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Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor
Size: 2.9 Qt|Change
Price:$19.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 29, 2014
First, I don't use the Ice insert, so if you plan to I cannot comment on that for you. The moment the pitcher arrived I removed it and left it in the box.

As for the pitcher and fruit infusing insert though, they are fantastic! We primarily use Strawberries, and it holds about 6 large strawberries cut up into eighths (smaller pieces yield more flavor). We insert the berries, fill the pitcher, and then leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. I would not recommend longer than that though, as the strawberries will begin putting off a bad taste instead if left any longer, but 1 day is perfect. Just remove the insert, ditch the berries, and enjoy another few days of strawberry water.

** Don't just put the used berries in your trash though, as they will smell really bad in only a matter of hours. Stick them down the garbage disposal or something =)
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on June 5, 2015
Only pitcher I saw that could use both an infuser and an ice tube simultaneously. Looks nice and is sturdy. Infuses water as expected. I have not used the ice core yet. No problems with leaking as other reviews have mentioned.

Didn't realize it wasn't dishwasher safe and my first one of these cracked. It cracked on maybe the 5th machine wash. It is not advertised to be dishwasher safe which I was not aware of. I'm no materials expert so I never would have known it wasn't dishwasher safe unless I actually read the instructions. I guess thought I was smart enough to figure out a pitcher without instructions but apparently I was wrong. Good enough to purchase a second time here on Amazon since the cracks were my fault. I do wish it was dishwasher safe.

If this were dishwasher safe it'd be 5 stars for me.
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on May 5, 2012
This pitcher is delightful, -- the plastic rinses clear and fresh and the fruit infuser and icing tube are both terrific additions! But if you buy one of these, please be careful when filling the ice tube to not go over the fill line. The line is really faint,but findable if you know to look for it. The plastic stopper tends to pop out, but maybe only if filled too full, in which case swelling water volume might push it out. Ideally it all stays tightly together and doesn't need refilling.

In my case, the cork on mine popped out after the second use. I found it on the floor, and didn't even know what it was, but put it aside on pantry shelf and was pleased to recall seeing it and "connect" when I noticed water leaking out when I went to refreeze the tube. I plugged it back in, refreshing the water inside, but I seem to have gotten a malfunctioning tube. As next time, not only did the stopper spring out when I opened the freezer, but when I later went to unscrew the tube to refreeze it, found the whole thing broke off at the top seam. This left me holding the bottom with the water in it, with the top still screwed into the pitcher. It was like extracting the collar of a light bulb which has broken off -- hard to get unscrewed. I did finally get the top part out, and could see that the sealer that held the two pieces together had cracked apart.

I had kept the box, so could figure out what name/company to Google, and did find a phone number, along with a "replacement parts" chart, which showed tube replacements at $10 for one more and $14 for two more. This apparently includes shipping costs. Since it was a weekend, I could only leave a message for the company about the failure (after not many uses) of my ice tube.

I am happy to report that a company person did return my call first thing Monday, reporting very few similar complaints. She referred me to a more senior staffer who said the tube I received was likely faulty and offered to send me a replacement. I trust this is on its way and I can again enjoy my lovely pitcher.

I'm still not sure why the seal between the top and bottom of the tube split when I unscrewed it, but I am happy to report that customer service was up to snuff, and prompt to offer to correct the problem! If the problem was exacerbated by too much water freezing inside, I also recommended making the fill line darker and easier to read, and adding consumer instructions that highlight the need to ONLY fill to the marked line. Finally, should there be other customers who have parts that aren't up to standard, I think the contact info for the company should also be clearer on the box and that it might help to also make sure there's at least a name, and model number inscribed somewhere on bottom of the pitcher at least. Otherwise, this delightful, but rather expensive pitcher could become very "un-special" very quickly if any of its parts get broken or go missing. We all have plenty of plain plastic pitchers hanging around, easily and inexpensively replaced at the corner grocery! This one is very special and a delight to use, as long as all its parts keep working!
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on July 12, 2015
Awwww, LOVED this pitcher until it cracked around the top of the handle after six months of moderate use. Gorilla glue repaired the crack for awhile but now it's leaking again, so I'm off to surf Amazon for another one. Otherwise, the idea of infused water is terrific because it beats the prices of the store-bought versions by a lot, and it's easy to make. My favorite combinations are mint with either cucumber or lemon. I started out using the fruit insert, but there is really no need to do so because of the teeth on the lid that block the spigot spigot which hold fruit inside the pitcher. I used the ice core occasionally for parties and kept it in the freezer when not in use so it was always ready.
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I ordered this as a gift for a friends birthday (a former heavy tea drinker who is trying to incorporate more water and less tea to her diet) and she absolutely LOVES it. She doesn't use the ice core, she's not a fan of super cold drinks. But she is obsessed with lemon water. So much so that I've ordered a recipe book to get her to try other things! She has no complaints regarding it, thus far.
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on March 4, 2014
This picture has everything I was looking for. A place for the fruit to infuse, an ice center to keep the beverage cold if using out side, and it really holds quite a bit. I thought I was in love. However, after a couple of months, I've noticed slight superficial cracking along the top edge of the picture where the infuser slides in and out, and on the infuser itself. I'm very careful with it, handwash it, and don't know why after such a short time frame of using it would start having an issue like this. It still functions perfectly, but as a consumer I know, when you start seeing small cracks they most likely will continue into larger ones. Perhaps, they will stay nothing more than a superficial cosmetic one. Here's hoping for the best.
With the possibility of this being a flaw, even though everything else about it is great, I didn't feel right giving it anything higher than 3 starts right now

*Update* 5-20-14
The small cracks have continued and I now have them around the base of the handle. This has resulted in leaking and I'm no longer able to use it. My husband tried to use silicone on the outside to seal the small cracking, but to no avail. It just didn't hold up. What a disappointment!
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on September 15, 2014
Things I loved about this product - the size. It fit nicely in the fridge no problem. Also it is large enough that you don't have to constantly refill.
The look. It is very attractive looking with the fruit being suspended in its own container within the pitcher.
The frozen bottle. There is a bottle that comes with this setup that can be filled and frozen to help keep the contents of the pitcher cool if it is sitting out of the fridge.

Thing I hated - very cheap and poorly made. I had to return the first one because it arrived damaged with a huge crack in the base of the pitcher. The second one arrived damaged too!. Fortunately I had ordered the second one and it arrived before I sent back the first one. I was able to take the parts that were OK out of both in order to make this setup complete. Because both came damaged I find myself being extra careful so I don't accidentally bump it or drop it because I can already anticipate what the outcome will be.

I only gave this item 2 stars for how it looks and for the great customer service I received from Amazon. Otherwise I'd give this junk zero stars.
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on July 26, 2017
Loved this so much, that I returned and got another one for my mom, who never drinks enough water. As a result, she is now. Her favorite is alternating between putting cucumbers, and strawberries in it. I prefer to use lemon slices. I tried Watermelon once, and it was delish! Highly recommend; however - do not put in dishwasher. It can handle it, but think it shortens its life. Use hot water and soap to clean...
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on September 16, 2015
We love this pitcher! It makes water taste very mildly like the fruit that gets put inside the tube on the side. We have a fun time each week dreaming up combinations for the flavoring of the water. The fruit usually lasts about 10 days since it is submerged in the cold water. We have not used the center tube, that is meant to have frozen water suspended. We just keep the pitcher in the refrigerator and this keeps the water cold. I would imagine that the ice tube is handy when entertaining if we want to leave the pitcher out on a counter for the guests. For just us family, we are happy to have more water available, so we don't use the ice tube. Love this pitcher!
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on July 27, 2017
Wow! I love my new pitcher! I'm so glad I found this on Amazon. It's got the best features - in addition to a fruit "basket", it has an optional ice tube. A big plus for me is how well it is designed and I love the look. About the ice tube, I filled it up to the recommended line but I lost the little plug somewhere in the ice compartment - it must have popped off during the freezing process. I didn't notice this for a couple of days. After the first use, you figure out what size you need to cut the fruit to fit into the basket.
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