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on February 5, 2017
The Fox Network series entitled "24" is a post-9/11 counter-terrorism television program, which premiered in November, 2001, just two months after the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. This sixth season examines another 24-hour time period in the hectic life of Federal Agent Jack Bauer of the Los Angeles branch of the Counter-Terrorism Unit, known as the CTU, as he battles frantically to thwart yet another diabolical conspiracy. The novel structure of this groundbreaking television series involves each episode representing a single hour in this very action-packed and challenging day. The character of Agent Jack Bauer is portrayed perfectly by actor Kiefer Sutherland, who plays an old-fashioned tough guy, who utilizes any means necessary to vanquish the forces of evil. Of course, the rather aggressive and sometimes brutal methods of Agent Bauer often blur the distinction between good and evil. This sixth season of "24" continues to be decidedly intelligent, fast-paced, and suspenseful, and it is a superb combination of the political thriller and action/adventure genres. Its use of real-time plot development, and the innovative split-screen technique, are absolutely brilliant. The riveting intrigue and captivating plot twists keep the viewer totally enthralled, because one never really knows who can be trusted. This outstanding Counter-Terrorism series "24" is truly my all-time favorite television program, and I enthusiastically give its sixth season a five-star rating, along with my very highest recommendation!
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on May 31, 2017
What a rebound from previous seasons. Jack is much more human this time, and the threats come from his own blood.
Vice President Daniels is a scene-stealer.
Morris is cool.
Bill has his best performance.
Was so happy Season 1's Milo came back, and so sad to see him go.
A mind-boggling thing was President Palmer coming in and out of the coma and letting the concentration camps happen under his watch. But I let it go this time because this season was so great.
The villains were fantastic. The global politics was interesting.
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on October 15, 2015
This season was not nearly as good as the other seasons. In this season they have the FBI running the show instead of CTU and no one can really do anything. Tony appears to keep flipping sides from the bad guy to the good guy and you are never sure what to think of him. The changed the formula of the show and it just does not work. I still watched the whole thing but not the same as I had with the other seasons.
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on December 11, 2009
By the time Jack finds himself walking away from his beloved Audrey and staring at the ocean over which a new sun rises, neither guns nor brains can save him. Jack has come to his end.

Or so we would conclude if we did not know the penchant of '24' writers for making the impossible become plausible.

Along the way, Jack has saved a blooded United States of America and, arguably, its constitution. One of the elements that makes Season 6/Day 6 powerful is the insight into 'politics as the art of the possible' when the possible has been circumscribed beyond precedent by men who are prepared to do anything to advance their cause.

Action, it seems, begets contemplation which begets drama.

Along the way, some fine acting shines. 'Doyle', Jack's alter ego, enters with the unrelective posture of a genuine doofus but proves to be both more and better. Nadia Yassir learns both to lead and to thanks those who have led better, no small less on life's syllabus.

Rena Sofer as Jack's sister-in-law Marilyn Bauer sizzles, though nothing happens, which in life as in television makes for some of the very best heat.

Jack's aim, his preparedness to sacrifice himself, and his capacity for loyalty to love as well as country, undergirds the story line of this addictive project.

Bill Buchanan's (James Morrison) blue eyes blaze, as does his integrity.

I once asked someone in a position to know and with a dollop of skepticism in my manner whether Jack Bauers really exist in this world of space and time. 'Oh yes', he replied, they *do*'.

Maybe they do and maybe they don't. Until I find out, 24 continues both to entertain and to inspire.

Go, Jack, go. A new day comes.
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on May 20, 2017
I'm finally going to complete the set. This is, by far, my favorite show. I still watch all the seasons I have. Nobody kicks butt like Jack Bauer.
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on April 19, 2016
I like the action and twists the plots take. I like Jack Bauer and Chloe! I don't always like how familiar characters suddenly are gone forever.
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on February 3, 2017
Serious binge-watching! I love this series, it brought me back to episodic TV years ago when it aired on Fox. There was a bit of a serious breach of the suspense of disbelief when Jack finally stops the terrorists and without skipping a beat, suddenly Audrey is back in play. A little hard to swallow, but as in other "hokey" spots, the hooks are there and off you go. This really is one of the best series EVER!

My only complaint is the episode summaries which toward the end of the season get really thin and if you inadvertently fall asleep in the middle of an episode, it's hard to figure out where you drifted off.
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on May 26, 2016
Would of given five stars, except they repeat plots... Someone inside CTU is either a plant or betrays them because their love one is held hostage. The President cabinet is dishonest , liars or plan crooks... ( that part is the truth.. It reflects what is now happening in Washington.) Jack is looked on as an outsider, always willing to give himself up for the country. ( again no one now days gives a damn about country. Only their own agenda .) But in the end ... Will the new 24 really make it? In the end it's all about Jack Bauer... Of course less not forget Chloe O'Brian .. Her grim look is only matched by Jack stare!
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on February 4, 2017
Riveting series continues with endless intrigue. Just as one problem solved it segues into a new one. Always on the edge with this show though at times one begins to feel it's just a high tech version of a super man story. Only problem is that Jack is not supposed to be a superhuman hero. He bounces back or shakes off the most horrendous torture inflicted and incredibly devastating damage to his body in battles some of the sickest psychos possible. It's much to far from bring believable yet we still watch it intently LOL
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on April 23, 2014
In my opinion, season 6 was not the best (season 4 was), but if you're a fan of 24, it's still got all the elements that make 24 great: the heart-racing action and constant pressure-cooker situations, nuanced acting and superb, on-point writing, political intrigue and scheming. This all with the added bonus of Jack's family getting into the mix in a way not seen since season 1 (the interrogation scenes between Jack and his estranged brother Graem are priceless - some of my favorite scenes in the whole series). I read that some of the cast and crew (including Sutherland) were disappointed with season 6. But I found almost nothing wrong with it and found it to be consistent with the others. My only complaints are I thought the whole detention-camp subplot was a little cheesy, contrived, and superfluous to the rest of the story and I also found Regina King's character kind of annoying and whiny. (On a side note, however, I though she was excellent in Southland - check that out if you haven't yet). All in all I recommend this season and give it 8/10 on the imdb scale.
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