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on June 12, 2014
WOW - I've never seen such a HUGE game. This thing goes on and on. The maps are large and action is free-flowing. You can roam around to your heart's desire.
Each 'area' / level is different to the next. You could be in a desert for one mission and in the Arctic for the next. And each level itself is huge in terms of the physical map area as well as the missions that can be completed in each. You may finish a level and then come back to the same level later to do a side/optional mission.
There are hundreds of different guns, grenades, power-ups, shields, etc with different stats for each level. I've been battling for over 200 hours and the game is still not complete!!!
Bad guys take many forms from robots, to wild animals, to Zombies, to regular soldiers. So cool!
The only thing I don't like is if you die whilst battling a boss (and the boss is almost dead), when you re-spawn, you have to start all over again with the boss (whose life is back up to full again). But that's part of the fun I suppose.

For the price - this is a definite 5 star / thumps up.
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on April 10, 2013
Borderlands 2 is not a complicated game. It's a first person shooter (FPS) which is focused on all-out shooting and looting. And more shooting. And more looting. And then some more.

What makes the game so entertaining, then?

There are a few key areas. The first is the setting and the characters, both of which are steeped in humor and pure entertainment value. The graphical "style" of Borderlands 2 contributes to this -- it follows from the original Borderlands in following an animated comic book style of graphics, but upgrades this significantly with lighting and colors beyond what we saw in the original. This graphical style is supremely appropriate for the kind of setting and characters, and humor, that the game contains, because the game is not aiming for a "realistic" feel, but rather a more contrived, less serious, more funny, and ultimately more entertaining one. And this works to beat the band. It keeps the game light-hearted and fun, which makes it a great game to play after work in the evening as compared with a more "serious" game.

Another core area that makes the game great is the loot/leveling model. Although the game doesn't feature the same loot explosion/loot pinata effect of the original, nevertheless loot keeps flowing, and one of the core enjoyments of the game is comparing and optimizing your loadouts. And many of the weapons are just very, very entertaining to use. In addition, each class has a signature power which can be built upon and upgraded and which defines playstyles that are markedly different for each class despite the fact that the game is essentially a shoot and loot game.

The game is, in many ways, a hybrid of the loot system of an "action RPG" like Diablo or Torchlight, on the one hand, and a first person shooter, on the other, with a lot of humor thrown into the mix. It makes for a very entertaining game to unwind with, and ultimately an enjoyable and relaxing gaming experience. Frankly, this game is just pure fun to pick up and play, even if you are not generally a shooter fan. Highly recommended.
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on September 23, 2012
I'll start out by saying I never played borderlands 1. Also I don't have a lot of extra money to buy video games so I carefully researched this game before buying it. Most of the reviews said it was great but there were a few things about it that worried me. The main complaints seem to be that the single player experience felt fairly empty and that it is mostly a co-op game. Some were also saying the game play is very repetitive and quickly became boring. Within a few hours of playing I was relieved to discover my worries were unfounded. This game is exceptional in just about every possible way. A true work of art. Maybe one of my all time favorites.

It's billed as a loot based game, like diablo. I guess that is true but the loot in of itself would be worthless if the core game play mechanics were no fun. I absolutely love the combat in this game. The art design and physics are excellent. The targeting is precise and the combat very satisfying. The variety of enemies and their art design are addictive to look at and interact with. It reminds me of the addictive aesthetic of World of Warcraft. The world is huge and beautiful. There's 4 classes of guns(that i've discovered so far) pistols, shotguns, machine guns and sniper rifles as well as grenades and shields. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. It's truly satisfying to cap a bad guy with a wide array of weaponry and watch all the different ways in which they die. When you fire an incendiary round into a marauder he catches fire and screams while flailing around before dropping to his death. It's so entertaining to watch.

My character is only level 9, so I know there is so much of the game I've yet to experience but I can already tell they really nailed it in every area. They understood what makes for a good addictive shooter and really accentuated all the right elements. I was kind of bummed I could only equip two different types of guns at the same time and my backpack space was so limited and then I discovered the city of Sanctuary and all the merchants that sell upgrades so I can equip more weapons, carry more things, store items, switch them between characters and god knows what else.

There's just the right amount of role playing elements to make it feel like you can shape your character to your play style as well as feel that addictive compulsory feeling when you want to get just that one more level, that one more gun or finish that one more quest. They don't over complicate things to where you have to become a mathematician to understand how to gear/spec your character. Everything is so well balanced between fun and depth. I'm a bit older of a gamer and have "played it all" and I quickly become bored with recycled games with upgraded graphics/complexity(skyrim for example) but this game was such a breath of fresh air.

I can't wait to get back into the game and discover new levels, weapons, abilities, let alone co-op play(which I haven't even tried yet). They really did strike the perfect balance between a shooter and an rpg game. Leaving out the more esoteric elements of each genre. I would recommend this game to just about anyone. If you haven't played the first one than you really are in for a treat. Some of the Borderlands veterans are saying its not much of an evolution from the 1st one but more a refinement of many elements. So it looks like if its your first experience with Borderlands you are getting in at exactly the right moment!
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on June 5, 2014
For the price this game is awesome. The story line can move along quickly, but if you spend time on the side missions, you will get plenty of bang for your buck! (Pun intended.) The weapons and character advancements are nice, though I wish they had weapon upgrades, not just better weapons as the character level advances. I don't play online, but the game seems like it would work well for this type of play.

If you like shooters, you will enjoy this game.
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on April 30, 2014
The dialogue alone is, at some points, laugh-out-loud ridiculous!

The graphics are comic-book-y which is one thing that attracted me to it. It just LOOKS cool from the get-go.

The game-play is great. Mission based (as many as you want to accept) adventures can keep you playing for days on end! This is not a "walk through it, beat the boss in a day or two" type of game. There are tons of things to find and collect and earn.

You can play as 4 different characters; each with special skill-set and special abilities. I've only played as the commando, Axton, so far, but this aspect adds yet another variance to make the game-play fresh.

With the amount of gore and ludeness, I think it's properly rated for Mature audiences only.

You don't need a high-end PC to play it either. I'm running an AMD FX 6350 and a GeForece 750Ti vid card, which are both middle of the road, and it's fantastic on high settings.

The only negative things i have to say about it;
Maybe it was me, but when it shows you the 'save symbol', I didn't' always feel that when I left / returned to the game it put me back in the last saved location. As in, I really thought I had progressed further in a particular mission than where it reloaded (after I saved/quit/returned to the game). It could be that i quit between 'save symbols' and the 'save and quit' through the menu puts you back at the last in-game 'save symbol' location. I cant' be sure at this point.
Also, the menu items, like when you're in your backpack, switching weapons in the Safe, etc., could be better designed. They look great, but can get a bit confusing until you've done it a ton of times.
One more point I think could be better is the ammo info. Again, maybe its me but the only place I can see what weapon uses what ammo is when I'm in my backpack? If I run out of a certain type of ammo, and I want to ditch/swap the weapon for something that I have ammo for, how can I determine this without grabbing the weapon first? If the weapon is fatter than you, it's pretty much going to be a rocket launcher of sorts, but there are way too many weapons to have to guess what ammo it uses before actually picking it up and finding out.

These little cons are definitely not a deal-breaker of any kind, though, and may be purely a result of my lack of experience with it.

This game is frikkin' FUN!
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on September 4, 2013
Loot and Shoot has never been better. Honestly I have no idea why I didn't get into the Borderlands franchise sooner. This game took everything that was amazing with the first Borderlands and made it 100x MORE BADASS! The characters are well developed and the game just in general is one of the best experiences I've had with a shooter. The guns really are on a whole different level this time around especially with the new element introduced known as slag. I won't go too much into slag but let me just say its a great additrion to anyone's arsenal. There's a trading system that is very useful to players and if you want to fight for your guns just start a trade and enter a duel for a winner takes all situation. The enemies are very diverse and some can even evolve mid combat such as the goliath and varkids, which offers plenty of challenge if you let them power up. The game also rewards returning players of the first borderlands as you can interact with the original vault hunters as well as a return of some familiar guns (hellfire, volcano, bone shredder, etc.). Stop reading this and go buy it! It's a game you will NOT regret playing
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on November 19, 2012
When I got the original Borderlands, I had fun. There were still quirks. Quirks that made me unsure if Borderlands 2 would be a step ahead or a failure. So, I'll try to break up my review into two parts; Borderlands 2 compared to Borderlands and Borderlands 2 on it's own (which I may refer to as BLT a few times).


There are many improvements and changes to Borderlands 2 as opposed to Borderlands 1. First would be the story. By that, I mean there's actually a story. Borderlands 1 was quite linear and probably less than 10% of the people who get a special intro scene hold little to no value to the player. Even the villain General Knoxx was enjoyable as far as the story goes, but was a let down once you fought him. Borderlands 2 on the other hand has actual heroes, a definite villain throughout the whole game, and lots of side characters who do more than talk to you through text bubbles. This greatly improves the satire of the whole game compared to the first, as well as other aspects. Likewise, the battles against the villains mentioned in the story is rarely just a tedious objective that doesn't live up to the hype (there are still tedious objectives and some lost hype, but not as often or extreme).

Gameplay is pretty similar. There's still more guns than you could care to bother mentioning, except now I guess there's MORE more guns than you could care to bother mentioning. In the first game, it got tedious to determine which gun was better than the next. I even found I would have to shoot the gun in combat a few times before I realized I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with the thing. Borderlands 2 is a little different. While there are more guns, the gun brands have now become easier to differentiate each weapon. This way, you can determine which brand you like more and eliminate half the more guns than you could care to bother mentioning. This also helped finding out the brands I liked in order to use every gun to its fullest (I was avoiding assault rifles and pistols before finding the brands I can trust).

Leveling up in Borderlands 2 is a bit more entertaining as well. While the leveling up in Borderlands was fun and I didn't see much problem in it, I now kinda feel my skill points were just perks and my special ability took center stage for a brief period. Examples of this would be Roland's turret, which, while effective, basically shot the crap out of everything for a little while and then went away. I actually found Lilith's phasewalking (while horrible at destroying anybody) made the most adjustments to in game strategy. In this game, it seems the characters I've tried have affected my strategy and skill point distribution much more than the first. That's probably the only reason I feel that Borderlands 1 might have been a bit stale in this area, because Borderlands 2 adds much more to it.

Elemental weapons are still here, and seemingly more effective, but less necessary. In the first game, I found I would want a variety of elemental weapons in order to fight off different enemies. In this game, I do find deciding on an elemental weapon is easier, but I don't feel the need to use as many. Perhaps this is a bonus. Perhaps not. I'm not really sure where I stand on this.

::On Its Own::

The story, while enjoyable, and has a much less linear feel to it, is not very surprising. Even though I had moments in combat where I had this feeling of being one with the story, and even though I felt a bit sad when it was all over, the story itself is nothing specatcular. This game's strengths rely mainly on it's gameplay and cooperative play (which, in turn, may add to the story). There are not many games out there that offer what Borderlands 2 does to a cooperative FPS. I don't know how much you can call it an RPG without your characters saying anything past a critical hit kill(maybe next game they'll make a cameo) or rarely having options of what your characters do (to kill five bonerfarts or not to kill five bonerfarts). Considering I'm not even sure what defines a roleplaying game, and if you want to call it an RPG because you gain levels and have magical guns, then you may. I just wouldn't play this expecting something like Skyrim or Final Fantasy.

As far as gameplay goes, one can really get into the combat situations. Between the special abilities, skills points, and different guns, battles can be frantic, strategic, arduous, and fun, all at the same time (generally, most battles in this game fit at least one criteria while being fun). There are moments where running from checkpoint to checkpoint can get old (such as running through a long map you already beat 10 levels ago to set a midget on fire). But it still beats playing a few hours just to beat one mission (friggin' General Knoxx's Armory).

I originally thought this game would be less fun by myself. In some ways, it is less fun. Carrying items with limited capacity (maximum of 27 with all the upgrades) which makes picking up half the guns difficult and general playing with yourself aren't things everybody enjoys (... yeah, that's a sentence, I guess). Still, I am rather enjoying my play through I got myself to do by myself (I am my play I got myself to do myself...?).


If you're unsure of whether you want the a console version of a PC version, I recommend PC. I played this on Xbox 360 with one brother and on the PC with another brother and I like the PC version more. At the very least, if you want to sign up with a shift account, keys are easier to enter on PC. Also, the Xbox 360 Controller works with the PC version quite well.

If you played the first Borderlands, you may find many things in this one a welcome addition. Such as comparing guns, more unique skills/perks, and a much better story. I have yet to try any DLC aside from the Mechromancer (which, I enjoy), so I can't say if they did anything about the travel stations in the DLCs (something I found a major pain in, again, General Knoxx's Armory). Maybe I'll update on that later.

If you haven't played the first game and are looking for a nice cooperative game, I can recommend Borderlands 2. If you're more interested in a cooperative shooting game, I strongly recommend this. If you're looking for a cooperative shooting game with leveling up features, it's hard to think of something better.
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on March 21, 2016
I have sunk so many hours into this game and bought all the expansions. A very well designed game with lots of replay-ability. I played the original borderlands and my one complaint was that the lands were all very similar and did not have a lot of diversity. In this game they have greatly improved this. Everything that made the original great they have increased. More guns, more enemies, more side quests,more class variations, more more more!!! The story is pretty engaging and they have the usual comedic tone that made the original so endearing. You can play up to 4 players co-op online which I would highly recommend.
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on April 26, 2013
Last year I played the original Borderlands and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m kind of old school and prefer single player games and specifically FPS. Borderlands 2 continues with the same themes as the original, i.e. richly drawn characters and landscapes, humorous dialog, fun and engaging storyline and plenty of shooting action. There is a rich array of weaponry capable of inflicting graphic death upon opponents. There are lots of side missions to keep the fun rolling along. Borderlands is a game to just get lost in! Forget your troubles and responsibilities, take on your character and enjoy hours of fun.
Some reviews have mentioned that the game seems more difficult compared to the previous edition. I find that some battles are quite challenging and take persistence to succeed. You need to know the specific traits of your enemies and arm yourself with the right type of weapons to defeat them.

Progress saving within the games is a little quirky. It’s easy to lose a great deal of progress when you exit the game. One thing that helps is to quit the game immediately following traveling to a new land.

As mentioned I’m playing the single player campaign and so far have about 18 hours of play time with plenty more to go. I’m playing the pc version on a win 7 64 bit machine. 8 gigs memory with a NVDA GTX 460 graphics card. I have all game setting on max with no issues

If you like FPS shooters and aren’t offended by language and blood you might like this game
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on June 18, 2013
Really enjoyed Borderlands 2, they fixed many issues with the first game that I had personally, there's more variety not only in visuals and gun stats but gun feel, characters and so on.
For instance all the guns seemed to reload the same way in 1, in 2 you have a few different ones including throwing the gun away and teleporting yourself a new gun (same one) reloaded, often the thrown gun explodes for extra comedy.

The cars were a major problem I had in 1, they were bad, got caught on everything and the weapons felt underwelming especially if you used the machine gun. Totally re-tweaked despite having the same cars visually, and another car to top it off.

I'm not really in this game for the story, more the fun with 4 friends via co-op and it does that terrifically well. I can't say I see myself playing it alone but with a friend or 3? Yes, much fun involved there.

It's also one of the better PC ports I've seen with a range of ways to tweak the game to get it running well on your system, it's a worth while buy.

The only major cons I can think of, is the DLC pricing, at time of writing 1 character is valued at 1/4th the cost of the game itself, and they're not available in the Season Pass so it sorta makes you scratch your head. However that is optional content and doesn't really effect the game so negative as that may be the game itself stands on it's own merit.
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