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on July 16, 2012
I purchased a 320 GB drive. The enclosure is identical to my old official Microsoft HDD. No issues with fit or appearance or structural quality.

Looking through the holes in the enclosure, the drive used is a factory recertified Western Digital. Some people may not feel comfortable with a refurbished HDD, so if that's the case for you, you may want to go with an official Microsoft HDD at the higher price, or make your own DIY HDD (Google search: "xpgamesaves how to make low cost" or "how to make xbox 360 hdd").

If you are upgrading from a smaller HDD and want to transfer a significant amount of data, you will need a data transfer cable.

The only drawback here is that the drive will not play original Xbox games on disc as it comes from the seller. It is missing information in the partition 2 that allows for emulation of original Xbox titles on disc. It plays online and anything downloaded from the games marketplace just fine, the issue is only with original Xbox titles on disc. For the majority of people, this will not be an issue at all (since most people are not going to be playing old titles on disc). However, if this is an issue for you, it is easily fixed.

For a tutorial on how to restore partition 2 to allow for the play of original Xbox game discs on your 360, Google search: "xpgamesaves how to create partition 2 xbox" or "digiex xbox 360 partition 2". Both of those locations give straightforward tutorials and point you at the program and file you'll need to do this. You'll need a PC and a data transfer cable to most easily accomplish this.

Overall, I can't complain at all about this generic HDD. Tons of space for cheap; great upgrade. I'd give it 5 stars if the seller had stated upfront it's a refurb.
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on August 11, 2015
I recently received this hard drive and was excited to use it because I needed a lot more space on my original xbox 360 console. When I tried to put the hard drive in, it was a really tight fit and hard to remove. But, the xbox 360 refused to recognize it as a device. In the storage section it said there were no hard drives detected! Therefore, I could not use it at all or even format it. I bought a transfer cable to move all my old files to this new one, but it would only work if the old one was inserted and the new one was connected via USB. I spent a couple hours on chat with XBOX support, but in the end they were not able to help and said the drive was defective. Waste of time and money! Now I have to pay even more to ship it back!
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on September 30, 2014
I purchased this item (320GB Hard Drive HDD for Xbox 360 - Highest Capacity original grey case) on April 5, 2014 and received it on April 7th, 2014. I connected it to my 360, transferred content over to it and began using it with no problems at all, it worked perfectly.

Today is September 30, 2015 and I turned on my console and received a message to update some system stuff. I clicked yes to do the update and received a message that I didn't have enough room which I thought was odd. I looked at my system setting to see how much room was left on my hard drive only to see that it was not listing any space. Next to the hard drive icon was the words format or reformat. I took the drive off, and reconnected it only to receive the same results. I took it off again and blew out the connections with canned air... still received the same results. I still had my original drive that came with my console and connected it. It worked fine, so the problem was this drive that I purchased and apparently only lasted me just shy of 6 months.

There are many positive reviews that greatly outnumber the bad so I bought this in hopes that I would be in the majority of positive experiences. Unfortunately, I was not and I may potentially have lost saved games files from these past 6 months unless I can find a way to recover my saved game files by opening the case and connecting the HD to a computer.

My advice is this, you may get lucky and get one of the hard drives that has worked perfectly fine for all these other people but you may fall on my side of the fence where your drive fails after a few months. Ask yourself are you willing to possibly lose files and be in the hole for whatever dollar amount you spent on your hard drive? If the risk and dollar amount are worth it, then go for it but be aware you have no guarantee, THIS IS NOT an official Microsoft hard drive and you can possibly be right where you started but with less money.

In short, don't spend more than you're willing to lose, and be prepared for the possible loss of saved files as well. Maybe take advantage of cloud saves. Hope this review helps you out.

UPDATE (10/19/14) : Tried to scan the hard drive thru a couple of file recovery applications, no luck. When I opened up the case to get to the drive I found that this drive is from a company I never heard of. This is the information off the failed drive...

Model: MM702LS
320 GB
5400 RPM/8M
Product of Korea
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on September 15, 2015
I ordered it on 9/11/15 it got here on 9/13/15.(like the 2 day shipping) but product does not work! I haven't been able to play a whole game of madden since I've put it on my Xbox. It constantly lags& freezes the game. I took off the 320gb hard drive from my Xbox and i was finally able to play a full game. This morning 9/15/15 i tried to turn my Xbox on with 320gb connected & it didn't want to turn on instead it gave me a flashing red light where 4th player would be. When I disconnected the 320gb hard drive my Xbox turn on just fine.
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on May 15, 2015
I ordered one of these due to the high ratings and positive feedback. I received it yesterday and unfortunately I am one of the few who lost all of their game data. EVERYTHING is gone. I followed the replacement and transfer steps as directed and yesterday I could play my games. I tried to play today however and found that I needed an Xbox Live update. After trying several times to do this I started getting a D000-0185 error code. It means there was no hard drive detected. I double checked the hd by removing it, putting it back in, and checking the storage space (as directed by Xbox support staff) and found 0...0 saved information. All of the memory folders said 0. Eight years down the drain in less than 24 hrs. After trying everything I was finally informed it's forever gone.

A word of caution to anyone looking at replacing HD's... MAKE SURE YOU SAVE EVERYTHING SOMEWHERE ELSE FIRST.
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on September 16, 2015
Bought this in May. But didn't attempt to transfer the data onto it until now. VERY disappointed!!!! First things first.... the side piece that has the wording on it.... upside down... but ok... I can get past that.... the part that sticks out of it to actually hook into the xbox or transfer cable.... super wiggly.... made me a bit nervous... but still attempted... it didn't seat properly but enough that I thought I'd be ok.... hooked it to the transfer cable and had to format it to transfer the data... ALL the data.... it said transfer complete. But when I then plugged it u to the xbox itself, it does not recognize it... ALL my data was "transferred" but it isn't recognized. My fault because now not only am I past the return date... I am stuck with a hard drive that doesn't work and NO data!!!!! Buyer beware.
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on September 19, 2014
Avoid this item. The listing is a bit misleading, this is NOT a Microsoft product. It's from some no-name Chinese company and from the reports I've seen the harddrive is a refurbished unit. That should be listed in the product description. Listing this without the disclaimer is false advertising.

I thought I'd give it a try anyway and connected it to my Xbox. I didn't want to transfer anything over so I skipped that step. Xbox booted up, I had to setup up my wireless connection again and then it tells me it needs to install a system update to connect to Xbox Live. I tell it to go ahead and do it but then it popped up telling me there was not enough storage in the system to apply the update. I went into the settings and the harddrive is listed as "Unformatted". I then selected to have the Xbox format it, it spun for a few seconds and then popped up that an error had occurred and it could not be formatted.

Save yourself the headaches. Either you will get a unit that doesn't work at all (like I did) or it will only last a few months and then die on you (check the other reviews). I'm sending this back immediately.
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on May 9, 2014
I bought this product strictly because of the price tag. 320GB of space for $60? Yes please! I received the hard drive in 2 days (very fast) and uploaded all the data from my almost full 120GB hard drive to it. I already a transfer cable and the process went smoothly, when I tried playing my games though is when I really got my problems. Games would take forever to load or sometimes not even load at all, disc or download. When they actually did load there would be such an incredible amount of lag and intermittent freezing that would make any game almost unplayable. I've read in the reviews that you might be able to switch out the casing so I'm going to see if that might work. If not, I'm definitely returning this for a new one. I still need the space but I refuse to have to deal with this absolutely awful lagging and freezing.
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on September 9, 2014
Bought this after reading the reviews knowing full well that I may have to do some manual labor in making it work. And lo' and behold after a day of using it, it started to crash. I was trying to re-download a lot of games from my old 120gb HD but I would get hit with "This Item cannot be downloaded" for a lot of my old games. I had an extra spare 20 GB HD that I didn't really care about if I screwed up and watched a couple YouTube vids on how to open the Hard drive shells and opened the 20 GB and the 320 GB and just switched out the Hard drives inside with each other. After that, it worked fine and I was able to re-download everything from the Xbox live marketplace. The thing, i assume that is, that is wrong with a lot of these off the market 320 Gb Hard drives is the port that enters the 360's port on top (I don't know the name) is faulty. So when switching the shells to an official Microsoft one, the problem with the faulty port on this OEM was now gone.

So the moral of the story is, if you have any extra hard drives laying around (or heck you could buy a 20gb for cheap) and don't mind opening up your hard drive shells then this is a steal! Microsoft charges you double the price for wayyyy less memory, and let's get real their is no way I would ever pay over a $100 for a hard drive that's only 250 being the exact same hard drive you could buy for a PC laptop. You can buy a Seagate 1 terabyte hard drive for $60 and it's the exact same drive that's inside your 360 hdd shell. All you need are two Torque screws, T9 and T10 I believe, but don't quote me, and just YouTube how to open up your Hard drive shell and you're golden.

If opening up your hd shells isn't for you, or maybe you don't have any spare ones then be warned that this product may start to malfunction when downloading games into it. The safer bet would be to stick with the Microsoft official one.
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on June 24, 2015
So I decided to go with this brand because it had really good reviews and people didn't seem to have formatting issues when doing transfers. I also decided to spring for the 320GB version instead of the 250GB because it was only a couple dollars more.

The price is really reasonable compared to other models, so I was very happy about that. Took only two days to get here. Packaging was good. I was happy very happy with that process.

My only issue with this whole process was the actual size of the hard drive. When I bought a 320GB hard drive I expected it to be exactly that- 320GB. When I plugged it into the machine it read that the maximum storage capacity was only 294GB. While I don't plan on sending the item back, I am a little irritated that I got about 25GB less than what I wanted.

So, overall, the price is the best you'll find and the time it took to get here was great. However, I'm kind of sketched out that I got a randomly sized hard drive instead of what I purchased so I probably won't buy from these people again.
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