is less than 1 KG often, because it is not really accurate at times when weighing small weights.

For my requirements, this was well suited. But hope my review helps some-one out there looking for this type of product.
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on June 24, 2016
There are obviously lots of fish in the luggage scale sea; most of which are identical, aside from name, or at minimum, extraordinarily similar. I needed a scale that was affordable, reliable, accurate, and easy to use. With the Camry model, I got just that. From an ergonomic/usability standpoint, the strap and hook/clasp are super simple to use and keep the luggage stable while you pull a reading. The scale itself is comfortable in the hand. I guess most importantly, the data it provided was exact (to the tenth of a pound) with what carrier scales have registered.

An $8 purchase may have saved me 20 times that in overage fees. I knew nothing about Camry before buying this scale, but as it currently stands, I'm a fan- worked beautifully. If you're tired of comparing options and reading reviews, add the Camry scale to your cart and consider your weighing needs covered. I can say with extreme confidence that this scale works (for me).
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on September 14, 2013
When I got to airport I weighed my luggage and the scale showed the exact same weight as the airline scale, the product performed perfectly.
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on February 22, 2018
I bought 3 new travel scales to replace one I loved but the battery cover had fallen off. I have had several scales like this over the years, some of which were left on holiday by mistake, some were bulky or uncomfortable to hold and some fell apart after much use. At home I have a large "professional" baggage scale I can compare to. This Camry was accurate. It was easy to use, comfortable in 2 hands and registered the weight very fast. I wish the strap were 2 inches shorter as I am not tall and that would help me hold the weight but as this sets so fast it really is not an issue. The other 2 I tried were not as fast or as accurate and one felt as if it might break with just 39 pound bag on it. I had thought if they were all good I'd keep them all for spares and/or gifts but the other 2 just were not worth it.
If they are inaccurate on a 39 pound bag by 1-2 pounds that might not sound like much but if you end up paying a $100 over-weight fee because your scale at home is not perfect then that is a big deal.
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on July 2, 2016
Lucky i have this kind of scale, since i brought this i never get excess baggage and where ever i go this always In my bag👍🏻.
review imagereview image
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If you fly a lot, this is a purchase you absolutely have to make - no more stepping on and off of scales while holding bags, trying to see what the difference was, no more guessing and hoping that you are under that 50 lb mark. This scale is simple, accurate, easy to use, and simply saves a boatload of headache and potentially overweight fees. I have no idea why in the world someone thought that a thermometer needed to be included in the package, but just forget that it's there and weigh away. I would say that this was one of my top 5 purchases in the last several years due to the amount of time and effort that it saves. The great comic Bryan Regan talks about the difficulty of weighing large boxes because even after stepping on the scales while holding them, "because ya still can't see the numbers!" Well, now you can!
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on January 1, 2017
It seemed to work well, enough, but it reads around 5% less than the true weight, which required opening the luggae and moving items from checked luggage to carry-on.
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on December 12, 2017
Used this on the last trip as overseas luggage allocations are not as generous as US ones. Worked well and the temp is kind of fun- used in the room to figure out what the temp was a couple of times. Small enough to bring along- but keep in the bag as it is small enough to get lost in the luggage. Worked best for me (I am short) if I stood on a stool to do the measuring or I could not lift the bag all the way off the floor- I doubt most folks would have my issue. Easy to hook on the bag. Might use to weigh the cats now that I am home for a while.
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on March 20, 2018
Purchased this for a trip over a year ago to assure that we do not go over the luggage weight limit. Honestly I was very sceptical and as a precaution I packed each luggage 3 lb less than the weight limit. To my surprise it showed exact same weight at the airport!!! Very pleased with my purchase and keeping it handy for the next trip
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on April 2, 2018
This little guy is GREAT! Lightweight, easy to use, comes with its own little carrying pouch. Can be attached via the sturdy strap or small hook depending on the size of your item. I can also testify to its accuracy: the gate clerk when I checked my bag looked at the scale and said, "Oh, good packing!" (I was at 49.53, just as my little scale had told me at home. So nice to be able to verify weight before heading home as well!
Just be sure you press the button to show kilos or pounds, depending on your preference so that you're not looking at the wrong number.
Highly recommend!
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