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on April 2, 2015
I don't usually write reviews, but I felt this one was important. I had read many reviews warning of failure problems with these drives, but I chose to give it a try regardless. My mistake. I ordered and installed this in late December and as of April 2nd, it has failed, causing my console to throw up an e86 error. Upon reading the nonexistant warrenty over again to see if the seller would offer to replace the unit (they won't), I chose to open the drive to see if I could salvage it. I knew these were aftermarket items, but suprise, suprise, they are also made in such a way (flashing security sectors to a non-Microsoft certified drive) that has been known to get you kicked off xbox live. Basically, the jist of my review is this, DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY HERE. Find an officially Microsoft HD. Yes, they are overpriced, don't get me wrong, but when you only have to buy them once, you'll end up saving over buying knock-offs repeatedly.
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on February 28, 2013
At first I was excited to have this hard drive. It was a great price for the memory size, but once I actually started trying to use it I realized the dangers of purchasing third party hardware. Once put in place, my Xbox would not even recognize this as a storage device. Good thing I did not dispose of my original hard drive, which luckily still works perfectly. Buyer beware, you get what you pay for.

Not only was I unhappy with the performance, but as I was trying to trouble shoot the installation to make sure it was defective, it was determined that this hard drive uses some counterfeiting to make it look like a legitimate Microsoft item. It uses the etched connector with the Microsoft logo & it has the Microsoft address on the serial number label, which would make the item look legitimate to the uninformed consumer. The only differences from a Microsoft product (other than performance) is that the company name company is in the address (but with the Microsoft street, city & state) and the fact it is made in China instead of Korea like the original hard drives. The makers of this item should be more transparent that this is a third party item.
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on December 16, 2012
Like others, I was hesitant to purchase an aftermarket hard drive for my "original" xbox 360 (not the 360 Slim). The original 20GB hard drive was filled and I could no longer download games. So, I looked at several drives: the Microsoft 120GB drive for $200, and this drive, but less than half the price and with 250GB. I looked at previous reviews and decided to take the plunge. I should note I did buy an original Microsoft transfer cable, and in addition, I made sure my Xbox 360 had the latest firmware by updating it on Xbox live. It was literally plug and play. I removed the old hard drive, and installed the new drive. Note that some users mentioned having to "force it in" as the fit wasn't perfect. Thanks for the head's up on this! I had the same issue - I looked at the bottom connection on the hard drive and the entire male pin connection on the drive is ever so slightly skewed . I actually gently straightened the assembly (there is some play in it) so it ran perfectly parallel with the rest of the drive. There is a little bit of "play" here, but be careful not to damage the drive. Once I did this, it fit in perfectly, just like the original drive and didn't need to be forced into the slot. So, with the new drive installed I decided to do the transfer. With the Xbox off, I attached the transfer cable to the old hard drive and USD end of the transfer cable to the Xbox 360. Then, I turned the unit on and the Xbox immediately recognized the drive and the transfer cable. It gives you two options: transfer from the consol or to the consol. So, obviously I wanted to transfer it to the consol (as that's where the new drive is) - sorry, I realize this may seem obvious but if you reverse this by accident, there is a chance you could reformat your original drive, and all of your data will be lost. The transfer of 12GB took about 20 minutes. After that, I turned on the new Xbox unit and started playing. So far so good! I've only played Xbox 360 games so far, and have only had the drive for a day, but the transfer went well with no debugging needed. The drive is quiet, in fact, I started downloading the actual games onto the drive to run it from the hard drive vs. the optical disc - it's much quiter vs. the constant disc spinning (also one of the reasons I bought the drive). Beware though, that you still need to have the disc in the unit if you are going to play the game. It will actually run the game from the hard drive but you can't initialize it without having the disc in the unit. One of the measures likely taken to prevent pirating. So, I highly recommend this product (so far). If I encounter any issues / unit failures I'll update my review, but for now, everything went smoothly as if it was an original MS product!
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on January 1, 2015


It will work great for a few months and then crash. LISTEN to the reviews about this product, telling you it's a knock off and it is going to crash. They are not lying. We just lost money on this item and now cannot do a thing about it because we are outside of the return policy boundaries. This was a gift for my husband and now I look like an idiot because I bought the thing. It corrupts every file, messes up every download, won't even allow the xbox to download half the games we have tried to buy from the digital store.

DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY and if you have one RETURN IT ASAP before you lose money like we did.
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on August 30, 2014

I had this hard drive for a total of about 5 months and it has failed completely. I purchased it in order to upgrade my old 20GB hard drive. I've tried swapping hard drives, and the 20GB model still works, but this is a brick. I get a blinking red ring and the "E68" or "E69" Error screen. I even tried swapping enclosures to see if that was the problem. It is the drive. I am not at all pleased that I spent money to get a drive that would last all of 5 months. This is ridiculous. Buyer beware. Buy from a reputable XBOX dealer because if your hard drive fails, you have no recourse.
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on July 7, 2014
This is an off-brand drive, but it does the job just as reliably as my Microsoft drive bundled with the Xbox. Don't let the low price scare you. It did take slightly more effort to attach to the top, but it was just a matter of achieving the right angle.

----- 3 Year Reliability Update -----
I've had this drive for three years and been using it hard all that time to download whole games and run them without a separate disk. It's still working just as well as the day I bought it. Once in a great while, a game will freeze up, but I don't blame that on the drive. For the money, this is a great option.
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on January 6, 2012
I ordered this product in October 2011 to replace my 120GB MS Hard Drive and have been using it ever since. I was slightly skeptical ordering a none MS product - and one that had so few reviews at the time as well! But of the few things that were written about it by consumers, most of that was positive. For the rather substantial price savings, I had to try. Besides, Amazon has great return policies!

But have I had to return it? Heck no! I transferred all transferable data (game saves and tons of XBLA games) to the new drive from my old one and then installed around 10 XBOX 360 games onto it and still had around 83GB available. I play almost every day on my XBOX 360 and have really been putting this drive through the paces by playing lots of MW3 multiplayer and lots of Skyrim! I've also downloaded tons of game trailer videos and even an 8GB HD movie rental. This generic 250GB Hard Drive for the XBOX 360 is holding up without batting an eye! In fact, if I hadn't seen a reminder to do a review on this product, I would've forgotten that I even have it. It has been that reliable since installing it.

If you have been on the fence or are skeptical about buying a none MS product for such a serious application like I was, all I can tell you is that I am totally glad I took the plunge and got this and would do it again!

Hope this helps!

NOTE: I just realized that when I ordered this product, it was around 40 bucks lower in price. Try to wait a bit to see if the price drops if you can. Otherwise, even at this price, it is a solid product!
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on June 19, 2012
Purchased this product on April 9, 2012 and today is June 19, 2012. Now when I boot my Xbox, I get an error of E 68. According to an online search, E 68 is hard drive failure. Some people indicate that they get intermittent playability but since I've moved, nothing but that error. I moved my Xbox separately from the rest of my stuff and kept it cool and dry. Unknown as to why this product has failed, but I am very angry as I've lost all my stuff now. Looks like I am driving down the mountain and buying a whole new Xbox and I will make sure I get the largest hd they sell.

I notice that no one else has had this problem and I won't tank someone's rep because of one bad apple, but I've been either building my own computers or working in the tech industry and know that a hd is supposed to last more than 3 + months, hence the 2 star rating.
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on October 28, 2013
I bought this back in January, and have finally had enough. My unit is not completely broken, which actually makes it worse. The drive throughput is just unacceptably slow, and makes scrolling through the dashboard an agonizing chore.

Downloading files takes so long, you give up. Apps like Xbox Music and Vudu performed poorly, if at all...and that was just navigating through menus. Forget downloading the Games with Gold titles that have been available the last few would take a lifetime. I put the old 20 GB drive back in, and performance speeds returned to normal. I primarily use my 360s as an extender, which is the only reason it took me 10 months to rip out this piece of junk and write a review. Have a 360 E unit in the living room now...feels like I went from dial-up to broadband. The old unit with the original drive will head into the office so I can uh....keep an eye on the news. :)

Microsoft's prices for storage are infuriating, but your mileage may vary from some of the glowing reviews for this item. Mine certainly did.
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on November 17, 2012
This hard drive comes at a great price and worked right away in my older 360 but is noisy as hell.

- No problem setting it up. Plug and play, quite literally.
- MASSIVE size for the price, at least in comparison to "official" hard drives.

- NOISY. I have never owned a hard drive in any computer or console that was this loud. I often move my 360 games to the hard drive because the sound of the DVD drive spinning gets obnoxious (I have an older, louder 360 DVD drive), and my stock 60 GB hard drive is quiet enough that I can barely hear it. In contrast, this 250 GB hard drive is constantly clicking and clacking at very noticeable volume - it definitely kills the atmosphere in many games and defeats the purpose of copying games to the hard drive (other than to slightly decrease load times). UPDATE: The clicking issue seems to have gone away after about a month of use.
- Issues downloading apps and playing games at the same time. I'm not sure why I have this problem, but when I'm downloading apps in the background games are absolutely unplayable - I don't recall having this issue with my stock hard drive. I can download games in the background without a problem, but not apps. UPDATE: This problem has gone away as well - I think it was an issue with that version of the XBox dashboard, the problem went away after the next system update from Microsoft.
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