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on November 4, 2015
Another great James Patterson Women's Murder Club book, a tad more intense then some of the others with this one having two plotlines and one of which was more graphic then the normal series of books. But it didn't distract from the telling of the story, I read the book over the course of 4 days reading about 100 pages a day and the book is almost 400 pages. As for the book itself I do not give away detials of the plotlines because then will spoil it for those who haven't read the book yet. I have been a fan of Mr. Patterson Murder Cub books since the very first book and I intend on buying the whole set book by book. I currently own book 1 threw 13 but just finish book 11. So if your looking for a great intense cop drama who done what to who type of crimes while main characters try to figure out all the clues piece by piece as more and more damage happens in their city then pick up this book and be prepare to be amazed at another top notch Women's Murder Club book by James Patterson.
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on August 6, 2014
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro have struck again. Their novel, 11th Hour will hold your attention till the very end. Even then you may want to go further on, but alas, this book ends. Sgt. Lindsay Boxer and Insp. Rich Conklin are in the middle once again. Many drug dealers in San Francisco are being killed by an unknown killer? Boxer and Conklin are called to their lieutenants office for a conference about these murders. They all believe that these killings are revenge killings. Lt. Jackson Brady believes he has found the killer. He thinks it is Boxer's former partner and now Chief of Police, Warren Jacobi! However, Boxer and Conklin are also trying to solve the murder of seven others. Their skulls were found in the garden of movie actor Harry Chandler. Chandler was on trial several years back for the murder of his wife, Cecily. He was found not guilty. But where is the body? Where are the bodies of the skulls found in Harry's garden? Who buried them? These are only a few questions that need to be answered. If you truly like to read mysteries, then you'll find 11th Hour a great read. Among the investigations, Boxer has problems with her husband Joe. Has he been unfaithful to her? You want answers? You'll find them when you read this novel. Rated for mature readers. Sex and violence. DP. Castro Valley.
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on November 27, 2015
I love this series, but I felt this one was a little disconnected. I had to really pay close attention to figure out what was going on. Maybe because Det Boxer was working on 2 cases instead of only one. Also the womens murder club didn't meet very often.

I think it would have been a better story if only one case would have been worked and had more interaction between the characters.

I would recommend this for anyone that liked the earlier murder women's club books. James and Mazine Paetro are a good writing combination.
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on June 21, 2017
I'm trying to be used to these Women's Murder Club books ending at around 82%, but it's still annoying. Has anyone else wondered why 2 really important parts of these crimes were not mentioned at conclusion? WHO dug up those skulls, and WHY? And, WHY wasn't the confession from our killer/cop person ever given to the police and read? I'm taking a break from the WMC books for a while.
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on June 8, 2017
This one is better than number 10 in my opinion. But seems the "F" word is appearing more. Probably not a lot compared to other writings but I try not to read books with a lot of bad words.nontheless this book held my attention much more than the previous book.
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on October 16, 2016
In this outing of the Women's Murder Club, Lindsay is finally pregnant and blissfully happy with her husband Joe. Until a new crime reporter hits town and blows up her marriage as she's trying to solve the Murder Heads House crime -- where two headless bodies are found it the garden of a famous actor who's wife disappeared years earlier. With another crime of drug dealers being killed by someone who must be a cop and with guns that have disappeared from the evidence locker, she has her hands full...

I tend to read these as mindless fluff. Sure there are some interesting sequences, but overall, they're not very well done, overwrought, and so much could be solved by good communication.
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on May 21, 2015
I've read all the Murder Club books from the beginning which is always a good thing to do as the author develops his characters. The 11th Hour was like candy, a smooth read you just don't want to put down and pick it up with ease when you do. The main characters are like spending time with friends and catching up with them while the dual crime investigations keep the story action packed and exciting. The storyline has action, romance, wonderful personal and human relationship embraces and insights, and is not trashy which is large in my realm of reading. We as readers are intelligent enough for authors to not use filler junk in the story lines for us to enjoy a good book. The authors that do that are not skilled enough to write a good book and use trash as distraction. Keep them clean, and I'll keep buying and reading the books! Meanwhile, I'm heading directly to my favorite bookstore, Amazon, for the next book in the series! I love a good series and can't wait to read the 12th!
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on July 3, 2014
Like many of James Patterson's books, this one was just okay. The reader is kept guessing as to whodunit, and may actually be in for a surprise. There are lots of twists and turns, but the whole plot is pretty unbelievable. That's okay, because it is a work of fiction. The Women's Murder Club scenarios were pretty much soap opera material. Cindy the newspaper reporter, Yuki the assistant district attorney, Claire the medical examiner and, of course, Lindsay the homicide Sargent have a few of their "friends sharing all their personal trials and tributes" meetings. There isn't much of a surprise element here.

I did not find this book to be a lock the doors, keep on the lights kind of thriller. It was not difficult to continue reading just one more chapter because, like all of this author's books, the chapters are unbelievably short. Dismembered human skulls/heads, a serial killer, a stolen murder weapon from the police property room, a dirty cop and lots of twists and turns make for some mild suspense and mystery as to whodunit. The suspicions as to who the killer was and the plans to catch him provided a bit of intrigue; however, it seemed like the author just "waggled tailed" along hoping to come up with an idea that would move the story along. It was interesting and easy to read; however, I would not call it a top of the line police procedural/thriller book. I like this author, but I think his Women's Murder Club series could use a new coat of paint.
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on May 20, 2015
I love James Patterson books, and I've been having a marathon with some really bad weather. Almost a book every 2-3 days. This one took me almost 2 weeks. I just didn't care about finishing it. Cut-off heads placed on a table? More heads buried? Another story going on, and Joe having an affair while Lindsay is pregnant? It was enough to make me go through labor, and I'm 52! What a mess! And I've noticed that whoever is writing with him, or maybe this is James's new style, but several times in his books, a partial sentence is used like "Give. Me. A. Break." Periods after each word, I'm sure for emphasis. But when it is used so much, it loses its power. I really did like the first books of the Women's Murder Club, but the Club has deteriorated. I have even liked the collaborations between Patterson and Paetro. But this one needs to be pulled off the shelves. I even found editing errors! "Give Me a Break!"
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VINE VOICEon May 18, 2012
The Women's Murder Club is back for its 11th adventure, in a novel cleverly named 11TH HOUR. I have to give Patterson and random coauthor credit for creating a series that I keep coming back to. I admit that I enjoy the writing style and the familiarity of the characters. However, the quality of these books can solely be judged on the plot. The 9th in the series had a great plot with a serial killer. The tenth tried to have three separate mysteries, and all three bombed. This book sticks with two stories and some of it is good, some bad.

The novel opens with Chaz Smith being gunned down in the bathroom stall at the school of his kid's music recital. Chaz Smith was a big time drug dealer. All evidence points to the killer being a cop since the murder weapon was taken from the police evidence locker. The killer calls himself "Revenge." Also, seven severed heads are dug up in the backyard of the Ellsworth compound, a historical home owned by the famous Harry Chandler. Chandler was tried but not convicted of murdering his wife ten years ago.

Lindsay Boxer, now married and pregnant, gets both cases. Cindy is trying to get the scoop about the heads at the mansion, and Claire is trying to identify the bodies. Yuki doesn't do much in this one. I always hate it when these novels have a bunch of plots going. It reads like a television series. This book seemed more like a novel, but in the end, it really was two unrelated plots that.

What I liked: I like the characters and the description of the police and their harried lifestyle seems spot on. Like I mentioned earlier, the characters are familiar and there is comfort in reading about old friends.

I liked this book until the very end. When I looked back on it, I realized it just didn't have much going for it. The two mysteries were thin, and the character conflict was contrived.

What I didn't like: I could cut and paste my complaints from several earlier reviews from this series. I don't like the two separate mysteries. Neither get the attention they deserve. I don't like the manufactured conflict between Lindsay and Joe. Patterson teases like it might have some bearing on the plot, but it really doesn't.
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