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on May 19, 2013
Hello hopefully everyone can see this and not be disappointed. Anyways I came across this problem where Bioshock would not open at all and I knew older games did this too. It seems that Bioshock doesn't play well with Windows 7 so what you have to do is run it in compatibility mode Windows Vista (service pack 2). This is will enable you to play it A-Okay. To do this you'll need to find:

1.)'Bioshock.exe' which for me it's in my C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Bioshock\Builds\Release
2.)Right click on 'Bioshock.exe'
3.)Choose properties and click the tab that says compatibility
4.)Click 'Run this program in compatibility mode' and Choose Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)
5.)After that, click okay.

-If you need anymore help please do comment!
-Note if Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) doesn't work then try Windows XP (Service Pack 2)since it's one of the 2 OS in the 'ReadMe.txt'
'Bioshock is amazing and still trying to get through it! Can't wait to play Bioshock 2! Anyways for the price of $4.99, that's a steal.
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on January 31, 2016
Two awesome games that have aged well.

BS1 was the spiritual successor to System Shock. It was one of the top rated and best looking games(at least within a few years of its release) last gen. A good combat system was combined with an incredible setting and gripping story. The game will stay with you for years to come. BS1 is a shining example of how the industry has shed the "video games are for kids" stereotype

BS2 was the sequel to BS1. It is very similar to BS1. The biggest change would probably be an improved combat system. The setting is still Rapture, a compelling underwater utopia gone wrong that I would gladly play a dozen games to explore more of. The story is good but not near the caliber of the first. Some of this just may be nostalgia for BS1 and the same setting and similar plot may have lost impact as it is not as novel as the first game.

The only real cons are that it can have trouble on newer hardware/OS's but there are plenty of fixes out there and it took me no longer than 10 minutes to get either title running properly, but novice PC users may have a little trouble but there is a wealth of info on the Steam forums. Lastly, I was disappointed BS2 did not include the one and only dlc for BS2: Minerva's Den which adds to both the single and multiplayer experience.
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on January 10, 2013
Bioshock 1 was a fantastic game. It probably has one of the best storylines ever written for a video game and is downright fun to play. Breaking away from traditional FPS's, they gave you magic on top of guns, allowing a bit of diversity. The environment is also great; creepy but beautiful in a classic sort of way and very unique to the FPS world (which is usually filled with space or the middle east). It's one of the most memorable games I've ever played and is still enjoyable today. Of course, without a strong multiplayer, it's lifespan is much much shorter than say, COD, but it's still something worth experiencing first hand.

Bioshock 2 on the other hand is not as great. First off, it's made by a different studio which made the game feel really limited in its ability to branch off from the source material. Not that it's not a fun game, the gameplay is almost identical to the first one (except now you have a big ass drill on top of everything), but that's kind of the problem. It's TOO similar to the first game. You literally travel to the same city, and though the maps are different, the environment is still the same. The story isn't as compelling as the first, and it was a bit more of struggle to complete. It's not a bad game by any means, but it just can't compare to the original as it only slightly expands the narrative.

If you're a completionist though, this pack is for you. Both great games and both can be activated over Steam.
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on August 7, 2013
Here is a quick and sweet review:

Both games are activated and installed via the Steam client. Their installation process was flawless. BioShock 1 plays well on Windows 8 x64 with no issues. Some people may have issues getting BioShock 2 to launch the first time, this can usually be solved buy reinstalling the GFWL client (required to play BS2). For those of you that use Windows 8, you will need to run BS2 in DirectX 9 mode (10 causes crashes).

BioShock 1:
It plays beautifully on Windows 8 and has one of the best and most immersive story lines I have experienced. It took me around 18 hours to complete the single player campaign. I experienced no crashes or technical hiccups of any kind during that time. Defiantly a must play.

BioShock 2:
I don't understand why BS2 gets a bad rep. The game is just a continuation of the original story. Same story here, once I got the game working (see installation), it played beautifully. Great story and gameplay. It took me about 15 hours to play through. READ ME: Once you finish the BS2 story, there are 2 DLC packs that you might be interested in. These can be purchased through the GFWL store. The first DLC pack is the Protector Trails (Free), basically you fight off waves of splicers while your little sister collects ADAM. The second pack is Minerva's Den ($5 or 400 Microsoft Points), a 4ish hour single player story that is HIGHLY recommended. Great entertainment.

Two great games, especially if you picked them up in this dual pack for $5. The gameplay is great, and the story line is ever better. If you truely enjoyed the story and want to know more about the the world of Rapture, you might be interested in reading BioShock: Rapture. It's a great book and a good read even if you're not interested in BioShock.
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on June 18, 2013
Bioshock 1 and 2 are great games and the $5 I paid for them was worth it. However, there were technical annoyances with both games that made me knock off 2 stars.


Bioshock 1 will keep crashing or won't have any sound unless you make some changes to the default.ini file, etc. All of the changes you might need to make have been documented in the Steam forums. The fixes may require you to read through a rather giant wall of text and will require minimal knowledge of your sound card, etc. So if you do not have the patience for these fixes, you may consider skipping this purchase.

Bioshock 2 implements GFWL, which you will need to make an account for. While GFWL isn't that bad in itself, it happens to cause some trouble when initially loading a save file. The game will crash every time to try to load a save file/start the games. Depending on your situtation, you may have to delete your save file folder. So before investing too much time into this game, I would definitely urge you to look into this problem.


Bioshock 1 and 2 for consoles allows you to pause the action with a weapon/plasmid selection screen in order to quickly and easily equip the best weapon/ammo/plasmid for a given enemy and environment. While Bioshock 1 for PC implements this screen as well, Bioshock 2 for PC does not. And with 8 different weapons to choose from, 6 weapons having 3 different ammo types, along with a maximum of 6 different plasmids to choose from, it becomes a chore rather a pleasure to switch weapons/plasmids. To me, the lack of this feature just seems like laziness on the developer's part. Not having this screen really discourages experimentation with all of the different weapon/plasmid combinations.


If you can get past all of these annoyances, then you are in for a treat with both games. The story, atmosphere, and gameplay in Bioshock 1 are quite amazing. The story might not be as good in Bioshock 2, but the gameplay (apart from the selection screen) has been improved. I would definitely wait until the dual pack is $5 as it drops to that price quite often during sales. The low price makes the annoyances more bearable.
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on May 28, 2013
Yes, Bioshock has been out for a long time. That still doesn't diminish the fact that it is a classic of gaming. On the surface, it's just another first person shooter, but the atmosphere and style of the game is like nothing you've seen before, though it has spawned countless imitators since. The story, usually an afterthought for games like this, is superbly crafted and very entertaining ... and just a little bit creepy.

That's not to say the game doesn't have its faults. It does. Purely as a game, it's lacking in challenge, as it's very possible to just "die" your way through every level and significant challenge. This may bother you, or you may be the kind of gamer who takes advantage of programming choices like these (I am) or you may find that creating your own challenges is just fine. Or you may not discover it at all. The story also falls off a bit toward the end and becomes somewhat formulaic, but I don't expect epic level prose out of my video games -- at the end of the day, they're still video games and the story really serves to drive the game forward. Some of the best stories will be those you create.

You also get the sequel to this game -- Bioshock 2 -- which is in many ways more of the same and feels a bit uninspired after the jaw drop you had playing the original. That doesn't mean it's not worth playing, and after you've done Bioshock and looking for more, this exactly fits the bill.

But the best part here is the price. Really, it's $4.99 for one great game and one fantastic classic game. You'll likely spend 40+ hours just exploring the worlds these two games create, and it's hard to have that much fun over that period of time for less money. I've played both on the XBOX 360, finished them, and thought I was done. But at this price, I can't resist going back and playing them all over again.
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on February 2, 2013
When Bioshock first came out I ignored it, since it looked like the typical Horror-Shooter. Over many years I heard a lot of good things about it though, so I decided to give it a try when I saw a good deal.
Turns out the game really isn't for me. After trying to like it for 2 hours I gave up (for now).
It seems like the developers were trying to create some kind of atmosphere between the once striving city "Rapture" and its "post-apocalyptic" state, but failed miserably. This is mostly because of the graphics.
I know it's an old game, but I know a lot of old games that don't have those bad graphics. It's not things like resolution or shading but rather the opposite. Everything is overloaded with graphic effects and glowing lights. It looks like a cheap console game and as such destroys any atmosphere that the design and soundtrack try to convey.
The gameplay also did not convince me. Not liking the controls aside, one goes from room to room and then gets attacked out of dark corners from "Splicers" which you have to shoot (or otherwise get rid of). Maybe it gets better at some point but if so I could not endure the lopsideness of the beginning to get there.
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on September 1, 2013
Its my first time playing Bioshock and I love the series.
The downside is the 2nd game's installation because it requires some complicated ways to install games for windows live on your pc, since this is old stuff in 2013 but once it is install and if needed, an account is set (you can use your xbox live account), everything even the multiplayer portion works like a charm (except that there is no one to play with because the lobby is always empty, I wonder why?). Also you can get the dlc from the in game store that connects to games for windows live server but downloading the content is also a pain because you have to open games for windows live to download separately and then reload the game. Also if you want to purchase the dlc it seems the only way possible as of august 25 2013 is using your credit card since Microsoft points are no longer supported.
note: This only applies to Bioshock2; for some reason you have to install games for windows live from the in game folder since steam can't do it and the installation won't go pass this step on steam, and once you do install it will take you to get a newer version of gfwl so its going to take a while.

Other than this there are no problems as long as you meet minimum requirements for pc.
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on July 6, 2013
If you follow these directions both of these games will play on Win 7 Ult. 64bit. It worked for me. After you purchase DO NOT download from Amazon. On your invoice click "View Key codes", write them down. Then open your Steam account (or create one) and at the bottom click, add games. Then put in your code, and proceed to download games through Steam. Bioshock 2 is a little more complicated as you must have or create a Windows Live account. it's a pain in the @ZZ but it will work once you get past the BS. . You must also go to game directory with the Bioshock.exe file and right click on the file, go to compatability tab and select "Win XP service pack 2", also check the "run as administrator" box. Otherwise it won't play on Win 7 64bit. Both games will update themselves the first time you play. Let them update and then, Enjoy yourself ! These games are a blast to play ! I only gave 4 stars as the Win Live BS is ridiculous ! you shouldn't have to go through it just to play the game.

My system: AMD FX6300 3.5Ghz cpu, MSI 990FX MB, 16Gb memory, Dual 7850 Radeon 1 Gb mem video cards, NZXT 750w PSU, Three HDD's two LiteOn DVD burners, Coolermaster HAF 932 case. Win 7 Ultimate 64bit OS.
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on October 2, 2013
I picked up BioShock 1 and 2 for my PS3 a few years ago. Since I scrapped my console, I didn't know if I would be able to run games like these two on my current rig. I went ahead and picked up the pack on sale and I am glad I did. I maxed the settings and enjoyed the ride.
Everyone should know the story, you are in Rapture, a city underwater, due to the isolation from the governments of the world. A mad man has allowed the folks there to reach their potentials without the constraints of laws and moral code. Well, it went south and you end up fighting plastic surgery rejects as they try to kill you. Then you run across other monsters like Big Daddy's...
At any rate, the game is a FPS with RPG elements that blend well. You don't feel like you are pegged to an FPS but the game flows as fast as an FPS, unlike the flow of games like Fallout and TES.
The PC versions hold true to the Consoles but I don't know if it a true port or a rebuild. I maxed out AA, res at 720P with all sharders maxed and locked in the FPS with Vsync and the counter never dropped below 60. The game plays amazing better than on console with minimal hardware.
The only thing to note, BioShock 2 requires you to install and update Live for Windows to make saves. Live will crash over and over but you will be able to play your saves. Note: If you have disabled Live for any other games, like Fallout 3, Live will ask you to sign in again...I haven't looked for a work around on BS2 yet for Live.
If you played them before and are curious, go for it, I am running a GTX650, 8Gb of RAM with a Quad 2 Core Q8400 and I wrap everything up...If nothing else, search Google for "bioshock 2 system requirements lab"...Run the script. If you can play 2, you can play 1...And I have a friend that I bought a copy for that runs a E7500, 4 Gb of Ram with a G210 1 Gb nVidia and he plays it on medium...
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