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on March 2, 2013
I narrowed my car cam to 3 choices available on amazon. I purchased this first because it was the cheapest with the most features. I liked that it had dual (front and rear) cameras, GPS speed and location tracking, G-force sensors, automatic on-off, and built-in screen for real-time monitoring or reviewing previous recordings. After using this for 3 days, here is what I found out:

1. Suction cup works in freezing temperatures. Just make sure it's clean before installing.
2. Once set up, car cam is easy to use. If plugged into the car accessory outlet, it can automatically turn itself on and off when the car turns on and off.
3. Video is as clear as a Non-HD camera will give you. Because it gives a nice Wide-field view, it will not allow details such as license plate numbers.
4. After formatting a micro-SD card, the unit will auto copy the required JPlayer onto the card. After inserting into your computer, double click the JPlayer.exe file on the card (or copy it to your desktop) It works on my Win7 computer. Use of the JPlayer is mostly intuitive.
5. The unit is smaller than I expected (similar size to a toilet paper roll).
6. Sound is as clear as I expected considering background radio and road noises.
7. Can record Front or Rear Only, or both at the same time. Recording can be turned on/off manually if needed.
8. GPS (when it works) gives helpful info about speed, location and tracking on a mini Google map in the player.
9. G-Sensor is interesting but not that helpful unless in a crash or high speed turns, etc.
10. Built-in monitor screen is needed for setup, but I prefer it off during use so not to distract when driving. This could be helpful to review a recording if needed on site of an accident. I prefer to view on the computer.

1. User Manual is difficult to understand. You need to read the entire 7 pages before attempting to use this item.
2. Unit is made in China, but comes in Russian as default language. Following manual will allow you to press the appropriate buttons blindly until the language is changed to english. Then all menu items will be obvious.
3. Screen default is to time-out around 10 seconds. This makes it difficult to play with when new. You can change this in the menu to stay on. After you know how to work the unit, you can change it back to screen saver.
4. GPS features give very helpful information such as location, speed, and tracking on a map. But it takes up to 30 seconds to work, or sometimes not at all (at night for me). The speed is about 5 seconds delayed from what the video is showing, so it is not exactly real-time.
5. JPlayer but could be designed better. The "Large size display" button makes it 50% larger for me, not full screen as I would expect. This may also depend upon your monitor screen resolution.
6. JPlayer shows a map of a chinese city as default if your GPS did not work during the video recording.
7. Time zone is incorrect, no option to change it.
8. My video played well, but takes a long time (~30sec) to manually jump to another file on the card. I hope this is because I did not use the recommended class 6 card speed. I ordered a new ($23) 32gb class 10 card to hopefully fix this.
9. Four LED Infrared lighting for the rear camera is focused into a narrow spot in the center, about 1/10 of screen area. This allows a night view inside the car, but could be much better if spread out more (poor design).

Overall I like this and plan to purchase another one for my other car. I give it 5 stars for overall value, minus 1 star for poor manual and requiring a special JPlayer to view videos.

3/21/2013 Update
Using a 32gb class 10 card made all the difference. No more delays jumping from one video to another during viewing.
I forgot to mention that you can export the video and snap a photo, but it takes a long time for the video and does not show extra features like GPS or speed info.
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on August 26, 2012
I picked it up from the post office Friday (it came with postage due?) I had a chance to skim through the booklet Friday night and then put it in the car Saturday before heading out on some errands. It went up very easily and staying put. My unit came up in English so there was no fumbling through another language to set it up. I was able to finish the set up without looking back at the manual. My only set up issue was confusing the front and back cameras. This was quickly noticed in the screen when everyting was upside down and quickly fixed.

After a lot of driving on Saturday I finally had a chance to pull the SD card and watch some of the video on Sunday. The required video player isn't the best but it works fine. It provides options to view either camera by itself or both at the same time. It lets you switch between MPH and KPH. It let's you turn on or off the mapping feature. Most importantly though it lets you save the file to your computer so that you can use it with other programs if you decide you want to and can use the AVI format it's in.

My experience was that the video was good. Not good enough to read road signs or liscense plate numbers, but otherwise clear. It is important to keep your windshield clean or glare will affect the image. I thought the rear-facing camera provided a good image as well. I'd prefer a camera with a zoom lens to provide a better view out of the rear window as opposed to inside the car, but it's still a good image. I haven't played with the volume a lot, but my first few attempts had very low audio.

The GPS and Google map feature worked very well. It provided accurate location and speed information. I can't imagine needing more mapping information than it provides. If you intend to use this as evidence in case of an accident, keep in mind that if you use the GPS feature it will capture your speed. As long as you're not speeding at the time of the accident the video will help you. If you like to speed though you might want to think about not capturing the GPS information.

It looks like it creates a fairly large file size. I'm using a 32GB class 6 card. The video recording smoothly and without any choppiness. It's very easy to start a new file while driving to make it easier to identify important files you wish to keep and to reduce file size. As long as you lock important video files before it over-rights them a 32GB card should cover a lot of driving.

The only thing that bothers me a little is that I drive more than one vehicle. If the camera is installed nicely with the wires run out of the way and out of site it's not quick or easy to switch it from one vehicle to another. But then again, at this price it's probably cheaper to buy a second kit than to try to track down a second GPS and Power cord that could be left in the second vehicle.

Overall, after one weekend with the product I'm very happy with what the product does and how it does it for the money.
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on March 27, 2014
This thing works great and is hard to beat for the price. I will order two more for my other vehicles. I bought this just in case, and I am amazed at how well it works. Like others have mentioned, it does not have the resolution to read license plates from a distance. I have thought this over, and I think that if I were ever in a situation where I needed proof of the vehicle's license plate, I would just read it aloud so that it was captured on the camera's audio. I would think that this would hold up well in court or if you needed to provide some type of evidence for law enforcement. For instance, if you were behind a truck and a piece of lumber came flying out and stuck your car, this camera would definitely capture that. While this camera would not show the plate number, you could read the plate number aloud while you are following the vehicle. That way the vehicle's owner would have a hard time claiming that "it wasn't must have been a truck that looked like mine etc." Hopefully I never have to prove this theory. The computer interface works fine, but it is not the greatest. The ability to see your speed (yes it will show MPH and KMH) on the playback as well as your position on Google Maps is simply astounding at this price. I bought this camera to keep track of one of my kids who is on Double Secret Probation (to and from school only, and no friends in the car). For this purpose and others it works perfectly. As cheap protection, I am going to outfit my other vehicles.
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on July 26, 2013
Setup is easy, and once installed everything seems to be working 100%. Easy to adjust the two cameras, the gyro it sits on top of is nice to angle over in any direction.

One of the main reasons I bought this was in the event of being pulled over by the police, I would be able to record the interaction. Plus being that the GPS feature tracks your speed, I figured it would be a great way to challenge a speeding ticket in court.

So yesterday I was pulled over on what seemed like quota day. I was certain I couldn't have been speeding by much, and when the officer told me I was going 10mph over what I had seen on my speedometer, I couldn't believe it.

After going home, excited to watch the replay, I attempted to load the MicroSD onto my computer...and nothing. Nothing was there.

This could have been an issue with the card or my initial setup, but so far my troubleshooting has led me to believe that the device did not record as it was supposed to.

Needless to say, I thought it was really cool until it turned out to be useless.

Will update if I discover it was user error.
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on January 16, 2013
So far this unit has worked quite well for me but there are a few problems. The instruction manual is written in fairly bad Engrish. The unit is supposed to automatically figure out the time zone via the GPS unit but that doesn't seem to work properly. It looks like it can't handle GMT-8 (Pacific time zone) which comes out as GMT+248. Supposedly the firmware can be updated but that would involve finding the manufacturer's web site

It requires using the included J-Player software in order to play back the video on a computer. The software isn't bad, but could be better. The video files are not visible on the micro SD card and are presumably stored in the area not used by the FAT file system. While it claims MAC OSX support, there is only a Windows player called JPlayer provided.

The player shows both the driver and forward views simultaneously as well as G-forces and the GPS location on Google maps as well as speed and direction.

It also requires a micro-SD card 4GB or larger.
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on December 11, 2012
I purchased this sometime ago and like to wait before writing a review as I like to get to know the product really well. This seems to be a less expensive model than the gopro, but costs sbout half so it figueres. I would not want to leave a gopro sitting on the dash but this camera is easy to leave as nobody knows what it is. The video is pretty good but your not going to get license plates on it. you will be able to see car or truck in the video color etc, but no faces unless there laying on the hood of your car. I have had no need for an accident recorder but you dont need one until you really need one. For the price its a good buy and works well for its intended purpose. A bit cumbersome with all the different wires but after tucking in here and there its pretty good. Overall I would say I like it and would probably buy one for my other vehicles as needed... thanks... 12/11/2012
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on April 2, 2013
I totally disagree with the persons stating that the manual lacks proper instructions. Yes, it's in broken english but with an open mind and a sense of humor you can figure things out. Anyway, no manual is even needed. Anyone that has an advanced digital camera or smartphone can figure this thing out just with trial and error and I had the whole thing down in less than 5 minutes. Wait until you run their program on your computer. Video, sound, G-forces, moving google map of where you've been and much more and it's all on the memory card ready to go. Too cool and really quite good. Caution: you can insert the memory card in backwards without too much trouble! The card's contacts go in towards the back of the unit, towards the LCD screen. I had it turned around and lost the card inside the unit and had to take the whole thing apart to get it out which is not for the novice, for sure.
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on January 11, 2013
The instructions are absolutely dreadful. It comes with a GPS attachment, but there are no instructions in the instruction manual about how and where to mount the GPS attachment. The unit records in its own supposedly unique file format. This is a problem because I have not been able to successfully extract a recorded file from the memory card to my computer. It seems to require special software, that is nowhere to be found. Of course, the instruction manual mentions nothing about extraction or computer software.

It records when I start up and shuts off when I turn the car off. It does the functions it is supposed to. If the makers of this product made a better manual, and instructed how to extract the videos, then I would rate this higher. I can only watch the videos on the device itself because I cannot extract the video, so I cannot accurately describe the audio and video quality. I will update when I find out a way to get the videos off of the microSD card.

UPDATE: It states in the instruction manual, as well as the box that this product can be used with a MacOs. This is not true. In order to view the video files, you must use a player that the device installs on the memory card when you use it. This is called jplayer.exe. Since it is a .exe I am not able to use it on a mac computer. I tried using .exe software like wine to run it. The player would appear, but you cannot see or download any of the recorded videos. I then plugged the memory card into a PC that I was lucky enough to use, and the player worked fine and I was able to see the video and download them. The video is average at best. The audio is junk, almost pointless to have. You can make out words, but if you have the window down or the radio on, it maxs out the microphone.

So, I would give this product a 3 out of 5. The price was average. The video was average. The audio was terrible. The instruction manual is a joke. The software is only PC accessible. The features on the device are nice, there is a lot of potential. However, due to the worst instruction manual of all time, I have no idea how to operate any of the features.
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on June 5, 2013
I purchased this dash cam about a month ago. After seeing an earlier view about what the Russian word for "language" looks like, it was easy to change the menu over to English. After that, instalation was easy. The wide angle view on the forward looking cameral ensures that vehicles overtaking you on either side can be seen and increases the likelihood of recording an incident that occurs outside of front and center. However, it also makes everything appear small, so it is not possible to read license plates. Since the camera records sound, you can overcome this by simply reading out loud the license plate number of any vehicle that raises your suspicions.
Initially, the camera would turn itself off when it stopped sensing motion. It would then turn itself back on when I started moving again. The turning on process takes about five seconds. I was concerned, as I believe the first five seconds after starting through an intersection is probably one of the most likely times to get hit by someone running a red light. I went to the menu and turned the motion sensor off. Now it not only records whenever it has power, it also keeps the display on the whole time.
The memory card is tiny, and my fingers are big and clumsy, but I can still get it in and out without much ado. To be honest, when I first got the camera, I was pulling the card out and viewing the recordings on my computer. But after a while of wathching uneventful trips I had just made, I stopped. Now I figure, that I'll only pull the card out if there was an incident, so the inconvenience of trying to get it out of the top of the camera is not really much of a factor.
I gave this camera four stars because it records video very well and sound pretty well and does everything I want it to. (The application that uses googlemaps to track your trip is pretty cool as well). All of these features for ~$80 is pretty impressive. If I decide to get another for our other car, I'll get another one of these.
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on May 25, 2015
Can't say I hate it. As many reviewers have said, the instructions are record settingly terrible. Not only is the English nearly incomprehensible, the illustrations are so small that there is no way to recognize, even under magnification, what the icons on the screen are supposed to mean, and there are a lot more icons than explained in the manual. The mount wiggles though the suction cup holds well. The cable is too short to mount the camera at the top of the windshield without having the wire hang straight down. My two cameras seemed to function appropriately but I never could set all the menu options for optimal performance. It is a real hassle to have to load and use the custom software in order to view the recorded images. The ability to synch with Google Maps is pretty neat. The construction is so flimsy that when the mount came off the windshield the socket for the cable to the GPS was wrecked. One camera began destroying the memory cards; so I've replaced both with units with flip down screens (2.5-inch HD Car LED IR Vehicle DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder Traffic Dashboard Camcorder - LCD 270 degrees). See my review of my new cameras. Be careful what you order, the flip down screen type come in several variants and the sellers are not forthcoming regarding what attributes their particular model has, or hide the information in the fine print or the "color choice".
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