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Now here's a different kind of vampire movie. These vampires are not elegant like Bela Lugosi in formal wear and cape. Nor are they they moody, young adult vampires of Twilight, released just a year after this film. They're more like the violent, ruthless vampires of Near Dark, a 1987 vampire reimagining that made them contemporary young drifters. But they're much worse that that. these vampires are truly awful, more like aliens, more like animals. Totally terrifying, totally relentless. Their only moods are hunger and killing. They speak a guttural tongue like something out of Mordor, and don't even speak that often.

Isolation is often a key to horror and suspense films, and this film has that neatly and realistically done by setting it in Pt.Barrow, Alaska a small town ion the northern coast that literally has a month of total darkness and where over half the town flies south every year to sunny climes like Anchorage and Seattle to escape the total dark. Already isolated, the vampires send in an advance man to cut the town off from even further, then the assault begins.

The film is well acted with Josh Hartnett as the local constable, Eben Oleson and Melissa George as his estranged wife, Stella. Danny Huston is pure evil as the head of the vampire pack. It's atmospherically shot to emphasize the isolation of the place and the terror of those now trapped there. The film is also bloody and does not shy away from showing it, yet doesn't overdo the gore for its own sake. There's no room for comedy or campy bits. This film is totally serious throughout and gains in power because of it. I felt totally tense for almost the whole length of it.
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on March 3, 2018
Two things I liked about this movie: One, I liked that the vampires were MONSTERS instead of creatures which deserved empathy, like many modern vampires. Second, it was a great idea to do it in this setting since there is no sunlight for thirty days. Love it.

But there were some severe problems with the movie. First and foremost, no real character development. This was because it is a movie. Almost impossible to develop characters to care about in this movie. It would have been better to make this a series. Imagine how you can stretch this story out, and really start caring for who is dying on every episode. But unfortunately this did not happen.

Another reason why it didn’t work for me is the use of the character who came into the town warning of “them” coming. I think this character could have been a better source of information and eventually a necessary ally to the humans. But this was not proposed.

So, it could be a five star TV series, but instead is a less than average gorefest.
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on May 22, 2016
"Allow me to introduce myself... I am Count Untertitel."
No Count Dracula, here.
These vampires are freighted in on a cargo ship---sorta
like the movie DRACULA. The Renfield-like character,
here, is creepier, and immediately hated by everyone...
no mention of WHERE they come from; doesn't matter,
This is really great! My wife hated it; I loved it.
Pretty grizzly, bloody, graphic, blood, guts, and a heroic-ending...
Love those crispy-critters... at sunrise.
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on April 30, 2013
If you want to watch a straight-forward Zombie picture without much in the way of frills, this one should suit you. Guessing whether this is anything like a visual image of what they call the northernmost town in Alaska was a nice beginning. Of course, the film's focus is upon the fact that it is also entering into its thirty days of dark and also into siege by a bunch of meat eaters who don't much care whether it is dog, sheep, man or women. The one ace in the hole the ordinary folk have is that when the Sun comes out again, the man-eaters will disappear.
The group we center on has the young sheriff leading a small band whose numbers dwindle as the month gradually moves toward its end.
I don't know anything about anyone in the film but it does seem that Josh Hartnett, given top billing, does a good job of holding the cast together as Sheriff. Various others in the cast do well in the limited demands made upon them.
All-in-all, a relatively low key and probably inexpensive film worth watching when you are in the mood.
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on July 18, 2015
Well done...this is a better horror movie gore fest than a lot of the others. Good acting,although some of it is campy,I thought. The vamps,more like east euro Storgli,I believe it is..vicious,blood drinking of course,carnage producing not all mindless,but most seemingly mindless monsters who don't just need out blood,but seen to dislike us,even though we are their sustenance.

No real,story,other than the romance difficult angst, that accompanies most of these and other movies. Again,not as bad as many..a few as well liked by those drawn to these movies.
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on November 19, 2017
A really good Vampire movie very sharp looking and I'm the perfect setting on Alaska were they can walk day or night because it's the season were it's dark 24/7 I seen it alot and still bought it 4 those many nights nothing is on tv
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 8, 2007
Remember those scary vampire flicks where the characters frantically try to wait out the night and avoid becoming fodder to the undead? Knowing that if they could just hold on, the sun, like clockwork, will rise and force the nasties to skulk away to their crypts. But what if the sun doesn't come up the next day? What if it doesn't come up for thirty days?

The tiny, remote town of Barrow can be found somewhere in the boonies of Alaska. It is the northernmost town in the U.S., and each winter, thanks to its proximity to the North Pole, it suffers a month of rigorous, sunless days. Around this time most of Barrow's residents usually migrate to better climates. This winter, the population count dwindles from 563 to 152. It's about to be drastically reduced even more.

It's the last day of the sun now, and town sheriff Eben Oleson (a very good, steady Josh Hartnett ) is investigating a slew of peculiar events in Barrow. First, he finds the charred remnants of cellular phones. Then there's news of a pack of dogs which had been massacred, followed by the sabotaging of the town's sole helicopter. A mangy, loony stranger (Ben Foster, again sinking his teeth into his role) raises a ruckus in the local diner and soon starts spouting enigmatic and disturbing comments (such as "The cold ain't the weather. That's death approaching."). Disquietingly, the Internet and phone services fail, and the power goes out. Then the vampires come.

30 DAYS OF NIGHT, based on the taut graphic novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, takes its time to deliver the goods, but when it does, bloody hell! For the first 20 minutes or so, the players (re: victims) are introduced and their interrelationships delved into. We meet the angry couple whose dogs were just slaughtered, the hermit living on the town's outskirts, the sheriff's younger brother and grandmother, the girl left alone for the month...However, it's quickly established that the two main protagonists are Sheriff Oleson and his estranged wife Stella (Melissa George), who's a fire marshall. Romantically, things haven't been good for these two for a while, and in fact Stella was on her way to the airport to get the hell out of town. But events conspire to trap her in Barrow and force her to work with Oleson to desperately save what's left of the populace.

From the very start, the film makes you aware that these folks don't stand a chance against their vicious, supernatural stalkers. For the characters in the film, it takes a bit longer for this realization to dawn. But when it does, it's a despairing, crippling thing. Helpless and isolated, the terrified survivors must determine whether to hole up or flee. But it doesn't matter, really. The odds for them are very bleak. The vampires are cunning and remorseless, and they keep coming. No romanticizing here of the undead, no pretenses to velvet cloaks and cultured elegance and tortured angst. The film deconstructs these monsters into rough, feral, ghoulish things, with fearsome teeth that would baffle a Beverly Hills orthodentist and make a Mako shark go all covetous. Instead of genteel, lordly speech, some ancient, guttural language is used. And most of the usual stuff don't work on them: not garlic, not holy water, not the cross. Direct sunlight would kill them, but...

30 DAYS OF NIGHT is a nasty, white-knuckle fright ride, and so what if there isn't much character development? The movie has an awesome gimmick and it runs with it full tilt. THIS is a rated-R picture and it takes advantage of that. Shudders - and the anticipation of them - come aplenty as the hapless survivors attempt to survive by engaging in a tension-wracked game of hide and seek from the vampires. And when the Barrow-ites are caught, the film wallows in scenes of devastating carnage and gore. I thought I was desensitized to horror cinema by now, but this one had several truly brutal, graphic vampire attacks which startled me to bits. The bleakness and fright and dwindling hope felt by the film characters are palpable. The two leads are appealingly brave and selfless, and one wishes good things for them, even as that sinking feeling washes over one - that there probably isn't a happy ending in sight.
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on November 9, 2013
The only vampire flick I can get behind. I usually avoid anything having to do with vampires because everything from Interview with a Vampire to Twilight has romanticized them to the point of being unrecognizable as a real threat. The vampires in this movie were the stuff out of nightmares, and it was awesome. No romance, conversation, or invitation across your threshold is needed...these vampires are monsters who are only out for blood. They are fast, strong, and change immediately which forces some difficult decisions.
Josh Hartnett and Melissa George do an adequate job as the leads (separated couple stuck in town for the month of night). Characters were not very developed, the reason for less than 5 stars, if allowed I'd give this a solid 4.5 stars.
Overall, this film was scary, suspenseful and entertaining, I recommend it highly.
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on November 11, 2017
30 days of night based on graphic novel it's a solid adaptation to film gory relentless good story. Brief summary if you haven't seen it yet. Alaska is entering the month where it's night for all 30 days and vampires are out and about. Easily one of the best vampire movies
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on August 29, 2013
I first saw this on a Premium channel on cable TV and thought it was a great new vision of a way to present vampires as if their another race of being, almost alien like. They were dressed very minimally and didn't seem to be effected by the cold and their eye's were vicious looking.
Ben Foster is great in this movie and is an extremely creepy character in it, why is he not more popular as an actor?
I've only seen a few movies with Josh Hartnett and he's been good in the movies I've seen him in.
The story was great and it made perfect sense why the vampires would go to that part of the world at that particular time of the year.
They were sadistic merciless killers in this film and humans were nothing but food to be toyed with.
My favorite vampire was Megan Franich, never heard of her so I googled her and she's very hot looking in real life and tattooed up.
I thought this was great so if you like vamp films this is a must have,
Hail Odin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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