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on September 7, 2010
In the past I have tried Flea and Tick collars with the same results most people get, they simply never work. I live in Miami FL, which is tick season 365 days a year. Usually the ticks are at a manageable level but this summer was out of control. My laziest dog had up to 30 - 40 ticks at one point. I rushed them to the vet, they used Frontline and I thought my issues would be over. Three days later the ticks came back with a vengeance and were eating my dogs alive. I then used Google looking for a pill like Capster (24 flea killer) but for Ticks. I couldn't find one but Preventic kept popping up. I kept saying that this stuff will not work because the Flea and Tick collars never work. I was so desperate though and saw that there was more positive feed back then negative.

Two days later I received the package. I placed it on my dogs and went to bed. The next morning I decided to check my dogs and was pretty sure nothing will have changed. Well I was wrong, all the ticks were gone. The ones that were still there, you could see were dying. The next day I saw that they had ticks sitting on their fur, but the ticks did not venture to the skin. So far I am on month 2 and non of my dogs have ticks anymore. Even in hidden places like ears and arm pits show not one tick.

I will say this though, I have one dog with sensitive skin and after using this the first day, I noticed a burn like mark in two places of his body. I took the collar off but then saw that the ticks were coming back and since then the collar doesn't bother him. Maybe its the first initial use that got him. Watch your dogs for at least 24-48 hours.

Also as a note, this collar does not work on Fleas, I use a shampoo called Sentry, which has a ingredient in it to break the fleas life cycle, kills the eggs and all and makes adult fleas sterile. Since using that shampoo, my dogs have never had fleas.
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on May 31, 2017
This product was recommended by my vet. I have two Dobermans and I live in the country. Ticks are a big issue. One is 8 years old and blue. He has a host of genetic problems associated with his color type. My vet warned me that IF he got Lyme disease, it would probably destroy his health. It's bad enough for super healthy dogs. I had always used frontline or advantix, but these kill the tick after biting. He recommended this product specifically saying, "I don't even want a single tick biting him." I was worried that he'd have an allergic reaction. He's allergic to everything and has severe skin reactions. 3 weeks and no problems, and no ticks, and no fleas! I am very happy.
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on June 4, 2014
I have 2 active Australian Shepherds, who spend a lot of time playing outdoors or walking with my family through areas with lots of Deer and Lone Star ticks. I'd used spot-ons before, but got fed up of having to take 2 hours per dog after every walk, picking off the ticks that hopped on for a feed. The Preventic collars not only seem to keep ticks from taking a ride - they also paralyze the tick's mouthparts so they can't bite my dogs...and if I actually find one on my dogs later, it is DEAD and can't attach. My dogs swim in their collars up at the lake - which is also one of the worst places for ticks - and I've never noticed reduced effectiveness over those multiple in and outs from the water over those vacation weeks. I do take the collar off for bathing, though. Be careful using this collar if your dog is under 1 year old; my younger pup's neck was irritated when she first was put into this collar at 12 weeks. On vet's advice, we then waited til she was seven months old, and never had sensitivities again.
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on September 24, 2017
Live on a woody ridge that seems to be tick heaven, Recommended by a Cert Vet Tech after horrible tick infestation of my dog.. Absolutely no ticks for the last 6 years. Now suddenly unavailable, everybody out of stock.. DO NOT BUY the fakes from Thailand. Trying to find substitute.
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on June 16, 2017
Have used for years and now not working well.i was traveling in the The England states n boy do they have ticks. Two vets told me to switch off of this to something more effective and I did. .triflexis n preventic out the door. Bravecto and a heart worm pill in (forgot the name)
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on March 31, 2017
Our Yorkie is small and is getting old (12 now). Of all the products we have tried, Preventic has worked best. It not only does the job it is intended for, it does not adversely effect our dog like so many other products. For us, it has been the clear cut choice for many years.
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on March 15, 2016
We were pulling ticks off the dog almost every time he came inside. We put this collar on and it stopped. After pulling ticks off of myself daily for several days after I had been outside gardening I seriously considered wearing it but the box says that's not recommended. So instead I called our exterminator and found out they have a tick treatment service. We will still put this on the dog this spring until we know the exterminator's stuff is working.
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on August 19, 2017
Second year using this product with absolutely no ticks found on my senior pet or new pup. We live in a rural setting dogs always out and about and no issues with ticks on my pets
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on April 20, 2016
I order these every single year for my dogs, because it's so effective! I combine the dogs wearing these with spreading my lawn with Garden Safe Crawling Insect Killer with Diatomaceous Earth Powder from lowes. Ever since I started doing this three years ago, we have seen maybe a couple ticks on the dogs, unattached. We actually enjoy our big backyard for once, when before we would be finding multiple ticks on my Bernese mountain dog on a daily basis.
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on June 15, 2015
I had high expectations of these collars based on the average reviews I read, but unfortunately few of them were met. I can say that the packaging and shipping were alright and the product is, as advertised, 25" long. I can also tell you that both of the dogs that are wearing these collars, are covered in ticks. It's not just that these ticks are down by the tail or on the lower belly, (although they are), because I might be willing to accept those as being outside the collars ability to control; but my dogs have ticks in their ears and around their collars and under their front legs and on their eyelids and just about anywhere else you'd care to mention.
Last year I used the Seresto collars and had no tick problems at all (the purchase is in my order history.) Seresto cost me a lot more but since they actually worked I guess they really cost me a lot less than these Virbac collars which don't work at all.
I hate to write a negative review but the performance of this product really calls for one. I'm going to use topical treatments for the rest of the season and repurchase the Seresto collars for next year.
In fairness I must tell you that I have active outdoor dogs that run through tall grasses and wander in wooded areas. They did that last year as well so the comparison I made is fair. Perhaps, if you have a small indoor dog for whom the call of nature is resolved by a couple of minutes in the backyard, these collars may work just fine. But for me it wasn't a question of them not working just fine: they didn't work at all.
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