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on September 26, 2016
Book number two of a ten book financial apocalyptic series. I read the book in the POD (print on demand) trade paperback form. I do not know if there will be any more books in the series. I have purchased the third book in the series and am reading the series interspersed with Jack Reacher books which was recently recommended to me.

And the reason for the series roars into being. The Washington State government slams to a halt as the state financial picture continuously worsens and then the federal government EBT cards fail to fund. The welfare protestors start to gather in Olympia and Washington DC, effectively shutting the state and federal governments down.

The writing was better than the first book which was kind of stilted. Maybe the author hired an editor. Or two.

BTW, the 299 days author is quite the entrepreneur. He writes his books in 200+ page increments and sells them POD (print on demand) on Big River for $10 to $15 each. So if I buy the entire series, it will cost me around $140. And 70% of that goes into his pocket. Other authors would have made the series into 3 or 4 $15 books. Some people call that a ripoff, I call it maximizing your income.

The author lives in very blue state, Washington state, and his writing reflects that. Everything that happens there is on the down low. I am also sympathetic to his writing about having to conceal his prepping from his very progressive wife.

The 299 day author feels that the singularity is quite close. I disagree. I think that we have ten to twenty years before we get to reboot the financial system in the USA. But, I am assuming some linearity in the accumulation of federal debt. I may be dead wrong about that, I hope not. And the author has a website and blog.
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on December 2, 2015
I think the author's idea of writing about the collapse where the main character is your average suburban husband instead of an ex-marine is very refreshing. I really liked the first book of this series. The author really did a wonderful job developing the main character, Grant.

Grant was your average suburban husband and father who, after seeing and inevitable financial collapse in the near future, decided to be a man and do something about it. Grant didn't become "Rambo" overnight...it took him time to start prepping. Grant's prepper journey was transparent and honest, which made him very endearing to me. Whenever Grant visited "prepper" or 'survivalist" websites he would make sure to clear the history incase his wife saw it----and think him to be one of those "crazy survivalists". Even simply walking into a gun store for the first time was something Grant had to overcome. By the time I finished with the first book of this series, Grant's gradual transformation to a full on prepper, with his stored food and knowledge of guns was very believable. Grant's love for his wife and kids also added to his endearing qualities.

BUT....as I read through the second book, the collapse, I was very disappointed.


When the S***t finally hit the fan, Grant begged his wife, who was still convinced that things were "normal" did not want to bug out. This certainly falls in line with the wife's character, as she didn't even know Grant was "one of those preppers". The part I was disappointed with, was that once Grant's wife made it clear that she did not want to leave their house in the suburbs and "bug out" to their cabin, Grant left without his family! Sure he left them with a gun and some food supplies, but he left them! Shouldn't the "man" of the house stay and protect his wife and children until he convinced his wife to go? Why would he bug out to the cabin and leave his family in a vulnerable position?
That said, the remainder of the book was interesting and I do want to see who this story ends, but I really hope Grant steps up in the future books.

Also, a quick comment on the price of the books----Much steeper than I am used to paying for the kindle edition. So, even though I would like to give the third book a chance, I am hesitant, due to the price.
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on March 6, 2013
For the most part this is an enjoyable series. I like the scenario (economic meltdown without a complete TEOTWAWKI situation), but the characters can be a little wooden--the author purports they are based on actual people so I can see him filing off the rough edges of his friends to make them into friendly heroes without nuances.

I understand well the concept of normalcy bias, and can understand how it motivate Grant's wife to not go along with him, but wasting pages of her internalizing how "if he would have just hugged me" she would have given in and bugged out spent way too much time hammering the point. This seems to take up 10% of the (very short) length of this section of the overall novel.

Now the good--the author has obviously put a lot of time, thought, and preparation into surviving economic collapse in his native Washington state. I am a big fan of how he portrays the collapse as severe but not 'the end of the world as we know it'. The author is apparently a Washington state politics insider, and having a peek into this world is very illuminating.

Will I continue with this series? I don't know. I can forgive the typos and a few nagging story elements, but the price is too high for page count. I think I will move on to other "prepper porn" novels and hopefully after the series in completed there will be a one-volume omnibus available for a more reasonable price.
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on June 25, 2015
This is the second book of the series by Glen Tate, and it continues to build the characters introduced in the first book with the kind of detail that you look for in only the best fiction writers. As I read, I began to know more about some of these characters than I do about many of my friends - and even family. The character development is phenomenal.
The plot developed is probably the most likely cause(s) for a collapse of the U.S. - economic collapse combined with government overreach. You don't have to suspend your 'belief' with zombies, nuclear war or nationwide terrorist attacks. As you read, you realize that the author is carefully developing the scenarios that will probably occur, some have occurred already, and he just he takes it from there. The famous T.S. Eliot poem that poses; "Death with a whimper - not with a bang", is fleshed out. The author weaves in characters whose livelihoods are being destroyed, and where laws have been weaponized - many of the public remain politically sidelined - normal human motivations and needs preside, all occurring at a rate, with the timeline of reality - a collapse scenario that is just plain scary in it's believe-ability.

Despite all of this - the book is not 'un-hopeful' (I had to make up a word!). Through the eyes of many characters you see people who still believe in America - and in our 'Polite Society', as well as those who serve themselves, or who believe American values are severely flawed. The author continues to show, through his characters - that America - the great idea - the wonderful nature of the majority of our citizens - is still alive - constantly giving you hope....The shades of gray are captivating...

No worries, this book is not the end of the series, There is a time and season for everything.

I highly suggest this book - and the series - as perhaps a break-away from "Distopian" (spelling again?) fiction - bordering on probable reality - and presented - not through politics - but through the experiences of people.

Regards to all.
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on August 4, 2014
OK so we are all expecting death squads and road warrior to kick off! But wait a second, what if it doesnt happen like that? What if it started to crumble instead of explodeing?
I think glen had a tough job of describing a societal slide that would be hard to describe. He writes about a guy who doesnt get his wife or understand his kids sometimes but he does that best he can to protect them. The friendships he has built may be the most important thing he has done to be prepared.
The ending is abrupt and emotional so hang one. your lucky that book 3 is already out, when i read it i had to wait months to figure out what was going to happen.
Keep on the journey!
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on March 23, 2017
Another good, attention grabbing installment. Would appreciate fewer books..but I guess that would be less income for the author. I'll buy one more anyway. Very interesting scenario.
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on December 19, 2016
Absolutely the worst survival series short stories I have read to date. Every little thought takes several pages to write and the book is not that long in the first place. With the "crash" happening and all still have power, internet, phones, is just unbelievable, book is extremely poorly written, characters are fake, everyone has some hangup about "normal", guys hid their weapons from their wives due to their wives do not like them, even after the crash and looters are everywhere. The worst book, don't waste your time.
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on December 8, 2013
If you haven't taken a look at the 299 Days series of books, DO IT NOW! They are a must read! They follow a man, his family and friends, and his community struggling to not only survive, but thrive, and to revive and maintain our American way of life (not what it has become, but what it should be) - with their failures, successes, and mistakes - following a realistic economic and governmental collapse. (Warning to our thin-skinned liberal friends: it is written from a conservative point of view, and the truth may hurt a bit. ;-)

His writing style is so easy to follow and you will quickly find yourself immersed in the story and unable to put the book down. It is unfortunately broken up into ten books, and at the end if each one I find myself anxiously awaiting the release of the next release. It is a bit pricy when you consider all ten books combined, but it's money well-spent for hours of entertaining reading and for what could be considered a guidebook for how to prepare for the inevitable crisis.

I can't recommend this series if bounds strongly enough. FYI - you will need to start with book one and read the series in order; the story gets much more exciting and the story unfolds through the course of the series. I can't wait for the release of book 7 soon!
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on October 8, 2012
The second book in a 3,500 page series about a "partial-collapse" scenario. In "The Collapse" the author extrapolates from his own experiences living in the Seattle area to describe what a partial-collapse in Washington state might be like.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book of the 299 Days series, "The Preparation," (gently overlooking the editing roughness) and was hoping for a similar experience with "The Collapse." Unfortunately, the second book left me wanting with regards to total content and overall length. It felt like it was barely half the book the first was, although I generally found it a smoother read. There is still good information presented; the story-line is still developed ... and I'm pretty sure it ended where it did based on a good "stopping point" in the overall narrative, but I couldn't help but fell a little jipped when I ran out of book.

I still give Glen an "A" for effort, and for inspiration; but only a "C" for price-to-content ratio, for overall polish, and for story-line detail. Normally I would only pay $10 (book 1) for a well-written and engaging novel by one of my favorite authors, and expected more for the $7 purchase price for book 2. I want to support "Glen" and his message, so I'll keep buying ... and hope for more meat in books 3 and 4, when they're released.

Would I recommend this book? Yeah, but as a bridge between the first book and whatever comes next.
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on May 25, 2013
I am a fan of this series. First book was worth every penny. I like the writers style, and while I have nothing but positive things to say about the first book. That said, I'm pretty disappointed in the second. Not the story, the writer keeps things moving along nicely, but my negative perception comes away because though the pricing was the same for the full sized first book and the obviously cut down in size second (150 vs 269 pages). I'd be willing to pay Chapter style prices for a chapter style publication but the pricing was the same as the 1st which left a real bad taste in my mouth. As it stands, unless the publisher rethinks their price, I will just try to find the rest of the series used, or wait for it to come down in price on the Kindle. I've never seen such an obvious attempt to string out a series into more books, and I hope the author had this thrust on him by the publisher. It was just a bad business decision on what looked to be a bright series.
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